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>Firewatch is a single-player first-person mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio.
Anyone else excited for some /out/ vidya?
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is this real? whats the mystery about, which valley the fire is in and whether it requires initial attack?

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I'm thinking about relocating to Okeechobee florida. I was wondering what it's like out there along with what type of outdoor type stuff is available. Any insight would help.
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Nothing good near there. All sugar cane fields and the slaves that harvest it.
Well, I guess you aren't that far from Miami if you want to live it up for a weekend.

I want to get to Okeechobee one of these days and rent a boat for fishin'. A coworker was reccommending going over by Clewiston
Bass fishing and golf. Give up on everything else. Enjoy living in an outdoor funeral parlor.

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I am about to close on an off-the-grid cabin in the interior of Alaska.

I have lived in 'town' here for a few years, after immigrating from the midwest. I really want to live out in the bush and this will give me the chance to do that. After saving up money from working fishing boats and cutting timber and oil sites, I can buy this thing and keep enough savings to live off of for a while.

Shit will be expensive. Heat is wood and I am going to try to cook on that, but all gasoline will have to be flown in and I will have to fly in and out for essentials.

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Godspeed anon, post pics if you can. Are you going to be alone or with a qt gf? How big are your savings and how much have you spent so far?

>Hope I don't die
B-but we are all going to die, anon
i wish we could get updates but i guess that wouldnt be off the grid. if you publish a book when its all said and done, just title it 676776 by anon and ill buy a copy. safe travels
Good luck anon. This sounds more interesting than the typical thread like this on here because 99% of the people who post these threads are just dreaming empty dreams and being laughably unrealistic. Good for you for actually thinking this through and working up to it.

Have you looked into an area that is capable of being easily reached by car or boat? It might be more expensive to purchase but cheaper over the long run.

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hey /out/doorsmen partiffcularly those in to bass fishing

i live in north east ohio and have always wondered about why bass fishermen are rocking 15, 20, ive eaven met a guy who uses 30 pound mono for bass
why? in my area they only get to about 5 pounds, and ive never heard of one over 8, so why are so many bass fishermen using line that breaks at 3-6 times the weight of the fish theyre catching?
i mean when im going after smallies im using 4 pound test and ive yet to lose one, and ive never gone after bass with heavier than 10 pound test
i mean my heaviest catfish...
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im asking because im looking to get more in to bass fishing, i usually do carp, catfish, pike/muskie, trout/steelhead, and panfishing
i mean doesnt it take some of the fun out of fishing if all youre trying to do is get a bite, and you can just rip them out of anything no problem?
i mean sometimes i feel like 15 pound test is overkill for the pike around me because it feels like i can just about rip their lips off and swing them out of the water
Don't know about 30lbs mono, might be a little bit much but my three set ups are:
>50lbs braid - for heavy cover like punching grass mats and getting out of lay downs
>30lbs braid - medium cover like lily pads and docks
>10lbs fluorocarbon - for cranking / finesse

someone play rust?
make /out/ clan.

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Whoever that is, is a tard. lol
I have friends who play the hell out of it and urge me to buy it. If i can be pursueded to buy it soon then i would support. Actually now that i think of it they play a game called arc too, but they said it has dinos and unrealistic crap.
ark is shit, rust is shit, but rust is some pretty allright shit

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Hey /out

Im a complete outdoor newfag. so much, that ive never even been camping, ever.

im looking for help in either directing me or just tips on longterm outdoor survival. When i say longterm, i mean by that possibly year or more long. Is it even possible given how the world has changed? im also looking for it to be without any human contact during that time, or minimal, and abscence of modernity.
The area that i have fantasized about would be somewhere along the lines of washington, those sorts of forests. But then again, im basing this solely on the looks...
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Why don't you buy a cheap tent and spend a few weekends out in nature and see if you even like it? If you've never been out camping you might take the conveniences of modern life for granted.

Pro-tip: Bring toilet paper.
i have that planned soon. But for now im wondering if pursuing it makes any sense.

Ive never been camping but i have spent a few months in a hermitage in india. But i lived off of food donations and didnt have to do much aside keeping the fire alive. I definetly liked it, but it was still to much human contact for me.
Why do we get this thread pretty much every day.

Like the other guy says, stop aiming so big, just go out camping for a bit if you're serious.

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Last one got... weird.

Different bored EMT.
Let me see your First Aid Kit, and I will rate it.
Please also provide an explanation of each item (unless self evident like anti-bug bite)
Also, pictures are nice.

Don't have a First Aid kit set up? I will be able to help, I can work with almost any price point.

Please do not bring up the cancer that killed the last thread-
Using Epi-pens on someone with a cardiac issue,
Anything that is not considered Basic Life Saving.
I don't want to see two people have a dick measuring...
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Picking this one up next week to keep in my car/for when I go skiing

>two rolls of sports-tape
Good for when applying bandages
>natrium-chloride eyewater
>two rolls of gauze, 7.5cm x 4m
>piece of cloth that can be used to create whatever its called the thing that you can make to support a hanging arm
>nitril gloves
>small fabric balls for wound cleaning
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>Using Epi-pens on someone with
Should an Epi-pen be used on a penis that has been hard over 4 hours due to medicinal intake?

thank you in advance. You have about 53 minutes left to answer this.
>piece of cloth that can be used to create whatever its called the thing that you can make to support a hanging arm
That would be Cravats (Triangle bandages) and the thing is called a sling

>small fabric balls for wound cleaning
I would suggest you use these only to clean minor wounds. With larger wounds, upon arrival to a medical facility (Hospital, trauma center, Stocked Ambulance) the wound will be cleaned thoroughly anyways.

