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anyone going tomorrow?
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No because it's far from me and all the good shit is gone by 6 am...
I'm not a member. What do you have to d to become one?
How much could I get a sleeping bag and other gear for?
Any tips?
to become a member you pay 20 bucks. it pays for itself very quickly. a few years ago i bought a bike there that pretty much only they were offering. one of my favorite bikes and they gave me back like 100 dolarydoos because i was a memeber. also, i just bought a new rain jacket there last week and i got a 20 dollar gift card because i was a member. didn't even think about the garage sale, it was rei brand i bet it would be 40% off tomorrow.

all in all, it is a box store. but it is one of the best box stores that exists.

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Who here /inna telescope/?

What scope do you use? Or binoculars?

I use a 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain. I've been meaning to get into this hobby more lately. I've done the usual Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula, Pleiades Cluster.

What are some other cool things you like to look at?
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I have a few questions about scopes and photography if you or any other anons wouldn't mind answering them.

First of all, is a telescope (either reflector or refractor) truly required or would a decent sized (80mm) spotting scope work? Also do you do any astrophotography? If so, what equipment do you use?
I have an 8" dob I used to use a lot. I still use it fro time to time, but with the combination of increasing light pollution and Accutane damaging my night vision, I don't take it out much. I've seen the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, and Whirlpool Galaxy and a couple star clusters. I wish I could get out to dark sky sites with my mortarscope, I'd love to see more galaxy definition than a faint smudge. Regardless, it's still fun.
I really like the ring nebula, m57.

Is this geocaching as fun as it seems? Does anyone have any interesting stories? It's kind of weird that there's little secret caches of goodies around the area I live where people visit once in a while.
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I've never tried this OP but it sounds fun, my dad was considering doing this.
I think it's actually a little less fun than it seems, but it's a good way to kill an afternoon
It can be a fun little way to discover an area you've never been or learn history about the area you are in. i like to do it when i get to a new city, youc an learn a lot about a city based on it's geocaches and the facts that are given in the description. sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass to find, almost to the point where it's more of an unpleasant experience then a good one. That's why i don't look for micro's anymore, fuck those little things. It can also be a fun date activity if you don't have anything else to do.

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what would you have done in this situation /out/?

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I would have left the kayak alone and mauled her for having such an annoying voice
Wow that bitches voice is annoying as fuck.
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Hi /out/! /mu/ here. Wanna go to the winter ball with us?

We offer you gifts of OC and a mixtape.

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OC fresh off the presses, courtesy of /mu/
We'd love it if you'd come with us!

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Hey /out/, not sure if this is exactly the right board but uh...

I want to try out bike touring, and am planning to go on a 500km tour during spring break.

Heres my list of things I think I should bring, anything I missed out on? Any general tips for long distance biking?

safety glasses (pocket)
first aid (pannier)
cellphone (pocket)

waterproof jacket (pannier) alpinetek waterproof jacket 80$
waterproof pants (pannier)
sweat pants (pannier)
fleece (pannier)
poly-pro (pannier)
socks (wool, hiking sock, that...
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what the fuck this place exists? SHIT
Sounds good to me. 500km is not that much, you won't need to take spare tires. Be sure to get flat-proof tires like schwalbe marathon, though. Always carry enough water and always have bananas with you. Get a micro-fibre towel if you can, they're lightweight and dry super fast.

Also you don't neccessarily need expensive stuff to tour. I toured the netherlands on a supermarket bike with cheapo-panniers. Had no major problems. The one thing you need to put money in is a good an sturdy rack, everything...
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Im going innawoods in a few days. only for one day and im gonna sleep out there too.

Its my first time going innawoods and i was wondering if you guys had any good tips, as well as, any core things i should bring or remember.

I got a glock 20, so that should cover me in terms of defense for the most part i think. Got a pack with a little sleeping bag, i just plan on rolling it out on the ground, maybe invest in a little tent later on. Also a few MREs.

I got plenty of basic stuff, like matches, tinder, flashlight, knife, etc.
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you'd be surprised how little you actually need bro.
Heres some bare essentials
-Water container (SS or Ti)
-Water filter
-lighter( or firesteel if you wanna seem edgy)
-hatchet or small forest axe( brand is up 2u)
you have MREs
-tarp (getting cold outside so duct tape a emergency blanket on it)
hammock or tent? up2u
-100ft or cordage
basicly it....beside your firearm w/ 2 extra spare mags and maybe a 50rd box.
100ft or cordage? what do you mean by that? and why.

yeah i got four 15 round magazines of some hot 10 mm loads. I dont even have bears in my area, and im well equip for even that.

