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skyrim with mods.jpg
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I play a lot of these. If you're a non-PC master race, good luck finding good ones. Steam has a lot of promising ones in alpha and beta.
-the long dark
-the forest
-dayZ (more zombies though)
-Minecraft with mods and texture packs (lies realistic but there are many ways to play this game)
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I really liked MGS3. It's a great game but it has a some survivalism features as well as camouflage system and field medicinary stuff too.

/out/s tips on climbing palisades?
also general urbanex discussion
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just walk around it you dingus
How to urbanex abandoned buildings/places without getting shot by police for trespassing?
in the uk you can't even be arrested for trespassing

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Whats your favorite /out/ reality show? Just started watching pic related and its pretty good
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Dual survival.

Matt graham is a legend.
>Reality Show

Is the only exception when Lundin and Canterbury were together.
I would watch the new dual survival if I was into watching two guys bushcraft anal lube out of tree sap

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(Rain) Poncho's!

do you use them?

+protects you from wetness
+protects you from cold and wind
+provides you Camouflage
+provides you Camouflage for your backpack
+provides you a shelter / use it as tarp

>Ponchos are for pro's
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i have a goretex jacket, it's kinda like a poncho i guess
I got a sea to summit silnylon poncho. Weather protection, pack cover, and hammock tarp all in one. I think it weighs something like 8 oz.
Only downside is i look like Quasimodo while wearing it with backpack on.

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Post your cook kits /out/.

This is mine at the moment. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist with a Home made hobo stove, windshield & 50ml hand sanitizer bottle for my fuel. This bottle holds enough fuel for 2 medium sized meals or one big cook. I have other bottles of various sizes depending on the duration of my trip /out/ & how many meals I need to cook. If I take more than 150ml of fuel then the bottle no longer packs into the kit.

With the bottle pictured full, it all weighs in at a shade over 14oz. You can keep your lightweight titanium kits. The non-stick...
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I have the GSI Pinnacle Dualist, but I mainly bought it as a single person kit with the ability to drag my girlfriend outside and have the additional cookware when needed.

I wanted the 1.7L pot so I could boil that much more water in one go. Lastly, I can fit my mini stove (amazon $6.50 shipped), two isobutane canisters, small sponge, small dish soap and all the accessories inside the 1.7L pot which all fits in the stuff sack. The entire setup weighs around 25oz.

Though I do like the appeal of having a titanium mug and a titanium pot for myself, and just cooking...
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You have sponges but no soap?

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I need a comrade to join me since my workbuddy can't come.

I will work near Munich soon and have the 11th and 12th of April for a tiny adventure.

My plan is to drive to Ohlstadt, park the car, go into the mountains, get up to Heimgarten, then maybe up to 1750 meters to Herzogstand, enjoy the sun going down, spend the night bivvy-style, see the sun coming up, and walk back. The way itself is about 10km each way with 1200 m difference in height.

The way will provide an epic view into the alps, but technically there will be no climbing or difficulty.

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I posted this on /trv/ and a dude answered, but he said he isn't fit.

I'm not exactly /fit/-material either, i work in an office and don't do any sports. That's why i have picked such an easy trek.

Last year i walked three weeks through the Harz mountains (Harzanon) and met a dude from 4chin (Clausthal-Anon) who showed me that you just walk into a gym, take a shower and waltz out, even tho you don't belong and don't fit into the gym-users-class either. We later sneaked to some old Nazi munition factory, a place where we where not supposed...
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Ah, what a shame.
I would be interested, but I have stuff to do in the evening on the 11th, so I don't think that would work out. And I don't know if I will have a car that day either.
Also, some advice.
The 10km will be easy, but if you're not used to it, the 1200m can be quite a lot. However, even a unfit person can do it, just don't give up, and walk in a reasonable pace. Take breaks if you have to, and bring some snacks (cereal bars or whatever).

And check the weather before you go, the week before will be pretty cold with lots of precipitation. I doubt snow will stay in that area, but it doesn't hurt to check some webcams.

Bring Gaiters and waterproof shoes should...
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Post God-Tier Forests
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/r/ing locations with posts.

Pic is Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama. Not my picture, but I have been.
> Implying i don't have a whole folder filled with forest wallpapers

I'm looking at getting some Nike SFBs. I live in a woodsy region, but the prairie is close by too. Does anyone know how SFBs fare in the Midwest?

Also, post boots and boot questions.
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These boots are not authorized I/A/W AR 670-1

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Hey guys, Britbong here. A lot of us missed out on the first 50 patches that were generously sent out by the OP. So I've enquired about getting the same design, in sew-on format, made for a second run of patches.

If I order a batch of 50 patches that are 3" across, combined with domestic/international shipping it looks like they'll be £3.50 each.

Anyone interested? I don't want to drop £100 and be stuck with a load of patches. Of course, you can order more than one if you want, and each extra patch would be around £2.30 more as shipping...
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I missed the first 50 too. Definitely on board, OP.
I like the design. Have you considered using a site like Etsy for folks to order from?
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I'm looking at ways around Etsy+ Ebay fees now.

What'ya think, anons?


