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Hey /out/, found this while innawoods yesterday. Thought you guys might enjoy it. Took everything I had not to kick it down
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damn phone posts sideways
I find that if you look at the tiny thumbnail when choosing a pic you can see if it's sideways, sometimes. Then I go into the photo and turn it around. Or you can always take the pic in sideways mode.
>sideways mode.
I can't remember what they call it. Landscape?

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Hey guys.. New to this part of 4chan.. Been lurking when it gets slow in my tree stand. I was walking out of the woods the other day and saw this.. 2 questions. What type of tree is this? And what causes these marks? I'm in Ohio.
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That looks like some sort of man made marking.
I wouldn't worry about it.
I'm not necessarily worried about it as much as I am curious. If you look at the base of the tree it looks like the bark is coming in as the tree matures... Hence the curiousity about the type of tree. I saw it there last year, and only found it again recently. Just wondering if maybe a small black bear is responsible or something of that nature

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Name your top one or two
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Ok I will play.
Towns? That's hard to pin down.

As a masshole I'll say Greenfield, MA just for Mt. Greylock.

Western massachusetts has some great hiking!

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Hey, /out/ I've been looking for a good hatchet to bring with me next time I go innawoods, and was wondering which ones you suggested.
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Gerber gator saw axe combos ~60$
> great, another fucking axe/hatchet thread

This is what happens when noobs come to /out/ over a stupid soccer game.

OP, for you, Bear Gryllis.
Looked and it seems pretty good, thanks senpai

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I officially have been
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Please tell
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File: image.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448

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New Camp Aesthetics niggas!
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Forgot to link
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thanks based alfie

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I'm going on a 4 or 5 day hunting trip with my brother in law. We are driving then taking atv's, I don't have an atv so my dad lent me his 2005 Honda Forman 500. I looked up online it has a 4.2 gallon fuel capacity. My brother in law said we will be traveling about 25-35 miles round trip on the atvs. How much fuel should I bring?

Anything else I should bring?

I'm bringing lighters, gas, tent, sleeping bag, and Remington ADL 700

I've hunted before but never more then a few miles in and never over night
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Well, you should probably find out what mileage you're gonna get.
Have you asked your dad? He would know his ATV best.
How can I do that? Just drive it until the fuel gauge shoes a quarter empty?

I did. He actually only uses it to plow the driveway and get the mail

Moving to Seattle. What should I do as soon as I get there besides go to the Space Needle?
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Move away from that hellish city of gloom and rain.
Don't go up the Space Needle. It's an overpriced, poorly managed tourist trap.

The Columbia Tower observation deck has a better view for cheaper and the best view of downtown Seattle is free at Kerry Park.

Speaking of, Seattle has awesome parks. Enjoy them.
Try to avoid the plague of Hipsters.

Check out:
- Boeing Museum
- Gig Harbor C Closer to Bremerton )
- Live on a Houseboat.

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Random outdoor gear photo.jpg
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So I never come to /Out but I was told here would be the best place to find the answers Im looking for.
>Backpacking Starting 01Mar16
>Starting in Toronto and making my way to Vancouver
>Vancouver to SEA
>SEA to Australia
>Australia to Europe
>Europe back to US
I plan on being gone at least from 01Mar16 to 01Jan17

I just want to know what gear you guys recommend I start...
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What seasons will you be in each area?

Summer in Europe you can get away with one minimal warm clothes, if you hit it the other way around tho...
Ill most likely be in Europe during winter, Im still currently in the process of which countries ill be in and for about how long, This isnt rushed at all for me so I plan on a really relaxed, slow pace the whole trip
I don't recommend that either. Early year in the northern hem and mid year in the southern hem just sounds like crappy planning. I'd do it the other way around.

What's the longest trip you've been on so far? Planning to hike, bike, hitch or hop? Are you comfortable with hitching, if you've never done it before? Are you planning on going alone? M/F? What do you plan on bringing to entertain yourself?

