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Anyone been watching??
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Anyone been watching??

Its on right now btw, channel 4.
the women

>losing a pig that's stuck right in a snare

kek. The men are doing better.
I watched the one with all the men. It was meh. They were a dick to the weird red haired guy who wanted to see a sea turtle.
What station/country ? Have not heard of this.
Staged as fuck, but it's not working out the way they wanted. It was supposed to end up like in a feminist utopia, something that all the womym around the UK could shout 'u go gurl' at, but it's not happening as the women keep bitching and sitting around waiting for something to happen.

>send out scouts to find a beach
>scouts find a beach, can't find way back
>main group at camp on the verge of dehydration waiting for scouts to return
>scouts stay at the beach until the main party get sick of waiting and go and find them

The men aren't doing well either, but at least they've got a shelter
>They were a dick to the weird red haired guy who wanted to see a sea turtle.

wow rude

I would have gone looking for turtles with him
They found one, and didn't go tell the guy. He got so mad, and cried a little. He had said the only thing he wanted to see was a sea turtle. It was like his life long dream to see on. They made a point not to tell him.

That is legitimately upsetting

Maybe the americans being too nice thing is true. Or at least when it comes to TV shows.
the guy was an absolute cock and didn't pull his weight
he broke his knuckle punching the sand because he threw a rock, or net I dont recall, at a bird and missed
the turtle in question was laying her eggs and the guys who saw her didn't want to risk upsetting her by bringing more people over and if he had been out helping them instead of lazing around camp he would've seen it
i'm getting mad just thinking about him he was such a dickhead he barely even went and helped with water collection and if anyone called him out on it they were always in the wrong because camp harmony was more important than people actual helping around camp

He just wanted to see a goddamn sea turtle you mean old bastard. It's just a TV show

>cry as soon as they see the island
>first thing the do while on the island is socializing
>walk 500m, cry, decide they are done walking and start a fire
>found potatoes on their way
>sleeping on the ground in a forest was a bad idea
>food walk into camp
>they are scared of food
>fire die anyway
>decide to make two groups, one we search a beach, the other... wait for it.
>first group run out of water, find beach with a reliable water source, sleep here and go find the other
>two days of walking in circles to find the other group
>...that just waited here since the beginning
>have only drink rainwater since day 2
>decide the beach with the water source is too far and they would probably just get lost
>find a closer beach
>then do nothing.
>after two days of doing nothing, the lack of water was showing
>drink unsafe water, discover steam pressure and other stupidities ensues
>they ate nothing in the past 3 days and can't even find water
>two piglets, used to the presence of man and without their mother walk in the camp
>talk about luck
>the eat one... just kidding, they befriend them
>realize they will die if they don't find water
>go to the beach with a source
>food have to follow them in the jungle
>finally ate a pig, cry a lot

This is where I am.
then he should've been out where the turtles were likely to be instead of moping around camp
didnt that happen in survivor and they had to put men in the womyn camp because they were so bad
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>two piglets, used to the presence of man and without their mother walk in the camp
well that is pure 100% organic shade grown bullshit.
>and the guys who saw her didn't want to risk upsetting her by bringing more people
this is just a lie. He was a spiteful cunt and you know it.
>if he had been out helping
oh, you mean walking around in the swamp IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT looking for crocs?
gr8 surviving m8
>Cut through the island to the beach first day
>Make fire
>Attempt to make shelter
>Old. fat, and youngest first to go
>Two almost die from a rising tide on the rocks
>Kill a fucking crocodile
>Lazy nig being a lazy nig

>BAWW before even reaching the fucking island
>Gets dropped off in still water
>Talk to each other for an hour
>One girl pisses in the filthy, stagnant water
>Snake makes girl cry for 10 minutes
>One says "We have dinner" but never kills it
>They all sleep in the forest, get bitten to shit
>Girl almost dies from dehydration and hypothermia
>Overheated jerrycan allahu ackbars on another girl's face
>Sociopath girl jumps at chance to kill small animals
>They fuck up their fire-making supplies and have to be brought new ones
>Triumphant music plays every time they start a fire, where they then all proceed to do that annoying woman "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

I love this show.
5 minutes before, on the video a woman quit because "my body can't take it anymore".
2 minutes before, on the video, Bear explicitly say "I had to personally intervene and provide them with a fully functioning (inaudible) set".
The pigs were so much Grylls.
This sounds like a hoot. Gonna find some episodes when I get off work. They all sound fairly incompetent, can't wait to point out everything they're doing wrong and feel satisfied.
The best part is when you think about your camping/bob/whatever things you have and can feel so superior to them.

Seriously just the mini sawyer and a lighter would solve half their problems. It's $20 and weight nothing. A tent/hammock, a harpoon+tuba and a bow/small rifle will solve the other half. 90% of the job is done.
The only hard thing left is finding a prey when you are a man.

Now, I think about it, why don't they distillate the sea water? The metal jerrycan they use to boil it would be great for the job. They would have pure water and salt with no efforts.
Salt is useful when you sweat all the time and have meat to conserve.
> expecting weak willed women who cry every episode to understand the concept of water wizardry.

Its never going to happen, unless bear grylls scripts it in.

Is everyone in this thread talking about season 2? Just want to make sure before I jump into this laughable series.
Shit like every other show on television.
Come on m8, that was hilarious bants!

>Omega hippie loser long hair guy: "I can't believe you didn't come wake me up when you found the endangered green sea turtle, that would have made my life complete! You know that! I'm so upset at you!"

>Alpha: "Well...you didn't want to come night time croc hunting with us, and I didn't think it was appropriate to walk 30mins back here to wake you up about it, then have the turtle be gone when we walk 30mins back...."

>OmegaLoser: "...."

