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rugged yo.jpg
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Okay, so I'm new to /out/doorsy stuff and I need to buy some better clothes for hiking and camping, but I don't have a ton of money so I need those clothes to double as practical and everyday-wearable. What are some good brands for /out/ fashion?
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Columbia, patagonia, TNF, Polerstuff, Fjallraven, some REI stuff. Pretty much everyone who makes outdoor stuff will have some good looking stuff too.
Go to stores like Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc you can get either 3rd party or the house brand. If you don't want to spend a lot of money check out the clearance sections and BUY OUT OF SEASON. I can't stress buying out of season enough, when a store stocks seasonal displays they WILL mark it down. You can expect to buy stuff 30-75% off if you don't buy it before or at the start of a season.
I've been looking for this image for ages.

thx anon.

>tfw no rugged bf

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Let me see your beautiful/scary/high res/etc. photos you've taken on your journeys innawoods, sc/out/s!
Here's a few I've taken recently.
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logger heels.png
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Why do logger boots have such high heels?
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Mine don't. Americans are weird.

>captcha - Select all images with trees
Logging is a tough job and you are on your feet all day. Why do you begrudge anyone who wants to look his nicest while while working so hard?
There must be a real reason.

is it just idealistic 19th century bullshit or is it attainable? please post stories and/or opinions
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It's a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts.

Unless you're some kind of sperg that hates being alone in nature it is the prime location to search oneself.

Whether you come to some kind of revelation depends on what you were planning to find out.
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what album is this
new order. power corruption and lies

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>North Face founder dies in kayak accident
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Yeah, I read this on Backpacker this morning. The man died outside doing something he loved after living a long successful life. What more can you really ask for?
That's like saying Timothy Treadwell died doing what he loved when he was eaten alive by a grizzly bear
Difference being, Timothy Treadwell was a fucking retard.

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>Germany but willing to travel anywhere
>no Job until April
>4000€ (+7000€ if I sold my gold, also trained mechanic)
>experienced in hiking and camping
>love the Highlands and Norway
What would /out/ do?
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depends, are you gonna kill yourself at the end of the roadtrip or are you gonna integrate into society afterwards again?
Integrate. I've been in the 'Wild' for 8 days max so far and even if I extrapolate the time it took me to reintegrate then, onto several months of wilderness, it shouldn't take more than a week.
4000€ should get you around quite comfortably, stick to cheap discounter markets for food supplies and you're golden. just try not to freeze during the winter. and try not to get killed by romaing bands of kebabs on your hikes

Howdydoo, lads. Love ya' all.

It's no secret that outdoor activities are incredibly beneficial for the body, mind and spirit. Does it bring my fellow sc/outs/ to a better connection with whichever deities or lack thereof they worship? What religion do you follow, if any?

This isn't some kind of edgy 'muh mother naturr' thread, neither is it a place for theists and atheists to shit on each other, please take that stuff elsewhere.
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I do ceremony, I don't talk to white people about it and I don't think western notions of "nature" and humanities place in it aligns with my understanding of it.

That being said I find other people feeling at one or connected to things valid and I'm not here to squash that.
Could you clarify some more, though? I'm not that white, y'know.
Prefer not to, anyway I will say there are many plastic shamans around and outsiders should be privy of those willing to sell you traditions so you can feel "one with nature"

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Why do these foam abominations still exist?

The cheap ones are literally pointless, you would be better on the floor, unless that floor is jagged rock.

The expensive ones are four times the size of a self-inflating bed, not that much heavier and much more comfortable, as well as being much smaller.

You can't walk in to a shop and buy a computer with 1980s specs, so why do these things still exist?
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ccf mats are absolutely reliable and will survive the death of the operator with zero maintenance.

they are also adequate insulation, which is the most important use for ground pad
Their main job is to insulate you from the earth, not to provide comfort. It will keep you warmer than those self inflating mats
>accidentally put inflatable mat on glass shard/pointy rock/...
>your mat is now a very small groundsheet

Losing insulation while youre /out/ and about is no joke.

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Hey /out/,
I was thinking of hiking town to town during winter in Iceland with no experience, will I die?
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What he said.
What if I stick to the main road and have good equipment? It would only be ~10-20 miles per day.

