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What sort of drama that you're not in...
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What sort of drama that you're not in the middle of is going on in your life right now, /r9k/? Drama that you're a spectator too.

My sister got pregnant recently when her condom broke with her and her boyfriend. They're both only 15. Shit's going down with them and my mom
>having other people in your life
pls go
>inb4 gtfo normie ree, etc.
Gather around young robots and listen to a cyborg spin you a tale of woe, bad decision making, and mild retardation.

Part the first: The background
>Family friend has a friend
>Joins the same medieval re-enactment society as me thanks to family friend
>I can tolerate him, but I wouldn't call him a friend
>Does crack on and off
>He gets a pregnant crackhead girlfriend
Yes, that sentence is correct. His oldest son isn't even his
>Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
>She is an annoying cunt
>Shrill, loud voice
>Her own family want nothing to do with her
>They break up every 3 months then get back together
>Want to tolerate her too, but she's a fucking cunt.
>Fast forward a few years
>Old re-enactment society fell apart years ago
>New one in town
>Family friend and I join it
>Of course, his friend joins too, about to become a biological father for the first time
>Another son is born
>As soon as her new son is weaned off breast-feeding, this bitch joins the society
>Uses a sword way too heavy for her, but refuses to develop her arm strength
>Start really disliking her

>Somehow, I still have no idea how, I got a girlfriend from 3 towns over
>After a few weeks she admits she likes my town, but she knows some people she doesn't like by name
>Turns out the bitch is her aunt. It's a small world.
>Don't let her aunt know about us until Easter this year.
>By this time, gf's aunt and her boyfriend had "broken up", but still went on a double-date with us
>They end up back together that evening
>It was here that I started hearing about what these two were doing from two fronts: my gf and my family friend.
Part the second: The broken relationship
>Family friend tells me that he stopped talking to his friend because he's constantly depressed from fighting with his crack-head gf all the time
>Every training session, however, they are back together, but their niceness to each other seems false
>Family friend tells me that neither of them even look after their own kids most of the time
>member of our re-enactment society aggravates several members of parent society's branch in the city whole other story
>GF's aunt and her BF fan the flames of this conflict by aggravating him right back until they are unwelcome at training.
>Go on a trip to visit the parent branch of our re-enactment society in the city
>Family friend can't make it, but I'm willing to get a lift. I'm sure you can all guess who I ended up with
>They brought their oldest son of three years with them
>Not even in their own car. It's grandma's car.
>On the drive to the city all he does is interrupt conversations by shouting "EXCUSE ME" then asking questions
>Keeps calling me "Billy" for some reason
>After training, invited to society president's house
>Guy is acting like a smart-arse since he doesn't know the way, but thinks he does
>Bitch keeps shouting at him, which just encourages him to navigate by turning right
>Gets us hopelessly lost
>Both are angry with each other
>Shouting matches interspersed with silence begin to show me what their relationship really is
>Their son babbles something at me in 3-year-old speech. I don't understand, but I feel quite ill by this point and I'm nodding to try and not be sick everywhere
>Eventually get to prez's house
>Sit down and don't get up until my stomach is settled
>Supposed to be there until late playing board games, but grandma wanted her car back by 7:30
>Pretend to be asleep on the trip back so the kid would leave me alone
Part the third: Thrice-broken relationships
>The two crack-heads break up
>The break-up lasts longer than a couple of days this time
>Hear from gf that her aunt has moved out and spends all day drinking
>Hear a whole bunch of messed up shit from family friend
>His friend has full custody of the kids because his ex didn't want her own kids
>Her first son stopped calling her Mum, instead referring to her by name
>His friend started seeing a new girl
>A month later and all of a sudden, the two crack-heads are back together
>Friend asks his friend what happened
>"I'm in trouble" the only response
>Another trip to the parent branch city, convoy style
>Guess who's late, and makes us late. Yes, that's right.
>Not only do they turn up half an hour late, they had to go home again and "get some stuff for the kids"
>They had dumped the kids on someone's doorstep without any of the baby's nappies, formula, etc. and received an angry phone call, then had to deliver all that shit
>Learn later on that the other girl friend's friend was seeing was suicidal because the dick-head had dumped her to get back with his FAS girl.
Part the fourth: Don't touch our kittens, Crescendo!
Further background:
>GF's cat on heat escapes her house for two days and comes home pregnant
>Gives birth to 5 kittens
>GF's aunt buys two ferrets
>GF's aunt had two cats already, but one of them runs away not for the first time either
Tale continues:
>While GF's cat is pregnant, her aunt decides to tell her stories about cats eating their newborn kittens
>GF has severe anxiety and depression so this doesn't go down well
>We resolve to inform her aunt that she's kitten-banned until she apologises
>Have a medieval event over the weekend after the night the kittens are born
>First night Bitch gets extremely drunk and tries to tell every man conversing with another man that what they are doing is gay
>Loud laughter from her tent all night keeps me awake for hours
>Bitch thought I was joking about her niece's cats
>Remind her of the ban on the weekend when I'm fucking sick of her shit
>She has nowhere to leave to and everyone who overheard me telling her why she's kitten-banned sides with me
>All she can do is tell me to eat a dick
>After the event, GF lifts the ban not sure if from a due apology or from GF caving to her aunt
>Bitch now wants one of the kittens, despite one of her cats running away
>Of course, she wants the cutest and neediest of the kittens
>Her BF has more sense and doesn't want the kitten if it means the other cat comes back
>My GF thinks this is noble of him and won't give them a kitten if he refuses it
>GF and I learn that they intend to buy a Valhund from a breeder and that the kitten will have to be an outdoor cat so their baby doesn't play in the cat's shit in a litterbox
>Bitch lets slip to her niece that she doesn't even like her kids and can only stand them fro two weeks before shunting them off onto her BF, which is probably why they fight all the time
Thus concludes the tale.
A tl;dr for those of you fazed by a wall of text:
>Friend of friend's GF is an emotionally stunted FAS crackhead
>Causes trouble to those around her
>End up dating her niece unknowingly
>Everything is fuck
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Just the usual tbh

