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I am currently living in the central florida area but havent been able to find any useful frequencies for radio?
I was mostly looking for anything that would just let me know whats going on in the general area as well as something I could turn to when an actual emergency happens. I am very new to general radio stuff so speak slowly : )

Also, general radio question thread.
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Central fl Anon reporting in.
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I have no use for outgoing communication, so I don't use a two way radio.

I use this a RadioShack Pro-95, it picks up all major bands, is extremely reliable, can be used with rechargable or regular batteries, has Dual Trunking, and was only about 20 bucks. the antenna can be swapped out, has an auto scan and search feature.
know any good frequencies that would ever be useful?

Hey guys, I'm looking for a good winter boot or shoe. Here's what I'm looking for:

>Black (the boots will be part of my work uniform)
>Warm but not sweaty; breathable*
>Comfy; I work at a grocery store where I'm on my feet all day
>Light weight, compact; don't want anything clunky (such as those hi-tec boots)
>Relatively casual
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pick 1
Oopsies, disregard breathability
because we all know exactly how your foot is shaped, so can give valid recommendations sight unseen.

seriously. fuck off to a store and try stuff.on.

>wearing the same shoes for work and play

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At Lake Ontario, do I help this fish? Throw him upstream? Please help me now
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Rochester NY sc/out/ here.
You get him to a less polluted lake.
Or pick him up and let him into the lake.
why would you throw away you dinner?
You don't wanna eat anything from Lake Ontario especially near the shore.
Loads of unknown pollutants thanks to Kodak and such.

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Anybody into sailing?

Right now I have a 21ft venture, 1985 I believe but I'm not too sure. Great boat, I'm looking for something more ocean capable though.

Found a Cherubini 33, trying to buy it now.

Sorry for the pic. Stupid phone.
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dont be a fuckin pussy, any thing above 15 with an outboard is fine
I want to be comfortable and do a reasonable speed. My venture gets thrown around in 2ft chop. Having something bigger makes it more stable, safer, and allows me to have more passengers.

What's your problem.
yeah what's your problem cunt?

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Hey /out/,

How about an archery thread? What are you

What kinds of bows do you shoot? I'm an instructor of a few years, looking to get into the sport more recreationally. I've instructed on Mathews universal bows and was taught to shoot on one, but I'm looking to pick up something recurve that feels nice and that I can use to teach my housemates at uni. Scout camp where I work has a few recurves I like:

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I shoot a matthews mq1, beautiful bow. Don't really care that it's on the older end, just needed a new peep and someday I'll put a whisker biscuit on it. It's out in my wife's car or I'd take a pic.

She shoots a PSE something or other, got it for her for my birthday. She loves archery a lot more than going to the range which is understandable.

We both really want recurves but funds are limited, so we stick with what we have. I've heard the Sammick sage is a great way...
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thanks anon -- I know it's odd for someone with experience like me to ask for recommendations but I don't really have a means to hands-on test a bow up here (upper peninsula MI university, no wheels to drive anywhere)
I understand, I'm a troll relocated to another great white state, just on the border of canada, so im not close to too much civilization either. If I had more knowledge I'd love to give suggestions.

Could you survive on your own /innawoods/ with literally nothing to your name but your body like Mr primitive technology man over here?
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To be fair he admits that he's really only in the bush for about 8 hours at a time, he goes home. Even the small hut he made he said took him 3 days combined, but he stretched it out over a month.

That being said, maybe. Anyone smart enough to bang rocks into trees can harvest wood, but then you need fire making, water collecting, cordage crafting, shelter building, and you do it all while your stomach growls louder and louder and you have to look for food. It's obviously not impossible but you'd need the right skills and the ability to prioritize, which...
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As has been mentioned in similar threads, most people probably could not because the amount of physical work you'd have to do versus the amount of food you'd need to gather to make that work possible means you'd succumb to malnutrition or starvation.

Humans work best in groups. One person can be building shelter, another gathering or cutting wood, another fishing or hunting and another gathering berries or roots. That way at the end of the day everyone has food, warmth and shelter and no one had to go in to severe calorie deficit to achieve it.
This. Humans are just not equipped to survive unless they're in a group. Yes it happens in rare cases, but as a species, we're meant to be social.

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English countryside.jpg
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Just lost my job.
Nothing to do but walk and dream of better things.
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I find walking very carthatic. Enjoy your time

>Lost my job.

Nice way to enjoy some downtime desu.
What did you do, anon?

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canadian goose 2.jpg
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It's that time of year when canadian geese start invading campus.

I kicked a goose last year that was attacking some chick, but she got mad and it ended up with me getting a ticket from campus police.