Asked /fit/ about this subject this morning and learned that this board exists, so:
Has anyone here ever go on any long distance hikes/walks (like a week or longer)? I'd like to do one in a year or two and am looking for tips and advice that isn't from an article. How was training for it? What do you wish you would've brought? Which trail is best?

Te Araroa (pic related) looks amazing, but I definitely wouldn't do that for my first time.
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>all those fuckfaces wandering around the background

I thruhiked the PCT last year. Mostly solo. It was my third backpacking trip and first longer than 40 miles.

The best way to prepare physically is to walk uphill and downhill with your pack. But walking and running in general are good. The more physical prep you do the easier it is in the beginning. But your feet will probably hurt no matter what you do for the first couple of weeks.

I spent 4 months on the PCT. Its a good first trail because there is a lot of hiker infrastructure and great scenery (high sierras, goat rocks, north cascades). If you want to try a shorter trail, the long trail or Colorado trail are options.

I started out carrying about 14lbs of gear and ended my hike with 10-11lbs. The one thing I wish I had during the hike was a pair of cheap gloves to keep my hands warmer in the morning and at night in camp or getting water.

Gear choice has a lot of compromise. The only advice I'd really give is to not cheap out on your shelter, sleep system and pack. Getting lightweight, quality gear up front will save you hassle and money later.

Getting through a long hike comes down to dealing with being uncomfortable. Walking with lots of blisters or an injury, days of being soaked and cold, etc... You never know what the trail will throw at you.
Make sure to bring carabiners with you.

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shtf bob 2.jpg
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BOB/SHTF thread.

Post your kits, kids.
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i'm always a little curious why so many of you load up with a 10/22, often with a scope on it. ...?

varmint hunting for food and personal protections

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Old Thread>>446038

>fishing stories, techniques, tips, pics, and recipes

Lubricate your knot
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Guys I'm going to go fishing off the gulf coast soon in about a month. I've always fished off lakes and rivers, and only been surfing fishing once with some bros. I'm going to be fishing off a pier for a good part of the trip, as well as a boat. Luckily I have an Abu Garcia C4 baitcaster that I use for catfishing, so it's should be good for fishing off a pier. But what kind of rod would be best to pair it with from the surf and the a pier? Any recommended rigs for mackeral or redfish? Is it worth getting a really long landing net if I'm fishing high up from a pier?
Any suggestions for a good fish finder to rig on a sit inside kayak? I'd like to spend no more than $200. I've never used one before.

Also what's the best kind of battery to use in a kayak? Are there any compact batteries specifically for kayaks? Would be great to have something that would let me power other electronics for future upgrades like nav & cockpit lights. Being able to charge a phone out on the water would be really cool too.
>fish finder
pick one

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Well i've been living in Germany for quit some time. The Laws here are pretty straight foreward when it comes to knives. Police already took a very good knive from me because i could snap it open with one Hand. I walked back home- in frustration anger and tears- an fucked up another knife of mine so that Police can't take it with them if they stop me again.
What was ur worst Knife Fuckep?
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German No 2 reportin in.

I carry my Blades in the backpack... until I am outside a City/village.

I never would "fuck up" a knife only because of Policeslaves/law
i think i hated the serrated edge and the 11 CM Law was clearly broken. so i trimmed it down to 9 und deleted the serrations. i deeply regret that i went full retard. -.-.
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german no.3 repotin in

welp that one fugged up knife

look at this pic the blade length is defined s the length to the parry guard. (red length)
you dont look at the cutting edge (yellow) and you dont subtract the bottom bit (green) just because its different.
it needs to be shorter then 12 cm or it will never be legal
most accurate summary i have seen in the past is >http://www.vivalranger.com/index.php/wissensdatenbank/outdoorrecht/96-outdoorrecht-teil-i-messer-machete-multitools
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DSCN8448 (Large).jpg
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I like to push boulders down steep hills and video it. Today I found an excellent candidate for pushing but this thing is heavy. How could I go about doing this? I tried pushing it with a large branch underneath but it didn't even budge.

I'm thinking maybe a jack but getting to the boulder is kinda difficult and carrying a jack might be tough, although if it came in pieces i could carry the parts one at a time.

Any ideas?
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DSCN8435 (Large).jpg
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The first pic was below, this is above the rock.
File: DSCN8431 (Large).jpg (581 KB, 1440x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DSCN8431 (Large).jpg
581 KB, 1440x1080
And this is a side shot.

Also getting here is kinda hard. Not only is the climb kinda steep but it's through thick foliage and moss covered wet rocks/bedrock. Also you can see it's snowing so that also makes it slippery.
Bring a few sections of 2×4 and a shovel to pry with. Figure it out from there.

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Can we have a thread about scouting? I was never a scout. I'm just reading a little bit about the merit badges and the requirements of such.
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This is the 1911 camping badge, for American Boy Scouts.
File: Camping2015.jpg (796 KB, 760x2102) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is 2015's Camping badge.
Sure. It's a "outdoor organization" ran by discriminatory christian douche bags, which has gone from a "awesome outdoor experience" for wealthy white christian boys to... well. It's still only for white christian boys, but now the "awesome outdoor experience" is sadly lacking.

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