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i'm bored broke and have 6 weeks to kill

what's an adventure i could go on

midlands uk
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> uk

The store?
>i'm bored broke and have 6 weeks to kill

Smells like you've just broken up for the summer holidays....

Are we talking just maybe a day out adventure or can you disappear off without a missing persons report getting called in?

also where in midlands? there's a big difference in what you can do in say Derbyshire as opposed to Lincolnshire
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have some originality. go urbexing, try to stay in the wilderness for as long as you can, pretend to be rambo or some shit. can't you think of anything you would want to do?

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I've been thinking about buying a robomower, but i have multiple lawns completely separated from each other. Does anyone have any experience or ideas regarding this?
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>mfw I want to buy hundreds of these and fix solar panels to them and set them loose
Hi, /diy/!
Program them so they go hide somewhere and charge all day, then mow grass for a couple hrs at 2am or 3am. People would be so confused.

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Hi lads, need some ideas to fix a (small) problem.

So during the summer I spend lots of time in the beach, and it's not unusual for me to go alone and there's when the problem begins. I have a pack, towel, water and some food plus car keys and smartphone.
Since I like to go for a run by the beach and then go for a swim middle nowhere it sucks having to find a way to have the keys and smartphone with me. Leaving these things win the pack for a couple of hours is risky because someone can just steal them from me. Any ideas of what should I do? Thanks
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Bury them
Stop being a pussy and leave your fucing phone behind. Lock it in your car.
It's OK to disconnect and phones are currently the most stolen item on beaches.

Remove the FOB from your keychain, leave it in your car. Without the FOB nobody can pick it up and hit LOCK button to see if your car is worth taking. Take only your door key and nobody will likely even see it.
Manually lock door
Go play, swim

You're welcome
There's always other people there, doing that I woyld look like a retard.

I would do that but I like to listen some music when I am laying down enjoying the sun.

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What items would you pack in a survival bag thought for one day solo hikes without sleeping out and as light as possible?
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Water. Granola bars. A lighter.
If you plan on just being out for the day I wouldn't call it a "survival pack," that's just basic shit, water snacks and whatever the fuck you want to do while out..
a lighter for what?

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I know this isn't the exact board for this, but this is my board (belonging), so whatever. I was rewatching Phenomenon because I'm deluded pulp with bent aspirations and procrastinated will of action and I saw this tree and landscape. I've been trying to find the exact location of this and through Wikipedia and all that shit I've got nothing. I know it's in Northern California but I was hoping you guys can help me pinpoint that location. Pic related is all I had, it's a screenshot of a bootleg because Netflix is a pussy ass bitch with screenshots.
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I'd throw this on /k/ but it's more guns and military, whereas hunting is an outdoor activity.
>Anti-guns do not enter

I want to start deer hunting. I'm 19, almost 20 and have never been hunting because of my dad's poor health when I was a child. He's better now, and I might start hunting with him.

I've got 8mm Mauser, 303 British, and 7.62x54 to work with.

What would be the best out of those three to hunt deer with?
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Whichever has the best bore and you can find commercial soft points for. They'll all work just fine with good ammo.
the 303 looks likes its close to a 30-30. thats a good size for deer.
Whichever one you shoot best.

Unless you reload, the commercial ammo available for all 3 is equally lousy.

