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I'm traditionally a tent camper. I was raised in a household where we had one or two tents and used them during the summer when visiting various festivals. Until today ( my first post in /out/ was about 24 hours ago ) I had no idea that hammock camping was a thing and it made me curious about the best brands, advantages/disadvantages, etc. Off the top of my head it seems like hammock-camping would not only keep you further away from, what can often times be, sickeningly-cold ground but, has the ability to open more usable space to you in a wooded area ( not needing flat...
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Look into Warbonnet. Specifically the Blackbird Xlc. That baby is awesome! I look at hammock camping as a way to lighten my load and get further out to where I wanna go
>hammock-camping would not only keep you further away from, what can often times be, sickeningly-cold ground
Yeah, but.... The problem with hammocks is all that airflow underneath you is even worse than cold ground. Of course you can use an under quilt to combat this.
Hammocks are nice, but honestly aren't really any lighter/smaller than a decent tent set up if you're going full bore with tarp, under/overquilt, and a bugnet.

However in favorable conditions where you don't need all that stuff they can be quite comfortable.

Over all I prefer tent camping, but I usually bring a hammock as well for lounging around and the occasional overnight near a fire in nice weather.

Ultimately it just comes down to what you prefer.

Now there's also the option of hammock tents (Tentsile) which seem totally awesome in theory but are heavy as fuck and kind of inherit the disadvantages of both hammocks and tents.. But the idea of having stacked tents suspended between trees with a central ladder/passage is strangely appealing.
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I prefer hammock because as long as I have two trees I have a consistent and comfortable and warm bed. Uneven ground, rocks, damp ground and snow that no longer both me.

But the caveat is you need two trees. I get around that by using a bridge hammock with a CCF pad (instead of an UQ), so if disaster strikes and I end up my day without trees, or if my hammock breaks, I can just set up on the ground with my tarp and pad and still be well insulated.

Tons of other preferential benefits too, such as:

- small soft bag when packed, opposed to dealing with packing a tent

- integrated bug net / integrated pockets (on mine anyway)

- flexibility of hammock and tarp as separate items. Stop for lunch and it's pissing? Bang the tarp up. Stop for the night and it's clear and calm? Don't bother with the tarp

- afternoon naps on the trail

- makes a great chair, nice for dealing with your boots

- not as messy as a tent when the weather is bad,

- can pitch on hills

- lets you feel superior to ground dwellers ;)

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laugh if you will, but mushrooms are a newly found curiosity of mine, and I don't know a damn thing about them.

These particular ones were on my property this morning.. The white/yellow ones have a slimy texture to them, while the reddish ones are all very similar, in that they feel like brittle rubber.

That's literally All I know about them from my experience.. I'd like to be able to identify them, and know what their uses are if any, or if they're toxic, etc. sorry if this isn't /out/ enough, just seemed related. more pics on the way.
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I'm sorry they're shit pictures, don't have much in the way of technology, and idk what I'm taking a picture of, as far as what visual information is useful and what isn't. there were also some pale ones with purple/blue rims on the caps. avoided touching them though.

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Just bought first whittling set, friend of mine has mora knives and rates them. Just a general advice thread, I would appreciate any tips. Thanks (pic related)
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Take only a little away at a time.
Dont whittle your pecker
how much did you spend on that set? i want the same

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What does /out./ think of this game now?


I played it a lot 6 months or so ago and made it around 1 month before stopping. Back then there was less to do and it wasn't nearly as complex as it is now.

