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annapurna motivator.jpg
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Name a deadlier mountain.

Protip: you can't.
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Deadly geography thread?

>The gas spilled over the northern lip of the lake into a valley running roughly east-west from Cha to Subum, and then rushed down two valleys branching off it to the north, displacing all the air and suffocating some 1,700 people within 25 kilometres (16 mi) of the lake, mostly rural villagers, as well as 3,500 livestock.
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well, Vesuvius has a pretty impressive body count

True, but in terms of mortality rate among mountaineer deaths, nothing tops Annapurna.

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How do you become more stealthy for hunting?
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you wear blaze orange and you sit in a blind or a tree stand. if you need a nija skills and a ghillie suit you're either hunting ilegally or you're hunting people
If you're talking hunting on the move as opposed to waiting like pic related the thing I try to remember is stop, be still, look and listen more often than you would think. It's amazing some of the things you see/hear when you're static and other animals were watching in the direction of your noise and then relax a bit and start moving again. Doesn't just apply to hunting either, there's a lot of animals that will attempt to wait you out in stillness.
this deer can't really see yellow and orange
i think they see blue mostly green but not much red

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Recent birds thread.

Bagged a red headed woodpecker a few weekends back, it was a juvenile but still awesome.

Anyone else see anything good lately?

(pic related, but not mine obviously)
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Nothing too exciting, but the Old Squaw ducks are back in Toronto Harbour for the winter. I love the calls they make.

Pigeons were going nuts outside my window just now like there was a hawk around, but I don't see the hawk.
Here's a fuckin turkey that keeps appearing and reappearing around Harvard Yard, right in the middle of the city. Over the years it's been caught and removed but it (or one like it) keeps ocming back. Anyway I've been seeing it around a few times the last couple weeks. Vid is from 2014 but related.

I havent been birding in ages. Once you start mushroom hunting the birding falls to the wayside, you cant watch the canopy and the floor simultaneously

Mrs. Anon however, has almost 200 birds on her life list now I think

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Hey /out/. A buddy and I are going hunting for the first time this weekend. We're headed to the southern Sierras to try to bag squirrels and rabbits with 10/22s.

I know to look around Black Oak trees because lots of wildlife feed on the acorns. I was even thinking of collecting some acorns to leech and grind into flour later.

Any tips for us, or stories you want to share?

I'm curious about:
>Good questions to ask the local rangers (I was planning on giving them a call beforehand)
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What are you going to use for cooking while /out/? Southern California is pretty restrictive and rangers will not cut you any slack during the drought.
1-day trip, not camping. We're new to this stuff so we figured we'd make it easy and inexpensive.
Have either of you gone on non-hunting trips in California? You know that you need hunting licenses?

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Is any body here in to Urban Exploration?
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I have seen a lot more urbex here than any other board. I try to do as much urbex as possible but it is getting cold here. Go to anything interesting recently?
A few days ago, I actually revisited the Clothcraft Clothing Factory, the first building I ever explored in Cleveland. I didn't get any pictures that visit, but I did shoot a decent YouTube video. Earlier this summer, I got to visit an entire abandoned neighborhood in Pittsburgh with about 20 abandoned houses.

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Do you have an /out/ best friend? That one guy you always go hiking/hunting/fishing/whatever with?

Tell me about that guy.
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I have a good friend that I go hiking with. We share the interest of finishing all the 'famous' European trails.

The best part about it is knowing how your partner likes to hike. I've hiked with people that talked too much, people that took to many pictures, people that took too many breaks. Inexperienced people that forgot gear, etc.. It's annoying and kinda breaks the mood for me.

My bro and I just hike. There are no negative vibes. We don't talk that much, but there are no awkward...
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Used to always go /out/ with my father.
Fishing. Hikig. Canoeing etc
Until he decided to stop talking to me
Now I mostly go /out / alone, and I have no issue with it,
Though while I'm only 19. I ice fish and sometimes go out saltwater fishing. With a hand full of guys who are all 65-85 years old. And I fit in just fine
I can contribute physically. To what were. Doing. And. In return they help by giving me knowledge. It works great, I pull the sleds while ice fishing, and il help them move their deer stands. Etc. Even though I don't hunt

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Did you guys see this shit?

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>be american
>not pack heat all the time
Shit happens. Here in Europe in some countries we have terrorists, you fuckers there kill themselves for no reason. Good job.
Where have all the real killers gone?
Ah, the good ole' knife and rope days, eh?

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Do any of you have experience with emergency food rations whilst /out/? I'm leaving for a very long trip and plan to take some kind of emergency rations like pic related. I have a few questions:

1. What is the best brand for these? I know there are some that contain more nutritional value than others, but I can't find a good list anywhere.

