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What are your most awkward high school moments?
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What are your most awkward high school moments?
Got caught eating my own feces once.
Please elaborate
green text you fucking psycho path
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OP here. I'm also interested.
Tried to ask a girl out for the first and last time. She looked genuinely scared that I had approached her and only managed to stutter out an "Umm...I don't know..." so I just walked away.
had sex with twin sister, came on her stomach. She makes really awkward jokes about it still to this day
>psych AP
>as we come into class teacher starts playing cha cha slide
>everyone spontaneously starts dancing except for the nerds who go and stand by the door
>not smart enough to escape with them, think it can't be that hard
>take a spot near the back of the class just to be safe
>mfw the song has everyone turn around so I end up being at the front of the class, completely incapable of the most basic physical movements, for agonizing minutes
>eventually see the nerds and thankfully escape
That happened because you're supposed to make their acquaintance before you ask them to meet you somewhere else. She literally didn't know you.
I came on some girl at a party once and she woke up and yelled at me :(

Yeah I know that now, but my teenaged self didn't. It's actually kind of funny to think about now (although I still kind of cringe at it too) but at the time it made me feel bad.
>in cafeteria
>kids from popular table looking at me i dunno why
>girl from popular table comes up to me
>she says other girl (points to her) likes me
>she asks if i want her number
>i say uh... okay?
>she gives me phone number
>i am confused
>she returns to table
>whole table starts laughing
>girl whose number was given gets up with hands over face and runs away then comes back to table
>i still don't understand what is happening but i go over there and try to talk to her
>she isn't interested
>they did it to embarrass her


I still called that number a couple times- in the middle of the night (no answer). Because fuck her and fuck her friends. If i'm an embarrassment i'm going to drive in the screw a little extra.
>Eat lunch alone as usual, partly because I didn't (and don't) have friends but mostly because the tables are really fucking crowded; there was nowhere you could really sit unless somebody saved you a spot
>Qt Latina girl asks why I'm not sitting with my friends
>She always talked to what I presumed to be her boyfriend in history so I didn't even think about it
>Tell her they're in another lunch and another high school
>She leaves
>Finish my lunch and look up random Wikipedia articles in the library as usual
Didn't do too well on my presentation cause I stuttered a couples times in front of class senior year but still got an A.
I never went to high school. I've done all of my classes online.

>going to classes where half of the time is wasted trying to control the normies
>being forced into social interaction
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OP, your friends are qt as heck. If you've got any more, post 'em!
i did grade 12 by correspondence. it was way better. my grades improved too.
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I have one like that. I'll green text it.

I didn't want to do that because at the time I felt I was just a late bloomer and isolating myself would just socially cripple me. I wound up socially crippled anyway so the joke's on me.
>in Honors Biology
>mistakenly say an acute angle is 45 degrees
>smart jock chad rudely corrects me saying it's <90 degrees
>feel like an idiot

>same fucking class
>bragging about Team SWAT (the one thing I'm good at)
>voice squeaks on the "wa" in SWAT
>fucking bitchy girl who used to be nice laughs at me

And that is a very small part (about 10%) of why I don't associate with other intellectuals anymore.
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Now this I can fap to.
that is so fucking awesome
girl on the right was specifically designed for missionary
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>be me
>giving a presentation on hydroelectric damns
>i can't say hydroelectric for some reason
>im in the middle of a sentence
>"this is a hyd... hydra..."
>decide to skip that word
>i got in trouble

They are a couple of qt3.14s.
Please explain, anon
Fun thing is that I believe this story.
I confessed my love to this girl while we were alone in a classroom after school.

It was like a scene from an anime if it was horribly awkward and terrible and soul crushing.
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My fucking heart started pounding while reading this, good job anon
I was lucky no not have many awkward moments in high school, I guess the only thing that came close to awkward was when a girl asked me to prom and I declined.
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Would you like to explain why?
My mum gave me a shit haircut that she promised me wouldn't look like a bowlcut. First day at school I adopt the nickname 'Bowl' from the popular kids.
I dropped out at around 15, came back to do my GCSEs at the end and got Cs.

Living the NEET life right now but looking for a job.

I'm really not happy.
>spanish class
>hate spanish due to being forced to take it so i can graduate, murica
>around valentines day
>everyone has to say some cheesy sentence for a participation grade
>my turn
>decided from the start that i was going to say something dumb
>"mucho grande gato en el pantalones"
>couple chuckles but mostly confusion
>someone yells "dont lie youve never been laid"
>class laughs
>someone else yells "nobody even likes you"
>"I hate myself" with a smile on my face and put my head down and proceed to go to sleep
>rest of year constantly hear people talking about how they think im gonna kill myself or shoot the class

Fuck spanish class
I thought I had a chance of taking a different girl to prom. The other girl had hinted of wanting me to take her, on multiple occasions when we were alone she asked me if I was going to prom and every time I just said "I don't know." Ended up not going to prom with anyone, basically just stayed home and played csgo the whole night.
honestly it wasn't that bad, we just didn't talk to each other after that and nothing really happened. Still kicking myself over not asking out that other girl though
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Hey, do you guys prefer blonde or redhead?
Knocked a girl up, had to get married.
>Be quiet loner.
>Senior year English class.
>It's one of those classes where the teacher is picking niggas and forcing them to read.
>Oh fuck.
>Literally spazzing out.
>Teacher picks someone.
>Oh fuck, it's me.
>Just start reading, stuttering while doing so.
>Whole class is laughing.
>Finally make it through the page.
>Okay, anon, that's enough. You did know I said Chad and not you, right?
>Whole class is laughing.
Blondes = Redheads >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> brunettes
Some guy who got in trouble all the time said to me that some girl wanted to date me. I thought it was one of his pranks so I said "I don't want to date that bitch" or something to that effect.
Later that day I hear him telling her I didn't want to date her and that I thought she was a bitch.
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ai caramba.gif
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why is that a .gif
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Vince Mind Hurt.gif
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Maybe he meant to post this.
dont stop posting those girls op damnit
>get really bad seasonal allergies
>makes my eyes itchy and red
>don't do myself any favors by itching them all the time and making them redder
>one morning in spring during middle of allergy season i wake up and dont feel too bad
>eyes arent itchy or red
>decide not to take medicine
>terrible idea
>i walk to school
>yellow tree jizz everywhere
>eyes red and swollen by time i get to school
>have team sports first class and we go outside
>i now look high af
>all the black kids dap me up because they think i came to school high as a shit
>starts to just look like my eyes are going to fall out
>girls and teachers give me strange looks all day
>can barely see
>still have track practice after school
>should have taken my fucking meds
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I'm running low on bikini pics, but here's some more.

>It's September 11th anniversery (9/11/07)
>Get high with my two friends in zero period
>Get to school right as bell rings
>Walk to my seat through everyone and everyone laughs at how high I am and how much it smeels like skunk
>Teacher notices and gives me this demeaning look of disappointment
>Sit down and try to not get paranoid
>Be paranoid
>September 11th anniversery thing comes on over the loud speaker after this long hippie bullshit
>Moment of silence
>Look at friend across the room pretending to fly plane into building
>laugh hysterically
>can't top laughing
>everyone is now glaring at me
>Teacher calls AP
>Suspended for a week because "disruptive and insensitive and rude"

That's weird because it seems like she was doing one of those spontaneous 'social development' tests-- like high school dances or school talent shows-- but any good teacher wouldn't need to throw a fucking curve ball like that. It would only take 10 minutes of talking to the kids to sort the Chadds from the indoor kids.
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>be me
>be in some lousy play
>we don't have dressing rooms so much as designated areas for boys and girls
>i didn't know the girls were changing in there
>i saw a girl topless
>not aroused at all, because she saw me
>she tells all the other girls
>i try to explain it was an accident
>i think she believed me, so that was nice, but man, what a day
>playing basketball in gym
>half court
>street rules
>guarding a friend
>we both know he's better than me
>that doesn't matter when I play defense
>hack the shit out of him
>steal the ball from him
>cap his shots
>people in the gym start laughing
>he's getting mad
>I start laughing
>he's getting madder
>I start talking trash
>he's full on mad
>he hits me
>I fight him
>kind of win
>not sure if we're still supposed to be friends
>next day
>decide to act like nothing happened
>in class
>"Hey Anon, I heard you fought Friend yesterday."
>gets attention of entire class
>not sure what to do
>it's common knowledge that I fought him
>deny it
>class filled with puzzlement
>look towards Friend for help
>he says I'm lying and that we did fight
>I play it off as a joke
>people look at me weird and then class starts

In the future, I just told people I beat the shit out of him. We were still cool though.
A girl once caught me jerking it through my hoodie(I had made a hole in the front pocket just before, couldn't leave for the bathroom and I really needed to just rub one out)
She just stared at me, I blew my load in the pocket and went back to my work. We never spoke of the incident, and she never confronted me on it.
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How in the world do you get to the point where you're doing that in school?
alright just freckles then
Holy shit

I thought I was the only one with a hole in in the front pocket...

I used to jerk it twice a day in class.

It turned me on being all in public and people seeing me but not knowing I'm rubbing my dick

Some orgasms were too intense and I ewould freak out though

>Be teenager
>be horny as fuck
>don't give a fuck
>sexual pervert because exhibitionist

(Not OP but yeah)
I dont know man, was almost like I was x. I couldn't stop myself. Never did it again.
I threw the jacket out when i got home. Didn't want it around any more, cause after ward's II sorta felt sick of myself. Didn't need it reminding me
>some normie asked me if i would like to marry to a gril i liked in front of her
>got nervous as fuck
>told that I'd rather kill myself

Why do girls do this?

>year 8
>popular hot girl comes up to me and other loser friend
>starts taking selfies with disposable camera
>cheeks rubbing up against mine
>blushing bright red
>confused as fuck, girl has never spoken to me in my 3 years at the school
>runs back to her Stacy-gallery of friends and start giggling and laughing
are you both autistic or something
so, you don't associate with other smart people because sometimes you're wrong? you need to loosen up buddy. and a girl who is nice laughs at something you don't want her to and suddenly she's bitchy? sounds like you have some self esteem issues, they aren't out to get you, just relax and have a good time, nobody but you cares about your shitty mistakes
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friends 9.jpg
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OK. After this one of them from behind.

It's just not right.
Ikr? Hope I had it...
yup, aspie here

you got a problem bro?

