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I feel like starting a hobby of gold prospecting. I feel like knowing the equipment is easy and even finding gold but hard part is finding a place to look for gold, as well as asking permission to use private land, using the BLM records, staking claims and all that.

I live in Northen Virginia and my peliminary research pretty much states the first gold mining in the US was actually done right here on foot hills edges of the Shanendoha.

I was doing some test panning in the upper Potomac at a friends house and found a few flakes a month ago but nothing really worth...
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sounds like you know this, but mineral rights are a serious fucking deal, so do your research before you step on someone's goes. claims are a matter of public record, but i don't know where to get them. start at the county building, maybe? they could probably at least tell you where you need to go to find out.
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Clarification: what you'll want is a Lost Dutchmen's Mining Association Membership from the GPAA

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Hey guys didnt know if i post this here but i live in California USA i have been thinking about moveing to the uk. Im a tow truck driver here. Could i get a work visa and apply for jobs out there and the take a plane. Also because the love the environment there would go camping like i try to do here but sucks
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Excuse my typos been a long night and im in bed.
Unless you are in Scotland, good look wildcamping. I would look up the land access laws of the U.K.
>Also because the love the environment there would go camping like i try to do here but sucks

Which is the best /out/ drink?
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I think we all know the correct answer.
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Good hiking meals/recipes?

Please share
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>salami/cransky/chorizo/whatever chopped in
Easy as fuck to make, tastes good, high in cals and protein.
Kinda feel like this is a lost cause. Everything that tastes good either needs a lot of stuff to be carried around with you or takes a lot of energy (regarding stoves with gas cartridges).
I prefer either making a real fire to make pasta or ready made food like pic related: tastes good, leightweight, fast to make.
Pasta, rice and oats are always great.

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I figured this isn't a /k/ thing so i came over to /out/ to get your opinion. I want an innawoods gloves, that is affordable (20$ or less) but i've come to a cross road
What glove is the best /out/ glove in terms of dexterity and the ability to do precise tasks whilst still wearing said glove, while also still being able to protect your hands from the elements?
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I use Ironclad Heavy's.
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This is out of your price range (80 dollars and up), but the Marmot Randonnee glove is the best cold weather glove I've ever used that still has good dexterity. I've tried on tons.

But if you live somewhere with warmer winters you don't need something that good.
I live in Michigan so the winter's can get pretty hectic here. I've had gloves like those for winter before, but they had literally froze on me! The rubber grips and outer layer had frozen over the day of me using them.
Had to hang them over the fire just to thaw at the end of the night.
Have you had any experiences like that with the Marmot's?

What are some /out/ appoved instruments in the backcountry? i would like to get a native flute for nights around the fire. what are some bushcraft instruments that can be put together on your downtime?
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A comb and paper comes to mind.

Be advised I camp alone, so ymmv.
Have you tried the skin flute?
Ultra Light Weight: Body Percussion, Singing

Light Weight: Clarke Whistle, Harmonica, Improvised drums, Jew harp

Car Camping: Guitar and Tambourine, Erhu, Didgeridoo

Fedora Tier: Uukes, Ocarina, Banjo, Mandolin, Band Instruments

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Hi /out/ hopefully this is an acceptable thread here.

I've been interested in wildlife/nature sounds recording for some time and I really don't know anything about it.
For what I've understood the equipment isn't too big or heavy so it'd be easy to carry and record when out.

Would love to hear if someone does this and has some tips on the topic.
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you should go to /mu/. they probably have something to recommend you there
just be aware we're one of the most awful boards ever. good luck tho desu
For what it's worth I've got a little Tascam sound recorder, pic related. It's got a lot of bells and whistles which I don't know how to use but it's light as a feather. It cost $100 so I assume it's good. Recordings turn out quiet as fuck, though, I guess it's meant to be held right next to a sound source. It's fine once you crank up the decibels in Audacity. No idea what you're supposed to use for nature recordings, but this is a decent all-rounder.
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Please, don't do this. /mu/ is a terrible, terrible place.

