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Going camping for three nights with family but the problem is that I have an odd sleep schedule that i'm trying to take advantage of.

Thanks to my summer neet schedule I wake up at 5pm and go to sleep at 8am. We aren't going anywhere dangerous and i want to take the opportunity to spend my nights hiking, stargazing, and taking photographs.

My question is what should i take with me? My biggest concern is having illumination. I currently only have one good flashlight but no head lamp. I'm probably going to need a ton of batteries right?
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This is a recurring problem with /out/. Probably due to the inexperience of the average person asking for advice here.


What is the kind of environment you're camping in (desert/forest/footsteps of mountains/mountains/swamp/other....).

Give the brand of your flashlight, or a picture, or both.

In any case, I highly advise you to buy a headlamp if you're serious about this, they are not expensive and make a huge difference when hiking or doing anything at night.

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Swallow falls state park.

http://garretttrails.org/trails/trail_browser.htm Right at the very tip of Maryland.

They are very short 5 mile trails that are very traversed and it is mostly forested area with some areas being very near the river bank.

As far as equipment goes: 1x Sunwayman D20a 4x Eneloop AA batteries 1x generic plastic led flashlight. Seems the 70 lumen setting should last me 9.3 hours but i'm bringing spare duracell batteries as well. I will consider the headlamp but that's...
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Headlamp is essential. In fact, I'd take a back-up one too. Try to stick with AAA batteries for all your lights.

Which would be the hardest /out/ accomplishment?

>crossing the Drake Passage alone in a small boat
>climbing K2 as a noob climber
>hiking the Gobi Desert with only enough supplies to barter for goods with the locals (if you encounter any)
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This is a toughie. It's almost impossible to say honestly, as everyone has different talents and weaknesses.

For example, a paraplegic walking all the way up Mt. Wachusett is a way more heroic accomplishment than than an olympic athlete running a marathon in Death Valley.

I think circumventing the entire planet on foot and kayak would be ridickudonk. Would presumably take years.

It depends on how you define "hard"

K2 and the Gobi would both be almost certainly fatal. I don't think they let ANYONE up K2 anymore...
I'm gonna go with K2. Experienced climbers die all the time, a noob has literally 0% of succeeding.

The other two, while incredibly difficult, just feel much more feasible.

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Pic related, my driveway. Anyone else here in Maine and underwater?
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Shit I'm supposed to camping/backpacking in acadia and baxter st park first week of august, will this haram my trip? I'll be driving up from Florida.
No, everything will be dry by then.

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Commuting cyclist here, are solar backpacks just a gimmick or are there good ones?

Pic from Web search.
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solar panels kill wildlife by igniting them with thier focused solar death rays.
I haven't seen any good ones yet. Maybe they will develop cooler ones in the near future.
if you're a cyclist just put a generator on your bike

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>be me
>learning to scuba with dad and brother
>go to malibu to learn scuba
>class of 8 people, 3 chicks
>and one asian fatass
>his name is Wei
>as in "No Fucking" Wei
>barely spoke english
>passed the scuba test by cheating off the dude next to him
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>Completes exercise
>he actually fucking did it - poorly - but he actually did it
>time to get out
>Wei goes first on the ladder
>Falls into the watter
>Didn't have his regulator in
>Sinks to the bottom
>Panics and inflates his BCD
>Floats like a cork and then gets his shit pushed...
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Holy fuck
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You think I'd be all right in the wilderness for a few weeks?

