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Hey, /out/, I was thinking about getting a pair of western boots for casual wear. I grew up in rural Tennessee so I'm used to people wearing them, but I've never really purchased a pair. I was thinking about getting a pair like pic related, but I'm open to suggestions. Any brands/styles/etc. I should look out for?
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Custom, or fit so properly you'd die with them otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.
Because of blisters? They weren't meant for walking in the first place. Doubt op will casually walk around in rural tennessee either.

I've always worn Justin, but Tony Lama and Ariat are both pretty solid. Go to a legit boot store, and tell them that you don't know anything. They'll measure you up, and help you get exactly what you need.

Once you break them in, they'll be your best friends.

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I want to go /out/ but I don't have any friends and I don't know anything about anything. I feel like if I went hiking or camping I wouldn't be able to appreciate nature and I'd get bored or eaten by insects.

If I had an /out/ buddy could they show me the greatness of the outdoors? How would I meet an /out/ pal
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Where do you live?
Georgia near Atlanta
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Do you have any friends that you could go on a camping trip with? Maybe a few friends would like the idea. Get a tent, cooler of beer, some hot dogs, few sleeping bags, and hit up a campground.find a hiking trail for during the day, camp at night, have a few beers. Might spark their interests.

If you're in college look for social groups, they often have outdoor clubs.

Check out online forums, often there will be local area subforums with meetups, group camping trips, ect.

Go to church? Maybe start an outdoor group there if you're involved in church.

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Any one here work at a national park? I'm looking into this as a long term thing. So could you give me suggestions as to where is the best place in the USA to work year long and provides room and board? Also, any tips or information you feel necessary.
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do you have to go to college for a job in a nation park? or can anyone do it? because I too am very interested in it but not really wanting to spend 4 years in school for it.
No anyone can do it, you don't even have to be a citizen.
Depends on the job. You don't need a college degree to clean campground showers.

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My fellow axe wielding sc/out/s. I see so many different size handles and heads out there and so many preferences I just had to ask. What length handle do you prefer and why? I prefer a 26"(give or take) for the leverage. What about you?
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what a retarded question...
handle length and head size should be adjusted to your proportions and the task.

one school says for general purpose axe you should have one that reaches from your armpit to your palm preferably a carpenters style good for both whittling and cutting. but that is way too large for hiking and way too small for felling or serious splitting.
Y-you dont split with an axe. You split with a maul...

26 inches is my upper limit. After that fitting it on an atv or motorcycle becomes kinda akward.
i don't have any mauls or axes
all i got is a hatchet and i split with that. it splits nice.

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I want to work at a ski resort in my country (America) over the winter, since I have a seasonal job at a summer camp lined up already for next year and can run them back to back. I have about $1500 cash saved up for whatever I might need (gear, rent, food, plane ticket, etc) and an interview on tuesday.

What should I expect as a liftie that won't be told to me before I get there? All I know is the hours are long, you're not making a ton of $, and there's no real flexibility in your schedule.

I'm used to just buying rentals and not giving any...
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what is /ouf/?

Do you already have the clothes?

If you're considering that as a permanent job (for many years) I recommend specialized gear, like modern carving-like skis and slope boots.

Getting your own stuff will be more affordable in the long run.

I'm a guide for blind people in mein country from time to time, so I carry my own gear, more focused towards ski touring, which is what I like the most in my free time, but I ALWAYS rent skis if the person I'm guiding has to rent them, so as to...
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You mean like long john silvers? How do I keep them from touching my anus?

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Where my hunters at?
Gun deer season started here in WI and shot a mom and a baby. Felt bad but worked out over all since the fawn woulda died without the doe
It was fucking cold
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What an offal pic.
I thought taking females was considered shit-tier hunting?
Took me 5 hours of 30 degree weather to take pics of that digestive system

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Dear /out/
We got our first snow in Michigan and I don't want to look like a nig nog and get a pair of Timberland boots
What coats/boots do you guys recommend for cold, slippery weather?
Also has anyone had any experience with these shoes? Worth or not worth?
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Can't tell you the brand, but still use my Army issued cold weather boots.
Waterproofed leather, goretex lined, vibram soles.

Prolly can snag some from a surplus store for a decent price and they've lasted me close to a decade of western NY winters.
May I see a photo of them?
"Coat" --> Wool base, down/fleece middle layer, and a softshell

For boots I like La Sportiva, but you should just go to a store and buy the most comfortable boots in your price range. Also look into buying some crampons if your worried about slipping while /out/.

