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Post survival infographics/diagrams

I'm looking for anything that would help post-collapse
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got a few more, would love if other people posted some more decent ones too

sharing is caring.

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What is a good way to save weight on gear? Here's what I take on a 1-5 day trip

>water 2x1,5kg + chlorine tabs or squeeze type filer
>food 0.75 kg per day

>bivy tent, 1.5 kg
>sleeping bag either -20 degC 2.1kg (winter) or 0 degC 1.4kg (summer)
>lightweight aluminium-coated pad, 0.2kg-ish
>small towel 0.5kg-ish
>underwear and socks each 1 pair...
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wtf mate you have like no gear as it is why do you need to be even lighter ?
maybe taking less water if you can collect and purify

maybe down sleeping bags if they arent

overeall you seem as light as you can go and be safe
For a multi-day trip the majority of your weight is going to be food and water. That's just reality.

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I'm looking for a 1-person tent around the $100 range. My primary concern is ease of setup, weight is somewhat important but not too much, cover against rain is mostly minor concern.

Anything you guys recommend or have experience with?
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Voltron weapons bird
>it doesn't have to be functional, it doesn't have to look functional, it just has to be the scariest fucking thing anyone has ever seen
this guy is a gold mine
i have the alps mountaineering lynx 1 tent

good tent water proof spent plenty of rainy nights in this things living in the woods in Vermont for a while

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so, i am happy to have a job that is mostly /out/side. i get to work inna woods, under homes, run a sewer plant, and play with heavy machinery all day.

how about you fellow /out/ists? do any of you work in the wet, cold, burning hot, smelly, woody, dirty, gritty, wonderful world of rural areas?

post pictures, stories, and general anecdotes you have run into. what you have learned from wise, old rednecks and such, and best of all POST PICS.

pic related. its a slinger dumping sand in one of my sand traps.
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next picture: a monarch landed on my arm while i was digging out a water riser underneath a home.
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just gonna dump some shit as i run into it.

my old 1997 dodge 1500 hunk of shit.
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funny to find toads still active in mid november.

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tips fedmora.jpg
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Is it gonna happen again this year? It was really good the last 2 years
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What's what?
How did it go the last two years?
Did you really give someone on 4chan your address?
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nah bro you make a wishlist on amazon or something (full of cheep shit) and anons can buy stuff from your list and have it sent to you without ever seeing your personal inf-o-mation

soemthing tells me it's gonna be a Coghlan's year!

Can winter camping/overnight sleeping ever be made livable?

I sleep in my van right now, and the cold keeps me up at night and is miserable during the day. But some people seem to do just fine in it. What's the secret?
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No, humans didn't exist prior to central heating.

Man up.
kill animals and harvest their fur
Insulate your van with reflectix and a vapor barrier, install a roof vent and buy a propane buddy heater. Also invest in a good down sleeping bag.

You can also use a hot water bottle to heat your bag up.

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What are some great winter gloves that don't make me look like I'm about to pull a turkey out of the oven?
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better be comfy
Leather driving gloves.

Insulation is all about layers of air. The best gloves would be angora wool (a hollow core fibre) with a lamb skin outer. I've got cashmere lining in mine, not quite as nice, but still pretty toasty.
This, Arcteryx makes (or used to) some pretty good leather gloves. Cost me an arm and a leg even on clearance, but they've lasted over 5 years with no visible wear. Granted, I live in a temperate rainforest so the temperature rarely dips below -15°C, but they're nice and toasty, apparently good to -30.

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i use a browning 243 with a leupold vx2 4-12x40 inb4 243 is too small of a gun
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>Howa Ranchland in .243
>Nikko Stirling LRX 3.5-10x
>Bought as a combo deal for $550 I think.

Pic is .243 exit wound on spine shot at 180 yards. .243 will fuck shit up. If you need bigger it's because your woman is a loose whore.
> .243
> defensive little potty mouths
>243 is too small of a gun
Not for whitetails it ain't.

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Share your hunting stories from the past few weeks. Post your harvests.
>Be me
>Hunting for mule deer
I live in New Mexico, mind you.
>In Unit 37 near Arabella
>I come across some cows and a water tank
>there's something else
>see decent sized 10 point
>will probably...
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God fuckin' damn.

I'd love to go hunting but I'll never hold a gun in this shitty fucking country because I got really fucking drunk at age 17 and was trying to take a shortcut to my house over traintracks proceeded to fall head first on to the fucking rail and when I woke up I was at the police station getting questioned on why I was attempting to kill myself.

>tfw tried to get gun licence at 29 and denied because of this "black mark"

Share your stories so I can live through them.
What country? My poor huckleberry.
Went hunting for the first time the other weekend.
Got myself 7 rabbits.

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Mon Nov. 23, 2015

This Lawsuit Says Animal Planet Is Doing Some Really Insane Things

The beleaguered network's latest debacle involves some seriously shady antics in the woods.

A Kentucky farmer has accused Animal Planet of setting a fire, damming a creek, chopping down trees, and illegally trespassing and building structures on his property during the production of the reality TV show Call of the Wildman.

Scandal is all too familiar for viewers...
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But behind the scenes, J.D. Long, a 54-year-old resident of the rural hamlet of Liberty, Kentucky, says the show's producers came onto his approximately 49-acre property after his sister, who lives there, explicitly told them they weren't welcome. Long was furious when his sister told him that the team had built the tree house at least partly out of lumber he says they logged on his land.