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Haven't seen one of these threads since January and it's convention season and that time of year to work on traps to get them ready for season so might as well make a thread on it. Anybody score any sweet deals at any conventions yet? What are you going to go trapping for this coming season? What modifications are you doing to your trapline? With the low fur prices almost nobody will be out trapping so a lot of fur will be open for the taking with no competition. I was thinking of taking advantage of this and going for some muskrats initially and then switch up to...
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You eat that weasel?
Nope, sold its fur and used the remains as bait for another weasel set, if I remember right I didn't catch anymore that season. The remains could also be used for mink, fox, and coyote bait, bobcat, marten, fisher and wolf would probably go after it too.
Made some snares today, a dozen and a half with Reichart locks, a dozen with BMI slide frees and a dozen with Micro locks. Figured I'd give each kind a whirl this season to see my preferences for certain animals. The snare is made with
>3 ft of 5/64 1x19
>an annealed nut stop, I used this because it's 1x19 and a regular aluminum stop has a high chance of coming lose.
>one of the previously mentioned snare locks
>a whammny made from gas line
>a ferrule, I would have used two ferrules if I intended to snare coyotes with these but they'll do just fine on my beaver/fox/coon line
>a barrel swivel, I use this rather than a wire swivel at the end because after the first twig the snare wraps around the wore swivel is useless where as the barrel swivel will likely still be in use.
Then the extension cable is
>6ft of 3/32 7x7, I would have used 7x19 due to the durability but the cable costs twice as much and I had none on hand
>one ferrule to form a solid loop connecting to the barrel swivel
>an adjustable loop on the end made with a ferrule and aluminum stop.
>trap tag
I like this style because after a catch I can just cut off the snare and add a new one to the extension and not waste several feet of cable. I was thinking of trying a different design for use with killpoles but I don't know why these wouldn't work for me.

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Will DEET work against bees and wasps?
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I have a can of high strength DEET spray and a can of the other popular shit, picardin? I use them when Imm fishing and there are all sorts of bugs around. Seems like the DEET is good for keeping the skeeters away, but the picardin also helps to keep gnats and flies away too. Fuckin gnats are worse than the skeeters once you catch a few fish and start to get the smell on you.

It may just be my imagination though.

> bees and wasps

if you get stung it's because youre probably flapping around like a fucking retard. just lay off the sweet sticky soda and they'll leave you alone

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Why do people profit from natural environments? They can't just own a natural resources just because a piece of paper says they do. I'm entitled to all of that so it shouldn't have a pay wall. It's that kind of culture that I'm trying to get the fuck away from. It's like the matrix is real and they don't want you to leave the machine.
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>I'm entitled
OK bud, sure...

We could stop exploiting natural resources and revert back to agrarian societies, but I guess then we still cut all the trees down for field and pasture. I guess we gotta go to hunting and gathering, but then we'd kill off species (see any wooly mammoth lately?). You want to have your cake and eat it too, don't ya?
The man with the biggest stick is always right. You have a tiny stick, you have no say in the matter.
He said your dick was small, op. Get him.

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I found this while walking my dog in the forest in Germane! IT.was Not on any path, and pretty close to some destroyed bomb shelter from WW2!
IT is dark Green with lighter green to white stripes and looks a Bit like glass! On the outsite it is mostly Vers smooth. Like glass but has Stall wholes like a Stall Asteroid or Smith!
Anyone got a clue?
Sry autocorrect -.-
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Petrified bigfoot jizz.
Are you sure?

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Thoughts on the Lifestraw? Do any of you use it? Does it work?
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Looks like a dumb gimmick. I have a Katadyn water pump that plugs directly into my bladders that will work everywhere a life straw will, and if I want to go UL i can use iodine tablets. I can't envision a situation where a lifestraw is less inconvenient than either of those two options.

Also, is the op pic how you use them? Do they realize how stupid that looks?
>not using a container to drink from using the straw

Just clog my shit up.
Not the best filter filter, but I guess it's a filter. Sawyer mini is probably better. Regular sawyer probably even better.

Comparing Axes, Sharing axes, and.... yeah... Everything axe related ;)
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So this will be very specific.

I was going to go to to the abhörstation Teufelsberg (Berlin(picture related)), but I recently found out that it has been commercialised and is now basically tourist bulshit.
So, do some of you guys know some other places in Berlin that can be explored (ruins in particular)?

Sorry for having such a troublesome question & thanks Un advance!
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Doesn't Germany still have loads of abandoned bunkers and old military storage depots from the wars. I can't think of anywhere in particular put there's been threads on it in the past.
Thanks, but I don't really know any bunkers in or around Berlin.
You wanna check "Berliner Unterwelten". google it. All you gonna need for your Kaltkriegs-Gänsehaut-Erfahrung

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Sup /out/.

