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I have a rather specific question /out/, and it's one that probably won't go over well but ill try anyway.

I really like learning about bushcraft, survivalism, preparing for SHTF and all that. Not that I feel that it's super important or will be useful but because it's fun and there's still that one in a million chance of it actually helping me someday. However I'm trans which is why I'm asking if it's possible to get estrogen in a survival scenario. I know other people who rely on certain medications have asked similar questions...
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Probably not, but I could be wrong. Better start widdling yourself a survival vagina
Capture wild animals, gut them, and eat their ovaries
> get estrogen
> too taboo

Not at all. You will need to cull the sex organs from prepubecent girls 10-12 y/o and eat them raw.

3 to 5 per week.

Should not be a problem for a disgusting, freak sinner like you!


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Backpacking_McAfee Knob.jpg
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I'm currently planning a backpacking trip for this Spring. My current focus is on picking a location/route.
I've done 3-4 day trips, but I'd like to make this one around a week.
Most routes I've found online tend to be 2-4 day routes.
I'm located in North Carolina (School:Greensboro Home:Raleigh) and would
prefer to go somewhere that's around 3-5 hours driving range.
I'd like to pursue mountainous/difficult terrain since I'm in pretty good shape and I like the idea of a challenge.
I'm also open to the idea of exploring...
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Bumping for hope
Hey man
Winston-Salem area
totally down.
Where do we go from here ?
reminder bump

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I figured this was the best board to ask this since I've seen threads about first aid kits before.

I'm looking for a first aid kit that goes in the trunk of a car as a Christmas gift for my sister.
I would like to give her something above a spartan basic kit because she's a registered nurse.

I don't know what to look for. Links or models to search are very welcome. Budget is $20 - $30 burgerbucks
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I don't have the link now, but I will in a few hours. Mini jump bags to keep in your car.
Don't know that you could get much more than a basic kit for that budget. Maybe just get one of the cheap ones with bandaids and whatnot in it, then buy some extra pieces yourself to put in it. Some things you could add: liquid bandage, quickclot, steristrips, compression bandage.
Thanks anon

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My girlfriend just ate a knife tip full of Pine resin.

Is she going to die?
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She should be OK.
Almost certainly not
Pine sugar actually used to be a common sweetener for native Americans, and the needles were frequently used as a source of vitamin C. Pine pulp is still used in food today as a filler/fibre source. Pine nuts are used in salads, and have a buttery/minty flavor. Pine pollen can be used as a flour substitute. Pine is completely edible.

Unless she's allergic, in which case yeah, she'll probably die.

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you guys decide for me

trips choose if i go on my dreams or not

>be me
>just let go from long time job
>had dream of moving to remote Alaska or Canada and living off the land
>experienced in farming, greenhouse setup, green energy, biofuel and natural gas production
>i think could survive by myself or with a small group no problem
>would build out underground, or over cave system

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sounds good to me buddy, do it up
hit the road son

trips speak
close sir

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Anyone here use a quilt from Enlightened Equipment? I've been wanting to make the switch to down for a while now and I think a quilt would be a better choice for me. EE has a holiday sale going on now and I'm really interested in the Revelation quilt.
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Using in a tent or in a hammock?

For hammocks, their stuff is really highly recommended on the hammock forum I frequent. I plan on buying an underquilt from them.
Tent camping. I would probably go for a 20 degree rating. I can't stand mummy bags so this seems ideal for me.
Poorfag here, I was thinking about getting this.
Is it a good option or should I kill myself for even considering it?http://www.google.com/shopping/product/1?lsf=seller:8638497,store:8477584637234871570&prds=pid:11079026953212743055,oid:11079026953212743055&q=coleman+mountain+sleeping+bags&hl=en&ei=9XZTVtWSFIPloASxopagCg

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2015-11-23 08.41.55.jpg
2 MB,
Just brought her /in/ for the winter

Shall I trim or leave be?
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What the fuck is it?