>Alpha: "You know...some people search their entire lives for sea turtles and never see them"

>Omegaloser storms off pissed royally off while others snigger

/pol/ loves this show, and so do I.

We talk about it every thrusday and hilarity ensues.

>Anon#1: "That's an american crocodile you shitlord! Check your species privileged! They are endangered!
>Anon#2: "You bet your ass they are endangered, those guys rekt the shit out of it"
Just watched this episode and this sent my sides to space.
They keep giving this kid shit, rightfully so for a while but as soon as he starts getting along with the group and somewhat productive he gets set off because of a damn turtle.
File: theislandlost.png (535 KB, 522x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Britbong#1: I haven't gone poo for 17 days
>Britbong #2: I always knew you were full of shit

I watch for the bants.
First 3 episodes down and I still don't know what they're saying. What language are they speaking? Is it an obscure Sumerian dialect?

Pretty laughable so far. It's like watching Survivor but everyone is twice as stupid. Whatever country these people come from is some assbackwards place that I hope one day becomes filled with radical dark skinned people who suicide bomb everyone. Too bad such people don't exist.
The guy also had a star of david and swastika tattoo right? Dude had a screw lose
yup, it's the man vs. woman one
I've just caught up on the series. I did a bit of reading about the show. Bear admits that the wild animals are implanted onto the island, it's odd though that the womens had pigs while the mens had crocodiles. The water they find on the island comes from pre-made ponds the crew made to gather rainwater or run-off from the ground, which still needs to be collected and boiled.

The mens team seems sort of stacked with well educated folks. They started with a construction manager suicide and builder who helped build the shelter then fucked off. The team has an engineer, manual labourer, a producer, and doctor leading the island now (or at least carry the focus of the show).The womens island leader is currently a nurse but was lead before by a beauty salon owner, a mom, and a camerawomen. Just seems like the womens team is filled with wasted space without an educated leader.
One of the women was the daughter of a "forest ranger", who then proceeded to get lost and lose all sense of direction.

Women are stupid m8, the show is just showing women in their natural element.

You're also forgetting that Vic build beds for everyone, so the men still have a natural ability to build things, whereas the women can't literally do anything other than bitch, moan, gossip, hiss, and complain.
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the men had build a fucking boat by the time the women had found each-other.. if the men sailed to the women's island though..
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Le britbong hate bongland is full of muslimes XD
>We look like survivors!

Ughhhhhh stupid delusional unwarranted self-congratulating women.

It's obvious that they've been getting water, food, sedated pigs, etc etc and they are still failing (yet pretending they aren't and relishing in their "achievements").

Meanwhile the men are getting emaciated, yet they are thriving, fishing, building beds, murdering endangered crocs, yelling at eachother, patting each other on the back, building boats, catching eels, banting, and generally being fun to watch.

Fuck women, they suck--only good for cum dumping into, birthing, and breast feeding (nothing else).
Don't be so bitter. I'm sure one day you'll find a woman who will take your money and let you finally dump that load into her.
No fucking way, women are shit. I went from being being an absolute white knight, to an absolute SUPREME GENTLEMAN through the course of my life.

If women want my affections, they'll have to grovel on hands and knees and beg--I'm through with writing them poems and carrying "lovely conversation" with them. Blech.
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Uncle Paul, what are you doing out?
Women don't like try-hards. You get friend zoned quick. They also don't like bitter assholes who think they are the God's gift. Maybe you can't get laid, because of your attitude. Ever thought of that?
How do I know this? Well, I'm a woman.
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lol fuck off m8.
If you've tried everything, and women are still disgusted by you it is YOU. Maybe stop trying, and be yourself.
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>just b urself bb

Come on...99.9% of all young women today are garbaggio. All of them. 99.99% of them. Stupid pieces of filth.
I seem to recall the woman saw a caiman on their island but just ran away.
>Stupid pieces of filth.

How are men any better? Are you new to 4chan?
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Men are pretty bad too, but at least they aren't delusional about it.

A stupid vulgar man knows that he is stupid and vulgar. A stupid vulgar women thinks that she is perfect, just the way she is.
This show is the reason women shouldnt vote
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Women from the dutch version of this show actually say something like that:

>I'm starting to believe that without men, we would still be in the stone ages


Women truly are....garbage.
Way too many people are lumping all the women on the island onto one boat. Right now, most of them are shit. I have high hopes for the nurse, the person who killed every animal the women caught and befriended.
I just started the second season and this must be a fucking joke. The men could be doing better but beyond a little alpha male dick swinging and the young kid quitting there is still a lot of natural camaraderie They've got some very basic shelter too
The women are pretty much useless besides the mothers nurturing the younger women who are being hysterical about dirty hands and nature around them. But every little problem that comes along seems to takes them an hour to move beyond
>Overheated jerrycan allahu ackbars on another girl's face

Holy shit my sides, I have to watch this show.
I need to watch that.
Please tell me this is satire. No woman is going to beg for your micropenis you weakling.

Fucking get over yourself. Women can be dispicible but your opinion of yourself is clearly very detached from how you actually are.

If you weren't worthless you would have no trouble with women.
Its fake as fuck to the point I can't watch it. They stocked the island with pigs, crocodiles, iguanas. They even added extra coconuts to the beach.

The pigs are so tame they approached the women's island and cuddled right up to them. They were actually sleeping on top of the women, cozied up like babies.

Its just sad and pathetic to watch these women trap and slaughter tame animals.
what channel is this on? is it a european show? can i watch it online preez?
Its on Channel4, britbong gibberish. You can watch it on their site
Also I don't think anyone has point out Grylls only wears his own line of tacticool outdoor gear. Its not surprising but what a twat
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given wild alligators and wild animals


given drugged piglets because they're so shit
I saw a mora in one episode, not even joking
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Thread images: 13
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