>underage friends dealing/actively smoking tobacco
>semi-close relatives getting into massive arguments
>haven't seen any of them in about 6 months
>I have one week of vacation
>pic related
>my brother and his gf (solid 8/10) are also fighting a lot
>brother has diabetes
>brother's gf is pretty annoying tbh
>i'm high af right now
My sister is dying of an extremely rare incurable illness. But other than that, I'm great.
>have tight circle of friends (about 10 of us)
>one of our friends starts bringing over a group of his new friends
>his group of new friends gang fuck his girlfriend at a party
>he finds out
>he gets mad
>they beat the shit out of him
>he's still with his gf
>he still hangs out with new group of friends
what illness?
White people problems for real. All that shit seems annoying for sure but not really messing up your life not even close to a "everything is fuck" I mean Those two are fucked yea but seems like the damage doesn't travel that far.
I have a small group of friends right now that get together and chill every now and then. everything was fine until a few months ago when this chick comes on the scene and fucked everything up. so far she has:
>Rejected THREE of my friends while fucking weird ass loners she finds on tinder
> literally drones on about tumblr 24/7
> Has threatened to kill herself at least twice, actually took 2 packs of sleeping pills from her once
> Has emotionally fucked over one of the guys that went for her by saying she fucked one of his friends
> Had full blown emotional meltdowns on almost every occasion she has consumed alcohol

and many, many more events.

last week I called her out for trying to separate two best friends becasue she didn't like one of them and she just sends me 2 paragraphs of text a day about how shit I am. she's clearly using my friends as an emotional tampon and I'm the only one that can see it.

fun fact: she even has dyed hair like zone Quinn or some shit
what an absolute cuck.
Lafora progressive myoclonus epilepsy, you probably never heard of it.
>study medicine and genetics
You a carrier?
Nah, clean.
Both my parents are, though.
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