Obviously I'd need to hunt and find fresh water but if I were lost in yosemite I think I'd be all right

Anyways come design your backpack

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How many first aid kits do you need? Enjoy lugging around sacks of potatoes and bands of peas, sure looks like a nice meal. Jee that thermal jug sure seems light and like it will save you coffee for 3 weeks.
Enjoy a diet of crackers and cold potatoes.
Your character is not even wearing his fucking hat.
1/10, you have a axe and a tarp.
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What is this?! Found this in the woods with my friend along with 2 steel drums of motor oil and 1 steel drum of industrial lubricant. There was also a strange stack of flat stones covering something and a fire pit with sticks and brush in it. We left quickly because we didnt know if we were trespassing. I posted this earlier on /b/ but it ended.
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Steel drums.
File: IMG_0348.jpg (156 KB, 577x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The flat stone stack covering something covered in dirtThis was found while following a trail underneath some power lines. It was quite overgrown but a fun bike ride. There is a tree house platform nearby i used to play on as a kid but my friend and I wandered in the woods for a bit and found this. Part of the area is concealed in the forest and the other side of the clearing opens up to peoples backyards.
That doesnt look like the woods to me, looks like a well maintained lawn in this photo.

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How would a rat terrier fare as an /out/ companion?
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I've owned 6 now and my relatives have had dozens. They can switch between active little adventurers and lazy couch potatoes easily so they'd be pretty damn good. Several of my own dog's puppies are now active duck hunters or farm workers.

How does a terrier retrieve a downed duck? Doesn't it just want to mangle it?
That depends on how good you are at training your dog.

Is it possible to join a Zen Buddhist monastery? Have any of you ever done this? How did you do it?
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Of course it is possible. I'd imagine that you'd start by finding the closest monasteries to you, and then either calling them or visiting in person to ask and join. Unless there is some language problem, or you've found a very unfriendly monastery, I think they'd be all for having additional members.

If you mean join a monastery, as in become a monk, then I think it would be more difficult. There are plenty of American's who got big into Buddhism in the 60's or 70's and became monks though, so it"s definitely possible. I'd...
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He probably watched a movie about monks and kung fu and now wants to become one
Not sure how much you already know, but the monk pictured is from Thailand, where Zen Buddhism isn't really a thing.
Why Zen in particular?
/r/buddhism on Reddit is actually pretty good if you cant get past being a 4chan elitist.

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Well guys, I was doing some basic testing on this Ontario RTAK 2 when the piece of shit broke. Guess I need a thicker knife.

Any recommendations?
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>old picture is old
Just buy yourself a prybar and sharpen one side on a rock mate.
Buy the ontario ranger TFI

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How useful are they? I'm considering getting one for hiking innamountains, since I'm white as fuck and can't handle the sun. Does anybody have one?
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Oh yes, I've been needing to find something that'll make me look NEET as fuck while /out/, thanks OP
That's what I'm concerned about, but I don't know of an alternative solution

>inb4 sunscreen
That shit doesn't do what I want it to, I still get burned.

just wear a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves and trousers ffs. wtf is that thing! are you going LARPing or hiking?

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In this thread we post pictures of our pooches in the woods, we rate other doggos, and we ask questions about puppers.

I'll start. My dog lives hiking, but the next day spends a lot of time chewing on her paws. How can I keep my puppers feet healthy innawoods? I don't think she would wear boots.
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Wouldn't ticks be a serious issue?
Coconut oil on dog foot

Let's talks about hammocks.

Ask about hammocks if you're interested. We can offer advice.

Post your hammock set ups.

Talk about how you've failed in a hammock, and how you've overcome it (or abandoned it).

Anything hammock related.

Except.....Don't talk about hammocks vs tents. There's another thread for that. Each has their merits.

This is a happy hammock thread.
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Just from that set up it looks like hammocks are only good for good weather. What are the limits for using a hammock as far as weather is concerned?
just pull the tarp lower, maybe another if there's wind along ya
>bring hammock
>have to bring 3 tarps because wind and rain
>have to use 120L rucksack and tarps still take up half my pack

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So, I want to get into archery but I want to make my own bow instead of buying one and teach myself how to use it (with some help from the internet) Problem is I have no idea how to make a bow. What tools/equipment would I need to carve it? what sort of wood and string would I need to use to make it? Would I also have to make my own arrows or could I buy those? I just wanna use it to shoot some targets in the woods. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Look up the bowyer's bible. IIRC, it has 4 volumes. Start with a board bow. You can go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a nice oak board for $5-$10 to start with.