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Mycology General? I've seen a few separate threads about mushrooms, this board is slow as hell so I might as well just make a general every few weeks

Will start off with posting a few finds

>Ganoderma Applanatum
>Inedible, sort of hard and grows on decaying wood
>Can be used as an art medium (Scratching or scraping the white area of the fungus scrapes off the pores to a more dark brown colour
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>Trametes versicolor or 'Turkey tail'
>edible, but unpalatable
>Eaten by some maggots and caterpillars
>Calvatia Gigantea
>Edible, tastes sort of like a mushroomy tofu, would probably be good fried
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I think these are ringless honeycaps

Found in East Texas

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Hey, I've been borrowing my brothers golite nest tent for a while but will no longer be able to use it.
I have been looking for a while to replace it but golite no longer makes this tent, it's honestly the best tent I've ever used as far as weight saving while still being roomy.
Used it in Utah, was great to leave the tarp off and look at the stars, used it in New Zealand and kept me nice and dry.
So I'm looking for essentially the same tent if anyone has any suggestions, hell I'd buy it off one of you if you have one and dont want it anymore.

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GoLite went bankrupt and I don't think they are coming back. Too bad because they made some top notch gear at good prices.

A Tarptent protrail is probably pretty close, but almost certainly heavier. Their stuff is well made and well thought out though.

I have spent some nights in a Seek Outside BT2 and can tell you that it fits the ultralight minimalist niche really well. Probably lighter than your GoLite and just as stout.

Last ditch would be to get hold of the Jimmy Tarps guy and see if he...
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Go lite is coming back with a different name. I forget what but they emailed me to get the word out.
Lot of good that email did them.

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What is a good price to pay for liquid iodine?
what is a good brand to order from?
thanks in advance
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Bleach is cheaper, and it's already in your tap water. Buy off-brand without scents.
Don't buy liquid, buy polar pure. Put water in it as soon as you get it though cause the iodine crystals will sublimate.
20 dollarydoos on amazon.
You can get Nascent Iodine on Amazon. I have it.

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I would like to enjoy the outdoors but I have autism. Do you think this will impede my ability to have fun outdoors? Are there outdoor groups for people with much autism?
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>Are there outdoor groups for people with much autism?
Either /out/ or /k/ would work.
I don't know if there are groups (other than /out/, that is), but it certainly shouldn't impede things.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that a few studies suggested time spent out was actually beneficial for people with things like autism and ADD.

So go for it.


I have a dose of the 'tism and relish the chance to be alone and mutter retarded shit to myself with no fear of judgment or observation.

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Who /comfy on first big snow day/ here? What are you doing to keep comfy?

>watching the snow fall
>winter weather warning
>doge sleeping next to me
>reading /out/
>watching wranglerstar
>shopping for a new hatchet for spring
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>watching the rain fall
>gale warning in effect
>going through photos from fall outings
>cutting pieces off an apple with my pocket knife
>making chili for dinner
>sweaters and scarves
>/pol/'s Syria general open in left-hand side of screen
>At durr camp
>Hell we ain't goin out in this crap let's git drunk
>I go out anyway
>Durr everywhere
>Kill none of them, just sit innawoods and hang out with durrs and squirrels and hawks and shit
>Come back to camp everyone drunk place stinks of bacon
>Back innawoods I go

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What's the most cost-effective way to hunt desert rabbits?

>inb4 le bodyslam meme
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Pellet rifle.
with a snake
fully auto submachinegun with laser sight and armor piercing rounds, night vision goggles, tactical cheeseburgers, and some budweiser. That's the american way.

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Hey /out/, I was wondering what your guys opinions were on people like the grizzly man who think they have some kind of greater connection to nature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9lCkFygaaQ (The grizzly man and his wife getting mauled) pic not related
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In general I think they're mentally ill.
I wouldn't say mentally ill, just hippies with way too much time on their hands. I suppose once they reach grizzly man's situation they've become disillusioned.
>Hey there sweetie
*Bear comes closer*

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Why is saltwater fish so much easier than freshwater?

>go out for some drift fishing or trolling at noon
>3 hours later
>catch dozens of flouder and maybe a dozen keepers

>go freshwater fishing with a bud
>leave at like 3am
>12 hours later
>maybe one or two bites and no keepers
>"Hey, man... this was shitty. We...
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Saltwater boats have depth finders, fish finders, charts etc?
When I'm freshwater fishing I ways throw out a second line with live bait

>go freshwater fishing
>catch a dozen lmb
>40 sunfish,crappie,or other panfish

Only time I ever don't catch much is trout fishing. But even then I catch 2 minimum a trip. And a bunch of suckers on my other line

>sunfish,crappie,or other panfish

Must be fun catching garbage fish for maw
Saltwayer fishing is boring though. You just sit on a boat and cast, rather than trekking through bush to find a good hole in a river or creek

Its like the difference between getting laid and getting a hooker. Theres no thrill of the hunt, and its way more expensive

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