>jacking off right now
She was laughing at you anon
>get new principal
>skip class one day
>he catches me
>I look him right in the eye and realize he doesn't know me
>run and don't look back

>be new immigrant
>have hard time fitting in due to accent and food I bring to school
>complain to mom, she buys me some shit tier white people food
>proudly bring it out at lunch and eat it, tastes like shit but smile and think how this helps me fit in
>about an hour later I get hit with the worst stomach pain I've had
>I gotta poop and I gotta poop now
>instincts kick in and I do what I did for the 14 years prior to arriving in this country
>run outside, get to the parking lot curb, pull pants down, turn to face school and squat
>let out the most pungent oily diarrhea release I've ever done.
>people in the smoking section witness my brown stew creation and start screaming
>others rush outside to see what the commotion is, only to be assaulted with my venomous shit odor
>some start throwing up
>others being crying as the poo particles get logged in their eye and my 14 year curry diet had resulted in my shit having a pepper spray like affect
>realize what I did
>run home and don't go back to school for a year
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There's less pictures of her than her friend, but here she is with some other girls.

you know, you'd think people would know more about allergies. i got shit throughout all of school because people thought i was always high, but i always just had a headache and puffy red eyes
Oh fuck I just remembered.

>in year 9 english
>giving a speech in front of class
>oneitis is in the same class
>start giving my speech
>voice breaks
>everyone starts laughing
>oneitis also laughing, but she tries to hide it
>super embarrassed
>face the colour of a baboons asshole
>start tearing up
>turn away from the rest of the class, waiting for them to finish laughing
>give the rest of my speech, knees weak dont post the fucking rest of the song I swear to god
>people laugh at me again after I finished my speech

God damn that hurts to recall.
Something like that happen to me in middle school but thankfully it took place away from ppl
>I'm p.e.
>class doing something in the field
>guy next to me keeps telling me a girl likes me
>she likes you man,she even told me
>I'm not interested
>cmon man she said she really liked you
>doesn't she have a boyfriend tho?
>no they broke up and she's kind of down, she wants to know if you'll meet her after school
>nah I'm good
>cmon man she really likes you tho she told me to tell you so you can meet after school
>no I'm fine
Dude she really likes you and she just broke up with her boyfriend and she wants to meet you after school
>ok tell her I'll meet her
Then he gets this surprised awkward look on his face
>oh...I was just kidding
I was fucking pissed off, why the fuck would he keep bothering and bothering me what joy could he have gotten by doing this? And then only to say "I was just kidding" in a quiet voice with that stupid look on his face
In middle school I was (and still am) fat and the girl in question was also fat which is why I agreed after awhile, if she was thin I would of told the guy to fuck off since there was no way...
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freckles feet.jpg
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I remember after Sandy hook a few people asked me if I shot up the school to spare them, one time in front of other people too just to humiliate me.
Redheads > Brunettes >>> Blondes
Why do girls feel the need to take these photos? Don't they know it'll just end up here for some KV to fap to?
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friends 10.jpg
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>no friends
>spend entire classes staring at the clock or imagining fantasies of being a normie
>socially inept
>insecure about my 5/10 face
>stressed out often, usually 2-3 days where i was too depressed to function
>made actual attempts at fixing myself but they failed
>terrible sleeping schedule
>in the weekends i felt unnaturally, overly happy because i was away from all the school feels, but then on monday i'd break down into rock bottom
>often feelfagging on here
>lying about friends i didnt have or claiming i didnt mind being alone

high school wasn't like the movies
Oh my fuck
Uhhh.... yeah? What HS did we go to?
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freckles 2.jpg
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Just think, while you were at home, the normies were doing this. She only posted two pictures of this night.
Where do you think you are?
File: freckles 3.jpg (64 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
freckles 3.jpg
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Here's the other one.
File: smug.jpg (8 KB, 217x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You tell me.
hahaha r9k bringing robots together
are you a pedo to fap to this?
are these girlslike 13 or something? how old are you for that matter
post more teens pls
I farted really loudly in class.

Yeah, I really don't understand teenage grill logic. So you post pictures of yourself in sexually suggestive positions sometimes scantily clad and you don't expect to be treated like a sexual object?

does not compute
File: lewd.gif (576 KB, 318x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
576 KB, 318x269
>always had a fetish for slime/messy things like this
eh, i never cared about doing normalfag shit, i was and still am aware that i'm pretty "eccentric" for the normies and i probably have APD

when i say normie fantasies i more mean just getting along with them. there's always those fat neckbeard dudes that normies would befriend but it being class and everyone being forced to be there, the normie and the neckbeard decide to interact and they even have a decent time. i never had that, i felt completely disconnected and distant from everyone there.
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friends 11.jpg
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I don't know, man.
The first poster in this thread claims to have been caught eating his own feces and there's been hardly any demand of a full story.
Wtf, guys.
Answer me ponyboy
>group of 8 kids come up to me and my gf in the school cafeteria
>they gang-beat me
>literally hundreds of students and a half dozen teachers just sit and watch, no one comes to help
>get made fun of by everyone afterwards
>end up getting suspended for a week even though I literally did nothing

haha I miss high school! :^)
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friends 12.jpg
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It happens to all of us.
>my gf

GTFO normalfag
At a party as a freshman
First time drinking hard liquor
First time smoking pot
Woke up on the floor of a mini-van with my pants off getting a blowjob from a long haired blonde
I was moaning, trying not to get sick, and ready to blow, she pulled off her shorts and sat down backwards on my dick
Took about a minute to completely blow my load
I puked and passed out
My Dad woke me up by spraying water on me, I was passed out on the lawn, no pants on, he said "I hope she isn't pregnant"
Monday a bunch of seniors are laughing about how fucked up I got, "Welcome to the world Frosh"
I told them about getting laid, my first time, and how awesome it was, rock hard, blew my load like a rocket, anyone know her?
Everyone stopped talking and laughing, a bunch just left
One guy took me aside and says "Dude, Conner took you home, wanted to make sure you were OK"
I lost my virginity to Mr Popularity, football running back, has a girlfriend
Conner had shoulder length blonde hair
At the end of Monday I was "The Faggot Freshman"
My parents took me out of school by that Friday and I was Home schooled
I love long hair blondes and I love more than anything anal sex
My parents did not to go to the police, out of embarrassment to the family
Conner never called or talked to me again
File: Thom-Yorke-006.jpg (22 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you've been here for so long you've grown desensitised to seeing posts like that
File: friends 13.jpg (74 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
friends 13.jpg
74 KB, 612x612
He really needs to give the whole story though.
they refuse to consider pertinent information if it's inconvenient for their original goals. You need to understand that women are not motivated by abstract standards like honor or truth. They're motivated by ego and desire and they're use circular logic to maintain the charade.

For instance
>I took this photo because I'm obsessed with the way I look.
>the only reason I value looks is because I internalized the values of the other women around me, but I pretend it's "for me"
>As long as we take these photos for "us" we can ignore the reality that hundreds of people who aren't "us" will look at them.
>We want the attention of "not us" but we'll hide behind "it's just for us" because we're ashamed of our shallow nature.
>Look at all this cake I can have AND eat too
upload your folders to imgur/mega pls.
Technically you weren't wrong about the acute angle thing as 45 is less than 90
File: 1422364091108.jpg (18 KB, 250x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 250x232
fuck alright, lets just be honest

>the girls look underage as fuck
>why does OP have a folder of pics from some underage girls that probably don't know him
>but also the freckled one is really hot
>be first year at new school 14yo
>sitting enjoying recess
>pack of 4 girls come over and some-what big bertha wants to ask me out in the pack
>they towered me while I was sitting
>n-n-n-n--n-n-o sorry as I look at the ground

>hate and defamation followed and bullying for the next few years

No fuck you bitch, your posse was intimidating as fuck and you are borderline big bertha

At least I was approached right?
I bought a vibrator for my gf of 16 years old and I showed up to her window at 10pm.
I'm a cyborg you fuck
>spanish class, no friends except some kid who rides my bus
>sit next to hottest girl in class
>get paired with friend, qt and her friend
>friend notices I'm to shy to directly talk to her and starts being an asshole, making fun of me and asking me why I'm so quiet
>finally, he yells so the whole class can hear, 'ANON IS AFRAID TO TALK TO GIRLS!'
>commotion ceases, all eyes simultaneously meet mine, and my heart falls through the floor.

check my latest drone fb account, turns out he manages a restaurant, married a mexican, and has a little brown son. spanish class really paid off asshole.
File: blonde.jpg (85 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 640x640
Nah, I'm just using them as examples of what we longed for in high school, but couldn't because we we caught eating our own poop.

Robbie always makes me laugh.
Why not upload? Sharing is caring anon.
>marrying a mexican
I'd rather have nothing.
File: JUSTDOIT.gif (649 KB, 500x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649 KB, 500x255
File: blonde 2.jpg (107 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blonde 2.jpg
107 KB, 640x640
There's not much more than what I've posted already.
I let out a big fart during Chemistry class but some poo also came out.
File: JUSTDOIT.jpg (863 KB, 1107x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
863 KB, 1107x609
That fucking qt redhead holy shit
I want it all :\
If there's not much more than it takes two seconds to make imgur gallery.
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blonde 3.jpg
97 KB, 640x640
I don't have these in folders. I'm just grabbing a new picture every time I post.
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>3rd year high school
>standing in line to get lunch
>some ectomorph 1st year kid thinks I am easy picking
>starts trying to shove me out of the line and tries to take my glasses
>I am literally two heads taller than him so he can barely reach
>I shove this kid to the ground and everyone is shocked
>girls are looking at me like I am some kind of psychopath
>teacher was standing just down the hallway
>he approaches me and starts scolding me
>get a panic attack and puke out my breakfast on the ground
>he gets furious and forces me to clean it up in front of him
>spend five minutes getting paper towels cleaning it up while everyone was laughing at me
>people were high fiving the 1st grade kid
>have been getting comments about it until the day I graduated
>mfw a 1st grade kid two heads shorter than me just transcended to Chadhood because I am a huge autist that gets huge panic attacks over the most trivial of things
W-where are you grabbing them from, anon?
I'll post one from middle school because I got my shit relatively together in highschool

