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Has anybody on /out/ been stalked by a mountain lion?

Had a close call?

Seen a mountain lion?

Share your stories
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Been hiking and camping shitloads my entire life all over Montana/Washington/Wyoming and have never seen anything more than tracks. Motherfuckers stay out of sight. Completely alright with me.

>not referring to them as cougars

half the syllables m8
I was just south of big sur. A guy i met on the bus out there said he would show me a cool spot. I didnt like it and wanted to sleep on the beach. I figured the beach was just over the ridge so i keep hiking. The trail keeps switching back and the sun is getting low so i cut through an opening that appears to lead to the ridge. I end up in someones back yard. Oops. I keep going...another persons back yard, then another, then another, and another. The sun is now setting and i'm not walking at night. I find myself in an open area between somebody's property and a group...
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I keep banging the tire and throw some sticks over towards it, it stays motionless and silent. I slowly back down the slope to the private road near the rv campers and spend the next two hours with my back to a tree. Whatever it was didnt follow me. It was big enough to crack a stick and it didnt run when i popped up. I am almost positive it was a mountain lion. Either that or a human, but i really dont think a human would have tried to sneak up on me like that because i was practically invisible from where...
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Is this guy legit /out/? He seems like a super chill dude but I'm afraid he's not the real deal.
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Fire skills are impressive.
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>a real deal.
The only way to find out, is to get into a real survival situation. I'm afraid overconfident people usually are the first to break under extreme stress. (usually, not always)

A "survival expert" may not be able to deal with failures.
>I've been training, practicing and teaching other people to survive and now, when it's real I can't do it.

If a normal person fails to make a friction fire, it's...
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Hello, /out/. Forgive me if this is an usual kind of shitposting this board gets since this is the first post i do in this board, but since there is a shit ton of controversies and people arguing about what to do and not to do in a survival scenario contradicts what some people say, is there any kind of tip or rulebook that has been confirmed to have the least amount of facts that has been proved wrong, or, in general, to be the most correct?

Pic related, ive seen no one so far talk bad about the SAS survival guide.
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It's not like there isn't a book thread or anything already
Haven't noticed
>that has been confirmed to have the least amount of facts that has been proved wrong
confirmed or proved wrong by whom?

I personally didn't find this book very useful. Almost everything in it is either obvious, or explained too superficially to be useful in practice. I spotted a few "facts" I most certainly don't agree with.

John Wiseman's book is by no means a bad book, but it claims to be the ultimate guide to surviving anywhere, and it's not.

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Which is the best Great Lake and why is it Lake Huron?

State or Province;
Lake you're close to
What's there to do?
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Huron, superior, ontario/michigan, erie. in that order

they're all better on the canuck side anyway
I live in niagara on the lake

Lake Ontario is trash but the Niagara river is chill af. This summer me and my friends did a twelve km float to the mouth of the river.

Lake Erie is bretty good if you know the right beaches.

Lake Huron is based though, tobermory is GOAT
>canuck side

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Albino kill you in your sleep spider, I think.
A white flower spider.
A good one?

Is it possible to live in a tent outside and still work? Like have a tent within reasonable walking distance of a bus or something to take you into town while you save up money?
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Possible: Yes
Good idea: No
It's only for a month or two until I save up rent money
What about a large canvas tent like the surplus army ones pitched on a wooden deck/base with a wood burning stove?

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Is a hatchet worth the extra weight when backpacking?
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No, Sven saw. Break your tinder, chump.
>mfw I just got the 6 sven saws (vintage, still in package, american made) I picked up at a thrift shop in Missouri this summer for next to nothing each, in the mail
>looking at a pile of sven saws

wut do?
Ebay that shit or sell it to me.

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7 zs.jpg
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>You will never sail the seven seas in search of gold, tea and tobacco

Where can one find "adventure" in 2015 aside from Treeplanting
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Feels good, man.
Space? I don't fucking know use your imagination.
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this is a huge feel for me. There no place to go to that's a true "adventure"

Help me /out/. I'm baffled by paracord. Why do people buy this nonsense?
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People are stupid.
My buddy Dave suggests bank line.

