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I have some spare cash and always liked the idea of flying something.
I was thinking of getting into powered paragliding.
Has anyone here done this? Any advice?
I'm in the northeast US and the sport is very niche here and I've never known anyone that did it.
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Those are so cool, used to watch them on summer evenings from our backyard as a kid. Wanted to do that every since but never really got into it.

/n/ is probably a better place to ask about this.
See, this is what sucks. I like paragliders and paramotors too, but /n/ told me to go to /asp/ and /asp/ told me to go /n/. I'm not OP btw.

/n/ is almost entirely bicycles
/asp/ is almost entirely fighting

But to answer your question, I don't recommend powered paragliding. Learn regular paragliding and buy an ultralight paraglider, they're not nearly as expensive as a powered paraglider and you can hike in and fly out. Speed gliding is really, really...
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Does anyone know what this is?
I tripled over it by a stream.
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It's an old wolf trap. Some poacher must have left it there long ago.
hold trap
Ah thank you.
Now I know just a bit more about my property.

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>am 18
>have roughly 40k in savings
>want to travel around and explore world (and by world, I mean the U.S. and Canada)

How would /out/ recommend I go about doing this? I hate to potentially sound like the typical teenager who's "tired of it all" and "wants to escape," but I've found that travel and seeing new places makes me very happy like nothing else. If I don't start doing something soon, the slacker in me will just sit around inside...
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>40k in savings
>typical teenager
I hate you.
That depends. Will Daddy let you keep suckling his dick forever, or will the money dry up? Because you might want to use that money to get a degree and a career going instead.

But by all means, go on a road trip. It won't cost you 40 grand.

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Hey /out/
I'm really lost at looking for a job. I want to get into a career that lets me go to new places and go outside loads, but I simply have no ideas.
Any ideas?
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Professional frozen waterfall inspector/climber?

Or "Ice Road Trucker"
peace corps

>paying $100+ for a pack
>not building your own external frame rucksack
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>he needs a frame

Man up, Suzy.
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is it just me?

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Claiming number one in first post! The Black Mamba! I met one once before and another time one went into hotel kitchen where friends where staying. Things are mental aggressive with no comprehension of fear or self preservation when it encounters creatures in the wild it perceives as threats...and that's almost anything that moves.


>18km per hour land speed
>Longest and fastest snake in Africa
>20min for poison to kill a human
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I live in France. The worst animal I can face while /out/ is nothing.
Nothing will try to kill you here. I've spent days and days in forest where wolves and bears are known to live in, but I still feel safer /out/ than in a big city.
Pic : One of the best place I've ever slept in. In the French Alps, it's supposed to be a good place to find wolves.

That picture looks super comfy. Hope I can visit there one day.
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We have some big ass alligators out west a little bit when you get into the swamps. But most places I see the gators, they just hang around waiting for you to catch some fish and give them a snack. I still don't like standing too close to the water's edge when an 8'+ gator decides to go under the murky water and you can't tell where he is.

I guess we also have sharks in the ocean, but whatever. I would be more worried about getting raped by jellyfish than the sharks. And then god knows what...
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forest rain.jpg
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How's the weather where you are, /out/?
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Cloudy with a chance of happening.
almost dark, moist and windy (9 bft) at 9 °C
Slc valley with a light snow again today

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Hey /out/

I recently took a trip out to Yosemite National Park and wanted to share my pics with you guys. Thought you'd appreciate them.
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If any of you have been, the next few were taken out in the meadow by the visitors' center
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Half dome looking sexy as hell
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thinking about getting one
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There is better quality for less money in less screaming colors.
Exactly. THis is shit
I have had one for a while. They are pretty good. A lot of people talk about how terrible they are. But most of them have never used it.

I fail to see the purpose in camping.