>At the end of 6th grade I start to grow out my hair
>looks bad but don't give a fuck I'm 12 and I think it looks cool
>enter middle school, now 13, hairs gotten pretty long
>parents tell me it looks bad, I still think it looks cool, they let me keep it
>get shit for it in school
>don't care, I still think it looks cool
>keep this hair throughout middle school until one day I decide it's time to cut my shit up fam
>mom brings over her friend who supposedly knows how to cut hair
>gives me a fuckin bowl cut, literally the worst bowl cut I have ever seen
>Looks good right anon!?
>Y-yeah.. maybe it'll look better after I shower..
>Still looks like shit
>Barbers are closed, too late to change it now
>Parents send me to school the next day anyway
>wear my hoodie up hoping noone will notice
>immediately class mates ask me why the fuck I'm wearing a hoodie in the summer
>can't think of a reason, just tell them I got a shitty haircut thinking they'd understand and leave me alone about it
fuck was I wrong
>constantly trying to get me to take off my hoodie
>eventually at lunch a group of asian girls come up to me
>Hey anon, we heard you got a haircut
>scream at me demanding I take my hood off
>one gets behind me and starts pulling on my hood
>another forces me to the ground (I was a hungry skeleton)
>I'm now in fetal position clinging to my hood on the ground while 3 asian girls kick me
I wish I was making this shit up, it only gets worse
>they decide to leave after realizing my hoods just not coming off
>I have class with them after lunch
>teacher has a no hats or hoods policy
>never really enforces it
>bitches tattle and he makes me take off my hood
>slowly take it off
>entire class is looking at me
>put my head down
>friend asks me if I'm crying
>other kids now think I'm crying
>keep my head down for the rest of class
Of course we want you to continue fucking idiot
>couldn't leave for the bathroom and I really needed to just rub one out
File: blonde 4.jpg (82 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blonde 4.jpg
82 KB, 640x640
Do continue.
File: 1444612380800.jpg (23 KB, 315x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 315x332
>sitting at lunch alone
>about to get up and leave
>as i'm leaving my table, some stacey bitch from the popular table comes and sits across from me
>she had this shit-eating grin on her face
>i ignore her and continue to get up and leave
>entire popular table bursts into riotous laughter
>they actually thought i was that shy
>the next day she does the same shit
>except this time i don't even look at her
>i just continue to fuck around with my phone and wait
>she starts tapping on the table and letting out loud sighs
>i can do this all day bitch
>she eventually gets bored and leaves
>she wanted a reaction so fucking bad
>oh boy 3 more classes to go
>thankfully can keep my hood on for these ones
>school ends
>walk 2 miles to a barber shop
>get a haircut
>still shit but marginally better
>other kids call me "spock" for the rest of middle school because of that one day I had the shit haircut

and yet, I was somehow happier then than I am now despite getting my shit together
You're obviously new here, friend :^)
File: blonde 5.jpg (79 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blonde 5.jpg
79 KB, 640x640
Stacies, man.

shit was hideous
eat shit I ran out of room, was just indicating I would continue

but anyway that's the story of how I got beat up by 3 asian girls and received the nick name spock, I was also bullied by others for different things, middle school was rough as fuck.

I got more if you want to hear em but they're not as long and not as embarrassing
>freshman year
>its the day of the homecoming football game, which means we fuck around and play games all day
>Im emulating banjo kazooie on my school issued laptop
>1st hour teacher brings in mutha fuckin cookies
>puts them on a bench in front of class
>I get in line for that shit, but sit in front of class because of horrible vision so not much wait
>suddenly, girl in front of me drops her cookie on the ground
>instead of waiting for her or a few other people around her to pick it up, I sperg out
> crawl underneath girl's legs, she's wearing a skirt mind you
>grab cookie
>start to crawl out from underneah her legs, misjudge when I should stand up and brush my head on the underside of her skirt
>dont really remember her reaction, she may have smiled, but some stoner made fun of me for it
She was dumb as a sack of rocks and got pregnant on purpose senior year. In a Catholic high school nontheless
post more of that big titted bitch now
File: 1439656797910.gif (112 KB, 255x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 255x231
Why did girls do shit like that? It was fucking constant with me. I don't need you over here pretending I could ever love you, I just want to be left alone.
File: blonde 6.jpg (48 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blonde 6.jpg
48 KB, 640x640
That's one of the spergiest stories I've ever read. This is the last picture btw.

I don't think she's posted any pictures. This is all. You can download them if you want.
You should have cut your losses and gotten a good look at that puss.
>people thought I jerked off almost constantly in class and on the school bus

>in reality I have a condition that causes me to feel like I have to urinate almost constantly when outside comfort zones like my house
>this was early into it, before I had learned to control it at all
>had to go take a piss every 30-50 min to survive the day

It was pretty shit.
1st year as in 1st year of high school or 1st year as in 1st grade? If its the latter, then dude you just beat up like a 6 year old.
i diahrread myself one time in gym class. my stomach hurt so bad, and our pe coach was one of those super military assholes, and he forced me to run track. i told him my stomach hurt so bad, and he yelled at me "no excuses!" and so i ran a lap or two and i couldnt hold it anymore, i burst in my pants. and all the cute girls were running track too and laughing at me and pointing, it was pretty humiliating
arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs,
But he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down,
The whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out
He's choking how, everybody's joking now
The clock's run out, time's up, over, blaow!
Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity
Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked
He's so mad, but he won't give up that
Easy, no
He won't have it, he knows his whole back's to these ropes
It don't matter, he's dope
He knows that but he's broke
He's so stagnant, he knows
When he goes back to his mobile home, that's when it's
Back to the lab again, yo
This whole rhapsody
He better go capture this moment and hope it don't pass him

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go (go)
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime (yo)
You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go (go)
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime (yo)

The soul's escaping, through this hole that is gaping
This world is mine for the taking
Make me king, as we move toward a new world order
A normal life is boring, but superstardom's close to post mortem
It only grows harder, homie grows hotter
He blows. It's all over. These hoes is all on him
Coast to coast shows, he's known as the globetrotter
Lonely roads, God only knows
He's grown farther from home, he's no father
He goes home and barely knows his own daughter
But hold your nose 'cause here goes the cold water
His hoes don't want him no more, he's cold product
They moved on to the next schmoe who flows
He nose dove and sold nada
So the soap opera is told and unfolds
I suppose it's old partner but the beat goes on
Da da dum da dum da da da da
Gifs don't need to be animated newfig
File: eraser.jpg (17 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 300x300
Not an embarrassing story, but I feel like this is the place to share none the less.

>year 8
>french class
>bunch of girls sitting on opposite side of room from where I was
>one of them has an electric eraser, pic related
(yeah I know. what the fuck is an electric eraser and why were they made? turn it on, and it vibrates the eraser head, anyway)
>girls teasing the french teacher, turning it on and hiding it under their jumpers or some shit
>then complain that there is a weird noise coming from somewhere in the room
>girls turn the eraser off
>teacher cant find the source of the noise
>girls get tired of teasing the teacher and start working
>one of the girls turn on the eraser and holds it on her crotch
>from where I was in the room I could see what she was doing
>realize years later that it was in prime clit position
>girl was literally using an improvised vibrator in the middle of class
>could see her squirming around and shit
>masturbate to the memory of it later on
>probably will after work
Not that anon, but what's the point? Why not just save it as a png?
>i'm in 9th grade
>bullied quiet shy guy
>there were two obnoxious stacies that sat in front of the bus with this sorta shy girl
>minding my own business
>suddenly they give me a note
>It reads: Do you like me?
>Write "maybe" and give it back
>Okay, btw anon this is she
>they point at the quiet girl
>shes blushing a little bit
>okay anon, be at the stairs by the band room so you guys can get to know each other and kiss
>thought that this was an obvious bait and that their chad boyfriends were going to beat me up
>don't go
>get picked up by bus once school ends
>go in
>she that the shy girl is crying her eyes out
>stacies are all pissed off that I broke her heart
>bus driver tells me that I'm an asshole
>don't know what to do so I just sit down and ignore the situation
>she kept crying for a week

She was a spic anyways and I don't mix with that crowd.
>do you like me

Fucking women, even if you maybe like them, like 'yeah. you're alright' they fucking cry their eyes out. You have to love them 100% and are willing to be cucked for them.

>Girls asks "Why are you so quiet?"
>I don't say anything

>Used to walk around the neighbourhood listening to podcasts during breaks because no friends
>Realize I'm late for english
>Class has already started
>Teacher makes me come up with an excuse on the spot in front of everyone
>Can't think of anything
>"I- uhh I don't know...I don't care, sorry"
>Everyone laughs and teacher is pissed but we move on
>Hear kinda strange voices
>Think to myself it's just normies being normies and ignore it
>Start to notice everyone looking at me including the teacher giving me a death stare
>Figure it's just because of what happened earlier
>Class' noise starts to die down
>A full minute later I recognize some talking
>It's Ricky, Steve and Karl talking about sex machines and buttplugs playing through my earphones, loudly because I needed to hear it over traffic
>Oh fuck
>Turn off my ipod
>Teacher thinks I was being defiant, makes me read out passages for shit all the time
>Then thinks that I'm reading it out quietly just to annoy her

I also had dog shit on my shoe for a whole day once, girls used to fake catcall me, I used to get kicked in the back of my knees when we had to take photos or stand up in a meeting, on the bus people would throw paper and food at me and someone poured a coke over my head once although I did get away with punching him in the stomach and kicking him in the balls for that.
>No greentext

>senior year
>go to first house party w/ a friend
>lay down somewhere to relax before drinking begins
>skank says she wants to lay down
>"go ahead"
>lays down on top of me
>god damn it
>still comfy so I don't move
>she gets off eventually and goes
>"Hey anon come here"
>What's up buddy?
>"Skank says she thinks you're cute"
>That's nice
>walked out
>give her shit the rest of the night
I'm really glad I was a member of the parental driving master race.
Later the same day she sat next to me at school homecoming mass and I ended up getting a boner during the our father when everyone holds hands. She didnt talk to me much after that, which was a good thing.
You know you want to post that fb link anon. Do it for your fellow robots.
Those are both 4/10 and slutty those aren't "tops" those are bras.
You're not all there are you buddy?
File: nah.jpg (49 KB, 1155x1055) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 1155x1055
If you weren't a bus kid at my school you were a pussy. Mostly because after the bus stops they could bully you more than they could get away with at school. This is actually where I earned some respect, because after a bit of pushing my sperg rage would burst forth and to my surprise they actually found that impressive.
>day before christmas break
>teachers says she won't give a quiz the day we come back to anyone who dances
>get up and start dancing to clarity
>really awkward
>can't even get friends to do it with me
>there was no quiz
these threads make me realize that I wasnt even close to being a loser in school
File: 1442271210061.jpg (21 KB, 563x542) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 563x542
>tfw never bullied in high school, only elementary
>people thought I was some supergenius
>really just too quiet to disprove them
>I found it weird that they didn't think I was autistic because I was totally giving off that vibe to myself
>always thought whenever somebody laughed they were laughing at me
>Turns out everybody loved me at reunion
>feels good
>what the fuck is an electric eraser and why were they made? turn it on, and it vibrates