A word about board bows: They have to be backed with something unless you can find that perfect board that follows one ring all the way down the board. The back of the bow either needs to be one ring all the way down, or the bow will come apart on you.

(Backing a bow simply means gluing something like sinew or linen to the back of it to prevent wood fibers from lifting up.)

Tools that you will want:

Various rasps/files
Farrier's rasp
Draw knife

There are other tools that would be useful, but stay away from power tools once you have started tillering. I know, it is tempting to get the belt sander off, but you're talking about doing something where taking off 1/32 of material at a time is kind of a big deal.

Here is the first part of a three part video on making a bow:


He talks about how to work with the wood. It's good stuff. I will say that some of the advice is specific to Osage Orange. With some woods, it is acceptable to leave the sapwood on the back.
Primitive technology on youtube is god mode

Found him yesturday and I have 15 years of primitive survival training. He is really good.

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Anyone here do any long distance walking/hiking? There are a few shorter trails (50-150-ish miles) that I want to try. Eventually work my way up to the big ones. Any tips, words of caution? Any books that I could read that might be helpful, both instructional and books written by people that have done long distance hiking?
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> asking what book to read to learn to walk
File: 1454198015457.jpg (778 KB, 2824x3608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not just walking.

It's walking on dirt.

Whole nuther ball park mate.

Deadly shit.

Niggers die walking on dirt without the proper books to read.
always keep at least 1 foot on the ground. top tip that. if you take both feet off the ground you might fall

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So what are your thoughts on the Comforter line from Cumulus?
Does anyone of you use one of those?
I have already one and want to know what others think about it.

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Overpriced crap but you already knew that didnt you Shlomo McShillbergstein
no idea on that particular line but if it's any use i've got a cumulus down bag and the quality is good, as was the price. would buy again.
well, good down bags have their price.

I am currently in the process of building up my gear for a 1 year trip and I expect there to be every climate from super cold to super hot.
And I am not really sure if this thing is enough for the colder conditions.
I don't have too much experience in very cold climates so I would like to get some advice on my setup.

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I saw this baby hedgehog walking in my garden, he suddenly stopped and went in the sun to lay down on a rug that was put on the ground.
To me it looked like he went to sleep, i have dogs who tend to attack frogs and hedgehogs so i decided to pick him up and put him in the bushes in hope for his mother to find him.
But i saw some wierd white mold on the spikes and his skin was all wet and moldy aswell in the area above his head.
So i just wonder if the baby hedgehog was sick and dying and wanted to lay down on the warm rug to die in peace? Or was that white stuff something...
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Bigfoot Jizz
It's either he went somewhere disgusting and picked up that jizz stuff in his quills or he's rabid. There's a low chance he's rabid though.
care to find him again and take pics?
Ive looked for him just for that reason, but have no luck in finding him, so i guess he went off
And according to other sources baby hedgehogs dont tend to walk around in the sunlight, and the fact that he went to take a nap is a clear sign that hes dying
Shame i never took him in the first place

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I really want to go camping this weekend. I'm pretty new to this whole 'outdoors' thing. Any tips on where to go because everywhere is full as fuck. Can't I just find some random wilderness?
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Where exactly do you live anon :)
Washington State Friend :)
The first rule of camping is you don't go on July 4th weekend

Have you even been somewhere on land where no other person in history has been?

Bonus points for North America or Europe
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>somewhere on land where no other person in history has been
doesn't exist
File: IMG_0246.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448
I actually was somewhere I had never been. I was hiking along a river and it widened out and I could see the bottom. I hiked across and barely got my feet wet. Problem was I couldn't find where I crossed so I went for it and crossed here. The water was just below waist high but it was glacial so it was pretty cold.

