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what are the best comfortable boots and that are waterproof and will last a long time
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Danner. I've got a pair of old Danner work boots that have lasted a good long time. They've got Goretex lining and are completely waterproof.
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Like deez.
Acadia, i just bought rhose couple months ago, solid. About $250_275.

What are the best hikes in the midwest? So far the best I've seen is Wildcat Mountain State Park in western Wisconsin, and Porcupine Mountain State Park in UP Michigan.

Ice Age Trail through Southern Wisconsin has some parts that look a lot like Virginia too.
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starved rock or Matheson state park both in Illinois are pretty good
I personally thought that Starved Rock was one of the worst Midwest hikes I've done. The canyons are REALLY cool, but the hike to the canyons is completely disgusting with trash and paved paths all over the place. I hear Matheson state park is better though.

One hidden gem is Governor Dodge state park. Lots of hills, lake, outlooks, and a few waterfall canyon areas, and pretty raw.
Black Hills National Forest and Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

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Could we get a cool wildlife video thread going?

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mine is just audio, gets cool at 60 second mark
digrpat is thatchoo bro? MJC Recordings here :D

i god I forgot the fucking evil coon recording! heh good schit man.

Is anyone here in the career of being a Conservation Officer or know anyone that is? I am looking into going into that type of career path and was wondering if it's shitty or awesome.
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Border patrol would be a better choice. You get /out/ and have the opportunity of chasing wild brown animals
A few guys that still lurk /k/ were rumored to be. Possibly check there too. Not all of us came over when the board was made.
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Do you like:
Investigating atv crashes?
Pulling the bodies of drowning victims from a lake?
Investigating hunting accidental shooting?
Digging through the carcass of an animal looking for the bullet of a poacher?
Killing wild hogs?
Riding on 4 wheelers looking for poachers in a woods?
Driving a boat looking for people fishing without a license
Teaching hunter education to kids?
Helping land owners keep trespassers off the property?

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Ganzo 301?

Lost my charge tti when i went swimming. Yes, im an idiot.
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Sub $750 monocle night vision?
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Man, what I wouldn't do for a set of those goggles for just Shits and giggles.
It'd be great fun having a set, I don't think I'd have any practical use for them, just for the entertainment.
Can go for a decent Gen 1 set up (Decent in terms of Gen 1 that is, Gen 1 is still fucking shit) and a really good illuminator. Otherwise save up and get maybe some used Gen 2s at least.

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Do any of you guys take hardtack backpacking or camping? Its actually not bad if it soaks in milk or water for a few minutes
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fucking disgusting
lasts forever, easy to make, portable, nutritious, a good snack while you're hiking before a meal,

don't be jealous anon

plus you can put some cool designs on em
>good snack
"hardtack is a hard cracker made from flour, salt, and water."
>good snack

What does /out/ think of this guy? I love his axe reviews.

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He's okay if you can get past his religious thing. I don't pay attention to it.

Apparently he used to be a big prepper nut with another channel but switched when he made people angry, but I dont have the links..

As anything with youtube, take it with a grain of salt.
Based on the fact that homesteading in America is so contrived it is crinegworthy I can barely stand to watch his videos.

Oh look....This thread....again.

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Never done more than a day hike but would like to attempt a thru hike this year.

What do I need to hike the AT?
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Sleeping pad
Sleeping bag
Water bottles/bladder
Water purification
Money+credit/debt card

+a few months with no responsibilities
For what?
Digging a hole to poop in

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Pic related

I live near a residential inlet that leads into Lake Pontchartrain. I know that there are largemouth bass in this lake, but every attempt to catch them has failed. I did catch one with my cast net though. I cut him up to see what they have been eating, and I found a small crab in his stomach. Should I look for imitation crab lures instead of jerk baits and spinners/crankbaits?