I think you know why they make them, anon...
m-more details please
>Turns out everybody loved me at reunion
>Implying they're not trying to make up for being hateful scumfucks as children

Keep pretending anon, keep pretending.
File: 14215040121106.jpg (30 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 400x388
Why didn't they have these in my middle/high school

> doing literally nothing

wow im overcome with jealousy

need more stories like this, i'll be slicing diamonds with my dick in the meantime
>having alergies
>being genetically defective from birth

off yourself
File: memebook.jpg (130 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 960x960

Haven't really got more than that.
But I pulled this from NormieBook. Not friends with her on it, so this is whatcha get.
well you see rajesh, in the civilized world we do not poo on the street like you are used to in your home country. We use whats called a toilet. I know it must be confronting at first but you are really going to have to get used to pooing in the loo
File: edit.jpg (36 KB, 236x348) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 236x348
Uniform for reference. Pretty sure that why I have a uniform fetish now,
File: 1441470470623.png (230 KB, 917x871) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 917x871
>senior year
>finished class work early so i got on my phone and listened to weeb music while laying my head down
>eventually start to fall asleep
>have one of this spasms you get sometimes when your about to fall asleep
>phone falls off desk and earhones plug out
>weeb music blares put of my phone
>class erupts in laughter
>teacher even laughed too
attempted to kill myself that night but failed
i got caught masturbating in class to my teacher
I've had a lot of random awkward boners in high school. Thank fuck smartphones were new and too pricey and flip/brick phones had shitty cameras.
Anon, you made me smile
File: 1363367277239.png (24 KB, 369x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 369x317
>girl asks me to hang out
>first time a girl ever approached me
>not really interested though so try to turn her down
>awkward phone call telling her I am a very busy student and us hanging out might lead to us dating so we shouldn't
>all those stares I got for the next week

Another time

>girl in my french class I was interested in
>chad in my class would always bully her
>we strike up a conversation in class
>chad interrupts
>"Hey anon why you talking to her? She's a smelly dork, right?"
>he smacks me in the back
>just stutter out a "y-yeah she s-smells haha"
>sad look on her face and our conversation ends
>she doesn't ever really talk to me again

I want the pain to go away.
actually i didn't develop them until just before high school...
but u right bro i should
I wish I had saved the post and picture before the archive crashed but long story short:

>6th grade
>in library doing group project
>crush sitting right next to me
>friend making me laugh
>lose it and let out an enormous fart
>crush's friend leans over and says "wow I feel bad for you"
>crush "me too"

it was brutal
>freshman year of high school
>had solid group of friends for first time in my life
>one sorta cute girl who's house we always hung out at
>man up and ask her to the homecoming dance
>she says yes
>makes me go to the football game with her
>dumbass teenage me thinks this means it's serious
>decide to ask her to be my girlfriend at the game
>she spends about 5 minutes contemplating
>eventually says yes
>I awkwardly kiss her on the cheek
>thought I was going into cardiac arrest just from the nervousness
>dance was good, but she goes home with her girlfriends
>lose my nerve the next week at school
>avoid her for 2 weeks
>eventually ask her if we're still dating
>uhh.... no.
>friend group splinters after that
>took 2 years to recover from that 5 minutes of indecision
>found out the group didn't really splinter, they just told me that so that I wouldn't come and be awkward while they hung out as usual
File: 1444705646453.png (173 KB, 297x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me beta cuck asian kid
>go to a junior social dance. other schools come
>first hour spent being a wall flower
>fat white blonde chick comes up to me. she's interested.
>reject her. feels bad man, doing it took a lot out of me. im not the type to hurt people.
>8 years later, she's a bomb shell
File: image.jpg (137 KB, 485x723) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 485x723
And for the rest of the year you were known as "that weird Indian kid who shit in the parking lot", right?
File: 12324123.jpg (6 KB, 234x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One kid cought me masturbating in class but lucky didn't tell the teacher my dick wasn't out but my hand was in my pants I almost got fought though.
>not really interested though
why not?
File: fa3.png (220 KB, 976x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fucking chads man
File: hope is dead.png (80 KB, 228x265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hope is dead.png
80 KB, 228x265
>year 10 English
>everyone introducing themselves
>gets to me
>just smile and say my name like normal
>teacher looks at me and says "Wow you have such a cute smile anon"
>entire class stares at me and starts laughing

Just why
File: 1422922644524.png (357 KB, 710x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 710x400
>in independent study with 5 other kids
>all seniors
>show up to class about a week before graduation
>kid named james was supposed to be there
>notice he's not around, it's just me and the teacher for the day
>happy because james never stopped talking about his chad-ly life and how much he partied
>say something like "thank god james isn't here, i wish every class was like this" to my teacher in a half-serious half-joking way
>teacher doesn't laugh
>sits me down
>tells me james killed himself because he wasn't going to graduate with the rest of us
File: 193271321.gif (427 KB, 200x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
427 KB, 200x198
>be me
>got invited to a pool party with all my classmates
>go to take a crap on a small toilet cubicle or however the fuck you call those
>shit a huge doofus
>no water on the toilet, shit won't drain
>some guy knocks the door, wants to change clothes
>"let me in"
>"wait im having troubles with flushing"
>"just let me in, i'll be quick"
>let the guy in
>hear the loudest fucking laughter i've ever heard followed by a "come see anon's giant crap!"
>everyone comes by, everyone wants to see, even the girls
>thankfully my bros do the "nothing to see" stunt and cover me
>i quickly go inside and lock the door
>take the poop with my hand
>throw it to the garbage can, then cover it with a shit ton of toilet paper
>it's over

Fast forward 5 years
>hear people talking about the incident
>they all assumed my shit was so big it clogged the toilet, so when I went inside I crushed my poop with my hands so it could pass through
Because I was a sperglord with high standards and I thought I was too smart for her.
File: 12412423.jpg (47 KB, 558x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 558x564
File: 0a8.jpg (7 KB, 165x115) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> All of them

If you want a specific moment, I suppose:
> English 10
> Discussing morality or somesuch, good vs. evil
> One kid in class is all deep and shit, everyone's fawning over his deepness
> He'll be shocked to know I can be equally deep
> Posit that there is no such thing as evil
> Explain that around WWII, everyone hated the jews, and they were evil from the nazis' perspective
> Basically think of justifications for every atrocity in history
> Nobody fawns
File: 1420381616739.gif (276 KB, 320x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276 KB, 320x220
I have shat myself not once but twice in school. Once in kindergarten, and once in 4th grade. I somehow got away with it both times
why would you pick it up? its just poop let it be. what the fuck man
I felt like shit for a solid couple months after graduation. It hurts to think about.
I don't think you got the part where everyone even the girls were trying to look at my shit
>Be 16
>Gotta piss like a motherfuck
>Teacher starts talking to class, try to hold it till afterwards to ask to use restroom.
>Fucking teacher is an asshole, hates me. Takes forever to talk. I fucking am going to explode.
>Too much of a pussy to just run out.
>Can't hold it, and pee just enough to relieve my bladder's excruciating pain. Fucking thrashing in my chair. People think I am weird.
>Teacher done talking, get up and ask to go take a piss.
>Race to bathroom, realize pants are wet. Cover it up with my sweater.
>No one realizes.
>My chair is wet, but the bell rings and I never have to return.
>Someone sat in it, no one realized what it was.
>Escaped all blame, went home and never went to that class again.
You did the right thing.
File: image.gif (1 MB, 320x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x149
>listening to the ricky gervais show
homeschool fag here, what cliques did you guys have in highschool? Was it like TV?
>ask out super pretty popular girl
>she says yes
>tell everyone i know
>they tell everyone they know
>she stands me up
>everyone knows
Ive done it, quite the reputation boost.
>the only girl that talks to me asks for 3 way between me her and her bf
>I go full retard and confuse her
>show clarifies she meant 3 way call
Similar story
>be me 4th grade vday party
>give valentines out all generic except to crush
>hoping it goes well but hold up have to piss
>hurry to bathroom and piss
>early 90s so sweatpants are cool
>all of a sudden my finger slips
>start to piss all over my pants
>panic and try to dry off
>no luck had to go back trying to hide piss spot
>future Chad sees it hey everyone anon pissed himself.
>crush is loling, heart sank
>get called piss pot rest of the day
>called my mom to get me
>came after all the kids got on the bus
>every kid I knew called me piss pants or loled at me on the way out
>thought my life was ruined
>snow days the rest of the week
>nobody says a thing when I come back
i saw a guy do that in class once and the volume surprised him so much that he jumped involuntarily

never gonna forget that
File: image.jpg (44 KB, 392x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 392x393
It was nothing like TV magical fairytale highschool, there weren't any real cliques, per se, but these are a couple of catagories I had made up during HS:
>the preppy rich chads
>>some bitches
>>shit-tones of friends
>>usually in all the AP classss because their parents bribed the teacher or someshit.
>the atheletic chads
>>shit-tons of bitches
>>shit-tons of friends
>>make fun of the betas for cheap laughs
>the beta loners trying to desperately hold on to what's left of their middle school friends and social life

so who cares if they see your shit, ive sent people pictures of my shit before
One time I was running down the hallway for some reason I don't remember and in a panic I squeezed like a weird autist between these two kids I didn't know.
>Freshmen year have crush on girl on other side of classroom for one class.
>Spend field trip trying to sit close to her making it look sly.
>Nothing happens.
>Next year have another class with her, forget about her completely.
>Doing homework when I hear someone scream from across the room "YOU LIKE ANON"
>Group of girls surrounding crush.
>Whole class starts laughing and douche kid comes up to me and asks me if I like her, start blushing.
>He yells he that I am blushing.
>Never talk to her ever.
At my school we had the rednecks, the white trash stoners, the jocks and preppy people, a handful of goths/emos, then just a scattering of nerds and loners. There were also small groups of stoners/druggies that just did their own thing. I wasn't at all like TV.
>awkward as shit gangly-ass 6th grader
>long-ass hair, literally indistinguishable from my own mother from behind if we were wearing bulky clothing
>first week of middle school get seated next to the cutest girl my virgin eyes have ever seen
>she actually talks to me, and somehow I make her laugh
>months pass, situation stays the same
>valentine's day coming soon, decide i'm going to do something about this
>print out paper with heart that says "I love you" in the middle
>pic related
>stuff it through the vents on her locker
>next day she's getting her books and I realize she has a picture taped over the vents
>my social suicide note is trapped behind it
>walk up to her, start making awkward conversation
>"oh, what's that? no, I mean the thing behind it?"
>she starts reading it
>I run away
>don't speak again until we're signing yearbooks
>she shakes my hand when I ask her to sign mine
>says "It was nice being in class with you"
literally never spoke again despite having numerous classes together for the next 5 years
Loosen up dude