I've done real world winter camping and hiking before. Nothing more than -10F/-23C though. Getting indoors before a storm or nightfall is no joke, though this game takes it a bit far in some cases. Like how tools wear out so fast and such.
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I fucking love it. My favorite video game ever. I don't play it in the summer though. I play it in the winter because it is like a lucid dream for me. Just you, wilderness, and wolves (some bears too). Fucking love this game. The last time I saw it mentioned on this board it was absolutely railed by everyone but I want all future posters in this thread to that whether you like this game or not, it is purely your own opinion. Not everyone will love it and not everyone will hate it.
I can't wait for story mode. Right now it is about the most depressing thing you can play. It rabbit starvation a thing yet in the game? Last time I played it wasn't and rabbit was the only thing I was eating. Basically, I walked from one rabbit spot to another the entire time after getting the entire DIY leather suit made. The meat goes bad way too fast too if you don't eat it.
in that cold? shouldn't it freeze if you hang it?

is this what an ultralight backpacker is supposed to look like? anything more is overkill?
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Looks pretty comfy to me. I don't think that an ultralighter has to look like that though.
this guy washes his clothes in the shower
That dude is freakishly shaped so no, no one is supposed to look like that but it must be nice that he can buy children's gear

Any metal dectorists here?
I am looking at used models on craigslist and wondering if I need spend the big bucks or can get started on the cheap.
I mostly want it for gold prospecting if that matters.
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gold has a poor electrical conductivitie so you can't use cheap detectors. you won't just get a signal. I am saving up money for a Imerator Xp with wireless headphones. seperate handheld pinpointer is also must have. Here in Europe the most interessting stuff is at max.30 cm deep. I have the habit of digging every signal since i have a secound hand whites and i am building up expierience in interpreting signals.
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>gold has a poor electrical conductivitie
i stated that fact so op doesn't think he can expect huge gold nuggets with a seben detector. The Detector in op's pic is a very good start for a rewarding hobby.

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Anybody have any mountains they're planning to summit?

I'm doing Mt. Baker and Mt. Ellinor in Washington later this month.

Good/bad experiences? Gear?
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Wow, just started my reserch for this yesterday!

12k+ in miid-winter. Starting at 8k, hoping for two nights or less on the mountain.

Gonna gearfag up for this!
Grab some friends and summit for free.
Fuck guided trips on a mountain with no need for a permit. Also, it's easy enough to do in 1 night. Baker is a cakewalk.
I have medium term plans to hike mount Kilimanjaro. Really the only factor is having the free time and money to go over to Africa, the hike itself looks pretty easy. Dunno if that really counts as mountaineering though.

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Hey sc/out/s, what do you use to start campfires?
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a lighter
the blood of my enemies
A lighter + cotton balls covered in Vaseline

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any turtle island uterus out there? I'm starting here in a bit
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Is this some Google translate snafu?
>Useless Conway
From the things I've read about that place, you'll either love it or hate both it and him with every fiber of your being.

The man doesn't seem to generate much middle ground.

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Is a Wilderness first Responder course worth the money?
I can afford this course, but not EMT courses.
It seems like a camping trip with some medical instruction?
I would like anyones input before i spend hard earned cash.
>standing in local community college app line
>girl behind passes out
>smacks the hard concrete head first
>i stand there dick in hand
I dont want that to happen agian.
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It's worth the money if you plan on getting a job where you'll get paid more to have WFR training. If not, then it probably isn't worth the money.

If you are strapped for cash you should just buy a book on first aid and learn that way.
> passes out
> dick in hand

Well you should have fucked her, sounds like you were ready!
You are what is wrong with the world.

Kill yourself

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Has anyone here ever tried skydiving? Just wondering what I'd need or what I should expect going into it.
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I did a tandem jump this summer in Mexico. Pretty neat and I'd like to do it again. Scary part was the anticipation before and just when they opened the door. The jump itself was just like falling really fast.
My co-worker had over 1200 jumps and held world records. He died doing it. Many do.
Yea, but that goes for any extreme sport where you get too comfortable/cocky and try to push the limits.

