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Anybody here go /out/ with their kids? When did you start? Any stories or tips?
I go walking with my kids a lot, and I advise telling them what to do if you get hurt before hand. I fell and sprained my ankle and it freaked my son out to see me like that. just a basic plan, or some first aid. so they have something to do other than panic.
i teach them how to use a map and compass. teach them which water source if likely the cleanest (fast moving clear water in creeks, etc.).
and how to maintain an awareness of "where they are" and how to get back to the trailhead / car / home from where we are inna woods
Just starting with my kids, age 3 and 5. I have taken them hiking to waterfalls, no more than a 2 mile hike.
We started camping with our daughter when she was 6 month old. We wanted to have her accustomed to the outdoors. She is now a year and a half old and she likes to walk
by herself when we go hiking. You can't start too early. So go easy at first.
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dad of a 9 month old son here. fortunately live innawoods, so not too difficult to get him /out/. been going on hikes with him since he was 2 months old. go on at least one of at least 4 miles every week. longest has been 9 miles. go to the beach at least once a month. been to yosemite and the sierra so many times i've lost track.

<<bouldering with him when he was 4 months old
that's epic
Teach me please how to find clean water in the wild.

fast moving creeks of clear water,
What else ?
be my dad

That's a myth, some would argue the additional oxidation would increase the risk.

Filter + boil, won't get rid of everything (heavy metals), but incredibly low tech and easy.
I meet flocks of first graders or kindergarteners all the time a typical encounter goes like this:
I'm sitting at my fire making some coffee and they start circling around and then 2 of the bravest ones muster up courage to ask one of the following opening questions
>do you live here
>how old are you
>what are you doing
>do you have parents
>what is your name
And after the initial introduction they barrage me with question about my gear or the bushcrafty stuff I'm doing

Then their caretakers usually show up to varify that everything is okay. Usually share coffee with them

Flint and steel is by far the thing that enthralls them the most.

I think there is great value in it becaus children question things adults do
Two grown daughters now. One is still outdoors centered the other is a inter city outback type. Raised them in the woods, fields and libraries. Both can read the wealth of nature's signs and find their way around and unlock the libraries wealth as well.
My wife and I just found out we'll be having a daughter, I intend on taker her /out/ as often as I can once she's done breastfeeding. I want her to learn how to appreciate the outdoors and be curious of the natural world. I'll teach her some bushcraft, navigation, first aid, etc. I don't want her to grow up like so many other kids these days who are addicted to cell phones and social media and all that vain garbage that never improves who they are as a person.
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I was a teacher for 4-ish years, and my school backed up to a nature preserve. I volunteered to run the nature club...what a trip that was.

The club ended up being six 1st graders. Their favorite things to do on walks were were:

>fighting to be first in the pack
>crying when you couldn't be first in the pack
>crying because someone else picked the flower you wanted to pick
>trying to fall off a bridge and crying
>crying after getting chased by bees
>throwing acorns at each other and crying
>crying because it was too hot/windy/we just saw a monster in a tree

It wasn't all bad. We built a little garden on the side of the school and planted veggies and flowers. The really loved that. And they really enjoyed basic flora/fauna ID. Oh, and I scooped up a bunch of river water and mud and scum into a mason jar and kept it on my windowsill, and their little minds were blown that so much sustaining life could take place in there. Until they shook it up...
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congrats. how /out/ is your wife? it helps to have a partner that's into it, too. then you don't have to worry about leaving the boobs behind.

if you want to get her sriously /out/ i recommend the osprey poco plus. as soon as my kid could hold his head up i threw him ni it, and he loves it-he can see over my shoulders, he can sleep, it has a retractable sunshade, it has plenty of storage, can't say enough good stuff about it. pic related

expanding little minds is a blast. i'm working towards being a science teacher. aiming a bit older than those kids though.

i'm sure
was impacted by them not being yours, and having to wrangle six of them at once.
>That's a myth,
>clear water, likely more clean than slimy muddy, silted water
>a myth
yeah ok, sure thing Bear.
go drink some more of your own piss dumbfuck
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Went day hiking with my son from 3 months on. And we just started weekend car camping at 2.
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