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show me your best shelfie /out/
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>selfie thread
>OP posts pic of human female

Starting a thread with deceit is not the right way to be doing things.
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No thanks, Doxer.

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So I just heard of this thing and it sounds like sort of a commune situation. Anyone here do it? Is it worth the time? I'm thinking of doing it in summer or during winter break.
How do you pick a good farm.
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Its garbage, move along hippie
What a sketchy organization. I went on the WWOOF US website just to see what it takes to become a host. It isn't much.

>#1- Are you willing to donate $5-$50 to be published on our list of farms?
>#2- Are you a registered sex offender?
>Awesome! Post your contact info and we will send naive college kids to your home!
Seems legit.
I used a similar service when I was backpacking through Europe. I stayed on a self sufficient farm in Spain for a month and loved it. Also did some other stay in Turkey and Morocco.

The site I use is workaway.info - its amazing, hosts and workers have a profile and are rated/reviewed so at least you have some idea what your getting into.

Im planning on driving around Aus next year and will be utilising this site a lot. Already planning to help a guy build an eco-home out of mud bricks and bottles and stay...
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Skin ms.png
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Hey /out/ im wanting to learn how to hunt & prepare game (skinning, what you can eat what you cant, etc.) know any places in the uk that do this reasonably priced?

Also any courses about general bushcraft. I've never done it before but always fancied knowing how to do these things. I know ray mears does these courses but they're way over priced.
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All of the classes I've found are either babby-level shit or cost stupid amounts.
Watch youtube

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I dont know if this should be on /k/ or not but here i go anyways. What would the general population think of taking an sbr /out/ my theroy is it would be alot less cumbersome then a full length for the obvious, less material less weight. Compact size easier to navigate through brush. And if it got down to you not wanting ti sling it you could always put it in your bag if your like me and dont ever fill your bag completely up. Im just looking for others perspective, i may be blind to some things.
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If I saw you I'd assume you were a tryhard tactifag civilian. But if it's all you got its all you got.
Unfortunately i do serve. Armyfag here.
I recently ETSd from the Army. I bet you wear your tan shirt and green socks in civilian attire.

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EDC anyone?
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lets see 'em lads!
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where does the key go?

r8 me
Do .. uh .. you gotta house or do you permanently live /out/ lad?

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I love the Catskills. If you don't know what the Catskills are, you need to change that because the Catskills are among the most beautiful mountains on the east coast.

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my dude. I'm 45 minutes away from the Catskills. There's an abandoned resort up there that kinda looks like Chernobyl
Very underrated area. There really are some beautiful mountains and hiking in the Catskills.
Hunted, hiked, and fished in the claryville area my whole life. Favorite summit is Graham. Have a cave I keep stocked on Blackbear that I use in deer season. Great area. Tunis pond trail and giant ledges are my recomended intro hikes

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Who's foraging right now?
What's in season?
What do you do with it?
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I've been foraging all summer

First in spring salmonberries.
Then red huckleberries, season is just now coming to a close.
Blackberries are coming into ripeness, they will produce all August long.
I freeze as much as I can and make jam out of it all at the end of the season. Every year's jam will be different.
The season is just getting started in my area (Ricky Mountains, zone 3).
Serviceberries are just starting, along with currents and gooseberries. Raspberries and salmon berries will be next, followed by apples, crabapples and chokecherries.
By the first week of October we get our first snow, and the rose hips are ready just before big snow sets in.

All in all, foraging season lasts from July-October.

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I was out looking at a boat with some friends today, but the owner does not know the make, model or year of this boat..
So are there any boat freaks on here who can tell me what the make, model and maybe even year of this boat is??
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Another pic from the back.
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I.D. plate.jpg
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>make, model or year of this boat..

I'd be surprised if there isn't a manufacturers I.D. plate somewhere, they're required by law.
Hmm, maybe there is. Didn't see one, but where would it be located??

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Hey, /out/, whats your opinion on the fact that humans are overpopulating, and completely polluting the environment? A lot of people try to argue that global warming isnt real, and that we can build as many factories wherever we want. But the fact is, we cant. We have to conserve the land as much as possible, for future generations. Its kind of selfish not to think about future generations, in terms of environmental pollution. Just because you wont be alive when the world is getting completely fucked over by humans, doesnt mean you should ruin it for others.
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The only way to solve environmental problems is to import more people into western countries so they can consume more too until we are all brown and then we won't care about the environment anymore. Problem solved
I guess this won't stop until we cause severe environmental damages that'll make things too shitty for us.