File: IMG_0585.jpg (63 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So I own some woodland property now with a murky stream on it. Years ago, the army core of engineers used to dredge it out but now that I own it, they don't do it and obviously I don't have the kind of equipment necessary to get rid of all of the bullshit and sediment thats compounded over years of fall weather. Basically, if you wade into it, you sink 5-6 feet into rotten leaves and sediment before hitting a clay bottom. All kinds of black nasty shit gets stirred up and the only thing that lives in it are snapper and painter turtles.

I wanna regain some life...
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What other streams & rivers does it connect to? Are you sure there are not already fish? How fast does it flow?
flows extremely slow, its hooked up to a meadowland which drains out into a bay, which then leads out into the atlantic. but it's freshwater/slightly brackish where i'm located. it was used as a place to pump excess meadow water in to when flooding occurred, however i've never seen it run dry since so i'm assuming it's fine. I've never seen fish, only turtles
That's normal. It is what streams are supposed to do in your area. There are fish in it. They are what the turtles live on. Without proper machinery you shouldn't be doing it.

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Welp, I never thought it would happen in my backyard. One of the parks in my hometown (Southington, CT) looks like it’s about to be taken over by a gravel quarry. So /out/, what do?

I’ve been researching what is going on for the past week (I’ll post major details below), I know I need to do something, but I have no idea what. I have spoken to enough people to realize that there would be strong opposition against this, but most people just are not aware and five of my friends and myself are the only organized opposition in town so far. I’m looking to host a public...
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File: tilconpropsal.jpg (118 KB, 914x678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 914x678

OP again. The park is Crescent Lake and Bradley Mountain, located in northern Southington, CT. It’s a very suburban town, but located in a valley so we have several great hiking locations. Tilcon, the gravel quarry, is looking to expand their domain to Bradley Mountain, a cliff that overlooks Crescent Lake. This would mean flattening the mountain for 40 years of *loud blasting* and mining. Even with approval from town legislatures and the mayor of neighboring New Britain, Tilcon literally needs to have state law...
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Fucking millennial faggots thinking every property without a mall on it is a public park.
who owns the land now?

File: CabelasOAlogo[1].png (10 KB, 432x112) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Couple of weeks ago, I found something interesting on Cabela's website called Outdoor Adventures which is basically guided hunting and fishing trips. I want to ask /out/ 2 things.
1. If you were to hunt and/or fish anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you hunt/fish for?
2. Do you think that the prices for these trips on the website are too much?
Here's the link:
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Id love to go hunt Red Stags with Scottish Deerhounds on the Moors. The prices seem fair, Ive seen worse for sure
Russia, Hunting tigers
I would hunt the most dangerous game

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Post your comfy memories. I'll start.
>Be me a few years back. 17.
>Dad invites me to hang out with him in Colorado
>Kinda reluctant but then I accept
>Parents are divorced btw. But that's away from the story.
>So anyways I arrive at Denver International
>Dad isn't really the /out/ type, is kinda lazy. He's 53 so he deserves to relax after many years of hard work....
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I'll bite.

>dad's parents own about 70 acres in Virginia
>2 houses on opposite side of land, 1 is a modern house where my grandma and uncle live and the other is an old inn from the late 1700's
>visitors always stay in the "little house"
>first time I remember being up there, maybe 13 or 14
>"little house" has a nice little...
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>tfw no dad to climb snowy mountain with

Glad you got to bond with your dad anon.
it's ok anon. my dad is the worst person i know and if he got sick and died i wouldn't even show-up. my point is, it could have gone either way, you don't know. so just remain neutral about it, because having a dad could fucking suck and make you want to slowly destroy an entire skyscraper with a sledgehammer in a fit of rage.

