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What do you guys think of staffies?
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look like regular bulldogs to me. why not just get rabid foxes? pound for pound they are strong, but they still weight 20 pounds and are tiny.

just get a rot. rotweillers are the absolute most loving family dogs. but also the most fearsome attack dogs.
Don't ever get one without another dog to keep it company.
So you're just rambling basically?

This. But I tend to apply this to any dog that isn't a "one man" dog. Ive had two pit/lab mixs, 3 pits, an Amstaff, a few heelers, a Rott and a wolf hybrid. Any energetic breed or working dog needs a companion if yoy dont want them ti wreck your house while you are at work unless they are very well trained.I miss my am staff dearly and I wish I could have seen him grow up but he was stolen.

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tl;dr: I need advice on essentials for a short survival-based wilderness hike. I want to bring as little as possible but still be able to make it out without any unfortunate incidents.

Okay /out/doorsmen, here's the deal.

I've been living in Tennessee my whole life, and I can fish and hunt as well as any other red-blooded Southerner. I am, however, relatively new to hiking. I recently moved to Chattanooga, and the Smokies have inspired me to get in touch with the mountain spirit.

I'm planning a four-day hike, not sure where yet. I don't...
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Hiking is really just walking, and you're going to get a lot of different answers as far as what a good gear-out is.

What's your distance? How often do you camp? What's your body weight? Do you stay in shape, and walk or jog in particular?

I'll type out my gear-out while you answer those.
four day? I won't give you a list of supplies and such, but I can tell you that a 35L is generally considered an overnight bag. a four day trip you need a 45-60L. I suppose some of the ultralight guys might be able to tell you how to pack for 4 days in a 35L.

give /out/ some time, and you should get some pretty good comments on here.

5'7, 180 lbs, and I am in pretty good shape considering the lack of exercise. I'm definitely making adjustments to the way I eat and I started a workout routine a few weeks ago.

I don't camp often anymore but when you live in the South, sleeping outside is a way of life. I guess I'm not wanting to go "hiking" so much as I want to walk a certain distance (maybe 10 or 15 miles), pitch a tent next to a water source, fish for some trout or the like, and dick around for four days....
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I wouldn't blame anybody for looking down on smartphones if they are so inclined. Certainly it is better, wherever possible, to use tools which do not require electricity.

But smartphones are incredibly useful on account of built in gps, map software that doesn't need connectivity, etc. If you're going to have one thing, besides lights, that needs electricity it should be a smartphone.

This thread is for suggesting apps that you've personally found useful while /out/. For example, I frequently use BackCountry Navigator.
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Maps.me is a pretty decent, free offline map/GPS option.

Any random copy of the army field guide. Not that it's a definitive work on the subject, but it's worth noting that if you start to panic, you'll forget basic survival skills, having them written down is a good idea. And if you haven't read it yet, do it thrice. Trust me, you want that information drilled in there. Wilderness survival is less about gear and gimmicks than it is about knowledge and improvisational skill.

Hey neat. Too bad I'm in the US.


Cool, checking it out now. Thank you friend.

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let me sing the praises of this little beauty, if you will indulge me

This is the Panasonic NCR18650B, 3400mah. For the time being, the very best battery money can buy. If you've seen 18650 cells claiming higher capacity, guaranteed, they are Chinese fakes (Ultrafire is a notorious example of this).

The rumored 22650 format Tesla's Gigafactory is supposedly going to manufacture will likely be an improvement, but there is right now loads of gear designed to work with 18650bs and it will take years for gear to be made that works with the new cell size

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Excuse me? Are you seriously going to just post this giant word wall thinking an implication of that magnitude could slip by undetected?

I will fight you in the forest you nikwillied penny licker. Robert is not my uncle.
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when will stores begin to carry these? and my gear uses AA or AAAs

Any Australians here get into urbex or tunneling? Share your experiences and places you've been.
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Sometimes I think I do this just to spook the shit out of myself. I don't believe ghosts are real but junkie squatters sure are.

There's also a cold, stark, bleak beauty to ruins. So much angular, ice cold concrete and rusty metal. Scattered paper detritus here and there, the telltale accumulated filth of human activity

I don't really have any great stories except that once when I was geocaching, the cache turned out to be in a place like this. Inside was a chicken nugget with a small...
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There are some old ruins near where I live, an old fort that's burnt out so there's only a few stone walls, nothing bigger then a small house, and an old church. The church has candles in it that have been used recently, it looks like it was set up for some kind of ritual.

Oh. I am a materialist so stuff like that doesn't spook me.

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What would it take to fix the problems with this thing and make it genuinely useful/worth having with you?
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Really? Well, it's basically a Peltier chip with a water reservoir as a cooling system, so I'd remove everything except those two components, add a heat spreader to the other side to prevent burnout, and rebrand it as Powerpot (tm).

I like the powerpot but have mixed feelings too

It's like cool, I can boil water and charge my phone over a regular camp fire. That's an improvement over the biolite already

But it doesn't take that long to boil water. Not long enough to charge a phone. Then I want to use that water for drinking or cooking but I can't until my phone's charged. It doesn't work nearly as well without the water to retain heat.

