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Whats up /out/

I really like the north face stratos jackets, i tried one on the other day and it seems like a decent outer layer.

Two things I'd like to ask you people

What do you guys think of the quality of tnf products?

Will the zips under the armpits leak and kill me?
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Quality isn't what it used to be but it's still better than walmart stuff.
Armpit zips are good, no dangers
My dad got me some as a present. They work good, but there are much better if you look for them. They're to clothes what glock is to guns: not cheap trash, not the best you can get either, but overall reliable and common.
Pretty good stuff for the price.

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Osprey Aether.jpg
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I'm new at this and my friends are telling me to get the Aether. I have the funds but I am not sure whether this is a good starting backpack. Any feedback? I would like to go on 3-4 day camps.
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Starting backpack? It's pretty fuckin great.

My first pack was a shitty 100 dollar rando brand I bought from cabelas. Hiked for two weeks with it. If you're buying osprey or aether and spending more than 200, you're probably fine.

I would only recommend going to an actual store, getting fitted, trying it on etc...
Definitely go to a store and figure out your size first. Even if you don't buy it from that store.

My first pack was an Osprey Kestrel 48 and I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet. It's durable, well made, and everything I need. It's the kind of thing you'll keep around for a long time even if you decide to go ultralight or something. It's just as good for regular travel as it is for backpacking.

Plus they have a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty. So if something does break, even if it's your fault, they will fix it or replace it for free.
It's a pretty expensive pack for a starter pack. BUT if it fits all your gear nicely really can't go wrong. 70 Liters is a good space for 3-4 days and they claim it handles loads up to 50 lbs very comfortably so that's more weight than you will use.

Lot's of people for their first pack spend something like $30-$100 and is like 50 liters and under but then you are really limiting yourself what you can bring and how it can be packed.

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Knoife 7.jpg
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Old general is reaching bump limit. #7 is here!
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Always liked the look of ESEE knives I wonder how pic related would hold up for $30.

440C blade with G10 scales. 6 inch blade 5 mm thick.
>dat junglas doe
>dat dpx doe
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Is this a Mora?

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Anyone around here into climbing? I'm pretty new to the sport and looking to invest in a harness soon. Any recommendations? Also climbing general.
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for a beginner hte best gear is the comfiest gear. shops often have a point shere you can hang from/sit in the harness to tell if you hate it.
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I'd recommend starting with bouldering as it is cheaper to start. You plan on gym climbing or actually being /out/?

I recently upgraded to pic related for a harness. I have a cheaper BD harness and it was way uncomfortable to hang in for any length of time. The DMM is a world of difference.
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Here's some of my stuff from when I was first starting to collect gear. Not shown is a 70m Sterling rope, shoes, helmets, nuts, and some more alpine draws. I suppose I'm due to take another gear picture.

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Waterproof Backpack.

Hey guys what do you think about dry bag? It'll hold everything in one main compartment, water is no longer a problem, it could also float to become a raft/lifesaver to cross river or just swimming.

What do you think the pros and cons about the dry bag?
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The weight distribution looks awful.
I guess it depends on how much weight or how well we pack? What about condensation inside the bag? Could it happen?
>bottom straps

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Where is the GREATEST hiking experience you've ever had in your life? I mean, the one where you said to yourself "Okay, this is the most incredible landscape I've ever seen in my life".

Northern New Mexico right here. Between Santa Fe National Forest, Bisti Badlands, and every other wilderness area, I've never found anything else as incredible.

A close second is northern Wisconsin. It doesn't look like the rest of the midwest, and it's very eery.
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Just last night actually. In the San Diego river valley. It was super clear out with a full moon. I was on top of a hill and the whole valley was lit up by the moonlight. While I was sitting and relaxing after around 8 miles of hiking, I saw a huge meteor with a bright flash, smoke and all. It was awesome. Of course my iPhone doesn't have enough exposure to do any justice.
The top of Mt. Whitney has a view that makes it seem like it is in the middle of Mordor. But it was certainly lacking in the fun for most of the hike. Though the trip did have some really fun individual moments.

My best hiking experiences have been when me and a couple others go super deep innawoods and leave all trace of civilization behind. The beauty is always in the isolation. When we spend a day fishing in a remote place without seeing a single other person, and shoot the shit at night by the fire.
not hiking but bike trekking.
this fall i was in Nepal to do part of the Annapurna circuit. to the highest pass (picture related) then pohkara - ghorka - Kathmandu.
my mind was literally blown, complete experience overload. just so much shit.
power outages, forest full of weed, avalanches, earthquake damages, hot springs, from alpine stone deserts at 5°c to jungles at 38°c. 3000m downhill in a day, and up 1500m the next. Flying with 70 year old Dornier propeller planes into the Himalayas. low budget with no hot water and toilets worse then a public train station....
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Whats stopping a person from buying an appropriate amount of land and placing link and pic related on said land and living cheaply and comfortably?

