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Surviving without shelter
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I will be leaving my life behind and going to new york on my bicycle. I will only be bringing myself, and a backpack. I have no money or housing, I will sleep where I lay down. I am in San Diego, so it will take me several weeks. What should I do to prepare for this journey? What should I bring?

I am planning to bring
>two pairs of jeans, 3 shirts, gloves, and a jacket
>sleeping bag
>water jug

I am leaving inside the next week and absolutely have to go due to circumstance. Any advice for living on the road? How do I survive? What else should I bring?
A tarp
in the space of about 5 lines you went from having no money to having $30 so if I were you i'd type like there's no tomorrow and you'll have enough money to pay off whatever debt it is that's forcing you to move across the country to escape
Things that I can think of off the top of my head:
- A hat and some underarmour will go a long way to keeping you warm.
- Some stuff for basic repairs (a sewing kit for your clothes a kit for patching a flat tire on your bike, duct tape for pretty much everything).
- food
- A sleeping mat is much more important than you'd think when it comes to sleeping outside. If you are in a city you can usually accomplish the same thing by sleeping on cardboard and if you are in the country you can sleep on foliage but it is stupid to rely on finding these things if you don't have to.
- Since you smoke you are presumably bringing a lighter as well but I would recommend having some redundancy when it comes to starting fire. Just bring some matches or a ferro rod or something.
All this shit is pretty essential, steal it if you cant afford buying it. It's worth the risk and shoplifting is easy if you are a white adult male (which you probably are since you are posting on 4chan).
waterproof pants and top, if you are riding a bike and it rains you will get soaked in about 30 seconds, you need moisture wicking clothes and a pop up tent at the very least
I was talking to a hobo once that told me if you are ever going to travel a long ways on foot or bike get a real good spoon.
Obviously a heroin addict.
I would consider what kind of weather you will be dealing with, then plan accordingly. I'm not from the states, but it is my understanding that the northern states are fucking cold right now, and a simple sleeping bag probably wont cut it exposed to the elements.

You'll need a tent/tarp and more layers.
>Tarping to keep yourself from element.
>A hammock. $15 folds up like softball
>Space blanket. Mixed with tarp better than sleeping bag. Will be waterproof.
>Something to boil water in.
>Flashlight / headlight

And that's four seconds of thinking.
I hope you're good at sucking dick for food money.

You're going to spend that $30 just leaving San Fransisco you faggot.
>warmest sleeping bag possible
>phone for 911 calls and wifi usage to find the locations of the local food pantries and soup kitchens

assuming you stick to the southern states until you hit the east coast and then shoot up to ny as quick as humanely possible, you may not freeze to death.
>Space blanket. Mixed with tarp better than sleeping bag.
Assuming you mean NYC, there are some things to consider about being homeless here.
>There are soup kitchens all over the place. It's pretty hard to go hungry unless you just refuse to move.
>NYC is typically 10-15 degrees F warmer than anything upstate. It's snowed once so far this year, and it melted by noon.
>Brooklyn is filled with dirty hipsters, so you'll fit right in.
>The crime rate in NYC is actually pretty low for a big city in the US.
>Shelters are not a guarantee like soup kitchens.
>Your bike will be stolen. "But I have a huge chain and..." Your bike will be stolen.
>Cigarettes are ludicrously expensive here. The cheapest, shittiest bargain brands are $12.99 per pack. Loosies are usually $1 at the bare minimum.
>If the cops see your knife, they will take it. They will bother you if you dare to be homeless in any area populated by white people or in the subway system. They will search you, and they will take your knife. They may even lock you up for having it depending on how big it is and weather or not it's a gravity knife.
>I hope you don't have a problem with rats.
>Other homeless people will try to con you. Trust no one.
Aside from all that, definitely bring a hat. Even if you have a full head of hair, your ears will freeze if you don't have a hat. Also, make sure you have gloves that are both insulated and windproof, and bring lots of socks.

still gonna freeze in the mountains. really bad time of the year to try to start this shit
OP, your supply list won't even last you as far as Arizona, especially since bicycles aren't allowed on interstates. Crossing the desert in So Cal is a multi-day trip for even experienced cyclists with good gear and appropriate bikes.

This is a trip that will take you several months, if you make it to New York at all. Since it's winter and you don't have much you have very little odds of success (that desert gets cold at night).

Bare minimum supplies you'll need:
>Repair kit for your bike
>Panniers/saddlebags to carry things on your bike
>At least 2 gallons of water storage
>Camp stove
>Multiple lighters
>Headlamp and at least 2 backup headlamps
>Up-to-date US Road Atlas
>Significantly more money than $30 because of food and cigarettes and stuff
>More clothes than what you have listed
Biking that far will wear through our pants within weeks

If you want further advice, there was a thread on /trv/ a while back about a guy that biked from Norway to South Africa. It may have been archived.
>Bikes and interstates

I wondered this..... how do people cycle tour these huge distances then?

I've looked up back-road routes and scenic shit to try and spice up a relaxed drive westward, but it almost triples the time. And thats in a car......

So dafuq?
Where I live at least, we have a couple of local roads that run parallel to the interstate. What probably causes the change in communte time is likely the speed limit. If the interstate is 70-80 mph, then it would be faster than the 35-45 mph local road. On a bike this really doesnt make a difference as you are unlikely to top 30 mph carrying your belongings especially if you are a heavy smoker like OP leads me to believe.
grenade launcher of some sort - the bears are a bitch to kill.

a large caliber hunting rifle, for wolves, deer, boar.

and of course, the most important part. the pistol. because every nigger is gonna try to rob/rape/murder you.

buy a motorcycle faggot, something with over the top MPG.

beg for 10$s at a few gas stations, hell even 5 dollars, or ask someone if they can fill up your tank with gas. "someone stole my wallet, and I'm trying to make to XXXXXX"

get some piss-poor cut rate insurance for like 30 dollars for a month. so if you do get pulled over anywhere, you're good on that end...

oh and gear up, prob the most expensive part outside of the motorcycle.

-the /out/mcycle fag. See ya'll next spring. glad I'm stuck in Florida this winter! got a few friends who are lending me their garage. and I'm rebuilding the bikes engine currently, had a little issue with compression on a cylinder, turned out to be a broken valve.. that ended up going between the cylinder and wall. hoping I can just hone out the wall and be on my way. should be done mid January. as long as I can keep finding work.
Back roads and smaller highways is correct. Speed limits don't matter when you're on a bike, and since the back roads are more scenic you're better able to enjoy them than if you were in a car.
why is every cali nigga here from SD

don't pass through cleveland national. rob from hillcrest.
OP says San Diego, you read San Francisco. You're only off by about 500 miles.
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