If you can laugh at yourself it makes life easier

>Never talk to her ever.
why not?
When I threw someone through an opened window from the 1st floor, the guy wouldn't stfu, the whole school was looking at me funny afterward. No he didn't get hurt aside scrapping his ugly face on the asphalt.
A totally believable story from a genuine Indian.
shoulda replied theyd be first
Mine was a pretty TV-esque experience.
>Chads, separated into cool, dickbag, and class clowns
>"Nerdy" girls, Stacies, emo chicks
>I was in the all male noncringey-but-still-widely-disliked group
>There were also the spaghettio group composed of actual autists
>drama kids, two of us doubled in their group
>Weebs, we had one ambassador in there but she only sometimes spoke to us. She was like a side character
>We had a few allies within the class clown Chads, who commonly played vidya
>We also had one guy with literally no filter who we kept around because he was cool
>One of us basically saw him as a role model because both their parents were divorced and hated them
>My favorite memory of him was when he rode a shopping cart through the hallway while screaming "GET OUT OF MY SCHOOL GODDAMN NIGGERS"

High school was fun.
>there were
tell me more about this spaghettio group
Poo to the loo
I forgot the SJW/theater/'alternative' clique. They weren't that bad some of the time. As long as you didn't get them started about politics. It was fun laying the smackdown on why the killing of Trayvon Martin was justified though.
A lot of my really good friends are like that. One of my best friends is a bisexual, aromantic, tumblrina of a hambeast. We just don't talk about "trigger" topics and enjoy The Smiths.
I think its worse if they saw you pick up feces with your hands
Meant to say was.
We weren't the spaghettios, though we were only a little higher on the foodchain.
They were worse.
They sang the pokemon theme at the highest imaginable octaves.
One of our guys dated the one cool one of them.
They enjoyed math and talked about it on a daily basis.
They did autistic dances.
Furry tails were common.
One of them spent all his time in the computer room making low quality rage faces.
The weeb ambassador would sometimes hang out with them, and I'm pretty sure it's just because she wanted to feel better about herself.
The no filter guy would sometimes pelt them with apples at speeds I did not previously know were attainable.
Pretty sure he played baseball.
Yeah, those kinds of people are generally okay as long as you don't get them talking about that shit. At least in my experience.
>She makes really awkward jokes about it still to this day

She wants it.
not nerdy but not cool. then descended into full nerdom but cliques were pretty much irrelevant by senior year anyways
Holy shit Michael, is this you?
This caused me physical pain.
Srsly? That's the most embarrassing moment? That's not to bad man that seems pretty normal.
>implying it was justified
>sitting in a bar with some friends shooting the shit
>conversation turns to how gay we'd be willing to go
>jokingly say I'd be down to fuck a tranny
>at that instant the music changes and there's total silence
>everyone in the bar states at me awkwardly

>English class
>qt girl asks me what I wanna do with my life
>tell her I wanna go on droll so I can spend more time reading and sleeping
>no fucks given.jaypeg

>Reading George Bataille in Latin class
>Teacher asks me what I'm reading
>show him
>he makes fun of me for reading porn in his class

>English class again
>End of semester essay
>Write about attempting to visit a prostitute
>Teacher was literally blushing when he handed the essay back to me

>Before graduating have to pass an interview with some of the teachers and talk about my plans for my future
>Basically say that I don't care what I do in the future as long as it doesn't involve sucking some bosses dick 8 hours a day

My entire highschool experience was pretty balls to the wall no fucks given tbh. I also pissed myself in grade school once, but if anyone noticed they didn't mention it.
You sound as though you allowed yourself to be consumed by anxiety and embarrassment.
I had a similar situation. I was always the funny guy in school, not hideous or anything, just extremely nervous around girls. I made these two stacey's laugh nonstop when doing a project with them in 4th grade and it was the first time i came out of my shell and made friends with girls. I still was nervous around them and eventually cut contact with them. Fast forawrd to 8th grade I learn that one of the girls had a huge crush on me since then. I thought it was impossible because I was so fat and ugly. She was one of the qtest girls in school too but i was too self concious to pursue anything. Ended up graduating a virgin. I look back on life and learned the only person I had to blame for never getting a gf was myself, not the staceys and chads keeping me down.
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This thread is great.
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Hope it's not too late, but in sophomore year I was in a large sex-ed class.
The teacher made us do a special "experiment" where we each got a cup filled with water, one of them had dye that would show up when some chemical was added.
Teacher tells us it's a model for how stds spread.
We were supposed to pour our water into someone else's cup and move on to the next person
Teacher hands me the last cup with a shit eating grin
I basically only swap cups with two other people (both guys) because I was lazy af
Teacher does the part of expire mentioned where she tries to track down the STD spreader
>Mfw I know it's me
She is shocked that it only affected a few of the class
Narrows it down to two people.
I blame it on the one Indian kid in the class, with a quick joke, and everyone starts laughing.
Before my scapegoat I was so nervous because I was relatively quiet in the class and didn't want any extra attention
I did not ever get why femanons are so mean.
>Coming to school
>see 4 popular kids
>one of them saw me
>waves at me
>shouting that femanon likes me a lot
>move my ass to them
>start asking what he means
>they start laughing
>start tearing up and feel like shit
>feel the urge to fuck him up
>write him a fake letter that femanon wants to meet him after school by the old bus station
>wait for the school coming to an end
>Hiding behind the bus sign
>he really comes
>i am so gonna fuck this asshole up
>confront him and say
>"Nice work you did"
>"You are gonna go far kid"
>With a thousand lies and a good disguise
>Hit him right between the eyes
Got drunk for the first time and told a girl i like that i loved her in front of all her friends.

I used to be such a fuckin virgin cuck holy shit.
Thanks OP, I haven't read a single story ITT but I'm gonna save all these to jack off to when I come home tonight. Thanks again pal
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Here's one more I was able to dig up. I'm out.
I remember I got a reputation with chicks in my HS for having a nice ass. I started wearing tighter and tighter pants to accomodate them. Gradually this turned into a femdom fetish.
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>reading Girl with Curious Hair
>leave it at my desk with my schoolbooks to work at a computer
>teacher comes around and picks it up
>reads a segment out loud
>it involves some chick having her nipples being burnt for pleasure (or something of that nature)
>class gives me shit for being into bdsm
>I was actually just reading the book because I liked DFW
>I still like bdsm
shit happens
this had potential to be an instant classic
Everybody shits anon, its a thing anyone can see and go "wow thats fuckhuge and gross but kind of funny and relate able because i as well shit"
>be in video production class
>friend of mine's insane brother that has been fucking with me throughout the year decides to sit next to me
>he reaches out and gropes my face "OH SO RUGGED" (basically my facial hair was a meme between him and friends)
>"BAD ANON" he shouts slapping at my bangs
>lost my shit and grabbed the leg of his chair and tipped the whole thing over on top of him
>class goes silent
>teacher stands up and looked towards us for a good three seconds
>"Guys! You can't be doing this in my class"
>he sits down and shakes his head

I've seen this posted before,have you told it previously? Good stuff anon
>mfw went to an all boys school
i had no chance
>walking through hallway in high school
>some Chad whistles at a Stacy walking near me
>I turn around and look in his direction for some fucking reason
>yells "not you faggot " from across the hall
>everyone probably thought I was gay
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>First day of highschool, Year 7 (Grade 6)
>Have trap aesthetics and long hair
>Traditional school assembly to start off the new year
>First years sit on the front row, second years 2nd row etc
>Principle walks on stage
>Begins his usual speech welcoming everyone back
>"And now i'd like to ask two students to tell us what goals they'd like to achieve through out their time in highschool. Don't be shy"
>Nobody volunteers
>"Alright then i'll pick a boy and a girl from random, how about you two"
>Points at me and another boy next to me
>"Why don't you two stand up and tell us your goals"
>Forced to stand up infront of entire school, the kids in my class start sniggering at me
>Principle looks at me in the eyes
>"What goals do you have young lady?"
>"u-uhm b-but i'm a boy"
>Whole school erupts in laughter
>Principal realizes his mistake and tries to laugh it off and apologizes
>My insecurities are through the roof
>Tears roll down my face as I muster up "I-its ok haha"
>Sit down and try to hold back audible crying

Took a few weeks before people stopped talking about it
An entire gym hall filled with people laughed at me, at high school graduation day. This experience turned me into a hiki.
>"Dude it's just a video game, chill out..."
When I moved to a new town, I tried to convince everyone there I was in a black metal band in my old town, and I'd wear corpse paint and Dimmu Borgir shirts. I did that for a full school year, until I finally realized no one believed me or cared.
>classmates all gathering around a table in front of me
>outcast me, takes out phone to take picture and send to steam friends with a funny caption poking fun at normie classmates
>the fuckign "CHCK!" noise of the camera taking a picture goes off
>big ham man with beard turns around
>"Did you just take a picture of my butt?"
god fuckign dammit
7/10 for the offspring reference
>people thought I was some supergenius
>really just too quiet to disprove them

iktf man. I just thought way too much before I spoke and filtered out 99% of what I'd normally say because I was self-conscious. So everything I said was smart and people thought I was a genius.
>hanging out with friend and friend of friend i don't know
>she is much hotter than both of us
>she immediately makes it pretty clear she doesn't like me
>continue to hang out despite hostility
>eventually make some comment about how shitty she's being
>she slaps me
>don't know what to do
>start acting like a sheep (because LOL rand0m!!!)
>continue to make farmyard noises
>eventually they leave
>anon, I really like that girl
>can you ask her if she likes me?
>WTF anon, you creep! Are you his fucking bitch or something?

