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Got a favorite?
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yosemite, no question

that being said, it is really upsetting how many fucking people are there at all months of the year
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Big Bend

Only one I've been to :/
zion is nice too, actually, all utah parks are fucking great

arches is a little touristy, but what can you do

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!!! This is a scientific mission !!!
>!!! This is a scientific mission !!!

I am looking for the most advanced and toughest Outdoor Equipment of our time.

What items come in your mind when you think about a futuristic outdoor setup?

titan mugs, ceramic blades? extreme long-life headlamps? super light self inflating shelters? intelligent clothing?

nEW concepts and innovations are welcome.
!post your kit list for this mission!
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In cyber age 2015 we use this. I think it is pretty gud. It heats up everything. You don't need shoes while you sit in the cold.
What movie is that from?
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Woot has the bushcraft carbon steel Mora on sale for $40.

Looking to buy a Mora just to see if it really deserves it's reputation around these parts.

So if you were to buy a Mora, which model would it be?
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i have a Companion for food/slicing and a Robust for hard work
I'm tempted to get it, if only to be part of the meme.

I know nothing about Moras, though.
I bought a mora. On sale at local shop for 11$. Though why the hell not. The only thing they can do well is process food and feather stick smaller stuff. They are hyped by hipsters and trail fags

I also hate how mora fags claim weight then next sentence tell you should have a axe and laplander. A single big knife tho? Na to much weight.

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How has /out/ changed your life?
Me? I have three new hobbies:
>Cairn kicking.
>Dumping bags of pennies in places where metal detectorfags ply their craft.
>Pooping in geocaches.

It has honestly reinvigorated my desire to get out innawoods.

Thanks guys! I actually mean it.
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Thanks for the tip on pennies I hadn't seen that one.

Got one for you I picked up in the scary stories thead: climb up on high ground above someone camping and hurl stones down on them.

Bet it'd be a lotta fun.
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I've become a gearfag with shallow personal relationships.
> itt maladjusted, asocial, weeboo, hipster faggots

On the bright side, op will never find his first cache.

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survival card.jpg
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I have seen a lot of different things here called gimmicks. What do you think are some real gimmicks?
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dude thats bad ass I want one
>I have seen a lot of different things here called gimmicks.

It's a common phrased used by people who sit in their parents basement in attempt to elevate themselves by putting down things they can't afford, due to things like their parents not giving them much of an allowance.

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2015-10-10 20.07.58.jpg
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So next weekend I embark in a 3-4 day kayak trip in 10,000 islands FL. I will be launching from goodland and spending the first night on Coon Key. This is the first time I have gone island camping.
My long time friend will be accompanying me in a single person kayak rated for open water. I will be using the Helios 2 inflatable in the picture. So any advice? Ive done desert camping, backpacked numerous ranges, retired army.
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watch for falling coconuts
I would be more worried if it was a three hour tour... a three hour tour.
Bump with random mangrove pic.

We did about 7miles this day

Coon key from launch is only 2.5 miles

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no multi-tool thread?
let's have a multi-tool thread!

i just went to fondle a bunch of them most of them were leatherman and a victorinox swisstool.

all the leathermans were fairly easy to handle but had a flimsy and cheap feeling compared to the swiss tool. the swiss tool on the other hand was fuck unergonomic. it hat great quality tools that you can't possibly open unless you have a thick long strong nail. wtf? why does victorinox do that?
i can't buy this shit, is there a manufacturer that got it all right?
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leathermans are best. ive never held one that wasnt a sturdy tool. ive never used a swiss multi-tool but they always seem to just have way to many tools on them, id never use half of them

i have a leatherman surge and i think im gonna be getting a charge soon, we'll see tho
tool density is the same tbh it's just the swiss tools blades and awls and everything is stronger more durable better at doing shit.

but you need a tool to deploy the tools which is insane.

leathermans are not nearly as tough and robust and good quality, they have gimmicky features too, buut they are easy to operate even one handed on certain tools.

many supertools rebars and surges have been bent using the plier the frame can't take what the plier head can take the skeletool is the other...
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I got a beat up Leatherman Blast for $20 at a yard sale. Did I did good?

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So I know a lot of folks here have such nice things to say about brands like timberland, merrel, Solomon and Columbia. And it seems /k/'s favorite flavors are Bates, belville, and danners....

But what about all the other brand of hiking boots you see at places like Big5 and Sports authority. Bearpaw, Denali, itasca, and Hi-Tec are a few that I see for reasonable inexpensive prices. But what is /out/ experience with such brands? Any recommendations or horror stories.