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>cheaply and comfortable

pick one.
Winters down to minus 30 celsius. Safety of my stuff in a tent, lack of hygene possibilities.
do you live in Arizona?

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When I was a child, this scene in Jungle Book really stuck with me, and I remember trying to do what Mowgli couldn't - that is, climb a tree with a huge trunk like this bare handed.

Is it possible? I'd imagine if you were strong enough with your hands and legs, you'd be able to latch on to the trunk against the force of gravity , but it's naturally gotten a lot tougher to do as I've increased in height and weight.

Not sure where to post this.
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get rope and nailed boots you can climb any tree
otherwise if the bark is really thick strong and textured you can climbing it like rock try, but it's a serious risk.
This is a dumb question m8

Too many variables
>strength of person
>length of arms
>size of tree
> weight of person

Not too mention its hard a fuark to climb a tree like that regardless of any of these factors, since your squeezing the tree instead of simply grabbing branches
i learned how to do this from donnough duck


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So tell me...
What kind of flashlight do you consider good for general /out/ activity?
>What range of lumens do you find necessary?
>How important is size?
>What kind of battery life do you consider necessary?

What flashlight/s do you use?
Which intensity modes/settings do you use most often?
Rate your flashlight.
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I carry the Fenix E35UE. 3 levels of brightness, with a 4th when you keep the button held, letting out around 800 lumens. Takes a single rechargeable 18650 or 2 CR123 surefire style batteries. Only grip is the button is a slim button on the side, can be a bitch with gloves but usually not bad. Battery life is great too, if I am going to need more batteries I carry two fully charged 18650's in a small case that vape batteries come in. Will post pictures in a second
File: 20151126_085841.jpg (1 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can for scale
>What kind of flashlight do you consider good for general /out/ activity?
Small led
>What range of lumens do you find necessary?
Around 200 at most
>How important is size?
Very, and one handed operation
>What kind of battery life do you consider necessary?
Mine lasts me over a year on a set of AAA, claims 100-200 hours constant on.
>What flashlight/s...
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What does /out/ think of nutnfancy?
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<</k/ is over there<<
I can't stand him. He takes himself waaaayyy too seriously. He also likes to ramble on and on with useless information in all of his videos.
Needs more sprinkles.

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Is firesteel really the best way to make fire in the woods? What are your experiences with this and other methods? I'm sorta new to bushcraft, and starting a fire with sparks seems difficult. Please share any tips/tricks.

Tl;dr how do you make fire in the woods?
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I've recently found this as well and it looks promising.

I just bring a lighter.
There is no "best way". And starting a fire with a fire steel is not difficult, depending on your tinder. Personally I carry matches, a lighter, and a fire steel because the weight and volume is not worth leaving behind. (and its not expensive to have all 3 either)

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I figured you guys would know more about this than I would
But today I was walking through some woods
( 2 sq miles surrounded by houses in a fairly big city) not
really looking to do anything spectacular just figured it would be
fun. But I found this seemingly severed doe head laying in some brush
keep in mind, i found no blood, no body, no real trails besides deer
paths, Des Moines IA, skull cleaved clean through no brain, looking at
the spine not shown in the picture it almost looks ripped off the body.
Wtf happened? i feel like it would be weird...
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File: 20151125_132626.jpg (3 MB, 2787x2713) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2787x2713
other angle at the face, no molars could be found anywhere around it
It was a buck, Someone probably hit it with a car and cut the head off, then cut the rack off at home and disposed of the head in the woods.. Where was this at?
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I wish it was snowing, nothing beats sleeping in an igloo. Maybe I will get snow.
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>Fueled, oil, coolant... check
>Tools/equipment, check
>Skis aligned, new carbides, track tensioned, chain tensioned, clutches in good shape... general pre-season maintenance, check

>tfw first ride of the season tomorrow night
I'm in Canada and we haven't even had a single snowfall yet, and no snow is forecast for at least a week.

I just want snow right now, already put all the Christmas lights outside.
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>I wish it was snowing
It's snowing right now where I live.

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I went outside once, it was awful.
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well you should get used to it, and maybe even get to enjoy it. when you die you'll spend the rest of eternity outside, in one form or another.

it's gonna be great
Go back to >>>/r9k/ then

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ITT: go outside and take a shitty pic of earth's moon
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2015-11-25 17.06.26.jpg
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Good thread OP

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