That was in grade eight, and the only times I spoke to women after that were incidental ("you can borrow my pen", "can you pass the attendance sheet?"). That was actually about ten years ago this month and I still haven't held a grill's handle.
here's a story about how i accidentally outed a furfag
>junior year
>science fair
>already pretty deep in 4chan bullshit, know what furries are, traps, etc
>did some shitty experiment with sound
>walking around with partner, some armenian kid who did 80% of the work.
>see project about programming, kinda into it
>examining desktop screens
>point it out to Armenian kid, "uh, is it hentai?"
>'haha nah dude this guy wants to fuck animals'
>he googles fursona later
>armenian kid was actually popular or something? anyway the whole school knew by the end if the week.
>continue to make farmyard noises
>eventually they leave
>be the only male in the class
>we go on a trip to France
>be alone in the hotel's room at night
>hear someone knocking at the door in the silence
>wake up and open door
>the girl I like was knocking at the door on the front because her friends closed her out
>Invite her to enter
>I am generally good looking and a bit fit
>the fact I was still a virgin is because some weird behaviour
>I was sleeping shirtless
>let her enter and offer her a glass of water
>we talk a bit
>we look at each other
>nothing happens
>she thanked me and got out

So much remorse, maybe she was attracted by me but I couldn't say for certain.
>be me in 7th grade
>until then all my experience with girls could be summed up as either "being made fun of" or "being ignored completely"
>new grill in class
>a little on the chubbier side but still a qt and a major weeb
>bond over Bleach and Inuyasha
>halfway through the school year teacher decides to randomly change up our seating arrangements
>get seated next to weeb qt
>somehow get it in my tiny, autistic mind that she wanted the D
> put hand under desk and star grabbing her leg and thigh, essencially groping her
>she doesnt say anything so I assume she was ok with it
>next day get confronted by her chad gf in front of my entire class, threatening to kick my ass If I ever do that again while she looks on, almost scared of me
>never speaks with me again
>to this day I still have a Chikan fetish

R u a qt trap now?
File: mysterion.jpg (356 KB, 792x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sitting on computers in library like I do every recess to avoid having to socialize
>Stacey walks up to me and was wondering if I was gay because if not, her friend was interested
>Think she's being a bitch to me like usual
>"Well tell your "friend" i'm not and that her pussy most likely looks like an Arby's sandwich so no thanks (Thought I was really cool at the time with that one)
>See her walk up to actual friend and friend starts crying

>Ended up talking and getting in a relationship with same girl from before
>Go to her place expecting to finally lose my virginity
>Puss out and only want to go as far as foreplay
>Make out a little bit but use opened condom a balloon like a beta
>ended up making a tiny hole in it
>starts to finger her, starting to really want it
>wanting to get in but safely, try to salvage condom while shes distracted
>lasted only 5 minutes couldn't control myself and left shortly after
>guy in french class asked how it went
>breaks down in front of class on how I didn't want to be a father, she was sitting in the back
girls look nice
not exactly awkward.
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>tfw dared to hit Chads right between the eyes after a short skirmish 6 years ago
>realise 2 years from then that I got the idea from Offspring
more like Michit
what's chikan?
>at xmas dinner
>whole family is there
>Uncle has just got a new tv. Super advanced flatscreen plasma whatever
>Drinking at dinner table
>One of my unrelated aunts is flirting with me
>Fuckit, ill go to the toilet and bust a quick one out, its xmas after all
>Put my headphones on, have my own mini library of porn on my phone
>Load up something pretty hardcore
>literally 2 min later im finished
>Take headphones off
>Still hear my video... but sound is coming from downstairs
>Hear someone say "oh my god just pull out the power cable"
>MFW i realised that I had somehow hit 'cast screen' or whatever, function that autoplays your video on new tv's
>Literally the tv at the dinner table just started blasting porn, top right corner it says "anons samsung galaxy"
>Heard footsteps at bottom of stairs
>Try to climb out of window of upstairs bathroom
>Get stuck on the outside, need to call for help

Yeah... FML

this was 6 months ago and nothing has ever been the same
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>School announced birthday's over intercom
>It was my birthday
>They start reading off birthday's, think I am fine because my name is in the middle of the list so people probably won't notice my name out of all the others read off
>My teacher hears, she says "Happy birthday anon" in front of the whole class
>Whole class turns to look
>The Chad up front says "Ohhhh so that's what his name is."
A girl hugged me when I was about 15 in P.E because she knew I was a sperg and would act embarrassed then her and all her friends laughed at me. I felt her tit on my arm and it's 7 years later and that's still the most contact I've ever had with a female
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Christmas dinner in April?
wow man ur liek so kwl omg chilllife
Can I hear more I love incest.
>mucho grande gato en el pantalones
that doesn't mean anything.
Sexually molested in front of alot of people
im a guy btw
and so was the molester
lunchtime is worst time. i wish we didnt have the physical need to eat so e could avoid these lonely akward hours
I hope this is true
Which city you in?

I'm /Coventry/
>on a field trip to the orchestra
>try to be nice guy
>give my phone to a kid so he can play a game
>kid opens up google
>clicks on the search bar
>all of the previous searches that pop down are porn
>kid proceeds to giggle about it to everyone around him
>before I realize whats going on its to late
>all of my class mates are now laughing at me
My HS years were...strange. I used to browse 4chan then and read similar or worse stories on old /b/ and /adv/ so I was scared and 'knew my place' and stayed the fuck away from everyone, never talking to normalfags and always being on alert for stuff they could pull on me.

Well, they never did try to pull anything. In fact, some people tried to approach me and become friends with me but I was too suspicious.
Once, a girl insulted as a joke me in front of her friends and later she came back with them and genuinely apologised, saying what she did was fucked up etc etc.

I wonder if I could have been a Chad if I was less of a stuck up douche and didn't take all these stories to heart.
At the very least, people in my country didn't behave like in these stories.
File: 1441683126579.jpg (89 KB, 479x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Your Google-fu needs some work, anon.
>not playing along and say "thanks" while winking to her
you guys are as spontanous as a moonphase.
>freshman year in highschool
>Pretty talkative and likeable
>see cute girl I've had a crush on since middle school
>call her girl one
>Go up and say hey
>she says "hey anon I remember you"
>we hit it off
>a few months earlier I started talking to some other girl
>call her girl two
>we talk for a long time and I really like her
>turns out her and girl one are friends
>girl one asks to come over
>did I mention she was a senior
>she gives me my second blow job ever
>I feel really bad because I liked the other girl and i was pretty much using this girl for blow jobs.
>long story short the girl I really liked found out
>calls girl one a slut
>girl one sees girl two at the mall
>beats her ass
>they both ended up hating me and never talking to me again.
You should have used it to your advantage

>They call me the 'Bowl', cause I'm bawlin'
File: 1441510152767.png (74 KB, 227x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that kid who shat himself
>in 10th grade
You people have to realize that America is quite different compared to Europe.
>insane kid like in your post
>went around saying weird shit, claimed one day he'd lead the Fourth Reich
>he also had some strange obsession with running up and slapping people in the face
>one day he runs up to the High Chad and his coterie of Chads
>just slaps this fucking guy across the face
>the chad terminator squad descends on this nigga with the force of a Mack truck
>insane kid get his shit kicked in, bruised and bleeding out the mouth, various cuts
>teachers let it go on for a little bit because Chad
>they break it up, insane kid gets up and gives Chads this fucking death stare
>not the 12 year old "mom you didn't buy me the Linken Park t-shirt" death stare
>like this kid was gonna go nuclear on Chad's ass
>instead he just goes to leave the school
>teacher tries to get him to stay while following him
>"No, you can't leave, you need to sort this out in th-"
>this madcunt clotheslines the teacher in the dick so hard he instantly fell over
>shuts the gate on every teacher trying to catch up to him, disappears completely
>a good 50 people witnessed this including me
>waiting to hear about how the Chads were tortured to death by this dude
>two days afterwards we find out on the news that the insane kid poured gasoline all over himself and lit a match in his back yard
>he ded
>people start making jokes about how he's gonna come back and haunt the Chads
>chads look nervous, everyone is blown the fuck back when they hear the news
I had forgotten it in purpose, but this thread brought back the memory.

>be 6th grade
>sitting in class eith QT behind me
>teacher passing shit out, time to make my move
>turn around in my seat
>"Did you get--"
>shitshit what do I say next
>I literally did not plan this out at all
>try to finish what I started
>"Annonette, did you get FATTER over the summer?"
>she stares at me
>tfw you were probably the cause of someone's middleschool anorexia
>Made fun of a lot
>One day bully ends up dead
>Everybody thinks I did it
>Still stay silent
>Get nicknamed Joe Palczynski

It's from a movie called "Blue Streak" starring Martin Lawrence.
He's pretending to be a cop for most of the movie but wouldn't say where he was from.
toward the end, he pretends to be a mexican federale (mexican FBI) and blurts out that sentence to try and fool border patrol.
Here's another from my middle school career

>bored in lunch one day
>spazz kid is always good for a laugh
>get idea for le funny joke 2008
>decide to write a fake note from a girl and put it in his lunch box
>write "I want you to fuck my tits" and dot the i's with little hearts
>open his lunch box, find some folded paper inside
>throw it away and replace with my note
>spaz kid sits down, opens his lunch box
>he reads the note and starts flipping out
>he thinks it's from HIS MOM
>uh oh
>apperently his mom leaves him a note in his lunch everyday, with the i's dotted with hearts
>he starts flipping out, asking the teacher to call his mom and showing them the note
>get scared that I'm gonna get v& by his mom and confess

I wonder what would have happened if I had just let it run its course
This is an impressive thread, somehow stayed relevant all night.
You coward. It would have been fucking hilarious if you let it continue.
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Okay make way faggots and buckle up for a shitstorm of embaressment.

My mother way an overbearing nutcase until she left us when I was 15, so before that I was totally flat out beta, 8i was a skinny little emo with bad hygiene, genuinely ugly, ginger hair (should length) and absolutely no balls.

>in English class, sitting next to dude talking about WW2
>tell him, for reasons unknown, that I believe I am the re-incarnation of a child who was killed in the blitz
>he immediately turns to the rest of the class and starts telling them loudly
>rest of class give me a wide berth for a long time


>On school sponsored camping trip
>Gathered with rest of class in social room
>phone outside is ringing
>know it's my mother because she rings same time everyday
>other girl says it could be her mother
>again, for reasons unknown, I say "your mother or your dog?"
>she bursts into tears
>her mother is seriously ill
>she's the most popular girl in school
>spend the rest of the week being beaten up by her boyfriend and his friends
>one night while I sleep they sneak into my room and take a picture of me naked

Keep going?

