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This my first time on this board and I'm a total newfag but do you have any unique tips on how to avoid blisters and how to best treat them?
Pic unrelated.
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on hands: wear gloves

on feet: wear socks
Wool socks in particular, or apparently double socks if you've just got shitty cotton ones (I've never done it but a friend swears by it cause he's too cheap for wool).
Thanks for the real advice.

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The last one died. I have a question that might not be /out/ but I figure you guys might have an opinion one way or another. What does everyone think about the Paris Climate Change Conference? What do you want to see and how likely do you think real progress is?
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Third world governments don't give a fuck. They will keep destroying the world for a cheap buck.
And as long as first world activist think hashtags will effect government policy's we won't be able to change things either.
I don't think that's very accurate. Lots of really poor countries are the ones that are getting flooded or extreme drought as climate change continues. The problem is that poor countries don't have much power to do anything as they aren't big emitters and don't have much sway with China, US and Europe. Also, going clean costs money that they don't have.
As China becomes a less financially feasible place for mass production we will look to even poorer countries. Kicking off "industrial revolutions" in t
these corrupt countries. Even if these countries legislate initiatives to prevent pollution it doesn't mean the industry will put them into practise.
I watched a Vice on pollution in China. There industries dump chemicals that will strip the skin right off you directly into water ways. There are laws in place to prevent this, they even have equipment...
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is there a site who ships to Portugal where i can buy one of these? my cheap shemagh only gives me rashes and is not comfy at all, want to upgrade as a Xmas gift
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I had the same problem with mine. Ended up washing it with a dif detergent and hanging up to dry. No more itch or rash.
podes partilhar uns spots para onde vais /out/ing?
Varusteleka.com ;)

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Here's the skinny of it - I'm lost. My wife and I both fell for the college meme and took out student loans to make it happen. I went into culinary arts, but that industry blows. I did it for 10 years and I wanted to start a family, restaurant life will not allow me to spend a lot of quality time with my kids. I got out and now work a desk job. My wife's degree is anthropology, so she has no hope of finding a job in that field and we both feel really dumb.

Anyway, I have realized over the past few years that I have an indefatigable love for nature. I have...
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I could totally see you combining your green thumb with your cooking background and making some sort of restaurant or business selling food that you grow and cook. Reminds me of this place I visited in Rotterdam.


I always loved stuff like that, but things like that require start up money, and I have student loan payments. Maybe an idea for the future.
Probably the only thing you are qualified for with those degrees is sucking dick. Find a chain link fence you and your girl on one side and the protein generators on the other.

Hey /out/

First ever post, wanted some advice/ panoramic perspective on this homemade black pipe shotgun I found. The only purpose it's for is hunting and self defense if shit were to hit the fan.
It's really cheap to make and is pretty straight forward, see pic.
I think you could make this really small and lightweight, illegal but wouldn't matter in the hypothetical shit-uation. Thoughts?

Noisy criket made the video on YouTube I screen shotted thus from "black pipe shotgun"
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Is there footage of it firing?
Op.is a faggot.

> had to
>the barrel is not shorter than 18 inches
>the overall length is not shorter than 26 inches
a shotgun in that setup would be legal under US federal law. check your particular state laws

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Hey guys, doing some camping with my friends the next weekend (the area is safe, no bears, wolves). Truth is, i've never camped before, i made a to bring-list based on my common sense. Do i need anything else? advices please? also, how do i start a bonfire?
Also, i think its going to rain lightly

To bring list
Sleeping bags
camp tents
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> area is safe
> defines safe
> no bears, no wolves
> did not google "campground murders" before leaving
> did not google "camping list" before op

Kinda hard for me to help those who won't help themselves with basic research.
How are you getting to your campsite ? Drive the car up, hike in, boat, etc ? If you have transport bring a chair, blankets/ old comforter / pillows, bring toilet paper, and its dark as fuck in the woods at night so bring extra flashlights and what not.

General advice:
-avoid dead fall above your tent location
-try to make tent location as level as possible so the rain fly will work properly
-poke around where you set up your tent and remove any rocks for comfort and also so you can actually get your tent pegs in the ground
-bring garbage and zip lock bags,...
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thank you

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Does /out/ mountain bike?

If so, where do you ride? What do you ride?

>Northeast: CT, Catskills, Adirondacks, Green Mtns, White Mtns
>2014 Giant Trance X2 27.5
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I mountian bike. Mostly around state parks in Central MA, but I've boke around the White Mtns a bit and some mountain trails in Australia.

I used to have a Trek 3500 but currently am riding my old Trek 820 because I had to move and now I'm a poorfag
Mountain biking is my life, I've got a 2014 kona mahuna hardtail, work great just waiting till I can afford a full suspension trail bike.
Minnesota and Utah
Cannondale Moto 3

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nice view.jpg
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Does /out/ ever had an /out/ date? This week I will meet with an old friend from school and thought about going to some nice place instead of some average cafe. Share experiences, anons.
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Having sex in a hammock its hard and uncomfortable
I'm not having sex with her... I guess.
I will do it for you, buddy. What's her name?