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Does anyone have good resources for someone that's never been fly fishing before? I'm going in a couple of weeks and I'd like to learn as much as I can beforehand.
I'll be fishing in the Elk River in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada.
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File: image.jpg (51 KB, 520x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>inb4 check the catalog

There's a few people on /out/ who fly fish so hopefully they will stop by. It takes some practice though so if you have access to a rod, you may want to cast a bit even on dry land.
>If our father had had his way, nobody who did not know how to fish would be allowed to disgrace a fish by catching him

File: IMG_2417.png (892 KB, 1136x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Brake cleaner kill moth.
Delete this.

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#61-"Turtle Invaision" Edition

Previous Thread:

I'm disappointed. The two lakes next to eachother that I was checking out yesterday and today seem like they could be good fishing spots. Water is fairly murky, lots of trees hanging over the edge, decent vegetation, and the lakes are pretty big. Didn't get a single real bass bite in the few hours I was there. There were lots of small bluegill and millions of goddamn turtles. I really thing something is out of balance...
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>order Plano 3700 weekender bag
>on backorder
>a month later get UPS shipping notification email
>expected delivery not for another week
>finally the day
>tracking says delivered
>it's not here, and a different package from Fedex was delivered an hour later and is here, so I doubt it was stolen
>don't see package on...
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That's another reason why I want to go for snooks. I already have almost all of those lures and could easily throw a lot of it on the baitcaster with #30 braid. There is a decent spot by an inlet and I think if I get the timing right with the tide and baitfish, I could do some work.

Might have to grab some of those bigger Storm shads too. And I still really want a heavier spinning combo, I will hop on one of the Penn combos soon. But I have the 7' Ugly Stik combo I bought for...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Im thinking of picking up a cheap baitcaster to see if it takes my fancy. What actual advatages do they offer or are they just a meme?

File: DSCF1940.jpg (463 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Talk about things you've learned about nature, such as botany, plant ID, bird watching, climatology, soil science, silviculture, evolution of life, geography, biology, biogeography, oceanography, and unknown spiritual goo substance of the primordial.

I will start by asking a question; I was collecting seeds of a plant, and right after I harvested them, some of them got wet and immediately sprouted. This seems odd as they have a specific growing cycle, and would need to sprout next year to complete that cycle, so they should be able to NOT sprout until the next year.
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I enjoyed reading Terrence McKenna's Food of the Gods, in which he attributes the birth of advanced human consciousness to Psychedelic plants.

He explains how as animals we moved from the trees to the ground to forage for food and in doing so stumbled across plants and fungi containing psilocybin. These mushrooms lead to a growth in consciousness and cognitive ability and pushed us on a path towards tool use, further increasing our brainpower still.

Not totally related but it's interesting and...
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Yeah, I isn't very smart so I is gonna ask another question.

In the wikipedia article on "Subarctic climate", they display this sentence:

>Low precipitation, by the standards of more temperate regions with longer summers and warmer winters, is typically sufficient in view of the very low evapotranspiration to allow a water-logged terrain in many areas of subarctic climate and to permit snow cover during winter.

So, my question is, does low evapotranspiration...
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Yeah you're actually right on the money with your mention of linguistics.

>To summarize: McKenna theorizes that as the North African jungles receded toward the end of the most recent ice age, giving way to grasslands, a branch of our tree-dwelling primate ancestors left the branches and took up a life out in the open -- following around herds of ungulates, nibbling what they could along the way.

Among the new items in their diet were psilocybin-containing mushrooms growing...
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I wanna get into wood carving. My goal is to be able to carve some pretty figurines, little bigger than chess pieces.

Anybody know a good guide? What kind of knife/knives will I need? What kind of wood is good for carving?

Also just general carving thread.
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Deep woods venture is the way to go for knives.
wow great thread thnx

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Post your trysticks, utensils, anything you've made while /out/ and give other ideas of stuff to try next time they're innawoods
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That lashing on that knife gave me cancer. Fucking fix that shit.
You sound like a pansy and your shit's all retarded.
Not my image bro I'm at work.

File: image.jpg (180 KB, 960x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What is it?
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Bigfoot jiz.
Bigfoot jiz
Bigfoot jiz

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