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>just dropped nearly $26k on my first ever snowmobile
>tfw won't even see snow for like 2 months
>tfw may not get any snow at all
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>paying more than an average car for a snow motorcycle
>buying a specialty vehicle only usable for four months of a year for 26k
yeah it's a bit expensive but people seem to really like them. hope it's worth it but i've never been on one so we'll see what happens once the snow flies.
I may be a poorfag but I think beater snowmobiles are GOAT

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Has anyone built one of these and do they work?
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carbon monoxide death is painless
Aren't you going to post that knife?
irc.rizon.net #/out/

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Anyone in here that likes to dirt bike? I'm looking for someone to price my nephew's dirtbike. The model is a 2007 Kawasaki 110cc. Pic related.
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Get your bitch ass to /o/ you cock sucker
2500 dollarydoos senpaii
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>Anyone in here that likes to dirt bike?
A little. Rather be on the snow, but in the summer I'll take the two-wheeled option.
Didn't ride nearly as much this summer as I wanted to... lots of other projects going on. Hopefully next year I'll have a little more weekend time to twist a throttle.

This spring it'll be time for a cylinder replate, new piston... probably put in a new rod bearing and have the crank rebuilt... go through everything. It's got...
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Hey guys, didn't know where else to post this. Was out inna woods earlier near my house with a friend and we found these mushrooms. Neither of us have seen this kind before and I can't seem to find any information on the internet about identifying them.

Anyone perhaps know the name of these things? Also gonna dump pics I took of them (theres 5)
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If it helps they were growing on an live oak tree knot.

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ITT: Best /out/ music
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There's some outdoorsy songs on this. Similar to Simon and Garfunkel.
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Biz Markie is the best for any occasion

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While walking in the wooded patch behind my house, I found a weird metal pipe. It had a weird end-cap and I looked at it for a while. There were weird circles incorporated into it and when i shook the pipe i heard rattling. The pipe kinda looked like a pipe-bomb, but when i pried off the end cap with the crow-bill of a hammer i found that the weird end cap was a bunch of silver pennies melted together! What Have I Got Here, 4Chan?
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Some kid's hidden stash. A stupid counterfeiter's hidden stash. Something you probably shouldn't have messed with if you thought it was a pipe bomb. Etc, etc....
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Possible Shrapnel?
probably some dumbass kid in the 70s tried to smelt the pennies for their sweet silver or some dumbass kid thing like that.

once i lit a fire and threw the end of an extension cord into it thinking that it would power the extension cord so I could plug lights into the other end. kids do dumbass shit all the time, there's almost no way to guess what dumbass shit thing was going on through their heads.

anyway, cool find. finish what they started and smelt that silver anon.

I'm a little unequipped for going /out/side, I have the very very basics
I.e firestarter, water tabs, fishing line etc etc
Just very basic stuff
I want to get some proper gear but a little unsure what is necessary and what isn't.
Any help is appreciated.
(UK so no guns)
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Feel like I should be a little more specific, it is gear which could let me go into the wild for at least a few days, ish.
What kind of /out/ activities will you be doing? Hiking long distances will require different gear than say car camping.
Your question is pretty vague. Give us some details so we can help.
It all depends on what you're doing outside. Hiking, camping, hunting? What kind of activities do you want to do?

If you're hiking, invest in good hiking shoes/boots.

Camping? Look into hammocks and tarps, or lightweight tents. Yukon hammocks on sale at woot today.

Some items that /out/ likes:
Morakniv Companion Knife
Stanley Cook pot
$10 amazon stove (Etekcity brand)
Merrell Moab boots

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Hello /out/, I need advice for preparing what will likely be a solo Winter Appalachian Trail hike in mid-December, which should last between five to seven days. I've done solo AT hikes before but never in the dead of winter, and since the temperatures at that time of year can get to the single-digits (if not lower if there's a wind chill), I need advice on what I should prepare myself for, via both items that I need to bring (clothing, socks, etc) and miscellaneous tips. I've already sown up loose ends on my 20°F bag and I've added with it a liner that brings...
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Pic related, my new boots. Also I forgot to add that I live in Atlanta, and would preferably start anywhere that is within a three hour drive from here; I am not sure if I would be doing an out-and-back, or if it would be feasible to just go north and pay for a shuttle ride back south to where I would start. What would be the better option?
Which part of the AT? I used to do stretches in CT and MA during the winter months. You might have a few cold nights with a 20°F bag even with the liner. Depending where you are, snowshoes might be a good idea. Make sure you have a nice long sleeping pad that will insulate you from the cold ground. Stay warm and pack some powdered apple cider!
Preferably somewhere around Mt. Pisgah by Asheville, so not particularly far north; I've usually gone to Standing Indian for training, but I intend to see more of the trail that I haven't trekked before

Had a little campfire last night for bonfire night.
It'd been raining pretty bad all day, and I was really struggling to set a fire with my firestarter, any suggestions on how to easily make a fire in very wet conditions.