The inlet is manmade, it starts at the bulk head, then depth drops to 10 feet, and it keeps sloping until it hits 60 feet in the middle. I'm pretty sure the bass stay in...
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The view behind the last pic
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The bass I caught with the net
You broke the law son. Delete this thread or expect a visit from fish and wildlife

This place made me think of you, /out/...
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I wonder if far in the future archaeologists will find all these fucking piles of rocks and go crazy trying to figure out what the fuck they could possibly mean.
>And here we spot one of the organic counting piles used by the prehistoric Oil Peoples. This system of discs was capable of over 90 calculations per hour. Based on this "close and tall" configuration, we can infer that it was operated by 11 men (or 28 dogs), and likely used to predict missile trajectories, rain patterns, and Super Bowl outcomes.

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How much would something like this costs me?
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About three fifty thousand.
300 million dollars if its filled with gold
seems a lot of money for a small cabin, senpaitachi.

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Hello /out/

I am wanting to buy my neighbors boys (6-8 not exactly sure) something for Christmas. I am hoping you all have run into some cool items out on the internet, that would make cool gifts for outdoorsy kids. We live out in the country, and they spend most of their time when its warm outside with their dad gardening or just playing in the dirt.

MREs would actually make the parents laugh but arent much fun to play with, so those sorts of joke ideas are welcome for lulz but mostly looking for something original and cool for some kids that already have tonka...
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And while I dont think this is the type of board to go there, while I am at it no I am not trying to force myself into their family or some shit. I give them squirrel tails all the time.
A nice shovel, boots, rc car, airsoft or paintball gun, work gloves. What state do you live in?
RC cars are cheap now, and they can have a lot of fun with.

What about a cheap tent? They're cheap at walmart. Maybe they'd just sleep outside one night with their dad, or just pitch it up in the yard and pretend camp. They're pretty young to really enjoy it properly, but never too young to start.

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A few questions, really I suppose. First off, what are the main things you look for in a knife you'll take with you on a hike? Secondly, why do you guys hate partially serrated blades so much? Just because it cant do a full sawing motion as smoothly? Thirdly, do you guys prefer to have a go-to blade that will last you a long time, or does it make more sense to buy knives to beat and throw out (moras)? Maybe I'm wrong about moraknivs, though. If I am, please, correct me.
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For a belt type knife that could be used as a one tool option:

#1 5-6 inches long, so you can work with natural materials ~ 4 inches wide. A longer blade than that is typically unweildly for finer work
#2 High carbon steel so I can strike it with natural materials to start a fire. Stainless steel is acceptable if corrosion will be a big problem.
#3 90 degree spine so I can use it as a scraping tool, especially useful for using a ferrocerium rod.
#4 Minimum of 3.175 mm thick, for robustness and maximum tool usage
#5 Full tang. The weight savings are not worth it for a one tool option. Increases strength of the knife and easier to replace handle scales if broken.
#6 Plain edge, no serrations. Plain edge is more useful and easier to maintain.
I carry a folder with a half serrated blade and tonto tip on me regardless of whether I'm out or not for general cutting/utility, a military knife without serration on my shoulder strap when I'm out for minor wood processing, and a fishing knife when I'm out at the lake. So I may have as many as three, for different purposes.

There really isn't one knife that will do everything you want. If there was, there'd only be one knife in stores.
also forgot no cross guard. a single guard on the blade side is acceptable but a guard on the spine side serves no purpose outside of melee combat and will only get in your way as you use it as a tool and not a weapon.

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/out/, what are some cool outdoor hobbies you could get into by yourself? Preferably that don't require being driven to.

pic unrelated since there's no wind here
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Depends entirely where you live and what kind of /out/doors you have within reach. Since transportation seems to be an issue for you, maybe some sort of cycling would empower this more (cross country, road biking, bike touring, DH, etc.)
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Archery for sure, (recurve). After the initial investment of the bow 100-200$ and say 6 arrows 50$, you don't have to spend any more.

You can practice all you want innawoods, you can hunt with it once you've practiced enough and you feel a bit safer with it by your side.

Furthermore as a time killer innawoods you can learn to make arrows.

Just be sure to find a decent stump or a hill you know you won't lose your arrows on.

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