Boycott doesn't change shits. People are growing indifferent to these issues and capitalism in general is ruining both mankind and the planet we live in.

As far as I can we're fucking doomed.
The thing is, many so called environmentalists don't have good solutions either. Nuclear power, for example, is an environmental and economic win-win, but Greenpeace fear mongering pretty much killed our chances of having that. Now, we have to clear more habitat, and erect more factories to make space and materiel for solar and wind, or destroy thousands of acres of habitat for hydro plants, or continue burning precious petroleum for energy. It's a complete shitshow.

Also, overpopulation is almost exclusively...
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Just got back from a two week trip through CA, OR, ID, MO, thought I'd share some pics as I go through and edit them. Feel free to ask any questions about the areas. Dispersed camped on public land the whole way. This is on the West side of Mount Bachelor about an hour West of Bend.
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File: DSC_0058.jpg (982 KB, 1800x1205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No gold in the Deschutes. Found a bit in Idaho City and Libby later on, nothing great though.

I'm looking for a knife that I could use for the outdoors/bushcraft, but also carry with me daily. You guys got any suggestions? Pic unrelated.
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Could you be any less specific OP?
Well I want a knife that isn't too big, but too small either. Something with a blade under 4 inches and a good handle, and that I can use for bushcraft and EDC tasks at the same time.
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Esee Isuzu or 3

I was thinking of a fishing kayak, the area I am going to be fishing is a stillwater lake. For this reason, I then wonder about a coracle rather than a kayak. They look cozy and nice, and are supposed to be easy to handle and pretty stable. They look great to fish from.

Is there a modern version or similar?
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Learn from the Novgorod, a circular ship is not a good idea

The enterprise would disagree, but go on?
I think it looks a very stable little seat platform for lake fishing, imagine drifting along in that with a fly rod, casting all round
Idk the guys in the fishing general have decent kayak knowledge so ask them also

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Is it worth the extra money for the z lite over the roll up ridgerest?

Impart some of your /out/is knowledge and wisdom on me.
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Yes, especially if you use it several times a day during a hike as a sit pad. Just gets old rolling up the ridgerest
This. The ridgerest can be a pain in the ass to pack and unpack. Its not that expensive anyways just do that shit
the z-lite is super convenient. it takes literally seconds to pack and doesn't unroll. that's definitely underappreciated by lots of people. it's also nice to use as a knee pad or sit pad like>>822183 said.
get the z-pad. it's worth it

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Hiking/Camping Gear thread.

Gear list. Try to state purpose of every item.

Where are you going?

How long are you staying?

Your Objectives for this trip?
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I don't think this will be a very successful thread anon
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Yeah, sure -- just came back from a week long fishing/hiking trip in South-Western Norway. All in all happy with loadout. See list here:


In hindsight: Should have brought waterproof socks, as shoes were wet, all day, every day, and didn't really dry out until the last day. Also, should have brought my Cumulus down sleeping bag (700g), as two night we had temperatures around freezing, and the quilt wasn't really warm enough.

Nice trip, though, pic related, nice landscapes

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If I have a tent for camping, do I really need a sleeping bag?
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Yes, yes you do. Or at the very least a very warm blanket large enough to wrap your entire body in. If you've never slept outdoors, know that it can get very cold at night even during summer. Especially if you are sleeping directly on the ground. You should also get a sleeping pad of some kind for additional insulation.
Why would you need a tent?
Order of importance is usually bag, pad, tarp, then tent.

