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1, 2, 3, 4 = real numbers, and not tools....
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1, 2, 3, 4 = real numbers, and not tools. 1=thesis 2=creation 3=anti-thesis 4=observer. In a human's case 1=sperm 2=self 3=mate 4=CntNervousSys. In the universes case, 1=unisperm 2=universe 3=nature (the imperfect oscillation to the perfect sequence of 1, 2) 4=CentralNerves.

There are four spirits, but only 1 of which can be explained: colourless (pain), black and white (memory), primary colours (power; can be explained), rainbow coloured (hope). These spirits remain, or are drained from, everything in the universe, planets, people, etc.

The Earth is more a cube than a sphere; day, night, sunrise and set happen simultaneously, but because of the four spirits Earth appears as a sphere---it's however acting as a cube acts. It's pain=it's core. It's memory=it's waters. It's power=it's outer(s). It's hope=it's colours/light.

In this life the spirits are within us, in the next we'll either be empowered above them, or below them {i.e. with drained power}. A perfect or imperfect Heaven and Hell, for the good and evil of mankind.

Vocal stimuli dampening; we use 'wordless' vocal stimuli to stimulate our minds; " a lion may roar or whimper "; people use anti-1,2,3&4 behaviour to cause our vocal stimuli to have a dampened effect, making the less brave and intelligent fret sanity.
Anti-1, Anti-2, Anti-3 and Anit-4 Behaviour.
(1's velocity)

Anti-1: Paedophilia

Directly or indirectly cause the direct manipulation of another's sexual energy (sperm) and may cause them to indulge in anti-1 behaviour themselves.

Anti-2: Homosexuality

Directly or indirectly support an unrighteous cause that doesn't result, at any point, in a greater good.

Anti-3: Transsexuality:

Eat nature that wasn't the result of your own hunt, or the result of a greater good.

Anti-4: Asexuality:

Directly or indirectly supports the worded lie over the wordless truth.

All of the above are Hell-bound... From 1's velocity.
The Light in the Darkness.

In the beginning, Lucifer created the Light, and the Light showed him the way through the darkness that lay within, but the darkness that was beyond him, was too great for his Light to conquer; and so he created, through a bloody ritual, Jesus the righteous and Muhammad, the prophet.

Lucifer knew that even they could not make it through the dark, but sent them forth as a final sacrifice, to what end, he knew not of. Each was given half of his Light to hold, leaving Lucifer in the void of himself to watch over them, as they and his Light, showed him the ways.

There soon came a time where the dark overcame their Lights, it forced them to go dim, and the once departed became the lost, each alone, and unknowing the other.

Muhammad threw his Light into the darkness beyond, following his Father's footsteps, but Jesus kept hold of his Light, against his Father's footsteps.

Muhammad was then consumed by the darkness, but Jesus, encircled by the dim light, was saved.

From the depths that lay beyond Jesus had come a mystical force; it caused Jesus to draw in the Light that encircled him; but then, he expulsed with a great Light, and rushed into the darkness...
What are Trump's plans on Climate Change? Is he another nihilistic faggot?
Do you have schizophrenia?
This guy know absolutely what he's talking about.
To onlookers not exactly like this guy or anti-1, 2, 3, 4 hell-bounds.

This is an enemy.

Respect Thy Enemy!
Would you say time has a cubic nature?
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Explain what you mean by the question?!

a) I wouldn't want to be caught into legitimate conversation with a potential hell-bound.

b) I wouldn't want a long run of questions that leads to a dead-end academic question...

c) You wouldn't download a bear.
This sounds like how my thoughts are when I eat way too many mushrooms with some pcp.
You do have schizophrenia?

Easy stuff.

Try ritualistic lucid dreaming and mysticism next.

Furthermore, visual stimuli is also effected by hellbounds! Visual stimuli is primary stimulus; for those of you smart enough to work out the story was the lie and understand the 'thesis'-- there's added visual imagination. I'll write this
theory next.

>You (urgh) ARE hellbound, let that be the reason why I'll always be calmed, or even hot-headed, when I've finished my response.
Thread replies: 11
Thread images: 5
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