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How do you carve out the bowl innawoods without carrying a hook knife/gouge/other specialty woodworking tools?
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grab a coal with two sticks
place on surface you want to carve
blow on coal to make it burn hotter
let it work for you
clean with the tip of your knife/axe
With a hatchet. Is it bad for the cutting edge? Maybe a little, it dulls the blade some; a few seconds with a puck and it's right back to sharp.
This guy knows how to make a bowl. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVbnj4sEgks

Hey /out/ for this coming winter I am wanting to get a warm winter jacket, and been looking at military surplus jackets, and was wondering does /out/ have approved milsurp winter jacket? I was looking at goretex ecwcs on ebay, and they were pretty cheap (around 70 bucks for my size)

Anyways, thanks in advance!
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Post climate details and conditions expected.
mostly ecwcs jacket is something I believe I might want.. I live in climate where it gets in single digits, high winds (sometimes) snow could be up to a foot (but more realistically its 6-8 inches)

The weather fluctuates some days its in single digits some days its in the upper 50 to lower 60s.

This is in the midwest Nebraska/Iowa/Kansas/Missouri

Visit my military surplus store, and checked out their jackets, anyone familiar with knox armory? n-3b?

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What's a good bike for general commuting. I live in a city with hills so should I get one with gears?
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>>>/n/ specifically >>>/n/898150
>What's a good bike for general commuting. I live in a city with hills so should I get one with gears?
Yes gears. What's best depends on the distance and your preference but hybrid or cyclocross is always a good bet. Also, get some proper fenders.

Also >>635134 this.
>good bike for general commuting
Surly Moonlander desu senpai

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unnamed (5).jpg
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Does anybody use spiked boots for off the trail exploring?
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No, Stay on the trail you dipshit
Is that a goddamned sword?
Get out of here.

>what is spelunking
>implying those boots would be good for that
>implying im OP

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Does /out/ like rock/mineral/gem hounding and going into old mines? Been out here in New Mexico since friday and I am absolutely loving it out here. Went to the Kelly Mine today and went down a bunch of tunnels, climbed some cable and shit into a very large room with some nice quartz(hard to get to) and a few bats.
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please respond
I like rocks, but I don't like the idea of dying in a forgotten mine shaft.

I wouldn't reccomend going solo, and there's usually information out there on what's stable and what's not if you talk to locals and/or the gem/mineral society of the area.

I've always had the pleasure of having great guides, but I would imagine even a solo trip up to a horizontal shaft to get at something near some sunlight, ontop of getting a beautiful hike, would be well worth it.

How hard is it to go from beginner archery to being able to hit a rabbit?
Ive acquired three bows, 1 fiberglass shortbow and 2 wooden longbows. Having never shot a bow before, i would love to be able to hunt with one, though i understand that goal is very ambitious.
In ny area we only really have rabbits, coyotes, bobcats, a small handful of deer that i dont think we can hunt, and some wild pigs if you can find them.
Ideally i would be able to hone the skill to the point of hunting rabbits (jack rabbit has no season, others do) so i have a few questions

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/k/ might be able to help

I think with rabbits and other small game the idea is to stun them with blunt tips.

You'd probably also need to be prepared to hit a moving target. It's not impossible as I've seen people shoot pheasant out of the air with bows.

People hunt everything with bows. There's even tips for turkey.

I think it all boils down to practice.
> do I NEED a real bowstring

No, no you don't. Imaginary bowstrings will suffice.
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stump arrow tip.jpg
2 KB, 140x121
Depends really. You can get tips like the one in pic related or some type of field points. While you can try to shoot them on the move I generally just creep close enough while they are just standing there and shoot. You can get close enough to do so before they run off. You just need to practice either way of how you want to hunt.

>"Hey anon we're going Enoing™ in our Enos™ this weekend. Would you like to join us Enoing™ this weekend? It's such a beautiful weekend to Eno™"

When will this meme end?
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File: I_laiek_hamx.gif (3 MB, 351x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 351x251
I don't Eno™ anon, I DD™.
I love it when some fag literally grabs something that has existed for ages, slaps a shiny brand on it and sells it. I mean im not going to lie some people actually improve the design but this is just a fucking hammock. Besides how does the people on the top climb down if they wanna piss in the middle of the night? Do they wake everybody up?
I don't know. It's literally become a meme on college campuses. No one calls it a hammock. Everyone calls it an Eno™

File: IMG_098.png (3 MB, 1243x928) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
I'm really happy/proud to have shared this kill with my father.
It was a clean shot, and we both had a beer to celebrate after.
It was an amazing experience I will never forget.
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Couple if ?'s fron a non-Africa hunter:

What is it? (My guess is wildebeast)
Weight? (The animal not you two!)
Game preserve or wild?
What caused your father to eat his chin?

The hair on the back of that thing is what your greasy hair will look like when you're 30 and going through midlife crisis

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