Headlamps; worth dishing out a decent dollar for or nah?

I was going to buy a cheap one until I was out with my buddy and he had a really good one, it lit up the whole area we were in and it had different light modes for dimming and different colours of light. Its making me consider getting a comparable one.

Theres one at a MEC near me that runs at around $100 CAD with taxes, which if it lasted a long time is worth it. But at the same time if I can get one for half the price that had a few less features I'd be happy
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Wait till the new models come out and pick up last year's when they hit the clearance bin.

I'm personally fond of my Black Diamond Storm and got it for half off ($25) by waiting for the clearance sale.
The big thing to check is the lumen output.
In the last year the cheap ones have gotten really really good.
I bought a walmart one that puts out 150 lumens on high and has the red light for night and it was only 12 buck.

The gap is now pretty narrow between the good and bad when there used to be no comparison.
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Get a fenix E12 + Headband, love mine (/out/ told me to get them).

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Who /out/ gun hunting right now? My noguns nohunting friend fall asleep under a blanket, mumbling about how cold it is on his first time.
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> all my levers and pumps
> mfw no room for my M99

I need a bigger display cabinet!
Wow, curious blend of fuddery and weeabooism. This must be what Post-modern Redneck looks like.

Would you mind putting your facebook post in the hunting general thread?

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dose anyone else feel the need to see new waterfalls, ive lately been on the search for new waterfalls and feel good when i do find them, what dose this mean?
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It means you're sexually frustrated.
Waterfalls are cool. Went to a bunch of them this summer in the U.P. Have you ever been to the U.P.?
you have a waterfall fetish anon

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who else goes /out/ for some fungi? Im in western washington, just got these chantrelles and a lobster mushroom aka hypomyces
havent gotten much this season, besides lack of effort things have been kinda slow from the indian summer.
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File: 20151109_105644.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And for the other kind of fungi enthusiast heres some p. cyanescen that grow thick in the alder bark beds around my house
File: 20151114_172548.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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big ass chantrelle
File: 20151114_180006.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>indian summer

I feel it. Compared to last year the season's been really slow to start and kinda underwhelming. Not gonna stop me, though...

Pic is last weekend's haul. Went with a small group of friends, everyone came back with about this much. Feels good to get out in the woods again.

File: 2014-03-15-18-00-35.jpg (114 KB, 741x843) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys

I recently bought 3 camo tarps and maybe like 4m X 2m of camo netting, i have a tent thats in camo too and i was going to take a mate out this weekend to practice setting up a hidden campsite. Can /out/ give me any techniques, ideas, strategies, materials, other items it might be worth my while buying?

Thanks guys! - pic not relevant... just a pic
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Stay out of hunting areas if you're going stealth. Hunters will sometimes shoot at any large moving object. Otherwise, just make sure everything is dark green or black. Set up after dark, tear down before light. Its not rocket surgery.

I've parked my bike five feet off the road, threw my tarp over it and layed out my bivy and haven't been spotted. People have really poor peripheral vision, unless there's movement. As long as you're still, you could probably be leaning against a fencepost...
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dig into the ground a bit for natural weather cover, keep the tarp low, you dont really need a tent, insulate the ground with foliage
>Stay out of hunting areas if you're going stealth.
horrible advice, out of season, hunting areas are the best spots(in canada at least) for stealth camping.

very small plots(30-50 acres) are often unhunted an forgotten year round.

stay the fuck out of the large ones though, unless you know your spot well, youll probably find non hunters passing through who will snitch on you.

ive stealth camped a lot and hunting areas are the only ones ive found that have afforded...
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whats a good cheap hand held gps device?
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Depends, are you a geocatcher or a geopooper?
train hopper need to know where i am sometimes
Trespassing criminal. Not interested in feeding your illegal activity. Train hopping is dangerous, illegal, and you should not do it. Ever. Under any circumstances.

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