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General tent and shelter thread

I'm having a hard time deciding on which tarp tent to get. I'm concerned about condensation due to the single-wall design, so I'm leaning toward pic related (double moment). However I'm not sure how legitimate my concern is so I'm also considering the Stratospire 2, Squall 2, and Rainshadow 2. If anyone has experience with tarptent and can tell me about the model you have I would really appreciate it.
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Also, the reasoning for the Double Moment is that it has a fully separate rainfly and the roof of the interior component is solid. Their other tents are either single wall or the interior has a mesh roof.

I'm not really concerned about weight, since even the heaviest tarptents are still pretty light. The biggest limiting factor is probably making sure that I have sufficient room to set it up in the woods.
How come outdoor people dont just make temp lodging out of branchs and sticks? Why use tents?
Presumably it's a matter of convenience.

> good construction
> reasonable weight
> workable sheath
> relatively inexpensive
What say this board??
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>composite handle
this board will hate it
What do you think op?

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Best dogs for when /out/ ?

looking for:

-keen senses
-something that'll aware me of anything dangerous trying to sneak up on me.

Why? I'm going on a camping trip where there may be wolves / bears. To stay safe I want to bring along a dog with sharper ears than mine.

Plus it would be awesome if I could also use this for hunting.
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/an/ is that way ------>
File: chesapeakeWENDY.jpg (129 KB, 460x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pretty much every dog has sharper ears than you. If you want the dog to hunt with then the best one depends on what type of hunting dog you want. There are a bunch of different types sighthound, scenthound, retrievers, points, etc. Then you have to train them from birth to do what you want, and even then they might still suck at hunting.

I don't think a dog will be much help keeping you safe from bears or wolves though.
I looked through and German Shepherd caught my eyes most of all.

If I'm with a dog it can help me hunt and speak if there are animals nearby at night.

After that we tag team any bears / wolves. Obviously I would avoid this though and use all manner of deterrents.

Il probably die before my dog as I'm equally if not more loyal than 1

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I have always wanted to get into something like this. It seems like such an accomplishment to summit a peak and would love to be very appreciative to be able to do this one day.
Question is..how do I as an amateur with no experience. I know I would like to make all 7 summits.The way I figured to do so is by starting at the lowest altitude mountain Kosciuszko and move up the list. Problem is I know Kilamanjaro is not a technical climb therefore making it semi ideal for beginners but is the 4th highest. Maybe someone can shed some light on this.
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Go with a group and theyll show you everything to do...
Yeah but thats not what Im asking.
Sure I can go with a expedition with no exp and have literally no know how..or I can do the reasonably smart option and start at the beginning. Thanks for the input though. I do know what expeditions exist to bring beginners up top but I just dont feel that would be the appropriate route.
Start by leaving your mom's basement. The hike up the stairs might wind you, but don't give up. Maybe the second day you could go outside. If you get that far let us know

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What is the GOAT outdoor brand and why is it Coghlan's?
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I love that stuff. I have a coghlans folding shovel that's about 15 years old.
File: 1160.jpg (931 KB, 1800x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: post cringy Coghlans gear
File: 1354853088855.jpg (94 KB, 555x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mfw when /k/ chooses Coleman over Coghlan's.

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Hey guys, I've been on this board for a while now and I'm looking into careers in forestry. I'm Irish and there's opportunities for studying abroad like America. What can I expect from this kind of job area?
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NAU in Flagstaff, AZ used to have one of the top rated Forestry Programs in the world, not sure now.

Nothing. There are no jobs in America without a significant lifetime investment (aka debt slave), or you know somebody on the inside (aka cronyism).
My good friend has a degree in Forestry, as far as I know you either work for a logging company or the state or federal government.

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Hey Sc/out/s I am looking for a handheld GPS I can use with international maps. I have been looking at the Garmin GPSMAP 62 0r 64 series. Does anyone know more about these? Can anyone explain why the old model 62's cost more than the new model 64's?
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Just use your phone OP. Get a waterproof case, a solar/battery charger maybe. You can call, take pictures, download outdoors maps (if jailbroken for free), etc....
How about no. Phones are great and all but I've yet to find an android app that allows you to mark, tag, and plot like a gps handheld.
File: noots_internally.jpg (41 KB, 640x629) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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62fag here. Get the s model, base model lacks extendability and barometer / compass; higher models have a topo map already installed and / or a useless camera.

Display is tiny but well readable even in bright sunlight. Routing works best for max 20 miles when using the hardware device, no limits when using pc software (besides very derpy experimental routing).

A modern phone would outperform it in terms of CPU power, but will only be useful with power tank.

64 should be a step up, so wondering as well about pricing.

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