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incense in backpack /x/?

i think it is genius, keeps a pleasant odor in your backpack or gear just leaving it in a plastic baggy unlit!
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I fucking hate that hippie smell.
I bought some high end vintage speaker a few years ago from an estate sale. Turns out the previous owner was an incense freak.
Could not get rid of the smell no matter what I did.
Ended up giving them away.

Please dont ruin nice stuff.
I like the smell of incense when lit but it sticks to everything.
The odor of incense/cologne/potpourri/candles is revolting.

If your gear stinks you should clean it and/or store it better. Chuck a block of cedar in you or pack when it isn't in use. Same for your /out/ clothing.

I hunt mostly in sagebrush plains so I toss a couple of branches of it in the tote I keep my hunting gear in before I store it for the season. Keeps it from coming out musty and it smells faintly of the place I'm going to anyway.

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Anyone have any good recommendations for a good shell under $180.00 USC.

my Mountain Hardware Plasma was just not durable enough. It would have been the best jacket i had ever owned if it didnt puncture so fucking easy. at the rate it tears in about 3 weeks or so it will be more ripstop tape than jacket.
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What's a shell? Just a top layer waterproof?
What are you using it for? How waterproof does it need to be (I.e. how rainy is your area)?

The Marmot Precip is the first thing that comes to mind. It's basically the Mora of jackets, from the perspective of someone who thinks Moras are good value and functional for what most people need. However, if you already have issues with tearing your jackets, it may be better to opt for a "true" 3 layer hardshell, which will be more expensive and a little bit heavier, but will be very durable and fully weatherproof.

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Would post in TV but all they are talking about is starwars
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what about them faggots?
i mean seriously they are all evidently gay all they have is gay jokes about cuddling and feeling each other up.
not saying gay people are bad, but it gets old.
Clearly bear grills is the best as he constantly shows you how to survive safely. People like ray 'buy my tat' mears only talks about other people in survival situations, he may occasionally show a tip or two but you don't learn much.
Dual survivor was good but disappointed they didn't fall in love and a gay survival episode.
A-Team was ok
>Dual survivor was good but disappointed they didn't fall in love and a gay survival episode.

lol iirc one was an ex seal or something and the other was like a California surfer bro and it was funny watching them. There was obvious bromance there.

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Didn't see one of these so i decided to make one.

So right now im looking for some advise on turning a shed that i use to store my sled and tractor into a living space within which i can sleep eat and basically function normally. It really isnt fair to call it a shed as its more of a bunkhouse with the rest of it being made of doors and other misalliances things. the section i want to live in has power and a breaker box with edison fuses so im not going to be without electricity. i already have a radio and tv set up in there since i mainly use the area when im working...
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How cold is it going to get in your area?
first up diy >>>/diy/ has lots of home construction and related skill make sure to ask there too.

other than that.
make it waterproof so it won't leak even when a storm hits
climate appropriate insulation
cost effective heating
but we need more info for that
go buy some tin and make you a tin roof. Get some insulation and/or expanding foam and fill all the holes so that it is airtight with no drafts. buy 2x4 and plywood and build a subfloor with insulation underneath. Put insulation on the walls and cover it with drywall or plywood. Drywall is less of a fire hazard. If you have trees nearby get a wood burning stove. Otherwise, get an electric heater to run off of your electricity so you don't freeze to death.
There ya go in order of importance. If you don't...
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What is your idea fixed blade innawoods?

I am a knife maker and I'm curious about what some people would be looking to hold for hours at a time.

Weight, shape (bowie, fighter, tanto), accents (paracord, serrated edge, etc), handle (wood, paracord, leather)
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> tanto
> serrated
> paracord

> knifemaker

Liar detected.
Never said I've made tanto, I've done paracord handles though. I prefer wooden handles though
> shape
> hold hours at a time

Can you actually make a knife like a boob?

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Ok winter is here and I am hating it.
xmas is my most hated time of year and I have a week off.
I am south of Denver and want to get somewhere warm and awesome to camp.
Do have a very small RV.
Where would you go /out/?
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Monument Valley.

Not too far, warmer and amazing!
death valley
I live in Denver too, learn to keep warm in the snow and camping becomes more enjoyable, at least for me.

File: IMG_20151213_171825.jpg (884 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Been wanting a "frame pack" found this one at Cal Ranch store, $75 USD. Very sturdy, can't wait to rig it out. I've got a 65 L dry bag to use for a main compartment.

Got the three piece snow shovel for $17 USD. Say this a year or two ago and went back for it, by my second trip, sold out! This time I could choose between red, org or blu. Got the red. I will strap it to the outside frame.

And a nice pair of Smartwool Hikers.

Getting ready to summit a 12,600' in mid Jan so the shovel might be nice for camp site prep.

It just...
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I picked up the same shovel, pretty light.

Any advice on updating this old frame I have, the original hip belt and straps were trash.

I assume you're W of the rockies? We're about to get that same system here in a couple hours.
> W of Rocks

Assuming is appropriate.

