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I was thinking of the idea of making a kind of organization between /out/ and /k/ for the purpose of teaching people proper outdoor and survival skills, stuff like fishing and hunting, alongside other stuff like shooting sports.

Not sure about what you guys really do, but /k/ has regular meet ups we call Nuggetfests, alongside other things people organize and they go well, I think with proper planning this could be a thing that would be fun.

What would you think of an /out/door /k/lub?
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I always thought it'd be cool if there were /out/posts in places for that sort of purpose.
And what is done at these so called nuggetfests? Are smores involved?
I guess this isn't what you're talking about but you made me think of it:
There's all these survival shows like Ray's and Bear's, right? That's probably hundreds of hours of TV.
What if anon watched this stuff and when they are teaching something useful we write down the time and what it is they're doing?
Then if you want to know how to do something you'll see it's on the list: Dave does it in 1x05 at 20:20, Les did it at 2x06 at 10:10 etc.

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So... Drove 10 hours and did a small section of the AT in the GSM. Dumbass me didn't take a footprint for my sleeping pad. Poked a hole in it the first night at a shelter. Slept flat on the ground/slabs the whole week. Not miserable, but wasn't the best. Got some of that tenacious tape at an outfitter the last day we were there.... How do you properly fix on? I will be buying a thermarest patch kit this week.
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The tenacious tape held up the first night but I suspect a second leak. With these, can you really just put soapy water on them or dunk them under water over pressure and see the air bubbles? Over the years I have done that with inflatable air mattresses. With this i am worried about getting the inside wet and getting mildew. Too damp and cold now to proper air dry outside. Thanks!
I honestly can't tell what's going on with the hole because the photo is so shitty. wader repair stuff will seal small holes well.

Just a pic of the pad, small hole with some tenacious tape on it. I called cascade and asked. I have some real repair kits coming in. Will have to dunk it, find the other holes, mark them. Let it dry, and then apply a cloth patch.

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How would you manage dental hygiene if you had to live in the wilderness permanently?
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ice skate and vice grips
chewin' sticks
but there were no vice grips on that island

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Anybody here go /out/ with their kids? When did you start? Any stories or tips?
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I go walking with my kids a lot, and I advise telling them what to do if you get hurt before hand. I fell and sprained my ankle and it freaked my son out to see me like that. just a basic plan, or some first aid. so they have something to do other than panic.
i teach them how to use a map and compass. teach them which water source if likely the cleanest (fast moving clear water in creeks, etc.).
and how to maintain an awareness of "where they are" and how to get back to the trailhead / car / home from where we are inna woods
Just starting with my kids, age 3 and 5. I have taken them hiking to waterfalls, no more than a 2 mile hike.

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>tfw southern California /out/ doesn't get much greener than this because of the drought

Get me out of this shithole
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Gotta learn to love the brown man.
Where you at in socal?
Only you can get yourself out of somewhere, anon.
high altitude above the anza borego is still pretty damn green, go there anon

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MGTOW Gods.jpg
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Who was the better MGTOW?
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pic related
A challenger is appear !

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Who was the bigger /out/ faggot?
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Treadwell. Mcandless just got himself killed. Treadwell got his GF killed as well.
Treadwell. Mcandless just got himself killed. Treadwell got his GF killed as well. Also he did it all for notoriety and his stupid documentaries and it was all phony bullshit. McCandless may have been delusional but he did it for himself and we only know he existed because he died, not because he wanted to famous.

I still feel bad for both of them, but this is nature.
I don't feel bad, they both knew the risks they were taking.

They are both pretty based. I think bear dude had a mental disability though.

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Just got off hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
From the border of Mexico the border of Oregon and Washington.
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Why didn't you go through Washington?
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Didn't feel like hiking through Washington in late October, all of November and early December. On top of this the elevation change was on par, if not worse, than the section in the High Sierra which I found pretty taxing. After hiking 6 months I was pretty worn out.
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meant to reply to

Been away from this website for far too long.