With rent and general expenses rising in my growing college town, how feasable would it be to live out of a camper?

I can get a decent one that needs some touching up for about $800~ in my area, and I'm handy with tools so the touching up I don't mind.

But I just wonder about things like utilities and parking. There's a local campground for $450 a month, but that really isn't much less than my rent.

Are there cheaper alternatives? All I can find on google is RV, which I can imagine would add up very fast.

Thanks in advance boys.
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if this is something you want, you can buy a cheap piece of land and throw the trailer on it. You would have an easier time living out of your car/van.
$450/mo seems cheap. But considering you can get a good sized camper for <$20k that isn't a POS, I guess that is better than rent if you want a studio or 1Br somewhere worthwhile. It will be so much easier if you can find a park with utility hookups than trying to do it any other way, but your options may be slim if you are trying to stay in a certain area. I'm positive there are cheaper places though.

If you think $450/mo for rent is high, I have some bad news for you...
You could literally take a mortgage on 20 acres of land and pay less than 450 a month. A lot less.

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Little back story most of my life I have grown up in South western ky with my own land and access to thousands of acres of state parks. The last four years I have been down in coastal Georgia. I do think know if i was spoiled with all the land back home or if souther georgia is just shit. Does anyone know if any areas around souther ga or norther FL that have state parks, areas to hike and camp?
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There's not really too much good hiking, but canoeing/kayaking through the swamps and rivers of the area is pretty nice.
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Kentucky is lit, where you from buddy? Richmond reporting.
I wish California had more places to swim in

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alright /out/
i have always loved carving and creating while in the woods and now that i have a job were I'm out every other week I'm going to get lots more chances to carve. i currently use some really shitty gouges, some scraps of sandpaper, and a folding knife, so i am looking to up my game a bit.
what would be your recommendations on what to put into my carving kit I'm making.

Pic related, I'm thinking of getting the Laplander folding saw.
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Carving... with a saw?

Get yourself a crook knife, maybe an adze if you do a lot of big pieces.

And of course a comfortable knife with a thin blade profile (And relatively short 2-3'' works best IMO)

I quite like a wharncliffe profile too for detailed cuts.


get a mora no1 and a mora spoon knife
Wowee, that pic is almost exactly my trio;

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe
Fallknienvenenbsdn S1
you can get some good deals with a laplander, i got one for £19 that came with a mora companion

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Do any of you use a portable solar cell for your energy needs while out for a longer time?

>What do you use?
>What do you power with it?
>How well does it work?
>Where can you get the best/ most affordable tech?
>Is it worth the extra space and weight for you?

>also thread for everything offgrid tech related
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Yes, a 20 and 30 watt pair of folding 3 panel arrays. The thing in your pic is a joke and a novelty. To even charge a smartphone reliably under average conditions you will need 5 watts of pv, minimum. Solar works like a dream but only if you have many times more wattage than it seems like you need on paper.
the bigger the better?

What things do you keep charged with your 50W?
> ordered on Amazon today

Give me a couple days for shipping and I'll post pics.

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Just a friendly reminder to keep your pack loaded and in your vehicle. I was working out near Cuyahoga Valley NP today. What I thought would be a 5 hour job turned into a 2 hour job. I decided to get over to the park, hike a bit, hang a hammock, and nosh. Here's some pictures!
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3 MB, 3264x1836
File: 20160718_141823.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1836
File: 20160718_142652.jpg (3 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x1836

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Anyone had any experiences with clothing optional or naturist beaches? I've been to a few, and have heard the sterotype that it is mostly fat old guys. Lately, I hear that millenials are getting more interested in the naturist scene and notice that in recent years the beaches I frequent gain a very mixed age range. I'd like to hear if anyone has had any experiences or insights towards this~
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pic somewhat related
Were I live there's quite a few naturists every day on the beach and yes, always middle aged men. A decade ago was mostly women but nowadays I only see fags on the same spots. At least they go a bit further down or up the main beach were all the families and people that are dressed, but still sucks for people like me that like to run by the sea having to see them.