Dave C has a video on A.L.I.C.E. frame mods worth wacthing, I fuger frame doesn't matter. This one is longer than A.L.I.C.E. with a far better hip belt. I may look into better sholder straps after some mileage.

Drilling holes for eyebolts or installing cleats for lash points.

Adding various Maxpedition/Blackhawk type modular bags and pouches for custom carry.

I'm thinking pool noodle or foam pipe insulation...
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One last thhing, people are replacing shit A.L.I.C.E. straps and belts with MOLLE straps and belts ("Hellcat" mod I think), you might look to milsurp stores or ebay for those or google img mod. for ideas.

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Anyone have issues with wild animals while out?
Let me hear your stories, and see your pictures.
Pic related, This brave little mouse ran up my left pant leg. Attacking ferociously to the end, which was shortly after I took the picture. Never had a mouse attack before.
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>playing paintball /out/side
>hiding in a thick bush
>chipmunk scurries in front of me
>literally touches my shoe as it runs past, not noticing me
>3 feet away it stops
>does 180
>runs back in front of me and stares me down
>it starts waging it's tail

I thought it was cute, but later found out that chipmunk...
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Did he bite you? There's a chance he had rabies, which would have caused him to attack. Very few other reasons why a mouse would attack you. If he bit you at all, I'd have it checked out FOR SURE.

If you do get rabies, the death rate is nearly 100%.
Thank you for your concern anon.
I caught it at the top of my boot under my pants. It did not make it to my skin and no bites received, It took me a minute to work it done my pant leg.

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Alright /out/. Let's talk about what would happen if militants took to the streets of your hometown. Sort of a "red dawn" situation. What would you do? Bug out? Bug in? Fight back? What supplies would be kept on you?
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I would most likely bug out but the issue I run into is taking my family with as it would slow me down. But my conscious wouldn't allow me to leave them.
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Picture is not of mine. But my mosin would definitely be coming with me as it is my only firearm. And of course my bug out bag.
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I would want to get deep into a specific large forest region I've backpacked through multiple times. Which I live about 3 hours away from unfortunetely.

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Knoife 8.jpg
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The Fällkniven Awakens edition.

Old thread is near bump limit.
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I have to give you credit for choosing some good tier knife photos for general. the threads themselves are usually trash though.
>Just a friendly reminder that threads about weapons which do not pertain to their use in outdoor activities should be posted on /k/ instead. Thanks.

>Just a friendly reminder you dont know shit about /out/doors

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I am about to go on a kayak camping and fishing trip and am a bit nervous because I have never done it before.
I have everything ready but have had to strip down mostly to the bare essentials in order to save space.

Just wondering if others have experience doing such trips and could share any tips they might have that save me having to learn them the hard way?
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Bump for interest.
Tie all your gear down to the kayak. No one ever believes they will capsize until they watch all their gear sinking or floating away.
What are the main causes of capsizing in the calmest of waters?

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I've watched Alone in the Wilderness 1 and 2 about 10 times each and it just struck me: he never once mentions taking a shower or washing his clothes.

I get that he lived alone and didn't have to worry about using AXE (tm) Bodywash to attract grills, but how would he practice basic hygiene without even a gravity shower? He could have easily rigged something up to the bottom of the raised cache he built and warm water up on his stove.
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Showering is for feminized cu'ckboys ,
Dick was above that mortal breeder bullshit.
There is another proenekke film where he talks about washing his clothes.
Also he has a washboard, its in a few photos of his cabin.
It looks cold where he is, he doesn't have the need to bathe as he doesn't sweat profusely, certainly looks too cold for most bugs and is sure he isn't shoveling shit or doing gross farm related chores.

If he truly needed to he could always steam shower and steam wash his clothes.

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Let's talk about poo /out/.

How many poos have you done innawoods and what methods did you use?

Any funny stories?

Also toilet paper. Do you use it outdoors? What do you do with it once used?
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Just do catholes man
Just be yourself anon.
I did a poo in my pants

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Anybody use a kukri instead of a machete or hatchet? What do you like about it and dislike?
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They're ok

I like them aesthetically and the history behind them.

I strongly dislike the balance.

Throughout my knife experience I can't help but think of kukris as a cultural thing more than anything. They're no better or worse than any other big knife, again it's just a cultural thing.

I personally prefer my Busse B11, or any big , straight chopper if I want a big knife.

I just cannot stand that terribad (most likely I'm just not used to) balance and find...
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Unpopular opinion but I prefer a sharp kukri over a hatchet any day. But either get an expensive one or invest in some good gloves. I have a SOG kukri. Sweet jesus the blisters
No, I stick to the park trails and don't butcher up the woods.

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<--- is this the perfect solution?
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Its perfectly retarded.
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Learn the crack house squat
Push you back against (a wall, a tree, rock formation)
Be mindful of poison ivy.
Lower yourself to to the sitting position with your back against the wall.

No, this is. Pooped in there many a time.

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