There is some anon that has tons of awesome nature recordings. You need a couple nice mics I'm sure, or at least not total garbage. I know the one anon actually made his own microphone as well, but I'm sure you need some knowledge of how it all works to build stuff successfully.

Does that have an input to plug a mic into? Something like that, plus a decent microphone made...
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Has anyone here ever used the Nike SFBs for hiking long trips? How do they fare in wet environments? Are they quality or regular Nike shit tier boots? Are they /out/ approved?
Pic related
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They're honestly stupid. If you want boots get boots with real soles. If you want athletic shoes, wear running shoes
File: MRL-W88623-0721101.jpg (189 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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get actual hiking boots
not fashion boots
NIKE SFB are not allowed to be used by soldiers because they fuck up feet
Met a lot of guys that swear by them for rucking but I don't really like them. No real ankle support. Just tall running shoes.

They're really cheap right now, but I think they just came out with a new generation that's better quality.

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So I'm hiking along and I came across pic related (orange peels). Immediately I was triggered beyond belief and all comprehension.
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I picked them up but noticed wolf hair and little spots of what looked like blood next to them. Trappers
File: IMG_3471.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I followed footprints for about a half mile into the woods when I came across a trap line marker. I left them a present.
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dat pic

File: myb060903101_5[1].jpg (152 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I need a good ruck for the Bataan Death March Memorial Ruck, right now I'm training with pic related and it's awful. Any suggestions?
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>inb4 Goruck GR1
ALICE with upgraded straps, ILBE are both solid options and they're cheap.
I'd buy one of those instantly if they didn't cost so damn much

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What kind of food woukd you take on a 2 day hike?
(Up a mountain)
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Rich with dried black beans, oats.

Be sure to eat the oats before going uphill.
lots of protein in pouch or small can form (chiggin/tuna/herring/sardines/salmon/cocktail weenies, SPAM singles, etc), a jar of applesauce per day, nuts & chocolate. dehydrated soup and/or pasta packets for din-din, vitamins, coffee/tea, pic related full of eggiwegs if you got the balls
Dinner and supper are the same thing

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Hey /out/, /k/ here.
Would combat-style boots such as pic be used in lieu of actual hiking boots? Or should I bite my lip, spread my wallet, and let go of my dreams of going full STALKER innawoods?
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With good insoles maybe but I fear for your feet regardless depending how far you go. Might want to waterproof them too.
Also have fun slipping in mud when it rains.

If you're going to get combat boots at least get something decent.

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Anyone else kind of get depressed during winter? I mean, I fish and catch little to nothing. There's not much to hunt. What the fuck am I supposed to do. I'm so bored. I wanted to ice fish, but frozen lakes around here wont support my weight.
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Lose weight so you can go ice fishing

You have SAD. Get more vitamin D.

And lose weight you fat shit.

>repeat procedure, take pictures
>post results

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for me its wildboys. These guys went straight into the wilderness, engaged the most dangerous animals, pet wild jaguars, got attacked by lionesses, got tattoos from tribes, purposely got bit and stung by everything that kills people.
Tho they act like idiots and did stupidly dangerous stuff, but they got endless stories and experiences; just one of their eps has more shit than most people do in their lives. i wouldnt do most it, but they came out alright and i got mad respect.

whats your fav /out/ show?
Any specific moments come to mind?
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Wildboyz was a legit as fuck travel show.
Shill your shitty show somewhere else


Les Stroud is the only one I can really tolerate as far as survival stuff goes. That "Dual Survival" show had me watching for a season when it first came out, but I really didn't follow it after that.

I mostly just watch cartoons and SportsCenter.

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What's the cheapest type of housing that would allow one to still have minimal electric power + Internet?
Would building a small cabin, and using solar panels, as well as mobile Internet the cheapest?
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If you want to know how to do it cheap, look at how developing countries do it. You can see huts made of debris, wood and metal sheets in every ghetto around the globe. If you want to keep it sustainable and long-lasting, a log cabin would be the best solution.
Earthbag house?
ive heard of people using styrofoam for housing, for its insulator properties and ease of use

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