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How has been the winter this year where you live? Seems a lot warmer than previous years, almost no rain either. Good times to go /out/ here in Europe.
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Been rainy. Really not that cold...not even cold enough to wear pants or a coat.
Last year in New England we had an essentially snowless December and January. January in fact was in the 40s and 50s every day. Then we got 9 feet of snow.

I trust nothing. Yes, we had a snowless November this year, and it's rather tepid for december, but I don't trust it. The board is set. The pieces are moving.
After recovering from a bad ankle sprain last month I though this would be the perfect time to learn to cross-country ski since the weather would be cold and the trails I run on are normally covered with snow and Ice.

It snowed 1/2" last week, and it was gone by the next morning. No snow probably till after Christmas, just rain/freezing rain.

Fuck you El Nino.

This is a general Scuba thread. Post dive stories, experiences, tips, advice. How many dives do you have? What certifications do you have and what ones do you want most?
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Is scuba /out/ or /asp/?
I have never seen a scuba thread
Also i have PAD advaced open water diver
Don't want more because it's too expensive and i get sea-sick so i don't dive anymore
Sad really
Would love too but can't afford the travel.

what are the advantages of packing matches as opposed to lighters? Not trolling, just seems like they weigh about the same but you can get far more lights out of a new lighter than a fresh box of matches
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Honestly shit gets crushed all the time for me. I have a waterproof box of matches now and when there's room i'm just gonna stuff a lighter in there.
it's not so much how many lights you will get, but if you will get any at all.

matches basically suck in every way
>take up more volume
>they get wet = you're fucked
>it rains = you're fucked
>wind = you're fucked
>the head breaks of = you're fucked
>you need more than 5 tries to light a fire = you're...
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The phosphorus head will burn much hotter for a sustained length of time than a bic lighter, Match better in wind as it will actually start, but you still need to know what you're doing.

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Anyone know where I can find a free stream of the whole dual survival series?
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just torrent them.
Try putlocker
I remember an episode with Cody and Dave where Dave said if they drank the untreated water "they would be spraying the rocks out their buttholes". I miss Dave
>I've seen his new show but it sucks.

i see these packs all over, apparently from a billion different manufacturers. Have any of you used them? do they suck? are they a meme? if i give this as a christmas gift, will the recipient actually use it?
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do not give that as a gift it is a tiny child's size backpack. I got the largest version they make for like $15 on amazon and it's still small as fuck and feels like a ripoff.
ty, exactly the kind of thing i wanted to avoid
They look nice but are very small and also hang so far off the back as to act like a lever. Makes hauling 20 lbs feel like 30.

I bought one and re-sold it literally days later.

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Probably going to be a hobo on the pacific crest trail for a few years

Tips? Anyone want to tag along?

Im completely suited to do this by the way.
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Sounds pretty terrible.

Why not at least work an easy 30 hours a week while living a hobo lifestyle and hiking/enjoying the outdoors in all your free time?

That way you'd not only have a great time but also save up a bunch of money for more fun.
By completely suited do you mean you've done a thru hike before, or you just finished "Wild"
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>completely suited loser

parasitic lifestyle, no family obligations, no career aspirations, parole violation, revocation of conditional release, failure to appear... whatever you're running away from will catch up with you sooner or later

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This is just to prove a point to some of my friends on which motors are the best. I am not looking for specific models. Brands will do. Just to prove a point.
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This has to be the absolute worst post I have ever seen.
I'm partial to Yamaha.
in before >human

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Whats the best pole to travel with?

Im thinking about a penrod but i heard they break easy.
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My g/f is from Warsaw, so I'm partial...
I just make a trident-like spear wherever I go. Works for me.
2 pc ultralight spinning rod with 4 or 6 lb line and a small tackle box of lures.

If you're going really light, 30-50 ft of 8-10 lb line wound around a spool and a few hooks, split shot and bobbers in a bag. Find worms/grasshoppers for bait.

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My son has shown interest in being a farmer, and his school district doesn't offer agriculture courses or FFA anymore, so I've been on the hunt for online courses for him. However, the luck hasn't been good. Any ideas guys?
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Self bump sorry guys
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this board's slow as shit, no need to bump.

here's my suggestion
File: 4L_chyoGrZT.jpg (620 KB, 1000x1282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm taking Ag and Hort classes at my local community college. How old is he? I would recommend starting a small raised bed vegetable garden in your backyard. It could be a really cool learning and bonding experience for yall

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Hello /out/, my mission here is to find out as much as i can about /out/, i was sent here from b/ since i rolled 65 in a thread in which number you roll determines where will you spent next seven days on 4chan.

So, can you introduce yourselves? What is this section of 4chan about? What do you do?
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How do we know you are not a radicalized mudkip here to make the cyber terrorism on our women and children?
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>this thread is literally the cancer killing 4chan
I usually welcome new people but you sir are a faggot. now if you have noting /out/realted to post fuck off
Stop posting my pic of my tiny house you stalker mitherfucker! I swear to God if you come near me I will spray you in the face xith wasp spray and shoot you in the dick, you fucking asshole!

Op fuck you too, you fucking rape fantasy teen beatoff machine! Grow the fuck up!

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My fiance wants a multitool for Christmas and I want some second opinions on what to buy. I've had a leatherman in the past (old models) and have heard good things about the new wave. Opinions?
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Wave is good if they won't miss having an awl. It's also a great MT to use if they're into rebuilding/customization since so many parts from other leatherman tools fit into the frame.

Another good option is the surge. It's heavier and larger, but it has a few different tools, better scissors and the knives are longer. It comes with a blade exchanger that uses t-shank saw blades; comes in handy if you need a metal saw.

Overall, for unmodified, I like the surge better, but it is 4oz a...
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Seconded. I have a surge and love it, a wave would do just as well but i do appreciate the extra heftyness and blade length of the surge
For edc? What are her hobbies/out activities? Get her a wingman or something

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I think I may have found the perfect place for ManCamp.


There is even a fjord

This is my /out/ fantasy. Anyone else?
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>ghost town
>working street lights

That would freak the shit out of me.
Jesus christo that presenter is a big fat blob. How does an obese person get a job where people have to look at it.

This is the same town that went an urbexer went to take a peek around, he found the lights in the library were still on 30 years later. Also, florescents last a long time.

I love stumbling on abandoned stuff when I am /out/ and about but it can be creepy sometimes.

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what does /out/ think about cold steel knives?
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Some of the best there are.
Cheap, durable, hard use gear. Tested and true son. I really like their trail boss axe even more so after I reprofiled the bit.
I love their videos, but I make my own gear.

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post a pic of your favorite knife
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maxresdefault (3).jpg
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This is the exact shit I see in every thread. This board is infested with a bunch of morons who have zero idea how to stay on topic.
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Pic related ain't mine buts pretty sexy

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Has anyone here been in a situation where you have had to use one?
Provide greentext if possible
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> implying poorfags can afford them
> implying people that can afford them have time to go /out/

If I went solo (likely), this has appeal if I was out of my normal AO. I'm so familar with everything for 250 mile radius, I would never get lost.

The weight tradeoff would be far better in a gun, for me.
They are not expensive at all, about $250 depending on the model, and weigh 4oz.

I'm not sure what type of gun weighs 4oz and would be useful if i fell and broke my leg.
> ~$250
And yet poorfags bitch abot a $10 Ti spork vs. stealing a spoon from the cafe.

> what kind

The pic related kind that ends the misery.

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