Who else /dog/

No kidding it makes everything innawoods more enjoyable.

Plus practicality; dogs are utilitarian as fuqq

Pic related, my new duck pup, a chocolate lab
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Haven't had one of these in a while. I got 2 I alternate taking. Both do really well but chase damn near EVERYTHING that moves when we go. I'll see if I can dig pics up.
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1/2 lab, shepherd, possibly pitt but no clue.
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pic related, my dog being useful

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What is the best way to hunt wolf?
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Rub yourself in bacon fat and limp like you have a broken foot. They'll come right to you.
fucking americans want to shoot everything

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esee 6 vs fallkniven a1.jpg
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Pls help me choose between these two knives

I know they have slightly different applications but either would be useful to me.

I already have a mora bushcraft knife and wetterlings bushman axe

Also a thread about the best high end but not crazy money large fixed blade knives would be good.
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>I already have a mora bushcraft knife and wetterlings bushman axe
what a gullible little gear queen you are.
eh, they've both seen a lot of use and work incredibly well together. I want to upgrade the knife for times when I don't want the weight of the axe, packing one big knife instead of a small one + axe.

It's a massively gearfaggy thread, but for practical reasons
Guess this would be a good place to ask.

I'm looking for a knife to accompany my GB Wildlife Hatchet.

I absolutely love the blade design on the Fallkniven S1, however the handle is a little unappealing to me.

Does anyone have the S1, thoughts?

Are there any other knives with a really similar blade design, but a nicer handle? I'd prefer a wooden handle and full tang is a requirement.

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Ok /out/
I've been going hiking a lot since early this spring. The most I've done is a few long day trips and a bunch of shorter ones. These are great, but I really want to start doing overnight trips.

What are good bags for 1-2 night trips? I've read that 35-50L bags are good for that purpose.

Also general pack and bag thread I guess.
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It depends on your gear. A 35L will be useless if you have a huge synthetic sleeping bag and an 8 pound tent.

OP pic is the bag I have been leaning toward. Osprey Kestrel 48, it's currently $175. Not really experienced with packs, but it seems like a pretty good price /quality.

Are there any other notable bags of that size for around the same price?

I have a S/M Kestrel 48 and love it. You can get the dark grey one for $155 on Amazon right now. It's light and you really can't go wrong with Osprey since you're basically buying it for life.

Pants thread.

Looking for /out/ pants for hiking/camping/casualwear.

I have a pair of zip off convertible pants from Gander Mountain, guide series trailhead. They're very light and comfy enough to sleep in, but they kind of make me look like a /k/ommando for doing any thing other than hiking.

Would like a pair of /out/pants that I could wear casually too. Something that fits like jeans, only is comfortable enough to hike in.

Pic is Kuhl pants. They're expensive. Anyone have other options?
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I wear Patagonia Quandary pants most of the time. They go from work to climbing and back with just a quick dusting-off of the chalk.
Fjallraven Keb Gaiter masterrace.
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Post more pants

I'm planning on doing a little EU at an old abandoned textile mill right outside of my college. This will be my first of this scale, so what things should I keep in mind while creeping around?

Location[ 44.8729178,-68.6739612 ]
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Don't go alone.
Tell someone not going with you where you are going.
Bring the best filter mask you can afford.
Fully charged cell phone, (per person).
First aid kit.
Know how to use first aid kit.
Minimum of three light sources, preferably none involving open flame.
Carbon monoxide detector.

Optional, (arguably).
Crappy goodwill cloths you can throw away after, in case of contamination.
GPS, (if your phone doesn't have it).
Food and water for at least one...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

while a little something to keep methheads and hobos away might come in handy, it also makes you max suspicious when the cops arrest you for breaking into that shithole.
Will probably turn misdemeanor trespassing into a felony.

Gun is probably not worth it. You're not Strelok in the zone, there are no bloodsuckers, leave the mak at home.

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How many people on /out/ have a beard?

Just curious
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I do.
I am bearded

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