All I'm looking for is a waterproof, all black workshoe that could also be used comfortable trekking from work in a SHTF scenario. I want the shoe/boot that is reliable and worth the moneys. My limit is about $100 but I don't mind going over $20-$30
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Let me correct myself
Color is not so important, and neither is brand. I just need a good pair of a boots/shoes that will last me more than 2 years
i like asolo tps. very comfortable, dry quickly, waterproof

on extended hikes with shit on your back they quickly begin to feel like an extension of your leg/foot and it's almost like you arent even wearing a boot.

Often they would be the last thing i would take off after setting up camp b/c my crocs were only moderately more comfortable (though much more breathable)
My brother wears hi-tec boots for work, and for hiking. He seems to like them. I can't vouch for them personally.

Merrell Moabs are an /out/ favorite and can be had for around $120. I have a pair and love them. Merrell often has other shoes at mall shoe stores like "shoe dept" and they're pretty nice.

/k/ boot choices are fine for work, but bad for hiking. Danner are awesome boots but not exactly hiking boots. I wear all black Timberland work boots (very similar to bates/galls brand), and tried hiking in them once. 2 mile hike and my feet hated it.

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Stumbled across this dude recently. I'm not one for proclaiming a king of /out/ but he's definitely contender.

>lived alone for nearly thirty years in the mountains of Alaska in a log cabin he had constructed by hand near the shore of Twin Lakes.

The full thing isn't available on youtube, but i found a torrent.

Here's a Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3jQi-AsNnWVXzBjbFNWdzBkdXc
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Yep, he was hard core, I hear a lot MGTOW's trying to claim him for their own.

I'm not sure I'd be strong enough to spend as much time alone in the wilderness as he did but I sure would like the chance.
Holy shit you fucking newfag. Do you really think /out/ isnt aware of dick Proenneke?
Please next tell me about Ray Mears, he isnt discussed much either.
posted DL link for three amazing /out/ themes films. Why are you fucking whining you faggot? And why did you bump this thread if you think it's so irrelevant?

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Daily reminder that even our king says that there is not a knife made that can perform as well as a hatchet while /out/.

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Daily reminder that even our king says that there is not an orange made that can perform as well as an apple while baking apple pie.
In what way is he our king and a wedge shaped bit of wood can do the job of knives and hatchets.
> Doesn't recognize our king

Welcome newfriend

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Ingen Grenser.jpg
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If you had a gf in a wheelchair and wanted to include her in your outdoor activities, how would you do it?
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Dette er IKKE morsomt
More importantly, how do you have sex?

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What is this?
Post your finds
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Self bump
Nobody fossils?
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Can anyone ID this fish? It's an heirloom.

It would greatly help if you posted where they were found. The more specific, the better.

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Hello /out/,

I've been seeing a lot of patch threads lately and I felt like it's the right time to lend a hand.

For those of you not familiar with Kommandostore, we're a company spun off of /k/ which sells a lot of military surplus clothing and equipment along with teeshirts, patches, and other goodies we custom manufacture.

I'm posting here now, because KommandoStore is doing a run of patches for /k/ very soon. I've got a graphic team already working on prepping the designs for production, it would be trivial for us to throw in...
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Run 100 each of the bear at the table, the shield with the ursa major, the mora shield, and the cairn kicker.

All 100% embroidered w/ merrowed edge and iron on backing.

Don't run them where they look like hammered dog shit with zero definition on the bears face. Make a better cairn kicker patch than the shit that was just produced. Maybe offer different constellations in the shield patch. Some people wanted Orion, others the Southern Cross, etc.
Plz save us ivan
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just fuck my shit up

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Does /out/ use nature drugs?
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I've done plenty of mushrooms throughout my years and I don't really enjoy them at all. I've done LSA quite a few times as well, and though it's interesting the purge makes it not quite worth it, and not really functional for being /out/. Mescaline was alright but I only did it once, I don't know much about it. DMT is great, but gets old pretty quick and isn't fun for actually doing stuff. DMT and LSA require extraction though.

LSD will always be my preferred /out/ drug, and it's...
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That's my jam. Golden teachers, or amanita muscaria. Very different experience. Muscaria is at most a once a year kinda thing. The more common types like atlantis or cubensis can be done weekly and are always a good time.

Just don't eat what you find out there unless you're damned sure it is what you think it is, or you could die.

>Fuck pscilocybin though. Dirty nasty

Woah bro. No bro.

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Did shrooms a few times. I went into it a little apprehensive due to warnings about doing them alone from erowid.com. I had recently been introduced to legal herb by a relative and during one session got really frightened. At the time it could be bought at a smoke shop and so my reasoning was that mushrooms an illegal substance could potentially induce a much more frightening state.
In retrospect I probably did not get the full effect as I did not consume them on a completely empty stomach. I really did not have...
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Post a landscape picture of your last /out/ related activity. Other /scouts/ try to guess the location. You could take a guess at the state, park, forest other geographical location types.

Pic is where I camped last night.
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No. Posting on my phone and this website sucks.
well memed

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