(One of Long's lawyers, Andrew Trimble, says he saw multiple tree stumps at the site during a survey—consistent,...
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But the most bizarre part of the incident, Long says, came in the middle of the night some months after filming had wrapped up—around November 20, 2014—when he woke to the sound of machinery. "My sister jumped out of bed, she was scared to death," he said. "It made this whizzing that sounded like the whole neighborhood was going to blow up." He called 911.

It turned out the whizzing was coming from a crane, Long said, which had arrived under the cover of darkness to tear down the tree...
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Animal Planet and Sharp Entertainment—the New York-based production company that makes the show—did not respond to repeat attempts to seek an interview for this article. Neither did attorneys Rebecca Schafer and Emily Newman, from the Louisville legal firm representing the bulk of the defendants. Schafer and Newman filed documents asking the court to dismiss the case in May and denied all the central allegations. The judge has yet to rule on that request.

In March, Long filed a suit against Animal Planet...
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>Be me
>hunting for quail and such
>sees Cottontail darting towards a bush
>using 12 gauge
>takes shot
>direct hit
>son of a bitch
>rabbit is mutilated
>little guy is torn in half with only a few muscle fibers keeping the body from tearing in half
>sees coyote...
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What were you using in the shotgun?
Why didn't you bodyslam the fucking coyote and eat it? Fucking betafag...
Did you shoot it with deer slugs? Jesus

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That is a true statement.
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You're not wrong, OP
File: DSC_0453.jpg (2 MB, 3008x1799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah you're fucked.jpg
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Hey /out/ists,

I'm an Australian, and here we have some pretty nasty fauna. Where I live, I might see pic related every couple of days.

>The coastal taipan is the most venomous terrestrial snake in the world.

My question is, can I get some pants that will save my life? I currently wear gaiters and jeans even when it's hot, but I took a hit from a constrictor recently, which went straight through.

So I need something better than jeans. Any thick plastic pants that you guys know of? Basically, if you are bitten...
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Hi ausfag, where bouts in aus are you? Guessing up north. You could move to NZ we dnt have snakes here.

Do you drink XXXX. Do you sexualise your cousin.
Buy snake repellant and get a city job.

Use shovel;;;; lop off ;;;; head. Turn pretty snakeskin into belt;;;; kill some more and makes pants out of snake sknin ;;;; onky snakes are invincible to other snakes; ;;
You guessed right.

Cairns, Qld.
I've been to the south island multiple times. Hiking. Absolutely loved it. Went swimming naked at icy 1400m, and then rolled around in the undergrowth.

Sounds fucking weird, I know, but I was not bitten once. By so much as an insect.
>lopping off head makes it no less dangerous.
Hey mate ausfag snake catcher here, like you said our snake can fuck you up but they luckily have tiny fangs compared to other snakes around the world. Good jeans or work pants will be thick enough. Plus the added bonus that our snakes will all try and get the fuck away from you before they bite you.

How do you travel and sleep if at any moment a camouflaged predator can jump out and try to eat you.

Please no pussy sprays...Only things you could of found 150 years ago.
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I find if i follow these steps i am okay

Hang your food properly
Urinate and poop properly
Keep weapons nearby
Make sure to have decent preception score
Have proper watch set up with group travelling
Pray to RNGuses that you dont roll like shit and that your DM isn't out to get you
So low possibility of detection, and if that fails you gotta use a weapon.

How likely is this to work against a bear though ?

A fire? Wouldnt this attract attention like mad. Espeacially at night huh ?
Ive actually read a bunch of websites. Fire wont do shite.

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Has anyone been lost in the woods? I've been hiking, camping and hunting far far off trails my whole adult/teenage life and even as a child. I can't say I've ever considered myself lost. I've definately been 10 miles away from where I should have been, but I never feel lost in the woods. I just keep on walking until I correct my mistake. So, who has been outright lost before, for whatever they consider lost? Obviously I am too stubborn to say I've been lost.
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Like you, I have never been lost. Because even if I have ended up not knowing exactly where I am, I always have a pretty good idea of my GENERAL location. Usually it is just a matter of taking a wrong trail that went someplace different than where I wanted. As long as you keep direction and major landmarks in mind, you shouldn't ever get lost.
There was one time.

I was up in Alaska working as a guide. Every minute of spare time we could afford was spent hiking with my mentor, a fellow guide. Eventually we were in Denali. He said I'd be doing an initiation of sorts.

He let me take my pack, a tent, and food for a few days. No compass. No phone. No gun. And, as it turned out, the wrong map.

I took the backpacker park bus all the way out to Eielsen visitor center, made sure my nalgene was filled, and set out. I was supposed to "walk as far as I can, spend the night, and be back the next...
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Of course, I'd then have to hitchhike back to our hotel.

But bend after bend my soul was crushed. The only progress I seemed to make was deeper into the harsh lunar landscape. It was eerie as fuck, and I couldn't help but think that I wasn't supposed to be there, for some odd reason.

I began to realize the negativity was all psychological. I'd take a break, have something to drink and a bite to eat, and set right off again. Moving was the only way to combat the slippery slide into panic....
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