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Why do people on Tumblr hate Israel so much?
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How come all the Tumblr SJW types are so far against Israel in the Israeli Palestinian conflict?

Surely they would be far more against the 'women hating' muslim culture of arab Islam, and given that they are generally huge UN supporters surely they would also be in favour of Israel holding sovereignty over Jerusalem.

As I see it (not that it affects me but it does puzzle me vaguely) Tumblr SJWs should be far closer aligned with Israel as the victims of constant attacks since 1948 when they were given the tiny plot of land.

Pic unrel
sum1 pls respond? I still don't understand the answer to the question
Everyone is against Israel, that's why the few of us who are redpilled on the issue must fight relentlessly day and night for their right to exist.

This is truer than anyone could know.
Liberal fetishism of the downtrodden and the underdog.

Israel before 80s was the underdog. However the Lebanese invasion was their Vietnam for disillusionment by left leaning Israelis and leftist Jews in America, and also the strengthening of their right wing (prior to Begin every Israeli PM was their socialist/leftist party if I recall right)
Kill yourselves, jews. Your cognitive dissonance and otherwise mental issues keeps you from seeing the harm you are causing to everyone else.

You're like the retard in school who killed the class hamster by squeezing it in his hand, and put it back in the cage and then goes on to blame his classmates.
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The Jews are hoping that Europe (and subsequently White People) spend their time fighting Muslims and will be too worn out to fight Jews when they finally step in after the battle to take control.

What whites need to do is be just as nihilistic as the Jews. Show them how crazy we are, how much we are willing to left the Muslims take over if it only meant that every Jew was exterminated.

In the end the Whites would win out in a game of craziness. The Jews would finally enact the Samson option or some shit. The world would go to hell. The Muslims would spend the rest of the time fighting each other, and the last remaining white would flee to some remote corner of the earth to repopulate, and eventually recolonize Europe after all the shitskins starve because they are intellectually incapable of maintaining civilization and chasing down the last remaining whites.

To want to destroy Isreal is to be redpilled, because your smart enough to know at the rate things are going, you mineaswell be crazy and make the ship sink faster.
But the Tumblr SJW camp don't hate jews do they? They hate first world white empires that enslave blacks and women - the jews are just another age-old trampled down minority.

Why are they themselves so violently hateful of Israel when the Palestinians outnumber them and are the dominant race/group in the area?
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Because every Jewish culture-poisoning program has a built-in backlash that creates the Antisemitism Jews need.

Hard mode: Just because there is this backlash doesn't mean that the plot didn't work or doesnt continue to work.
I dont want to sound like I'm disagreeing with you but could you explain what harm they are causing other people and what 'mental issues' cause that?

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>must fight for israel silly goy
>why do people interested in social justice dislike an apartheid state that was created as park of a regional bulwark/arms industry showroom in service of western imperialism?

Gee, I dunno. Just one of life's mysteries I guess.

Protip: If the right attacked Islam for what it is, instead of it simply not being christian, the left would have nothing to contradict, and would completely revile Islam in all forms. Likely more zealously then the right ever could hope to match.

The tumblerinas seek to rebel against reactionaries, as the reactionaries seek to rebel against their own perceptions of convention.

Without that interplay, both would stand back to back and direct their energies outward.
So the Jews need antisemitism so people feel sorry for them and do things in their favour?

Wouldn't people just hate them in a world of antisemitism?

If the jews control the media I still don't see what they gain from pitting the majority of media consumers (especially the types of people depicted in your cartoon) against themselves.

Am I naive for not buying into Israel bashing?I have no idea where to sit on the israeli-palestinian conflict

Your greentext opening is a pretty good way of addressing the question, thanks.

The second part then begs the question 'If the right didn't attack Islam at all would the left take the side of the Jews or the Arabs?'
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tryna git more answers so bumping
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Content for aussies
>stole the land from palestinians
>"we were here forever ago it's ours"
>palestinians get mad and try to fight jews
>jews fuck up palestinians forever and then some
>human rights violations
>"baby killers"
mostly people who think islam is a religion of peace
the whole underdog shit
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