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Using the collective mind of the Internet to find new/old ideas for diy survival/camp tools, gadgets, and general cool stuff to do for camping/ outdoor survival. Show me what you got /out.
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Title edit- Diy survival/camp gadgets
Metal canteen

What else is there to need?
>Plague mask


Are there any companies that offer something like a GPS SOS beacon? I'm going to be living alone on my property in the middle of nowhere Alabama for a few months, and if I do something like break my leg I'm fucked. There's no cell service at all.
How would you get help in the wilderness?
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Satelite phone?
File: 8-7-07-spot.jpg (53 KB, 284x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you could try out this company
I don't remember the brand, but search for satellite beacons. It's what I've used a couple times. They call down a helichopter on your location, so it might be a bit overkill, but there is such a thing

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comfy photos general

been /out/ today?

went out, scouted out a new spot for a campout and made a little test fire

in the fire you can see my char tin where I tried to make some char moss - works really well.
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just got home
Fuck anon. Where is that?
Too bad the quality aint that great, this would be the wallpaper to surpass metal gear

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This is where I am right now, what's your view?
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Congratulations, you're a fucking idiot and a bitch! How's it feel?
At least i'm technically outside

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So you wanna hunt animals anon? You wanna eat like you ancestors? You want to partake in one of the few primal things left on earth?

Get your hunters ed now. The fall is approaching. Fall will come and there will be hundreds of you asking about how to start hunting. You start now by getting legal.
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Can't hunt. No experience and shitty laws on stupid island nation
it's 2016, i can eat without having the bonerrific pleasure of shooting something, so there's not need for me to hunt
>You wanna eat like your ancestors?

I do. For hundreds of years my ancestors were intelligent and advanced enough to own pastures and raise their food in a controlled environment.

But if you want to fill out your caveman paleo meme then go ahead, I bet you'll feel mighty manly when you grow your neckbeard out too

Guys I need a good hiking spot in Indiana that is NOT Hoosier National Forest. I only have a few days off and need some time with family. Would camp but it's in the 90s and raining all weekend.
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Turkey run?
You banned from HNF?

Morgan-Monroe is nice and has some good trails. There is also a section of it just north of 67 that is pretty open and never crowded. I own some property near it and roll through there every so often.
>You banned from HNF?

Yeah, a ranger came across me in a rather conspicuous situation with some marijuana and a doe... Just don't ask.

Thanks for your advice though. Where's your property? I might take a visit. Any wildlife there?

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Arklow Wallboard 025.jpg
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Would anyone be interested in an Urban Exploration General? I can link a large collection of photos from abandoned factories, a cinema, a dance hall, a pub and such like.
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Anybody want a look?
I live in a somewhat populated area, but I know these places exist.

How do I get into the groups of people that know about them?
>how do i /out/
Do research on local history, scout out the buildings yourself for security measures, be sensible, and talk to people


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Pic Unrelated

I was curious, I know this is gonna get shat on. Has anyone here brought an Umbrella while /out/? It was pouring rain the day I planned to leave last week, and was going to cancel my hike it was so bad. Instead, I left my friends cabin with a big old umbrella someone left and ventured off for my 2 day trip. It was great. I stayed pretty dry through heavy down pours and I was able to sit under it (it was pretty fucking big) to get a nice little fire going to catch some fish. Its funny, it was so easy to strap on my back, I feel like I should have used one...
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Nothin wrong with that brü. The important thiing is you didn't act like a sandy clam and cancel your whole trip! I will say it's much more fun and convenient to have wearable rain gear (keeps your hands free and gives you full coverage but whatever works mang.

I'm going out tomorrow night and we're getting hit with spotty (but possibly severe) thunderstorms. Finally gonna really be able to test the Frogg Toggs I bought this spring!

You can get a suit like this for $30 give or take,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
no shit eh? how are those? I was really not looking forward to getting to wet. I have a nice cut on my shoulder (paintball injury, assholes gun was firing to quick and actually wounded me) so I was a little off my game to start. I have been using cheap ass slush pants and a rain jacket my dad had. Both keep me very dry with normal rain but it was quite heavy that day. If wasnt windy so it was just raining cats and dogs straight down.
They're pretty good, lightweight and breathable which is a huge plus for anything waterproof. they aren't cheap suffocating rubber, they're some sort of fabric but they're guaranteed 100% waterproof (no water leeching in through seams or through the zipper or anything). I've only worn them in light rain because it's been such a dry year, but they have great reviews. They're very comfy so as long as they prove to be as good for water and wind as they're sposta be I'll be happy.

