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Have any of you ever tried to wash yourselves with snow? I'm headed out for a couple of days, our shower at home is being renovated, and I'm pretty greasy. Thought I might try rubbing some snow on myself when I get out there.

Does this work? Will I die?
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no it doesn't work and no you won't die
> snow bath doesn't work
> smoke bath does work

What ev.

OP, yes it works. Stick with it until your dick looks like $0.45 in nickles.
Ow! Why would you do this?

Fill your sink with soapy water. Get a rough washcloth. Scrub yourself with the cloth while standing in front of the sink. Once you're clean, drain the water and scrub yourself with the non-soapy cloth until you are no longer soapy. You'll get a hell of a lot cleaner and you wont freeze/cut yourself on the snow.

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/Prepper General/ For the discussion of preparing for natural disaster, apocalypse, etc.

Post your
>inventory of
medical supplies
survival items
luxury items
>what are you prepping for
>annual income/profession

Picture very related.
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ffs, not a prepper I can just live off my camping food for like a month and a half.
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Bullets and toilet paper is all I need.

i have 156 rolls in my house

that's pretty cool! what constitutes camping food to you? dry and canned goods?

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Screenshot (512).png
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Why do these people exist to ruin our sport?
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I can't understand the vitriol some feel toward cyclists.

It just baffles me that people call themselves normal but wish death upon others for no good reason. This obviously extends beyond hatred of cyclists
Some kind of ethnic tribalism, maybe? I'm serious. Have you ever seen someone rant about bicyclists saying that bicyclists should have to pay registration?
Everyone, besides a few exceptions, (or people in the city) drives. Every bicyclist is already paying for some kind of vehicle registration.
Non-motorized vehicle in the roadway

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Can someone PLEASE tell me how to use these bobber stoppers? I figured you just pulled on the string and cinched it tight on the fishing line, but no dice
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the tube is just to slip the rope on, slip on line, pull knot off, tighten knot

theyre garbage anyway, i just tie a mooring hitch in my line to hold floaters/ strike indicators on
The rigs that come with the bobbers are usually useless, but the bobbers themselves are top tier

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We all know what /out/ thinks of Bear Grylls; what do you guys think about Les Stroud, Survivorman?
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What do you think you namefagging douche?
I like him, nice guy irl.

Many think he's too dramatic, I kind of get his reasoning (people see the show and think "oh it's just like camping").

At some point someone's going to bring up the forum that had a few guys that went to one of les' survival sites, but nobody ever brings up his response. If you're going to bring that up, at least post his response.
pretty cool though i hate the wat when he gets small game he burns the fuck out of it.....and i also hate when he talks about the burden it is to carry around all his camera gear.

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What are some good snowshoes under $300?
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Bumping for interest.
25" MSR Accend w/modular snow tails might come in <$300.

> best there is
> Ascent
Pic related.

Does anyone here hunt while cross country skiing? Is it fun?
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Closest sport is Bi-athalon.
Closest I can get to Bi-athalon in any real measure in AZ is Summer Bi-athalon.

> Basically, running around inna desert and taking breaks to shoot stuff.
> If it moves, kill it!

Kinda fun!
I snowshoe around in January sometimes snaring and shooting snowshoe hares. Yes, yes, I have snowshoes and the rabbits are snowshoes too!
The irony is not wasted on me, anon.

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Anyone here try cross country skiing?
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My dad is really into it
I do it once in a while, it's great exercise and a lot of fun.
Yeah I love it, Minnesota has a good skiing community so there are a lot of places that groom trails and rent skis. I rented for a year and then bought my own cheap pair of fischers, I will be training for a race up in Mora mn now that we finally got some snow.

I want to try skiing and camping but I really only have summer camping gear. I imagine you can cover much more ground than hiking.

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I am an 18 year old female, want to start some wilderness/semi-wilderness solo camping trips next spring.
I know what I am doing but I fear sleeping alone at night out there. Tips to get over it? What are your experiences solo camping?
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>Find someone to take with you?
>Get used to it by sleeping close to your home ie: 100ft away?
>invite me?
Only way to get over the fear is to go do it. What part scares you?