>second to last year of school
>hanging with group of normal guys
>they all hate me and constantly bully me
>one day I make the mistake of telling one about a girl I like
>they immediately print out several hundred copies of my full name and hers in a love heart from the main computer in the science room
>the computer is rigged to an internal printer
>200 copies is printed off every printer in the school
>people start putting them everywhere
>they actually had to close the school for half a day to bring in a cleaning team to get rid of all the paper


>walking to Spanish class
>get pushed from behind
>stumble and crash into group of girls
>I'm on the floor looking up
>they're standing above me, in skirts
>get called a pervert for a long time

ill do another post for the rest
The vice principal caught me eating lunch in a bathroom stall
They come for the girls, stay for the cringe.

So anyway...

>drama group visits the school
>doing a modern version Of Macbeth
>doing a scene where lady Macbeth berates Macbeth over killing Duncan
>they need a volunteer to be lady Macbeth
>nigger English teacher volunteers me
>eVery body starts cheering me on
>start mumbling into the mic
>drama guys are egging me on
>get incredibly nervous, start talking with American accent
>they make me chase the actor round the room in circles, throwing insults at him, all the while I'm sweating and gasping and between wheezes, calling him a dork in a Southern Californian drawl

I got a couple others but I think that's enough from me, to be honest I always got on better with adults than people my own age, the last year of school I started knocking around with one of the hard kids who kind of took pity on me, it took a few years of being forced to go out and drink and play football and stuff before I learnt how to actually talk to people and be part of a friendship group, in my mid 20's now and I'm a popular guy with a healthy sex life, I travel a lot and like video games and reading, I'm a pretty healthy guy, my mother is psychologically unbalanced, and I still blame her for a lot of my sperg-ness as a teenager, she was a bag influence, in this case, also a crap one, I haven't spoken to her in almost 10 years.
that seems more comedic than awkward to me m8
They didn't. I locked the bathroom.
>piss on pants
>go to sink
>make pants wetter
>break sink
>gets out of bathroom cussing
easy as pie my man
This is why I come here

Do you know what board you're on?
damn that part with the asian girls dominating you is hot
i farted out loud during class in 7th grade or so. the guy next to me instantly started blaming me and everyone laughed. i tried pretending it was him but it didn't work of course. got called fartboy for a couple of weeks. wasn't that bad but kinda annoying
It means very big cat in pants....
Spanish doesn't work like that I'm afraid.
wtf are american schools really like this or is it simply this board ?
>saving a photo as a png
twisted fucking poopootoad
I did the same but it was with a guy and I am also a guy and we were both fucking faggots and it was at my house.

Only time I've ever even tried.
underrated, made me cringe
I can't quite relate to this but have a similar situation.
>In cafeteria
>9th grade (never was one to know the term for these grades)
>New to the school, only been there for a week
>Each day sat at the same table alone playing games on PSP
>About 9th day of doing this some girl walks up from another table full of girls (found out later most of them were in the volleyball team while the others were cheerleaders)
>She asks "Hey, we were wondering if you'd like to sit with us instead of being alone all the time"
>Me not knowing any of them, not knowing how to interact with others unless I can fuck around and just joke about everything or be very formal, and having a sort of fear/awkwardness when around people
>I replied with "No thanks, I appreciate the offer though. Wouldn't want to bother you guys."
>She walked away silently back to her friends, I assume she told them because they just went quite
>Saw them looking my way every so often for the next few days while I silently ate parts of my lunch and proceeded to play games

How bad did I fuck up guys?
>they think im gonna kill myself or shoot the class

Why didnt you?
You did good anon, the stacies would just have laughed at you
lol loosen up dude xD
Try correcting the grammar of normies, then you get a "Wow, what a jerk, grammar nazi" thrown at you.
s-she was a stacyroastieslutwhorecuntbitch. y-yeah, th-that's it
What were you listening to?
Yea not too long after that some social reject came to the same table as I was at and sat there for a good week before even trying to start a conversation with me.
Later some other guy brought a PSP over and turns out we both had Mortal Kombat, kicked his ass and became bros.
At some point we talked about music and the next day I brought in a stereo I pieced together in my backpack with about 4 speakers, and and amp, had that shit running on so many batteries, decided to build it due to school rules about radios.
I soon became that one guy with a full on stereo in his backpack that found a way around the system, someone even paid me $20 to follow him from class to class for a week playing Party Boy.

The whole school was too dumb to know how to run a set of speakers on batteries and that set my image.
>be me
>in gym class
>playing soccer
>teammate kicks ball to me
>i catch it
>everybody laughs
El gato en mi pantalones es mucho grande?
>Stare at qt during every lunch
>One time, I decide to just go talk to her
>"Um, hey, uh, so what's your name?"
>Didn't even introduce myself first
>She almost whispers her name
>"Err, I'm sorry, what?"
>She whispers it again
>"Uhh, I didn't catch..."
>Bell rings
>I decide I've embarassed myself enough
>"W-Well, I gotta go!"
>Leave super fastlike
I asked a girl out and she said yes. I went to her dance recital dressed well and gave her flowers. She never responded to calls/texts to arrange a meeting time after that. And six or so years later, I have no drive to even get a gf.
>someone even paid me $20 to follow him from class to class for a week playing Party Boy.
I wish I went to your school
One time in college, World's End from Code Geass just started randomly playing and whoever it was a got a handle on it real quick, because I didn't notice anyone move or anything.

Waited by the door after class, asking each person who came through if it was their phone that went off. No one fessed up. I guess they were too embarrassed. I would have liked to make a friend though.
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>giving him penis legs
>start 9th grade
>be fat and miserable
>spend every lunch period in a bathroom stall
>beg mom to let me 'homeschool'
>she works full time
>she lets me do it anyway
>i basically dropped out at 14

neet for over 4 years now, its a shit feel.
>decide to make effort to talk to girls
>see too girls walking by
>try to say hey but instead cough and convulse
>everyone laughs
>go lay down in the garden that the special ed kids planted.
forgot to turn the sound off when taking creep shots of girls feet
Don't think you fucked up. I don't think they would've made fun of you, but people don't know what they are getting into when they invite a robot over. So "No thanks" was the best response.
Most of my really bad ones have been suppressed so I can't recall them, so I'll just post a minor one.

>in class
>guy is eating chocolate buttons
>friend talking into my ear
>guy asks if I want a few buttons
>mishear him and assume he is offering me the whole bag
>say yes, take the bag off of him and pocket it
>he's shocked and just looks at me
>I quickly realise what he actually said
>take a couple buttons and give the bag back

I've had so many misunderstandings due to the fact I don't fully pay attention to people when they speak to me.
>finally get first blowjob
>im too nervous
>qt too slow
>qt "you're getting soft"
>me "yeah thats fine"
>dont finish, clean up and leave.
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>yeah thats fine
>Taking a test
>Nose starts running
I had three: hicks, indians and everyone else
Do I look like I know what the hell a jpeg is?
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File: 3.0shin.png (129 KB, 500x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why not?
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>Grade 10
>This cute girl with braces says "Hi anon!" to me in the hallways
>Wave to her as we pass each other, not sure if she was even talking to me
>The next day, she passes by and greets me again
>We were the only ones in the hallway, so I know for a fact she was talking to me
>She greets me whenever she passes by me (probably at least once a week)
>It's always in a very happy tone and never sounded forced
>Didn't share any classes with her, haven't even seen her in my life
>She still somehow knows my name
>She always hung out with ugly Stacys, but never dressed or acted (entirely) like them
>Have a normie friend who's friends with all of the school's normies and ask him who she is
>He doesn't even know
>She happily says hi to me all year
>Always reply with a quiet "Hey" or a wave and smile
>Happy that this cute random girl I don't even know is kind of acknowledging me
>Never see her again after that year
>To this day, I don't know her name

I found it more weird than awkward
>have job at local park for the summer
>give out maps and answer people's dumb questions
>always say "have a nice day" when I'm done answering someone's questions about the park and when they're leaving
>be in ap European history
>teacher does this thing were he just randomly calls out names and asks a question
>calls on me to answer some question about France
>answers to the best of my abilities
>"thanks four your input anon"
>I yell "have a nice day"
>everyone looks
>Face turns red and I bury myself into my arms
literally nothing
>First year of high school
>all the popular girls that came from other schools sort of likes me
>starts talking to them online
>they like me even more
>they flirt with me even in the hallways and yell "cutie" after me etc
>i never respond
>too scared to talk to them irl
>I'm only smooth online
>they get tired of this and figure I mostly hang out with geeks after some months so they lose interest

It's still sort of weird to think about that they were genuinely interested in me.
They started drinking at 14, got kids around 18 and are now stuck in my small hometown while I'm studying comp sci in the capital, going to the gym 3 times a week, so I don't feel too bad about it.
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>Be 18, last year in school
>School is setting up this play (mostly "funny" scetches) , as is tradition in my country
>Help set up the stage and shit just so i can come to the parties (basically every night for a week)
>On second night or something, meet this firstyear chick (16)
>one of the acresses in the play
>Chubby, but not bad looking
>Start talking
>I'm akward as fuck and spilling sphagetti everywhere
>She doesn't care, really into me
>Second party talk some more
>Don't make a move because betafaget
>Third night she just goes for it since i never made a move
>start hooking up
>go into the washroom (washingmachine etc) at the house we were in and hook up for like an hour
>"i really wan't to do it, but i don't want to be "that" girl"
>skip the next party, because i think it will be too akward too meet the girl after we hooked up
>yeah im this retarded
>friends call me fagget, pussy, nigger etc and convinces me to hook up with her again at the next party
>go to next part, bring condom
>get fucking shitfaced
>she comes up to me
>"meet me outside in 10min"
>go out 11 minutes later
>she is mad i'm late
>goes back inside
>actually kinda releved
>later chilling near the piano watching my friend play some sweet tunes talking to some random people.
>she comes up to me again, this times grabbing my shirt and dragging me into nearby bathroom.
>Start making out
>5min goes and she stops and asks me "what do you want to happen to night?"
>i-i.. i dunno.. w-what do you.. ehh.. like w-what?
>smell of pastasauce fills house
>she sights and ask if i want to go back to her place
>she lives 5 minutes away
>so shitfaced i trip and fall probably 5 times during the walk (it was winter)
>she doesn't mind
>Skip to her house
>Tells me to wait 30 seconds and then come into her room
>just wait untill she yells out that i can come in now
>go in, she is standing in just a silk bathrope
>drops the bathrope in front of me
>she had turned of all the lights (think she was shy about being chubby)
>couldn't really see anything but said "nice" or something like that
>she dragges me into her bed and we start making out
>Soon im in just my boxers and we're still making out with me on top of her
>She asked if i has a condom
>take condom out of my wallet, keep making out with her with it in my hand
>turned on, but the alcohol makes it hard to feel my dick
>just feel kinda numb down there, but could feel with my hand that it was atleast 75% up.
>time to open up condom
>fuck this is hard
>start stressing, sweating
>fuckfuckfuckfuck come on!
>finally get it open
>still completely dark
>so nervous now i can't feel my fingers
>try to figure out which way the condom rolls out
>impossible (probably wouldn't be able to find the vag anyways in the dark)
>fuckfuckfuckfuck this can't be happening!!
>whole body shaking now, feel like im about to pass out
File: X-Men1.jpg (566 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566 KB, 1920x1080
>dick goes limp
>please no
>she is waiting for me to put it in
>most akward situation of my life
>just lean over her for like 20 second or so unable to move or talk
>"are you ok?"
>roll over and lay beside her
>pleas kill me now
>still has the opened condom in my hand
>she says it's ok, obviously it's not
>just lay there for a couple of minutes.
>"well, good night"
>say nothing
>can't fucking sleep, just lay there thinking about how much i've fucked up
>wanted to leave, but i had no idea where i were or how to get home (would probably be a 1 hour walk even if i knew the way)
>after a couple hours i finally fall asleep
>wake up next morning
>hungover as fuck
>she makes me some breakfast
>tells me not to worry about last night
>ask her how to get to the school we both go to (it was kinda in the middle of where we lived)
>tells me
>i leave, akward hug in the door
>she says "see you tomorrow at the premere!" with a smile
>didn't go to premere
>didn't go to final party
>stayed in the classroom brownsing 4chan every break for the rest of the schoolyear so i wouldn't bump into her
>year later, i am still a virgin.

