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I was raised my whole life to never release a catch. I was taught that throwing a fish back into the water with the hook wound in its face causes a slow death by infection, which is less humane than eating it later that day.

Is this true? Does /out/ catch and release?
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Whoever taught you that is an idiot.

Yeah im starting to think that seeing how most fishermen release
There's no denying that C&R causes some fish mortality. But a conscientious and careful fisherman will minimize that to a very, very low amount.

To minimize mortality consider the following points:
-Minimize handling of the fish
-If you have to pick it up, wet your hand first to remove less of its mucus membrane
Never put your fingers in its gills or hold it by the gill
-use a rubber net, not a cloth mesh one (takes off less slime)

-Do not fish with bait; use lures or flies
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I'm assuming there are a lot of Coloradans on the board, given how many people in CO like the outdoors. So let's have a Colorado thread.

I just moved here over the summer, one thing I noticed is there are less trees than the east coast. I'm not sure what camping is like in the winter or if I'll have to wait until Spring, but whatever time of year people go camping, are there good camping areas that actually have trees? I'd like enough trees that I can just pick up branches off the ground and make a fire. Doesn't have to be right next to Denver,...
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>I just moved here over the summer

Get out pls.
You have moved to the high desert. If you judge the quality of the wilderness by the amount of trees per acre, you might as well go back to where you came from.

Out west there are far less spots where its cool to gather firewood near your campsite.
I know there are fewer spots, but does that mean there are zero spots? Is there anywhere in all Colorado I can just go set up a tent and find firewood nearby?

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Alright so here in this thread we can talk about what skills weve learned what techniques we think are the best etc aka woodland knowledge, feel free to post videos or infographics if they happen to apply

Example: best way to make a shelter

This should be based on personal experience and can be a little thing that makes shit easier or a bigger skill that took practice to master

I will start with just a simple trick I've learned which is bring 91% isopropyl alcohol for quick wash downs after exposure to bad shit such as poison oak or poison ivy, I used...
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Oops upside down!

Another oregon pic hopefully not upside down
perhaps silly, but using snacks as kindling works well.
I was recently in Big Bend NP. No open fires allowed; only charcoal grills (absurd rule) and being desert there is no kindling to collect even if i wanted to. I had cheapo charcoal but no starter fluid. I used a handful of Doritos to get the coals started and had a lovely dinner of canned corned beef hash.
There is enough oil in fried snacks (doritos, fritos, cheetos....) that they burn like a candle

Hey guys, i'm learning to sharpen knives with my shitty Mora on my Fallkniven DC4 whetstone.

The instructions are here;

It clearly states; "Use no oil or water."

Am i meant to soak the whetstone in water beforehand?

My assumption is yes... but these instructions seem to state otherwise, and all the YouTube guides i've watched haven't mentioned soaking it.

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>shitty mora
Stopped reading there. Moras ain't shit.
By shitty Mora, i just meant the cheapest Mora i could find. I like the knife a lot. Didn't mean to offend.
No worries, I don't like people unreasonably shitting on it. Yes soak the stone for a bit.

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Hey /out/. Does anyone here have the ultimate goal it be totally self sustainable off the grid? I have a pretty good life in society but I'm really getting sick of it. I think I'm going to start saving up my money for it.
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Completely independent subsistence farming is actually really, really hard to achieve. Especially for a single person or a small family/group.
File: Cuox2rO.jpg (399 KB, 900x2793) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How small are we talking? What about a group of say 8 people?
File: image.jpg (452 KB, 1247x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For an individual. I believe its be a lot of work, but totally possible. I would think that coming I to town to trade or buy supplies like anyone did for thousands of years.
That idea isn't unsavory. People need things that they can't make themselves. Unless you plan on having one person who specializes in a trade living with you.... Who might want to have their own house.... Who might live next to you... Oh wait, this is starting to sound less off the grid and More like A TOWN

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Looking for some guidance on layering. Im from Arizona so I've never had to learn about layering for cold weather.

I understand the basics of: moisture wicking base layer, insulation mid, wind/water resistant outer layer.

Personally, what is your layering set up, for what temp range, and how do you customize it for various intermittent weather conditions?

Was curious about what brands/materials you like to use.

If it got too cold for your set up, what would you add (another base layer, another mid layer etc.) Do people wear multiple base layers...
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There are two situations to be outfitted for;

cold and wet; and fucking cold.

Softshells are great for cold and wet, which is most of the year but down is comfiest in the cold and dry.

The softshells which are loose enough to comfortably fit a significant down mid layer become more like ski jackets and are too bulky for daily activity.

Having a hood on your technical softshell is the best way to extend it's use nearly 4 seasons with over a simple midlayer, gloves and hat.
>Personally, what is your layering set up, for what temp range
It really depends on what I'm doing and you have to experiment to find out what works for you. Running I generate a lot of heat so I don't wear much or I overheat. Usually wear a windbreaker walking to the park, which I take off within the first half-mile. Same for XC skiing. Cycling I need more insulation or a wind layer because I'm moving fast enough to make my own wind chill. Walking even more because i'm not generating as much heat.

>If it got too cold for your set up, what would you add
Usually another mid layer, or I go faster to warm up. But lately on winter bike rides I've strarted dressing so I'm comfortable without a wind shell (just wool and/or polar fleece). When I stop to eat or walk around I'm usually still comfortable because I'm not making my own headwind. If it gets colder I just need to throw on my windbreaker. Less stuff to carry that way.

> Do people wear multiple base layers for colder conditions?
I guess you could, usually when I double up it's because it's a bit too cold for a base on its own but not cold enough to warrant a fleece jacket (eg a technical T over long sleeve base when I'm running).
I do a couple of activities, and mostly use the same stuff for all of them. The insulation layer varies with temperature, the outer layer with weather and general conditions/activity.