This year I realized that I have pepper spray in my bag. How well does it work on land whales, or does it just make them mad? Also, does it work on geese?
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You're a huge fuckwit.

I hope you get pepper sprayed.

Fuck off.
I didn't think I'd find you on /out/ of all places.
No idea about pepper spray but they absolutely hate it when I try to run them down with my car

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Making some pemmican to eat during the day on a long backpacking trip. I plan on having freezedried meals for breakfast and dinner, so I'm not making this for historical reasons or anything, simply a way to have some dense calories to wolf down for cheap during the day.

A few questions since there is a ton of retarded information out there, and also some very good information.

One of the better guides I read said to use a dehydrator and don't go above 120*F since it will make the meat unsuitable. Not entirely sure what that is supposed to mean since he doesn't explain it. I would imagine it would destroy some of the protein being cooked at higher temperatures and that's what he's getting at, but I am not knowledgeable in this area.


Anybody have experience drying the meat out at temperatures exceeding that? I'm mainly wondering since the lowest setting on my oven is 170*F.

I don't plan on adding berries this batch, but I think some dried chili peppers might not be a bad idea next batch when I can make it with a dehydrator.
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Just get some cliff bars you raging faggot.
Fuck you nigger. I'm not spending fucking over $100 and taking up a bunch of weight in my bag for some nut and granola bars. I want meat and fat. and for around $50 to make 8 pounds of this stuff, it makes it a very viable solution.
>Just get some cliff bars
*tips Starbucks latte*

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Tramontina 14%22 Bolo.jpg
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Is there any reason to get bowie knives or machetes or kukris when innawoods around New England?
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No. Those knives were designed for tropical climates where the vegetation is thick, soft and lush, easily slashed and chopped with big knives. Good luck using those on oak, maple and birch.
>any reason
Sure. Got a small cock? Packing around a big knife will make you feel better.
I am getting the impression that they are sort of a do-everything knife. Not good at doing one specific thing, but can do alot of tasks.

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Should the public be able to walk on the shoreline along the water anywhere or does private property ownership trump this right?
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Ocean, absolutely, particularly below the high tide point

Lake, not so much

What about these lakes?
The states where I visit the beach all have this rule. It's typically a non-issue for private property owners since parking is always an issue and camping is against the law (outside specific designated zones).

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Let's talk about dogs, ITT.

Just had a fresh encounter while coming down a 10 mile Mt. pass. As I was about a mile or so away from where I parked my car, at the end of the hike, this big black dog charged up the trail at me. It didn't stop and start barking like some dogs will do, it just charge right at me, stood up and started barking in my face. Dog's mouth was full of foam, and I had no idea whether it was rabid or just chewing on shit all day. It seemed odd though for anybody to start walking up this trail at 3:00PM however, that's pretty late...
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>-What do *you* do when you encounter hostile dogs in these situations?
>-Is there any dog armguard equipment you can buy to protect against bites?
Anything above 9mm
>-Do you carry? Would you have drawn on a unknown dog that had no master in site?
I would draw on an attacking dog regardless of owners presence
>-Did I overreact or underreact to this situation?
You hesitated....
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visible confusion.jpg
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>magdump owner
Yeah, that's uh, that's great advice anon, thanks.
Well obviously don't stick around

Sup, /out/? I'm going to become homeless soon, I've no job and I've done everything to mess my life up in the past few years. From dropping out of MIT to staying in Boston where I can't pay rent, I've fucked up, and I'm going to lose my apartment in a bit over a week. I'm probably going to get around hopping trains for transportation. I already have a great pack, tent, clothing, and sleeping bag, but aside from the basics I'm basically gearless.

What gear should I get before I go, and do you guys have any tips for living life on...
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atleast you got dubs

first of all try to get back into MIT. when i was 18 i had a scholarship and i failed half my classes the first semester. so i just dropped out thinking it was over. but if i would have just gone to see my counselor i would have known i still had another semester on scholarship, and if i would have even pulled a 2.5 it would have gotten renewed for another year as probationary. but instead i got a job doing construction....

so first off suck up your...
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Start sucking dick for money. Then sell your pooper
become the hero /out/ deserves and become McCandleAss 2.0

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/mu/ here. What do you play when you're innawoods?
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The skin flute
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i can't really play properly and people hate it, so it's lots of fun. i don't bring my acouie /out/, too big and too expensive. i also have an egg shaker i should bring, and maybe pick-up some cheep bongos so we can have a real pow-wow round the fire.

File: 20151101_150836.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> autism intensifies
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File: 115.jpg (246 KB, 798x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what's happening there?
What the fuck am I looking at.
Z for Zorro

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