The women now you can see them topless in the same places as everyone else goes. No one really cares.

If you're just after a water bottle, is SIGG classic the way to go?

Seems like it checks all the boxes: tough, light, classic aesthetic, recyclable, easy to clean.

Anything else out there worth considering?
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standard pet platic bottle is best unless you absolutelyneed something that you can boil water in (which you can't with a sigg, since it has a resin coating on the inside).

pet bottles are
-nearly free
-nearly indestructible, and completely drop proof
-as light as possible by design
-can be used for SODIS in emergencies
-collapsible to save space
-easily recyclable
-easily cleaned
-come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and caps/openings to fit a wide range of needs
a lot of this you're describing is exclusively for disposable bottles you'd buy 50 cent water in. i'm not after a collapsible bottle.
Prepare for dents.

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My friend has recommended me a single speed 6ku bike but I hear they are pretty garbage in terms of build quality. I’m looking to spend $200-$300 and I was thinking about getting a Motobecane café instead because I hear they are not as bad as 6ku’s and a decent low-end bike. Is the Motobecane really a big difference compared to 6ku? Are there better brands for that price range?
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I got a schwinn for 55 bucks marked down at walmart and ive ridden it as my main mode of transportation for 4 months so far without a single issue
Well the reason I am getting a new bike is because I have a hybrid right now that I bought from Dick's and the front inner tube popped. Bike snobs really look down on bikes you can buy from stores. But I don't know if that's just an ego thing, or if the materials are actually better for the more expensive bikes. I know they are lighter, but I care more about durability.
Why not Just chance the tube?

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Is anybody here into whittling?

Just started to restore tools and to whittle stuff.

Made this wight and snek.

Used a Vic farmer for the snek and a Mora Bushcraft for the wight.

Should I get a Mora frost or an Enzo knife for better a outcome?

Please share your experiences and pieces.

I would love to hear about some insider products and techniques.
Thanks in advance.
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File: DSCF0689.jpg (280 KB, 1037x1383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used to make small stuff like keychains and spoons/forks while camping
Never been any good tho
File: tajima.jpg (71 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry no pics but I have done some whittling. I use Mora Companion and I'm happy with it.

Unless you consider it cheating, get another knife with only 2-3 cm blade for details. You can do things you can't do with a regular knife plus it's safer. A box cutter with snap off blades can be used as well, but it needs to have a lock with a screw.

If you don't have much experience, practice at home first. If you make a mistake you can hurt yourself very bad.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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i want to go for a one week hike. should i get one? need advice on a good filter system. you guys got any recomendations?
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I use a Sawyer mini. I'm not ded yet. Truly, a filter is overkill so long as you have fire and a metal container -- boil, cool, drink. That second step isn't really necessary, though.

Lifestraw a shit, clogs too fast among other reasons.
I filter with iodine tablets.

File: filters.jpg (197 KB, 1024x621) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197 KB, 1024x621

I had a MSR miniworks EX and while it works quite well it is very large. I replaced it with a Sawyer Mini and a large Platypus bag for dirty water. The Sawyer is more awkward and time consuming, but much, much smaller. The small increase in time and work necessary to filter the same volume of water is worth the drastic reduction in size and weight in my opinion.

(not my photo; I gave my miniworks away so I can't take a comparison shot myself)

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You've never found a stranger in the woods when u re alone?

i went to explore a forest closed to the public My biggest fear was found a dead body or enter to a crime scene and leave my DNA but nothing happened, but i found a guy seated in a rock and i ran away im not really sure if he could see my face, are my fears real or its just my mind?
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Yes, all the time. I say hello.
they dont try to kill u?
thers already a thread on this. seems like common practice on this board is to hide in the bushes and take pictures of them.

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Where is the single best place to live innawoods? Taking into account
- Diversity of animals/hunting and gun laws
- Climate for growing
- Exploring potential
- Price
And anything else you can think of
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where you can grow stuff it's usually not a woods anymore as people went there cut the trees and grow stuff.
I'd probably say NZ
>temperate weather
>lots of animals with no natural predators, so unlimited hunting
>gun laws aren't too bad
>plenty of rivers and fish
>lots of wilderness

never been there though
This doesn't sound too bad.