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Dirty Harry's wet dream.jpg
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Is the Smith and Wesson 500 the ultimate bear defense gun for hikers? After all, it is the most powerful handgun in the world, and who wants do carry a rifle just to go hiking?
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I rather carry a rifle. More rounds, that quick reload, that stopping power depending on what you got.

That hanged gun would be what I take to go take a dump.

Plus have you ever fired a S&W500? Not the easiest to do a follow up shot. Recoil can wreck some one ppl.

No thanks. Rather carry a rifle for my main. Handgun for back up.
Really depends on if you are protecting against black bear, or brown.

I brought my S&W .45 M&P for black bear territory. I think that would be sufficient. I pack +p rounds.

For grizzly I'd say a .357 or .44 mag is sufficient. The 500 is too big and heavy to be practical.
Rifles looks sexy as fuck next to/strapped to backpacks in the outdoors

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Guys help im so scared i was poaching a moose and i think someone saw me loading the antlers into my truck. I drove to the bar first before i went home you think im safe?
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I'm an overly cautious person, so I would say you're never safe until you're certain you've erased 100% of the evidence.

Sure would be a shame to waste that meet and lose the antlers but if the cops show up with a warrant based on a cell phone pic or some shit you're fucked when they find the evidence.

Get rid of it man, don't risk it.
I hope you get caught, filthy criminal.
File: out_bearhug.png (143 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>poaching a moose
get fukt in prison m8

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What /out/ related inventions do you wish existed for consumer markets? Feel free to dream big!

I'd pay good money for a water bottle that refills itself by effectively drawing moisture from the surrounding air.
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Silly thread but it's a nice departure from the norm I'll bite.

-Gravity manipulator to make your pack weigh less or nothing
-A solar panel that wirelessly and extremely quickly charged any electronic device ( a stretch I know)

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Your water bottle idea is great OP.

command for real life. for when you REALLY fuck up and get your shit stuck in some mud, water, or sand.
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I wanna be able to visit planets. I wanna walk on Io and Europa. I wanna swim through Jupiter. I wanna play in the rock and dirt on Mercury and Venus. I wanna lay down in the dusky daylight of Pluto and stare at the tiny sun. Or just have a device that would give me a 5ft perimeter free of flies, skeetos, and ticks.

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Innawoods Snapchat thread. Last one went pretty good. Post your Snapchat name and your area if you like to snap outdoors. I'm in the San Francisco bay area I go on a lot of hikes around here. My username is LSD.ecstasy
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Legit the last one sucked and deleted everyone. Fuck that super autist from whos natural boards seem to be /k/ an /mlp/ who always was posting pictures of his fuckugly girlfriend instead of anything /out/ related. Legit he posted a photo of them camping... Under some fucking power lines.
why does everyone here say 'innawoods' ive been coming to this board for over a year and i still have no fucking clue. its quite possible the most annoying thing people do here. i feel like a fucking idiot for even posting the question

why not just say 'in the woods'

jesus fuck.

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Already talked to /k/ about this. Now it's time for your opinion. What's wrong with killing Cecil the lion? It wasn't poaching. Walter Palmer had legal authority to conduct the hunt. Lion hunting has been an accepted practice for thousands of years in many countries, so why the outrage all of the sudden?
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Here's your reply
This is really a question for /pol/...god help you.

But to give my $0.02:

Just because it is legal doesn't make it right. And I don't really see the "sport" in it. It isn't like he's eating the meat, so the rifle is there to make the hunt easier. But an easier hunt takes away from the the tradition of the sport - which was traditionally done with spears/arrows, horses, and/or dogs. It was a hunting method that required real skill and was something to be proud of.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Walter Palmer DID use an arrow, not a rifle. It was only when the Cecil got away that someone shot him with a rifle.

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Traditional/classic/historic pocket knife general.

What do you have/carry? What do you like about it? What made you choose it over something modern? Has it ever saved your butt or some other cool story?

Anybody here make knives? I've built/modified a few pocketknives from Rough Rider kits and I'm really enjoying it. I'd like to start building from scratch soon, I just need a good mail order heat treat since I can't do it myself.
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Yeah man, I'm starting to really like the traditionals a lot more now. Picked up this little GEC and it's real nice. Got given a nice little S&M at my birthday too.

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