What I envision is something rod shaped, where you stick...
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You have to figure, though, that if it's hot enough to boil water, that it's going to overload the chip or melt the housing faster than a passively cooled heatsink can dissipate the heat, so you'd still need water, and in either case, you still have to have a fire, which isn't always allowed. Plus heatsink are frickin' heavy. Your best bet is to use the PowerPoint, and keep at least a sterno can, in case you can't have fires. Just keep water in it until it's nearly charged, and then...
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What are some of the most /out/-tier colleges in the US?
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(name of state) school of mines.
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Highest elevation 4-year school in the US.
Unity College in Unity, Maine.

Has anyone been using one of these new european sonar bobbers?
I was thinking of getting one for ice fishing this winter.
Also ice fishing thread.
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No one has it yet?
It maps the lake floor for you if you cast and retrieve it a few times. This is shown on your cell phone with an app.
Shows you where the fish are and the depth.
It even texts you when you are getting a bite.
forgot pic
How much did they pay you for this post

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I think blueberries are imported.. not sure. I am in Taiwan and came across these. So are they blueberries? They sure look more bluer than blueberries. LOL.

Will I trip balls, or die if eat them?
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Generally speaking, crown berries, compound berries and anything that looks like a strawberry is edible.

But I'm only sure that that rule works in the US, no idea about Taiwan.
Thanks... never seen blueberries in the wild. I left them alone and moved on. But man do they really stand out in a wall of green vegetation.

Those are not blueberries.

Question for all you UK or European fags. Have you ever actually been camping what I would consider the basic American camping experience? In the woods, or by a lake or seashore with a campfire, marshmallows, mosquitoes, swamps, catching fish or frogs, spooky stories, general store, boating, shitting and showering in bug filled restrooms etc?
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>American camping
>Tent three feet from car
>Can hear your neighbors snoring

As an American, I find this offensive. I'm going to assume it's bait, so... good job, you triggered me.
Why are you triggered when this is in fact what 90% of tent campers and kids actually do? Did you not have a normal (white) childhood? This hasn't changed since the 70s when I was a kid
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Maybe in Murica, not here in Finland.

So I know you all know how to make summer foods, like wild berry and MRE PB wraps and critter and cat-tail soup, but what about winter foods?

I've got Angel hair & MRE cheese spread pasta (comes in spicy or regular).

What else do we all eat /out/ in the cold?
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Winter is the best time to bring food /out/, you can bring things and not need to refrigerate them.

My favorite is bacon scraps from the butchers. They are all fat and protean, and tasted great.
Awesome! I hadn't though about being able to bring cold foods! I feel like an incredible idiot now, but I'm still excited. Thanks!
What do you cook or eat with the bacon fat? Or are you some kind of Neanderthal?

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This is probably the only board I trust with an answer to this, so here goes..
Should I get an Environmental Science degree or a Geology degree?
What are the different job prospects for each?
I was originally thinking Geology just because I think it is cool, but the problem is it isn't offered at the campus near me, while EnvSci is. Now I could totally go to the other campus but its about an hour drive, so I don't know that its even worth it, since I'm not sold on the major to begin with.
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I'd go with Geology, or Biology, or another more mainstream science. You'll have more flexibility one you're done and if you want to specialize in a more environmental field you'll have the option of doing that later on. If you want to spend a lot of time /out/ing and get a decent salary then it's easier to go with Biology and do field surveys, or get good at writing research proposals and go study the bears or something.
I'm studying EnviSci right now and my school's program has a geoscience concentration. You should check out if the campus near you offers that.
>going to college
>not living on campus
Bro you're going to miss out on the best part of college (at least in the USA).

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Mick Dodge.jpg
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My buddy and I want to meet Mick Dodge this Thanksgiving season, maybe share a meal with him. Do you guys reckon he lives outdoors in the Hoh Rainforest year round, or do you think we'd have to find him in some sort of undisclosed permanent structure? Anyone have any information that might help us track him down?
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Leave the man alone, jeez.
Wow we just want to shake his hand

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Pretty new to archery.
Was given this bow a few years back and it has very few markings, so i know very little about it,
Here is what i do know
>Given to a friend by his troop leader
>supposedly handmade
And thats it, it was a gift to me but i dont know if its shit or if its a masterpiece, so i decided to make a thread for it. I will post pics here, any info is great
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These are the only markings on the bow

Just once for the night.

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Well I did it and it feels damn good desu

Moving my family from the city and headed for a small town in the mountains

Oldest son is 5 and it's now or never with setting roots and making friends

Who else here done it
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well i hope you' ve set out on this uprooting journey for the better of your family. i hope the best for your son and family. good luck
I live in Leadville.
Have done for the last 30 years.
prepare your anus for 9 straight months of winter.
so you quit your job and shit and are gonna work at the gen'ral store or blacksmithin' or something? also the friends your kids will have in a small mountain town will be the kind that kiss their brothers, get pregnant at 13 (sometimes from a family member, sometimes not), start smoking at 11, try H and/or meth by 16, and eventually will OD, start a meth lab and go to prison, or move the fuck out of there by 20.

godspeed to them.

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