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What's a good, accessible entry-level walkie talkie? Some chink shit from aliexpress? Something old and used? Any stories with them?
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I have a baofeng UV-5RE.

They're like $35 on amazon. You can use all the gmrs and frs channels, and the baofeng with have twice the range of those cheap Walmart radios.

That said, the radio is technically not legal to use on those channels (puts out too much power for frs, and isn't approved for gmrs). 6oud never get caught, ever, unless you were using them at one location every day telling your location (like a business using them for a warehouse).

For simple cheap radios, get a set of "bubble pack' radios. Any brand will work. Get a...
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>What's a good, accessible entry-level walkie talkie?

As much as you can afford that's incapable of TX outside of CB.
If you just need basic camp radios, you can get a pair of Midland T10s for $20-30 at most outdoor stores. 22 channels plus NOAA weather band.

Not bank-breaking, but not el cheapo shut either.

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Okay guys, I live in Northern MN and I'm looking to go for some sort of winter Camping excursion. I've never really tried it before and it seems somewhat straight forward, however since I never have I want some wisdom before I try anything stupid.

Anything I should know? I have all the gear to be expected from someone who camps plenty in the warm season, what else should I bring?

Anything that commonly gets overlooked when preparing. I'm not going crazy far into the woods or anything but I wanna spend a few days away.

TLDR- my gf left and...
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Wow, never thought of that. Thanks for the sounds advice, anon!
basically more layers in a waterproof sack, and you might want a beefier tent designed for snow load cuz i hear it snows pretty good out there
IDK what your sleeping bag is like but check the temperature rating
Get yourself some comfy long underwear, cotton or flannel is fine for cheap otherwise get some nice high tech moisture wicking superfabric. I wear some nike cold weather running tights under everything and sleep in them, it's nice. It will be dark more than summer so bring a good light unless you want to go to bed at 6pm. As cold as it will be you might want to be in bed after dark anyway, so maybe bring a book. Don't kill yourself op you're finally free to go winter camping!

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I'm planning to spend my summer holiday in croatia and I want to do some longer hikes there. I've always been quite vulnerable to the sun, how do I protect my head from the sun without looking like a faggot?
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Your pic is the absolute best you can get, but it also looks retarded.

Just get a cap or a nice looking hat.
Wear sunscreen, drink enough, don't be a fatguy that starts panting at the slightest exertion. Croatia is not even very far south.
By not dressing like you had a gift certificate to the safari store.

When you get to Croatia, look around at what kind of hats the locals are wearing and then buy one. Chances are it will be some kind of basic brimmed straw hat.

And it will likely be a lot cheaper than a technical fabric cranial anti-UV deflection system by Ex-Officio (TM).

Slingshots, Slingbows, and other good shit
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Nigga you aren't Bart Simpson.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3264x2448

Pellet guns anybody? I went hunting in the forest preserve in Chicago with them once. Also my backyard. Pretty /out/...

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What's a small, cheap, decent quality camping/backpacking stove?
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Primus Yellowstone Classic. Costs $20, is pretty much the ak-47 of trail stoves. Not fancy, but durable and easy to use.
I use one of those $10 Etekcity stoves off amazon. I pretty much only camp by myself and use a little 20 oz cup for all of my cooking and it works fine for my needs.

However I only have about 5 real trips with this thing so far so not sure how long it'll hold up.
I also forgot to mention it fold down into a little plastic case that's like 2x the size (2x width, height and length) of a zippo lighter. I put that into my cup with my collapsible spork, a lighter in case the piezo doesn't work, and some extra aluminum foil and made a little aluminum foil lid for it. Pretty compact setup for a solo backpacker

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What are the best socks for hiking?
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I recommend Fits. I wear them daily. No seams, they don't bunch up, merino wool. .. just really solid socks.
My feet sweat like a motherfucker when I'm hiking innadesert. I like a cotton/wool blend, they seem to stay dry better than most fabrics and blends I've tried.

I've never camped before because I'm a weenie, but I want to.

How are inflatable tents? They seem really simple and quick to set up and take down, which is what I'm looking for in a tent.
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Raises concerns about what happens if it is ever punctured (especially if you are sleeping in it or camping in the middle of nowhere). Just get a simple, one-person pole tent and be done with it.
That looks like a pain in the ass.

You probably want something more like the coleman instant tents. They keep the supports in place, and you just kinda stretch 'em up like a cover people use at a picnic or tailgating. Quechua makes really easy up tents, like the ones you toss up and they pop into shape, and you just stake it down.

Only advantage I could see from an inflatable tent might be lower total weight. But I don't see it being any faster or easier than some of the more traditional tents.
They seems like a cool idea, but getting a hole in one could ruin the entire tent.

I had a Coleman instant up tent. It was huge, and heavy, but did go up easy. It was not terribly weatherproof. During a really really hard storm, I got wet. So wet I had to abandon the tent at 4AM and go to my truck. I was soaked, and all my stuff was too.

A traditional tent can be really easy to set up if you practice a few times. I don't see how an inflatable is an upgrade.

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m (4).jpg
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What is it that makes these axes so damn appealing?
> design?
> quality?
> steel?
> it's Swedish?
> it's a meme?
> lumbersexuals?

What is it /out/ , what's the reason?
Redpill me. I must know.
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It's the prohibitve cost, and nothing else.
Absolutely nothing.

It's like buying brand name Pepsi over a competitors generic name Pepso; both containing the same ingredients and taste exactly like each other.
Also, I might trip as PepsoFag from now on :3

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