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Is old west clothing functional for being out? Wool is still used today, because a synthetic alternative doesn't really exist. Would it still make sense to wear this type of clothing /out/?
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Why wouldn't you just get modern wool clothes?
I totally could, but I think it would be too much fun to dress like OP's pic. Cross off the hat and it more or less just looks like normal clothing.
From what I've seen, old west stuff is twice the weight and half as functional as synthetics, though they're much nicer to look at and probably more cosy to wear.

Bit of a stretch here I'm sure. I'm looking for a sleeping bag with a low profile when rolled up that can take temperatures under 30 degrees and doesn't destroy a bank account.

Any suggestions?

It doesn't even have to be a sleeping bag but a "system" of sorts for a 1 person tent that doesn't consume a bunch of room on/in my pack.

I have a sleeping bag I've had for a while someone gave me for free but even in a compression pack it's too large.
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>sub 30 degrees


>doesn't break the bank

Second hand/used
A sleeping bag can be any 2 of the following 3 things. It CANNOT be all 3. Sorry.

>Bit of a stretch here I'm sure. I'm looking for a sleeping bag with a low profile when rolled up that can take temperatures under 30 degrees
> and doesn't destroy a bank account.
Oh. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

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Hey guys I posted this on /ck/ with no success. I've got about 5lb of hind quarters from young does that I'm cunning for chili. Looking for recipes that do not involve noodles or corn and are mild (or can be adjusted) on the heat scale.

Picture unrelated.
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You want to ask over in /ck/, the kids here only know how to make instant ramen...
Nice trips. I already posted in /ck/ and this is how it's turning out >>7019857

We had a decent venison thread, but since /out/ is so slow and this is specific to chili I made a new one.
I've never used a recipe for chili in my life, just put the stuff you like in a pot (and leave out the stuff you don't) and cook it and season to taste. Then again I've never cooked venison so maybe it does need extra fat like the guy said.

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Shit-tier V God-tier.png
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Which pack in /out/s oppinion is better?
not the packs themselves but more the style and type difference.
I long for a condor II but can't afford one just yet however the only packs anyone in Australia sells is the type on the left, why is this? You can get surplus gear but its worn to shit most of the time and surplus stores give no shits about anything being quality.

Whats your opinion and explain.
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The type on the left is better for me. I don't need indestructible heavy fabric nor PALS for any of the things I'm doing.

I'd say most people going /out/ are in a similar situation and the type on the right gets the majority of its sales from people who pretend they are in the military. If anyone disagrees, let me know why.
I got my large alice pack in Aus with a decent frame and no real defects (bag had a few minor repairs to it, frame was in fine condition and ended up spray painting it dull black), ended up purchasing a woodland camo medium without anything wrong with it
Depends what you want it for.
>Tall pack good for backpacking, comfortable, good waist strap.
>Wide pack good for combat. Better peripheral vision, doesn't knock against helmet, narrow waist strap doesn't get in way of battle belt, easier to remove if getting shot at.

In short, you're in Aussie, land with highest number of serial killers/backpacker murderers in the world and you can't carry a gun. Go with an Alice pack.

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I thought this place might be better than /fa/ but what are some good rain jackets and what should I look for when buying one? Any specific brand, or material? It's been raining a bit in England lately so I would like your suggestions.
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What type of use will it get?
Just walking to places. I don't do any adventurous stuff,
Then get whatever, /fa/ will probably give you better advice. Goretex and similar breathable fabrics are good, but the only reason to pay for them is if you will be exercising in them.

I'd recommend something similar to the Marmot Precip which is just light fabric with a polyurethane coating on the inside. Absolutely waterproof and fairly cheap.

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Southern Cross outpatch.png
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After posting in the "mother of all patch threads" thread I decided to make my own version of the patch for ausfags /out/ there.

However all gumtree designs Ive come up wit,h are far too detailed for a patch, any ideas or can anyone help me out with the rest of this design?

Also what do you all think of my job on the kangaroo? not bad for an ms paint job.

Once the design is ready I'm going to get them made and sell them to any fellow ausfags who might be interested, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
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make a spider one
not that talented and would take forever.
however I'm really tired so I'll give it a crack in the morning. check back in 24hrs, if I haven't posted, it, check in 48hrs from now.
Not an ausfag but I had an idea for changing the background trees to mount fuji and where the stars would be replaced with the rising sun pattern. Maybe for australia replace the treeline with ayers rock?