Never had a bad experience solo.
Tell someone where you're going and when you'll expect to be back. Read up on stealth camping. Even when legitimately camping, I always use stealth and leave no trace principles if only to minimise my own impact, let alone attract unwanted attention from other humans.

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Bad moon on the rise - CCR
Have you ever seen the rain - CCR
Rocky Mountain way - Joe Walsh

And of course, sandstorm... You faggots.
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Why not just bring a harmonica and play your own jams?
nice list, should be longer tho
Add moar

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So ive seen a few hunting threads but it was all deer. Anyone else here duck hunt??
Im SoFlo and the lake sucks this year
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Primos Partner here. Just duck hunted southern California this past Saturday. Mostly ruddy while jump shooting.
Texasfag here. I haven't hunted in years but others have murdered the teal this year. Too warm for anything else.
Geese have just arrived a couple of days ago, a month late.
It's a slow winter this year. Just be patient.

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I'm talking stuff you are actually bringing with you, not just hunting/foraging for in the wilderness. This could be the obvious things like seasonings/herbs/vegetables you've grown and dried, but also stuff like emergency/supplemental rations in case you can't find enough food in the wild. (pic related, Hardtack from 2008)

Here's some examples,


One of the things I like to bring are bags of instant soup. I grow a lot of vegetables and mushrooms in my garden and dry a great deal of them ( >>634583 ). With those and some homemade pasta I'll bag up various types of soups and stews I can make from dehydrated vegetables and their powders.

What do you take along with you on your wilderness adventures, /out/?
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Hardtack, Beef Jerky, Pemmican (with blueberries man, shits so good), bar of dark chocolate, instant oatmeal, dried beans, rice, bouillon cubes, MREs sometimes. Not all of this shit at once, but I always bring hardtack and Pemmican, they make a pretty good stew type thing if you mix them in water.
I make deer jerky form time to time. It is really difficult not to eat it all in one sitting. It is so delicious.
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pretty sure thats nelix

File: BearGryllsGerberKnives.png (696 KB, 960x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dear Sc/out/s,

So some survivalists opened up a store in my area and most of what they have is second hand. I have nothing against second-hand items. One item they have, priced at $25 and in near perfect condition is a Bear Grylls knife that was full tang/had a fire-rod in the sheath. I couldn't tell the model given the clerks were aggressively trying to show me everything in their store but the blade was sharp enough to cut my thumb if I had wanted to. I'm not familiar with the Bear-Gerber knives and figured I'd come ask you sc/out/s about your thoughts/experiences...
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i would never buy his stuff, i aint no piss drinker + none of them have a brass knuckle hand guard so you can't punch the shit out of a bear when he decides to maul you.

I myself don't care for their knives...or Gerber for that matter. If you're not anal about steels, or need a beater knife, I'd buy it.

I do enjoy the BG ferro rod though.
decent blade, not the best by any means usually you're buying the name more than the actual knife

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Oregon crayfish.jpg
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They're mostly an invasive species around here, and the state encourages people to harvest them (as well as bullfrogs). This is easy-mode fishing; you can literally catch them by hand with a bit of practice. Anyone else a crawdad fan?
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dude I watched an awesome video of a guy catching crawfish with a "trash" fish he caught.

he speared a fish close to the river bank, cut it up and put it in shallow water, and picked up the crawfish as they moved towards the hunk of flesh.
If the crawfish population is dense (true of a lot of smaller streams), you don't even need to bait them; you can just pick one, get behind it, drop a rock in front of it, then use your hands to catch it as it reflexively scoots backward. Then you just toss it in a bucket with a bit of water in it. Repeat again and again as much as you want.
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Washington's regs are a smidge heavier, it seems.

I used to catch them for giggles when I was a kid, in AZ. Never really thought about them since, and now that my interest is piqued the season is over. Curses.

File: EK000321.jpg (1 MB, 3072x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT trailcam porn

What does /out/ think of my honey hole?
It's in Alberta somewhere.
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This fine fellow came by near the end of the season after he ran off some smaller bulls.
File: EK000690.jpg (1 MB, 3072x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3072x2304
This guy sat down in front of one of my cams and proceeded to sun himself, scratch, scream, bugle and generally rut around for a good hour. I had to clear 400 photos of him. I kept a few of the good ones.
File: EK000882.jpg (1 MB, 3072x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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