Always cheap walmart/aldi tier synthetic base layers. They start to smell fast, but they do their job well and aren't as fragile or expensive as merino.

Always cheap milsurp polartec 200 fleece and some other walmart/aldi tier fleece as well as a couple of wool pullovers. The fleece longsleeves are in various thickness. The fleece is fucking amazing, especially considering that I paid $5 on average.

>summer/spring ski touring/snowboarding
softshell jacket, Goretex pants, thin gloves, etc. Usually no insulation layer on the legs, and rarely more than a thin fleece on the upper body

>Winter ski touring/snowboarding
When it gets down to -30°C with crazy winds, I still feel pretty comfortable with hardshell pants/jacket, and a polartec 200 fleece overall/longsleeve

>mountain hiking, mountaineering, trekking
Insulation layer variable depending on the temperature I'm expecting. A thin rainjacket as outer layer. Works well against wind and rain.
Often gaiters when I expect snow and usually underknee wool socks, except for warm summer days.

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Does /out/ have any outdoors related jokes? I only have one so I'll start.

>There's two trees growing side by side.
>A birch tree and a beech tree.
>There's a young tree growing in front of them.
>The birch tree says to the beech tree, look at my kid. You can tell it's mine. It has my trunk and leaves.
>The beech tree says, obviously it's mine. Look at the branches and bark. Definitely mine.

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A man goes to a psychiatrist. He says to the Dr. "I am having this recurring dream that is causing me anxiety".
"In the dream I start out as a teepee then turn into a wigwam."
"Then I turn back into a teepee, then back to a wigwam, then back to a teepee."
"Dr. What could it meant?"
The Dr. Replies "it is simple sir, you are too tense."

Ba dum tish
this isn't an /out/ related joke but it's definitely a joke /out/

Good ole yotes making the kiddies poo the loo.

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Who are some other good /out/ youtubers?
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This guy is a pretty good youtuber.
Puts good effort into video production, informative as fuck, some people can't get past his accent but I don't mind it. Also has a sweet /out/ job.

watch his shit, guarantee you will learn something.

Wranglerstar and BushcraftBarton!!! Best guys ever!!!
MCQ is good and i watch lots of his stuff, but i wish he would be a bit more succinct.

the thing that sets Alfie apart, for me, is that he doesn't continue to fucking waffle after he's made he's point. it's so rare in the survival/bushcraft video community. maybe the rest of them just love the sound of their own voices or something.

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How does /out/ shit in the woods?
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Squatting over a cathole, at least 100m from surface water.
when I was in afghanistan my platoon had to do perimeter guard for another platoon in our company that was building a bridge. When I pooped I went off the side of the road and made cairns.

I can safely say I left 3-4 poo carns over the course of that week.

Yes I took 3 dumps and covered up my raunchy mre poops and wiping paper with rocks, and maybe they are still in afghanistan I don't know.
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I'm planning on making one of these for car camping.

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Best /out/ places to commit suicide?
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Do people do this?
File: cavedwelling.jpg (386 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it would be extremely painful desu senpai
all the time anon

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How often do you forage when your /out/? Fo you go out specifically to harvest wild food, or do you just find something to eat while out camping? Do you practice foraging for survival emergencies? Do you pare foraged food with wild game? What are some good food you find out in your area?

Talk everything foraging
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Nothing to add to this other than a question
How can a beginner learn about foraging for wild edibles? I know a few basics but are there books or online resources specific to my area?
I tried google, but got very generic results (shit from websites like artofmanliness) so that's not a giant help.
Any tips, book series or publishers, etc would be nice, or links to websites are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Unrelated pic is for visibilty.

I'm in Texas (Houston) and use Foraging Texas quite a bit. The guy there is the next best thing to learning from an expert in the field. The rest of it is just learning about wild plants in general - not only for eating but for their various uses (medicine, tanning, soap making, bug repellent, etc).

In my area, the wild persimmons are finally coming in depending on how much water and sun they've been getting. I need to go on another run to get enough for some good wild persimmon butter. Elder berries...
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I like to eat whatever mushroom looks tasty

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So I went hunting for the first time ever this week and I have a question. I found that of the 4 squirrels I killed, 3 did not die right away. I didn't give them much time to suffer and quickly gave them a life-ending bashing. How often should one expect to have to dispatch an animal when hunting? Did I fuck up or is that normal?
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Usually takes a minute and yes it is normal.
Sad as fuck but normal.
They are tough little fuckers. I felt sorry for them honestly. I doubt it was worse than getting eaten alive by an owl or dying from some parasitic infection, though. And they were tasty after being fried. I think next time I am going to bring along a bashing stick of some sort.
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>bashing stick

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Dave Paulides and The Missing 411

Hey guys, as a lover of the outdoors and being there as much as possible, it's worrying to read about the mysteries and disappearances in these stories. Clusters of missing people with similar events taking people, people just vanishing.

What do you guys think?
As a bonus does anyone here have any stories of weird things happening or something you've heard? Something that was out of place or hard to explain?

For the best introduction on the topic here is a link with probably the best one to get you going.


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Love this shit man. Some really interesting cases that make you think. Stay safe out there friends and bring a gun with you on your adventures.

Fuck off, it's about the outdoors.

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The moose messenger of /out/ is eating my pumpkin. Winter is officially here.
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What state?
>Don't shoot the moosenger.
> nicely done, Sir

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Anyone wanna guess the gross score on this bad boy I got on camera?

Also, trail camera thread
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File: big buck 2015.jpg (207 KB, 1080x798) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big buck 2015.jpg
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Another view
File: big buck2015.jpg (124 KB, 1080x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
big buck2015.jpg
124 KB, 1080x806
Yet another view
130 idk much about scoring deer though

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