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You are out in your cabin in the middle of a snowstorm and a stranger approaches your window, it is very cold outside and you do not know him. He sees you have a fireplace and has no where else to go

what do you do /out/
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We have about 6 forest service cabins in my area and this happens all the time. You have to pay money to reserve them and people just think they can show up, "oh... I didn't know you had to reserve these. You're not going to make us walk back 5 miles through the forest at night are you? There's plenty of room for us" Or they are already inside the cabin and you show up and have to kick them out.

I don't let them in and kick them out when they are there unless they were near death.
Walk up to the window, turn 360 walk away.
Let them stay in a few minutes to dry / warm up. Get some food in them, and send them off.
Even the most normal looking people can be psycho's. You just cant tell.

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Does anyone have any comments about it on owning this radio
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Looks like a good radio. Do you have your own frequency? What is the range on it? Do you keep spare batteries?
Hamtards swear by it, it's becoming a new standard.
Get the UV-B5 or you're a fucking invalid

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Does any other sc/out/ harvest animals for fur? Pic related, weekend catch roadlining.
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>meanwhile the prada seamstress tries to remove the tire marks

jesus fuck bro who are you selling run over rat fur to?
Those aren't rats, they're ferrets
There are no ferets anywhere in this picture.

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread
>Is a tomahawk useful when /out/ or are they pretty much just fedora axes?
Also, what's a good tomahawk to carry on the woods?
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A tomahawk is no more useful than a regular hatchet when /out/.
Unless your collecting scalps
Scalping wasn't usually done with tomahawks, it was done with knives. Tomahawks were for throwing and hand-to-hand combat.

Also, if it's sharp enough a regular hatchet will scalp just as well as a tomahawk.

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Are the scottish hilghlands worth it? Would love to hear stories from you guys
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Yeah they are, I Love the highlands and Woolf reccomend that you summit Ben Nevis in summer and IF you have the training summit it in winter.
Enjoy the methlabs
>Are the scottish hilghlands worth it?
Well, Hadrian didn't think so and neither did The Longshanks soooo idunno

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Are there any Eagle Scouts here?

>What your favorite trip/activity you did as a scout?
Mine was sailing off the coast of pic related.
>What was your Eagle project?
I built picnic tables for a local state park.
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January 2015

>Favorite activity
Just hiking all over the mountains with the bros
Built a display case for a local elementary school. That shit turned out nice but woodworking is hard to do for an eagle project.
Sea base
Project- marked the Cherokee trail in Wyoming
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2012 Eagle

>favorite activity
My troop would do a 120 mile biking campout over a week every other year along the old C&O canal, beautiful forests and very relaxing

>eagle project
Food drive for the Salvation Army. I thought rich people would donate more; I was wrong

Pic related, it's the C&O canal

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What would /out/ do if you met these guys?


With a long weekend coming up they will want to go hide in on private land.
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>The pair was travelling in a four-wheel-drive vehicle near Wagga Wagga
>Wagga Wagga


That is nothing.

Long weekend?

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Old thread >>587379

Not OP from the old thread but I'm reposing since it's sliding. These are all the same links from the old thread.

Companion Planting - Raised Beds - Vertical Gardening - Square Foot Gardening - Polyculture - Composting - Mulching - Vermiculture - Espalier - Fungiculture - Aquaponics - Greenhouses - Cold Frames - Hot Boxes - Polytunnels - Forest Gardening - Aquaculture


Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics: (sample: [YouTube] Murray Hallams Practical Aquaponics (embed) [Embed] )

-Aquaponics Secrets DVD
-Aquaponics Made Easy DVD
-DIY Aquaponics DVD (Aquaponics The First 12 Months And Aquaponics DIY DVD)

Backyard Aquaponics


Youtube channel Growingyourgreens, tons of videos on almost every single gardening subject,

Ollas clay pot watering system,
[YouTube] Ollas: A Collection of Information and Techniques (embed) [Embed]
[YouTube] Dripping Springs OLLAS (Clay Pot Irrigation) (embed) [Embed]

USA Time of Year Planting Guide,

Food preservation,

Mushrooms, (culinary and psychoactive):

Mother Earth News' Vegetable Garden Planner program, (full version requires yearly subscription $fee)

Tons of Gardening/Farming PDFs
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US Farm Income and Taxes,

US Grants and Loans for Small Farms,

Managing Risks on Your Small Farm,

Chicken info and forum,

Rabbit guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anybody here ever made hot sauce?


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Let's get this going. How is your season going so far sc/out/?
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File: grouse_dog.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448

A couple from my season. So far elk and plenty of birds. Moose starts in November - woohoo
Is that partridge?

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