This is not a troll thread. I've been "camping" probably 5-6 times in my life. Most recently about two years ago I went alone, planning for 2 nights and 3 days. After the first day slogging a far too heavy pack around 6-7 miles down what I found out was a horse trail a few days after a rain (pic related), my knees were too blown out to go past the first night. I turned around, went back to the car, tossed the tent up next to it and left the next morning so sore I could barely move.

During the trip I saw miles...
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>I went to a place I hate
>I can't walk 6 miles without pain
you must be an amerifat. fuck off to somewhere else
Wow man i am an amerifat and even i can walk over 6 miles with a pack on this guys just a sack a shit. though yes prolly murican"
I go camping mostly to fish, hike and camp along a river, it'll provide you with a source of food and recreation

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Greetings, /out/. I come to you in search of wisdom on sharp things. I generally dislike going outdoors but I love working with wood, and I've had the idea to make my own marking knife out of a drill bit.

Here's what I do know. A marking knife is simply a very small knife, held like a pen, meant to scribe lines in wood as close to a straight edge as possible. So it's single beveled, and is shaped so that a line can be scribed onto wood with either your left or right hand. And I have an assortment of spade bits. I know that the steel is some sort of high-carbon,...
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If it's made for cutting steel, it's probably made of some common HSS alloy like M2. Just keep it cool while you're grinding it and you'll be fine. If you burn the edge, just grind it off and reprofile.

Maybe give it a final sharpening using progressively finer grades of sandpaper/emery cloth if you're feeling artsy.
Normally you normalize a piece of steel before grinding and harden it again afterwards. If you use a low alloyed carbon steel, you can do that with just a magnet and some really hot coals in your backyard.
If you got a HSS (Cobalt alloyed) steel, forget about it.

If you grind it without normalizing, there is a good chance that you at least punctually warm the metal over annealing temp, and that be bade for your future edge. water cooled grinding stone would be the tool of choice.
Small nitpick: M2 and M7 HSS has no cobalt, and that's what most of your everyday drill bits will be made from. "Cobalt" HSS is considered a (small) step up from normal molybdenum-based alloys because it has more heat resistance.

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Panning on thru hiking the AT anything I should know. Am an experienced hiker
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You'll be eating six thousand calories per day, and you're packing a lot of unnecessary gear, lighten your load.
1. Start with your dominant foot when getting out of the car
2. Proceed by placing your non dominant foot in front of it
3. Then lift your dominant foot and place in front of non dominant
Repeat steps 2 and three until finished
love your shoes, your broken in shoes, both pairs of them

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maximum spooky.jpg
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/x/enophile here, naturally I'm always spooped but I like being outdoors, it's just that I don't like sleeping in the outdoors at night. Got any tips to not be paranoid about every twig crack?
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Go out to a spot during the day and just sit quietly for a few hours and listen to the woods, listen all the little sounds they make and get familiar with them. Since it daylight out the instinct part of your brain won't be quite so on edge.

Do this a couple times, then go back to that spot at night and do the same thing. You'll be more familiar with the standard background sounds of the woods so hopefully you'll be more comfortable and less on edge.
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The woods sound pretty different at night but what this anon says is true. It's all about familiarity. Also, at dawn shit gets crazy, especially in the spring.

Take a gun.

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Are there any places in the south that get four distinct seasons? Because it's 70 something where I am.
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Texas has as many seasons as you want, but the season has nothing to do with what month it is.
>80 and sunny today
>gonna be 40 and freeze at night in a week
>imblyign 70F in late January is a bad thing
What do you consider "the south".
VA fag here. We get 4 seasons.
>inb4 VA isnt south
Richmond was the capital of the confederacy.
Also Western NC gets 4 seasons.

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Yesterday i scaled the acatenango volcano with some friends
Do you want me to tell you about it?

>inb4 i climbed everest in 10min
This is not a pissing contest, i just want to share my experience
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Go on OP
We were a group of about 16 people
I wore full milsurp gear some jungle boots
It was pretty chilly up there but we had a fire and the tents were pretty warm
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I'll post some pics

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