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Can /pol/ redpill me on how the drug trade works?
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Can /pol/ redpill me on how the drug trade works?

one person trades drugs for money
can we red pill you on how the sticky works?
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>king pins
>middle man
>petty peddlers
the governments brings the product
niggas distribute and become the negative image they atrribute
Where does all the drugs that police confiscate go?

they burn it / destroy it.

some cops probably takes a little on the side tho
Im tired but ill give you a quick run down.

If you merely look at the drug trade in a vaccum, you will understand nothing.

You need to know one or two other things first:

The US is controlled for the most part by the Military Industrial Complex, whose business is War.

War is not even necessarily a means to an end anymore, it is the business model itself.

Its how you take out rivals, its how you secure resources and you make money not only on the ordinance but also when you "rebuild" (i.e financially enslave with predatory loans like in Ukraine right now)

theres only one small problem.

motherfuckers have nukes nowadays.

We cant just go invading niggers, even for Iraq we had to come up with a bunch of lies about Anthrax and WMDs

What we need is low intensity warfare, a nice, slow cook.

Thats where Proxy militants come in.

Pick a crazy motherfucker somewhere in the world, chances are we have funded and/or armed him at some point.

this applies to african warlords the Mujahs, Al-CIAda and IS niggers alike, but it also applies to crazy, fundamnetalist rogue states like Israel.

Crazy, you see, is good for business, when your business is War.

This isnt some new method, the english were experts at it, most of the "pirates" during the..."Assassins Creed 4 age" were actually funded by the crown and exclusively atttacked Spanish ships(privateers).

All you can do when you catch a pirate is hang the bugger

he acted alone. you cant go to war over this.

funny how IS shows up in the country we have been trying to topple for a good year now, not to mention all the other wacked out wahhabi organ eaters like Nusra and FSA..

Anyhow this is where drugs come in.

Even Langley cant just waltz into congress and ask for shekels to arm and train wacked out Jihadis in some desert shithole.

Drugs on the other hand are a great fucking way to fund and arm these people, and we have been doing it for well over 30 years now at the least.

this is not a conspiracy, it is FACT.
Selfish stoners in the US blaze their 420.
Mexicans die.
Thank you
Used to fund blackops by the government.

The most infamous was the Iran contra conspiracy.

Afghanistan was in part about securing the new golden crescent and opening back up the opium trade.
Hello Ryan Dawson
But yeah this
War has become its own resource for a small select few.

cont 2/2

Iran/Contra was a verified, MASSIVE conspiracy where the CIA was smuggling in fucking planeloads of coke and using the funds to arm and train the murderous Contras in nicaragua to put down yet anohter red rebellion.

Anyone who denies this is either ignorant or more likely dissonant

in the 60 ands 70s, the main producer of poppy was the golden triangle, guess where we were?

Vietnam, baby!

Now, the main poppy producer is afghanistan.

Taliban shows up, shuts down the opium for a year and we come in guns blazing.

Afghanistan now produces over 90% of the worlds heroin.

We are always where the drugs are, because drugs are a fundamental part of our MO

Heroin specifically is also a weapon, a weapon that we have aimed at the populations of russia, Iran, and to some extent ourselves.

Weaponized drugs is also nothing new, google the "opium wars"

all this fuckery does not only apply to foreign continents, we also have our fingers deep in the sinaloa cartel and are basically subsidizing them + sending them arms (google Fast and furious, chicago trial sinaloa)

Oh and our banks got caught laundering cartel money, they got a slap on the wrist.

so long story short:

>War is the health of the state

>we cant fight everywhere, especially not in eurasia(integral part of US military doctrine, no ground war in Eurasia), so we need to employ proxy mercenaries to destablize and further our interests.

>in order to fund these misanthropes, we use drug money for the most part

>this has the added benefit of marginalizing a portion of the population, and it bolsters the Prison Industrial Complex and the judicial system, two very large industries that have no interest in becoming smaller

google the suggestions I made, google gary webb, check out NarcoNews.

im not making this shit up and its not alex jones tier chemtrail-seed-water filter bunk

Even low-level hustlers know this shit is true on some level, its no secret

You said you were tired, so feel free not to answer, however:

I've always heard about this, but never had a full web mapped out.

You seem fairly knowledgeable on the subject so here are a few questions:

What can stop it?
Is it in the best interest of the American common man to stop it?
What does the world look like after it stops?
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It gets mailed to Columbia.

No one has grown new drugs for 10 years.
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