2. Can these be food substitutes at all, or is it unhealthy to take these long-term? Assuming the brand has proper nutritional value of course. What's the catch with replacing food consumption with these?
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Why wouldn't you just bring normal food?

Who the fuck would want to eat that?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You needn't know the details dumbfuck, but long story short, I need rations due to their affordability/durability and longetivity of the trip.
You should definitely try it before going out, its the worst kind of food you can imagine.

there are basicly 2 kinds of rations emergency and survival rations

as in its name its for emergencies and/or survival situations it gives you calories and nutrition and will keep you alive but thats it.

to consume emergency rations you need water

>it taste bad, precisely it taste like cardboard

>its dry and i mean really really, you have to drink 2 liters of water to eat 1 havenly dehydrated cracker...
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Do you usually say hi to strangers you meet on the trails while hiking? Is it even normal? Recently met a couple on the route, sad "hey", they walked silently by stairing with surprise, like "wtf"? I guess there is some kind of an "outdoor rule" not to bother hikers and let em be totally by themselves with nature, am I right?
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Depends. Are you from murica?
Eye contact, head nod, "Hi," sometimes conversation. Bail out at any point if not reciprocated.
No, swedfag actually...

File: bushcraft-cooking-web.jpg (457 KB, 1400x1246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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alright /out/, i'm looking into getting some non perishable foods. any recipes for Bisquick or something? a week or more camping in mind.
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2 1⁄4cups Bisquick
2⁄3cup buttermilk - (you can use powdered buttermilk)
1teaspoon sugar
1tablespoon butter, melted
melted butter, for brushing

Mix the Bisquick, buttermilk and sugar together in a bowl.
Add the melted butter into the batter.
Stir until a soft dough forms.
Turn out onto a well floured work surface.
Knead 20 times and don't be afraid to get additional flour into the dough.
Roll 1/2 thick
Cut out into 2" rounds (or your preferred size).
Place close together in a lightly greased Dutch oven
Brush tops with melted butter.
Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown
When you remove the biscuits from the oven, brush the tops with melted butter again.
sounds good anon. thanks.
Only if I don't have to carry a fucking cast iron skillet and kettle on my back.

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Whats up /out/

I wanna start doing outdoorsy shit.

Firstly, i intend to climb a mountain. I live in england so it seems ill likely have to get the train down to the lake district.

Ive got basic first aid training, good walking boots, a decent coat and back garden tier bushcraft skills.

What other items/skills do I need, and once I have them, do i just rock up whenever and climb that shit or do i have to appease some gods to avoid exploding?

Thanks guys

Pic related is the kinda thing id like to climb, idk if it exists in the uk though...
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Alright guys ima post what it seems like i should bring, i dont wanna go buying a lot of expensive gear until i can really utilise it.

>Phone with mobile charger (to keep time, my watch got stolen)
>Shitty 15l karrimor bag
>cheap work gloves (like http://www.thesafetysupplycompany.co.uk/p/8726573/wondergrip-premium-orange-thermal-dexterous-waterproof-foam-latex-gloves---conforms-to-en388-2231-en511-01x---pair---mc-wg-338.html )
>2 pairs of boxers,...
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Food dehydrator; as you say, fuck the food hitting the wall is fun! Just bring the dehydrator!

Better bring an ice axe too, just to be safe.
yeah you're forgetting the gorka.

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Are you a girl? If so pls be my gf

r u a girl?
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it doesn't have to be romance.

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How do you cook deer meat?
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It's delicious when smoked
File: Not worksafe.gif (281 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Not worksafe.gif
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Dear god
Cook it like ground beef and make a cheese steak on a roll!

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I want to Solo Mt. Kilimanjaro. Advice me please. Death is not a concern
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don't cut yourself on that edge, pham.
File: 1436457240350.jpg (21 KB, 499x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks for the help, big guy ;)
Would you prefer to die before or after you reach the summit?

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Got a Staffordshire Terrier mix from a local pet adoption the other day but I can't pick him up till he is fixed.

Will mainly be at a nice big house, but my intention is to take him outdoors on hikes and on trips to a family cabin.

Anyone else have a staffy? How do they do outdoors?

Any tips for taking a pet outdoors?
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Update us when it chews your face off or kills your niece so we can have a chuckle
dogs that are muscular and dense tire / overheat / gas out more quickly so you shouldn't make him run a lot. long walks should be fine if not in intense heat. since dogs can't sweat and mostly lose heat panting, if very hot you might wet his fur and give him water regularly.
also beware of gunfags they will fill justified shooting your big scary dog if it looks at them.
Download "the secret(s) to a perfect dog"
And be the dog whisperer

Make a thread to thank me later

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