I agree.
Paracord is literally a meme cordage. Why anyone would pay that much money for cordage that they are going to dispose of boggles my mind.

Not to mention that it is heavy and it takes up a TON of volume.

I usually carry a small length of thin bank line for when I really need strength, but aside from that, I just use a natural fiber twine as it is cheap, lightweight, and is low volume. The stuff is practically free.

But yeah get paracord if you like to make cute bracelets and jewelry to impress your...
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What's /out/'s opinion on hunting in Africa, in non canned hunts and for species that are Least concerned.

Anyone know where I can go do that?
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If that is indeed the case, then it's no different from hunting anywhere else, silly.
You can still do big game hunting with those criteria. Cape buffalo is least concerned and hunting those is both dangerous and rewarding, plus you are injecting a serious amount of money into the local economy by doing one of those hunts.

RIP Cecil

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Sup guys

I'm putting together a map of the best places to get /out/ to.

Starting with the UK but will expand elsewhere to.

Some of my favourites

- All of Scotland but specifically Skye (Camasunary), Torridon, The Applecross Peninsula
- Forest of Dean
- New forest
- Cornish coast

What are yours?

Any good big forests you can reliably get away with wild camping for a few days?
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Not from the UK, but I keep hearing about Dartmoor.

There have been 2 UK /out/ meetups in Dartmoor and it is a pretty great place. It's HUGE, it's legal to wildcamp there (this isn't much of a problem though really) and it's beautiful.

My favourites would be Dartmoor, S. Wales Valleys and The Gower.


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hi /out/. I've never been here before; please be kind.

Looking to rent a cheap wood furnace cabin in the middle of nowhere (ideally in the New England area, but I can move around) for a literary month of isolation. Anyone have any recommendations, advice, experiences with similar endeavors?

pic unrelated because I don't really know what's contemporary on this site anymore.
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Do you have any experience outdoors?
Have you ever been camping?
What food are you going to bring?
Is it near water or do you have to bring a month worth of water?
What are you going to do for fun?
Why are you doing this?
>Why are you doing this?
did you read his post?

OP I'd look up airbnb type accomodations, you can get some off the grid style cabins and stuff through there, which can be nice. no idea whether its possible in your part of the world though. dont know how "isolated" you're actually wanting to be. but if youre there for a whole month, it'd be good to get a place in the woods but near enough to a small...
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I'm actually primarily going to be reading and maybe keeping a journal. I picked up 14 boxes of books for free off a dude on craigslist and I want some time just for tearing through them.

So, in regards to electricity, I can work without it. My accommodations would be ideal if the main light source was candles and my only sources of heat being a wood stove/furnace. Just wanna read and chop wood.

File: 7A_-_ALICEpack.jpg (773 KB, 2000x1339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's the pack pictured here? I want to make this ALICE pack; I know nothing.
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A bad one. Go for commercial bags.
> buy medium ALICE pack w/frame
> start checking off list

I do not understand your confusion?
I was wondering the specific bag in the picture.

Is it bad? Ok so would you think this is good:


+ the Frame that's frequently bought together?

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My friend and I are going on a road trip to Nevada and possibly California. Do any of you guys have any suggestions for abandoned places we can explore? We're coming down from Alberta and are looking for some really cool places, like airplane boneyards or power plants, cool shit that Canada is lacking, though any suggestion is welcome.
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> "abandonded" places


> trespass

Power plants?
> trespass

Airplane graveyard?
> military base, felony trespass

Ghost towns?
> we may have a winner
I hear there's an old air base about 20 miles SW of Rachel. Don't mind the signs.
Any interest in Native American sites?

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Camping on your own land illegal in colorado.

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>land of the free and home of the brave
Murica fuck yeah
Land of the free, indeed.
It's an increasing trend. You belong to the state, as far as they are concerned.


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