I would be down with some SE Asia island in the Pacific or Indian Ocean as long as you have lots of bug spray and it isn't too hot and humid. An untouched area or Bornero or some shit.

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is /out/ angry at all the normies exploring right now?

I've literally never seen this many humans outside than childhood Halloweens. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, the amount of people I see skating, driving slow, and just generally droning around town on their phones with Pokemon Go open.

So are you upset that these normies are ruining your expeditions?
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File: 1449938731488.jpg (79 KB, 500x903) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 500x903
Nope. Give it a week or two and everyone will be burned out with it.
walking around the suburb with your phone isn't really /out/ is it? I don't think it works out innawoods, but I could be wrong
The normies will go to parks, like i did today, and see the enormous amounts of Growlithes, then they will come for your woods. Normies with phones, droning about through trees, littering your woods and filling the air with vape smoke. This is the end for /out/ists.

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It's down to three participants, and I didn't see either of the two old threads still around, so I guess this one can serve.

Contrary to a lot of strong opinions/predictions, and despite having clear advantages in location and resources overthe others... Nicole tapped out.

Jose's kayak is starting to really pay off in fish, while David is finally (and profitably) exploiting the rest of his cove's shoreline for crabs. Larry seems to be struggling internally, but then that's been his form since Day 1,

Only two episodes left, lol.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Any new predictions now?

Jose's getting seriously dunked in freezing water, right?
That prolly leaves Larry and David.

I'm leaning towards David winning this.
>Jose's kayak is starting to really pay off in fish

How? Is constantly complaining about food, and they only showed him catching one fish. How is twenty days building a kayak (which is cool as fuck) worth it for one fish? He only needed to go 1.5 miles for the place he wanted to find that salmon run, serious just bushwack man. Am I missing something?

So glad Nicole didn't win, 1st because I think she can live without it just fine, 2nd because muppets here were so fucking sure she had won "ayy you dicks she obviously won check her tweeter blah blah" it almost fell as if it was the show's producers posting to throw dust in our eyes and add to the drama.

I can't believe Jose is still there, yeah I hope he falls in the cold drank and has to go. - sorry, nothing personal. He could easily win this, just cause he's so chill. But...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: benchmade-arvensis-119-cm.jpg (28 KB, 400x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: pl.jpg (16 KB, 350x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Op plays the flesh flute and
the wise man visits all fields.
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Reminder to kill two birds with one stone by starting fires like pic related. Get sparks and sharpen that edge at the same time!
no just no you're a gear fag

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What are your favorite /out/ related books or books you enjoy reading outside?
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I'll start, my favorite out related book and author is HD Thoreau and his Walden
What enjoy reading while /out/ are Saigyo's Poems of a Mountain Home, I'd recommend it to all people rven if you think you don't enjoy poetry
For me its either Tolkien's The Hobbit, or The Silmarillion
I like Environmental literature, atm I'm reading The Skeptical Environmentalists which is about the exaggeration and true representation of statistical data in the environmental field - as BOTH sides are liable to over exaggerate.

Prior to that I read The world according to Pimm: A scientist audits the earth, which is all about quantifying our resources and challenging the outdated mentality of 'limitless bounty' (ie natural resources, typified by the amazon or the image of the open oceans in the 19th c.)

I like anything to do with nature.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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british-summer-hol (1).jpg
59 KB,
Any Brit bongs up for a sc/out/ camp in the summer. We will need a location that all of us can get to and plenty of alcohol.
Who's up for it?
124 replies and 11 images submitted. Click here to view.
>drinking alcohol while /out/
I'm down. Guy in the previous thread suggested the peaks.

What are you afraid of? Getting lost in a square mile of light forest and being mauled by a rabbit?
>tfw live in london
>no car
>also don't want to sell kidney to afford train travel

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