(Once I had it going it was fine, just very difficult, took me around 40 minutes in the pitch black)
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Birch bark
>very wet conditions.
Find dry kindling. Cedars, spruce, and young pines all have sources of dry kindling. Worst case scenario cedar has waterproof bark. If the cedars are soaked through then start looking for deadfall. This is dead branches that are still in the air, either attached to the tree or otherwise suspended and not in direct contact with the ground.
Deadfall the size of your thumb or slightly larger should be dry on the inside and easy to access without a gigantic knife/axe/hatchet. Same for the cedar if it's available. Also any kind of wax covered fire starter (cardboard egg crate filled with sawdust soaked in parafin, etc) would be helpful here.

Does anyone know where I can find a quote to buy, move, and plant a *fully* grown 70ft pine tree?
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you would never get enough of the rootball
Doesn't matter if it's for a christmas tree.

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Just back from 2-day hike. Ran out of water fairly quickly (had 500ml on my side and 2L in my pack). I live in Scotland so mountain streams are fairly easy to come by and are probably the best possible water you can get, however the only thing i know is not to get water from near the trail or from lochs. What if i have water treating tablets? How far can i stretch water filter techniques? Is there a rule of thumb other than 'fast and downhill'?

also, Share your water-related stories, tips, as staying hydrated is one of the most essential parts of any trip.
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most running water is fine to drink without purification. rainwater is also okay, but usually not as tasty. avoid still or murky water, or anything with dead stuff in it.
Jesus Christ just get yourself a lifestraw or a Sawyer filter. $20 or less
Any water that isn't directly from a spring is suspect. Even fast flowing water could have a dead animal rotting in it just a few hundred meters upstream. Straw water filters are cheap and weigh practically nothing. Lifestraws are the most common but are a bit bulky if you're an ultra-lightweight camper. There are smaller models from other companies that fit in your pocket. I'd carry 2 just in case one breaks. If you use a metal container to carry your water in you can just boil it.

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I think i gained a level of druid today, i have a ermine that started hanging out under my bed whenever i leave the door open.

I think he will like it there, the young snowshoe hare that started hanging out there every now and then a month ago? Him not so much i think.

Anyone else have critters that are so used to you they just walk into your house?
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That picture reeks of poverty
When I was a kid my mom used to hang crackers with peanut butter on them from the clothes line on the patio for the squirrels. One of them became very friendly and tame. Eventually she let him into the house to eat the peanut butter and crackers. She would set some on a little plate at the table and he would hop up and eat them while I was eating breakfast before school. When he would finish he would go scurrying off back outside.
Or loneliness/depression...

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Anon edc.jpg
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Post the stuff you carry daily, sc/out/s

Pic related is my EDC, I also carry a Moto G 2014
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This is more of a /k/ thing... but don't let me stop you.
How do you lock your house anon?

File: boot thread, boot thread.jpg (87 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
boot thread, boot thread.jpg
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Hey /out/ looking for a pair of boots in the 40-90$ range. Ideally, they would be suited for underground use (caving) and for general wear, they would also be fairly lightweight. I'm thinking that a good pair of jungle boots would fit the bill, but I can't seem to find any decent ones.

thanks senpai
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look for either GI ones, Altama ones or Wellco ones, all of those are definetly rather good.
Stay away from the Rothco brand boots though, they're nothing but shit
Rangers Mle 52 --26$
How durable are these? Do the soles wear out easily?

File: 1446755875572.jpg (3 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Want some improvements, show me what you've got so far, emphasis on cheap and easy. Also best well rounded nutrition with minimum weight foodstuffs.

Shitty loaf pan pot
Assorted spices
Bags of tea/sugar teabags in with tea
Little jar of salt
Empty peanut butter jar for little stuff to go into. It fits in the loafpan well
Popbottle full of rice n lentils
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Talk to me about the rice and lentils anon.
What is the highest elevation you have cooked that concoction?
Have not cooked it before, but next ime im out with my buddies n not to trashed i probably will n see how it works. Would altitide have a large impact on how it would cook?
Not >>625149, but water boils at lower temperatures the higher you get so typically it will take longer to cook. Seeing at you are cooking lentils from raw it could be a few hours at high enough altitudes.

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