File: 20160721_190116.jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys,

So I have become happily married. However, my beautiful wife's cat pissed all over my backpack (I was storing it under our bed). Though I know how to prevent this from happening again, does anyone here know how to get the cat piss odor out of my bag so I can take it out without smelling like a zoo?
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File: 1466555919614.jpg (37 KB, 480x516) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 480x516
Vinegar and alcohol. First rub in the vinegar then the alcohol and lastly just bath it in water and soap.

To prevent your lovely feline to piss on ya bag just spray it with a mixture of water and lemon (Or chilli), their noses can't take the smell.
>never speak to me or my wifes mixed race cat ever again
Just a heads up, if you ever catch her cat pissing anywhere but in the litter box, shout at him and scare the fuck out of him.

That's how you teach a cat that he is not allowed to do certain things. You have to catch him red-handed though, otherwise he simply won't understand.

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>QUICK! Post your favorite just add water food when /out/side
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Mountain house beef stroganoff is based desu
"Trips dont lie" Shakira
File: jerseyshore.jpg (14 KB, 202x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 202x249
Chili mac with beef did not live up to the hype for me.

I endorse

File: image.jpg (116 KB, 505x760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A Coa de Jima is a tool used for harvesting agaves.
A friend of mine has been looking for one for a while for use in his garden, but hasn't made any progress in his search. Any help would be much appreciated
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That is clearly a great white pineapple
You literally have to get onto Mexican internet and speak Spanish to find that shit. There's a few other tools that are super hard to find in the USA like that. A good "Metate y Metlapil" is hard to find, most are not designed correctly. A Molcajete is much easier to find, but there are lots of cement fakes. I lucked out and found one at an antique store. Fast forward ten years and they are everywhere online.

But, at least it has been getting easier the older the internet gets.

The problem...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
that edge must have been sharp af when he started

File: MGTOW.jpg (16 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys, I am wondering if what we need is actually TWO commune sites.
What if we set one up in the UP where would could get forested land on the water with plenty of fishing and we spent summers up there.
Then we could get a chunk of land in the southern AZ desert so we could skip the brutal winters.

If we had a couple of cool converted school busses, we could easily travel between locations.
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Two tracts of land that no one that wants to do it has money for. Just as likely to succeed.
I'm out the loop, who is "we"? Are "we" trying to setup some sort of selfsufficient commune?
Dont ruin the UP with your shitty shanty town

File: mre-diy-double.jpg (90 KB, 576x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB,
What's in your home made MRE's that you take /out/ with you? I'm gonna put a few together and just wanted some input and ideas.

Pic is not mine just for attention.
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File: MRE.jpg (5 KB, 216x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bigfoot jizz
Some variety of:
Breakfast, Couple of muesli bars. Coffee sachet, sugar sachets.
Lunch, Instant soup, coffee and sugar, packet of crackers and cheese.
Dinner, MRE entree or local supermarket version (retort pouch of stew/thai curry/whatever with rice or instant mashed potato). Fruit jerky, tea bag and sugar. Chocolate.

Usually have paper napkin, packet of powdered soft drink, sachet of salt and pepper etc.

One of them always has extras like mints, tube of condensed milk, curry powder etc. Open...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>vacum packing already packaged foods

I hope you are storing those in your bomb shelter for 20 years. because otherwise that is fucking retarded.

File: 81SXVU5yh+L._SL1500_.jpg (129 KB, 1154x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB,
I'm having trouble finding some nice ass PANTS. My main requirement is waterproofness and breathability. But I can't find anything that fulfills that very well. It seems to either be lightweight pants that won't stop water, really heavy pants like snow pants, or something like the Fjallravens which seem super comfy, but again aren't waterproof. If good jackets are easy to find, why are pants so hard? Does everyone just have separate over pants for rain? Is there no pair out there that can just keep me dry without being excessively hot and heavy?
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Arc'teryx makes some good damn pants that are lightweight and waterproof, as long as you've got around 2-300 dollars to burn
Hefty bags would suit all your requirements you fucking retard
Pants don't really get wet from rain. Wear polycotton or get some softshell pants (they don't need to be heavy to repel water, in fact being light means faster drying). Truly waterproof goretex pants are overkill for almost anything.

File: IMG_5314.png (395 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Skateboarding thread
45 replies and 9 images submitted. Click here to view.
Longboarding thread?
skateboarding longboarding is gay af

Gay af? Really? How old are you exactly?

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