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Hello /out/ as an European fag I see the possibility of shit going down around here according to all the terrorist attacks and all that shit. The moment that happens around here, I usually go camping without much but what i always carry the most is food. And if for some reason I cannot pack that food what scares me the most is hunting. I am currently vegan because I don't believe that killing an animal when you don't have to is necessary. However I would one if i have to eat without any problem, the think that really scares me tho, is that i might not find any animals...
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That's a nice idea for Christmas lights. I wonder what they used to make those rings.
>white neon tube
>foliage painted white
>small yellow led strips

You could make one yourself
Just like you, animals go to where there is food and water. In “event of bad times set up near water. Fishing is the easiest way to obtain animal flesh probably.

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Hey /out/ first time poster here

I may end up having to leave my home (19, living with parents) relatively soon. It may happen, it may not, but in any event I'd like to be somewhat prepared.

I live in the suburbs, have a $9.50 an hour part-time job and take courses at my community college (only two though, I dropped two others this semester). I want to leave the general area I live in on a train or something but I'm unsure if completely abandoning my job is advisable, don't really care about dropping out of school because I fucking suck at it so...
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There's 2 of these threads every week at least. Let me save you, and everyone else that would post some time.

Don't fucking choose to be homeless, or train hop, or whatecer idiotic bullshit youre planning.

Stay in school. College is easy, like insanely easy. You literally have to just go to class, not be stupid, study a bit, and then get a degree. I did it. It's not hard. At all. You're in community college, not Harvard.

Don't quit your job you fucking moron. You have a...
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> dropped
> abandoning
> dropping
> dropping

You plan is weak.

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Living (semi) off the land.

Hey out

Ive always wanted to own some wild land out in nowhere, which i could use for fishing/hunting and live there during the summer. End goal being that i could live there the whole year. Right now im looking for land in sweden since im from Scandinavia. How much land do you think i would need? Any swedes know any good sites to search for this?

Found a nice plot 800km north of Goteborg for 0.55M kr which i can afford. 17 ha with a river but im not sure that there is enough farmable land.

How much farmable land do...
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Farming is very work intensive, and very hard if you're doing it for subsistence. Plus in that climate the growing season is very short and you're limited on what crops you can even grow, unless you do all indoor gardening. You'll need equipment, fertilizer, good seed, water, etc. This will cost you lots of money every year. If you keep animals they can provide you some fertilizer but they're expensive to feed and care for, as well. Don't quit your day job. It's fine to have a cottage in...
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You don't need much. My friend's family grows all of their own vegetables on an acre or so, and they always have so much that they give tons away.

Hunting and fishing for your meat is a nice idea, but if I had to live off of the deer I shot last deer season, I'd be hungry because I didn't get one. I've put a lot of thought into being self sufficient, and the best way would be to keep small animals like chickens and rabbits. We've evolved beyond being hunter-gatherers, there's no need to go back.

You'll also need to be there longer than a summer to produce enough food. My friend starts in the spring. Also, I'm not sure how your hunting seasons work, but here in my state, the deer season is in the fall and winter.
>muh equipment and shit
>outdoor farming


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Dear /out/doorsmen,

I'm writing you today because I want to know what you believe to be the best "outdoor"stove currently on the market. I know I could easily heat rocks to cook with but I don't think the people I'd take camping with me would appreciate their food cooked in such a manner. The Firebox G2 is making waves and the BushBox Ultralight ( see picture ) along with the Emberlit are popular but if I'm going to sink money into a stove like this I want to do so only after getting opinions on which one is best and why. Maybe you like the...
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The best outdoor stove is a Jetboil minimo.
File: EmberLitFireAnt.png (658 KB, 600x988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Saying something is the best is something anybody can do. What I want to know from you and others is what makes it ( in your case what makes the Jetboil Minimo ) the best? An example of this ( see image ) can be seen in the avertisement for EmberLit's Fire Ant; listing why they think it is a revolutionary product.
I have a ring of aluminium sheeting with holes in it, that I took from an old Apple MacBook. It fits perfectly over a sterno can, and when unhooked, it slips right into my tiny cook pot. MacBooks do make for pretty pricey stoves, though.

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