I have no filter at the moment, but i have a few excellent contains for the occasion. Also something for boiling water/cooking in.

No hatchet at the moment, but for a one day one night excursion i think i wont need it right?
10mm. safety: always off.

Can we make a very subtle Dick Proenneke /MGTOW patch?
Just his face no lettering or maybe some stickers?
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Are you that guy who's still trying to make a MGTOW commune in "colorado/new mexico?" You might want to get a bit farther along with that before making patches.
Not the same guy but much more culture needs to be build before an actual 3D community can come together. I my estimation even real planning stages for such an endeavor is at least a year away.
I think the patch should be his head, iconic beanie and all.

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Alright, so there's an abandoned oilfield facility not far from my house that I plan on using as either a homestead or a happening bunker. As far as I know it was last used in early 2014, as a large pipe I found is labeled June 2014. Anyway, I need help with the following.
>Finding an effective, inexpensive power source. I was thinking about solar panels.
>General list of things I should consider putting in it

Red is the main building I plan on using.
Blue is another building I may use if red proves...
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Bump for interest. I have a similar idea for an abandoned factory near me.
Are those barrels north of the red circle stacked in a precarious way, such as to create a deployable blockade?
>Unused for barely a year

I'd wait a little longer, friend.

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solly group.jpg
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>haven't done cardio in forever
>spending two days in a cabin with ~20 dudes/sloots ive never met
>probably the only black guy on the trip since black people don't camp
-no electricity or running water

it's in a week

Should I abort? I'm trying to do new things while i'm in college because fapping/games every weekend is getting stale, especially when all my suite mates are out being real people.
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if you are really badly out of shape and it requires backpacking in you might want to re think it.

but other than that no. you should try it out you might like it. you might even make a friend. but living in a cabin isn't really camping. in my opinion it is worse because you have to deal with the animals that makes cabins their homes.

also people make fun of other races, you probably do it too nigger, but once you actually meet someone you think of them as a person not a stereotype, right? well all...
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Women, weed, alcohol and 2 people who don't want to be there.
go for it man! no big deal. probly just be college kids behaving like college kids. just make sure you bring the basics like sleeping bag, seep mat, personal hygiene stuff, food, water, TP, clean undies, some decent hiking shoes.

only thing i can say is dont get drunk/high. keep your cool man. should be fun.

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Anyone here fish?

I recently started fishing and holy shit have I been missing out. It's peaceful and thrilling as fuck. Can anyone give me some tips?

Discuss catches,rods,lakes,ect.
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What's this? New <>< fishing general?


Caught these today, got a few more photos of other fish too, will post later.
Here's a tip: Use the catalog. >>581684
While I agree, the thread is about to go past bump limit. We should congregate here after that event occurs

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What kind of people will you run into at campgrounds?
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All kinds , dirty hippies, cut throat organ harvestors, crooked rangers, trail trolls, devil worshippers, etc.
and the bums
Mostly human.

Some skinwalkers.

Maybe a few Aliens, odd bigfoot or two.

But, mostly humans. You know the type, right?

Can someone quickly fill me in on kayaks?
I have passively wanted a kayak for a while, and near me there are 2 of these clearwater 8 and a half foot kayaks.
They are on clearance for 100$ new.


I almost impulse bought one today, but didnt.
I see people giving it decent reviews for being a cheap no name one.

Is there anything inherently wrong with it?
I plan on just floating around local lakes and channels to fish with, so it wont be white water rafting.
I see a lot of them are...
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You can get an inflatable kayak for cheaper, if that floats your boat.
buy it if you are interested in kayaking. 100 bones is pretty good for a yak, and really if it floats it will do just fine. dont forget that you'll more than likely have to drop around 50 on a paddle though

and for another 100 you can add a few rod holders and maybe an anchor trolley, and itlt look and feel like a $500 one (if fishing is your gig), which is what i did with one i got from costco

i have a 10 footer that tracks just fine, but that also has alot to do with your paddling technique which will get better as you go. yours seems to have a similar...
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I do, but I kayak off the coast - bay and ocean. Generally speaking, longer yaks are for seas and shorter ones are for lakes and rivers.

$100 is great for any yak, but I'd be skeptical of the quality. Still, it should be a great learner platform. Make sure you get proper-sized paddles and a PFD.

/out/ grills thread ?
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That doesn't look save at all.
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What does /out/ think of Scotland?
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glen affric.jpg
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Ben Nevis.jpg
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