it still hurts to think about that shit,,
High school was such a blur, I can't remember shit, but I don't think anything too embarrassing happened to me since I never even interacted with people and no one interacted with me.
>walking to school
>slip in mud in front of the school
>covered in mud and shit
>feel like shit
>everyone laughing and no one helps
>go through day covered in mud
>everyday after that people yell at me "don't slip" and laugh
>sick one day
>text from unknown number
>"don't slip"
One time when a girl asked me a question I mixed up yesterday with tomorrow.
Thanks for reminding me of this one, i kind of already blocked it in my mind but whatever

>1st class of highschool
>eat bad sandwich in restaurant, alone ofc
>20 minutes later running for bathroom, literally sick to my stomach
>as soon as i drop my pants and sit down i realise im in the wrong bathroom
>fuck it, no one around
>start taking huge liquid dump for couple minutes
>suddenly bell rings for lunch break
>hallway fills up with students
>bathroom fills up with giggling girls, they are disgusted by the smell
>enter complete panickmode
>decide to just wait out the lunch break in locked cube while squatting on toilet
>after like 5 minutes giggling girls wonder out loud if "anyone in there?"
>my nokia phone goes off with loud pokemon tune
>decide now or never, run out with pale face pretending i just threw up and am really sick
for some reason no one ever brought it up again but there were like 40-50 students who saw it
what the fuck's with all these pics man that's pretty fucked up, reminds me of 4chan when it was original
Kids these days.
Yep I do this all the time. Teachers think I am psycho sadist or something. And sometimes I just make racist jokes, people think I am serious. I realised that only recently when I was asked seriously "why are you such a racist"... I am not...

But just to get a sense of my humor, here goes;

>may 2015
>Jewish classmate has birthday
>Come into the class yelling "time to burn that dirty jew"
>surprisingly she laughs, no-one else does though.

And I am just like that all the time,

>English class (second language)
>talking about families and possible problems in a family and such.
>teacher shows a picture of poor African kids, those that are dying of hunger, asks me "Anon, what do you think is the problem here"

>"they are black"

So yeah and I did this everyday, for 3 years or so.
Why didn't you just have a friend walk past and see if anyone was there waiting for you?

>be me, 16
>girl invites me over to her place to smoke, drink
>get drunk, start smoking. She sticks her hand down my pants.
>full autism mode, lock up, don't talk, start shaking
>she asks what's wrong, I say I don't think I should be doing this
>awkwardly tell her I have to leave, nothing else.
>drive home an hour a half
>2 months later she comes out of the closet being lesbian
>TFW you're the reason a woman turned lesbian :-(
Replying to myself but just want to add this.

>recent school trip
>in a room with 3 girls and 2 guys
>girl starts talking to us and asks us "what is your favorite color"
>I say 'green"
>other classmate says "blue"
>she turns to me and says, "Can you say something nice to him, about the color he chose"

. . .

I just realized that I am being hurtful to people all the time, insulting and being rude, I never encourage or anything, does she think I am mentally incapable of empathy or something?
>teacher allows us to listen to music in class
>listen to the radio because I didn't have any music on my phone at that present moment
>chad says "anon I can hear your anime music from here"
>was listening at a low volume, no chance he could have heard it
>the radio station wasn't even playing music when he said it, the news were on
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This is why i avoid social gatherings
That's the worst when even the teacher starts laughing.... well no.. wait... the worst is when the teacher is the one who makes fun of you... happened multiple times.
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Not much more I can do for you fam.
post everything. I don't care what it is
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For you, big guy.
thanks dr. pavel
Thanks, Lori
>saving a photo using the proprietary image compression algorithm GIF
>not using free as in free beer image formats like JPG or PNG unless it HAS to be animated
>>be me
>>in gym class
>>playing soccer
>>teammate kicks ball to me
>>i catch it
Happened to me too but what happened then is some people said
>why did he do that
>he can't do that
>why did you do that anon
I honestly had just about zero embarassing/awkward moments.

I even sat with the cool kidz at lunch, and was voted best dressed, and class clown.
its weird how they assume u were talking about getting laid.
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I smell a normie.
believe it or not im a virgin like you.

i didn't get out much, or even go to parties.
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You can't be halfway between a robot and a normie. You must choose.
Sounds like you still have potential
my mom was very protective over me until senior year, and i literally never wanted a gf. i just wanted sex.

but yeah im pretty much a normie. i just come on here for kicks some times.
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Well, if you never got it then I suppose you're allowed here.
lol i've actually denied sex.

i just dont give a fuck, it'll come, don't worry about it, don't put it on a pedistal. and improve yourself ;^)
>literally nothing
I remember when i was that naive 5 years ago
i remember when i was edgy, and jaded.
Same as this guy
I've posted this story a few times before
>senior year of high school
>senior skip day, but parents make me go
>last class of the day, has like 5 people in it
>teacher makes us help set up an art show that is being put on in the cafeteria
>set up some shit but then get bored and start to look at the exhibits.
>bend over to read a poem next to a painting when suddenly I am poked in the shoulder and hear a "boop" noise
>short girl, glasses, brown hair, 7/10 who Ive never seen before
>Think that it's someone whom I've met and simply forgotten about, I say HEY loud as fuck
>she seems unfazed by this burst of beta rays and begins talking to me about art and shit
>Have absolutely no artistic ability to speak of and am not interested in art whatsoever
>but she's cute as fuck
>so cute, in fact, that I start to get a boner
>I quickly become Mr Pockethands but she looks down right as I start to get it
>pretty sure she saw because she makes a little noise and quickly looks up
>she keeps talking to me for some reason
>She asks me what I would like to draw
>again, not creative in the slightest so spaghetti oozes out of my pockets
>proceed to fucking tell her that I have no artistic ability for some dumbshit reason
>"then why are you here?"
>"because my teacher forced us"
>just then her teacher calls her class over to leave
>she goes to shake hands
>I stand there shaking her hand like an idiot waiting for her to tell me her name
>"Name?" she asks
>sperge out my name and she tells me hers
>after that she leaves
a-at least I'll never see her again
>end of the day almost here
>girls in my form dancing, being loud and annoying
>tell them to sit down and shut up
>they finally sit down
>she goes to sit down
>I pull her chair away
>feels good
>she hits her head and starts crying
>oh shit.jpg
>later find out she went to hospital
>go home
>check facebook
>her friends spamming my wall
>15 girls posting shit on my facebook
>delete everything
>get suspended for 4 days
>come back and greeted like a celebrity
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Why are these girls just your friends OP? Why aren't you dating the qt redhead?
File: onahole.jpg (16 KB, 355x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 355x315

If anyone is interested I am making a full album and will make a thread when this 404's
Because I'm a robot.
Can you at least tell us how old she is?
File: blonde glasses.jpg (56 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blonde glasses.jpg
56 KB, 640x640
That's the other reason I'm not dating either of them. I'm not much older than them, but enough for it to be weird. I think they were both 14 in these pictures. Blonde turned 15 a couple of days ago.
i dont believe these stories. what kind of stock video player app has a "cast to random tv screen" option. Even then you usually have to pair the tv with your device first.
pretty hot tbh

You should message them and tell them random anonymous men online are cumming to her.
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>Gym class, maybe freshman year of highschool
>kind of stress eating because of shitty mom/dad relation
>gain some weight
>big ass love handles
>the shirt I was wearing was a bit tight on me because I forgot to wash my better fitting shirt
>Chad behind me says "anon has 2 watermelons hanging off his back" and everyone laughs
>tfw eating disorders from dwelling on this 3 years after the face

The kid turned out to be pretty bro junior/senior year though. I never told him how much that one sentence stuck with me. He'll never know.
smh nobody gives a shit, your fault for interacting with women tbh.

Haha, glad that fucking Chad died
File: blonde legs.jpg (94 KB, 450x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
blonde legs.jpg
94 KB, 450x600
terrible idea tbh fam

Are you me? I had this exact same scenario. Had to pee like crazy and teacher didn't let me go to the bathroom, was retarded and didn't just go anyway, so I let out some of my pee in the chair, no one noticed, chair was flooded in pee but it wasn't linked to me. Pants weren't noticeable. Peed in the bathroom after class ended
wutchu mean fam?
what part is confusing you
Are you guys even serious? Does this actually exist outside of american teenage series?

I swear if i make a sociology thesis it'll be about this freaking board and the work will be packed in about 2 weeks.
I don't see what can go wrong
Top kek
yes it does
group of girls sitting in the library that keep looking over at my group of friends, so i keep glancing over. tell me to stop staring so i autistically like raise my eyebrows, you know what i mean like the double eyebrow raise.
they all started laughing at me and flip me off.
learn to greentext newfag