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Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?
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Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?
I had an English teacher in high school.

She was this short white brunette with nice tits amend ass.

I just loved her face..

She was also my track coach.

I got to run and talk with her a lot..and see her in rly tight short shorts.

I'd be running with her and pop a boner and have to pretend I was pissing to kill it.

I have sexual fantasies of her still. Thinking of her makes me come so fast..

I miss her

I had crush on my math teacher when I was in private school.

She was cute as hell.

She was cute as hell.
I had crush on my math teacher when I was in private school. She was cute as hell.
No, but a teacher had a crush on me.
No; I'm only attracted to children.
Well...in middle school there was this well built female special ed teacher...
one of my math teacher wore really loose shirts and im pretty sure no bra. She would use the projector a lot and let em hang. like 99% sure in retrospect
I had a crush on my Spanish teacher in my senior year of high school, she had similar feelings but she chose not to act on it to my dismay. But yeah she would give me preferential treatment. Like she pretty much excused me from all homework although I still did do some just to not be a dick about it and wanted me to have lunch with her and help her after school. She bought me lunch a lot and even took me home after school.

She never explicitly told me she liked me but she heavily implied it. Whenever we went on field trips she would always stick by my side and we would venture off from the group and do things by ourselves. She would always turn to me for advice and she would ask me to come with her to smoke since I smoked back in high school and she was the only one that knew and just talk. She would tell me really personal things like about her family and herself.

Honestly it was so blatantly obvious to everyone that something was between us that I'm surprised she didn't fired in retrospect. Like the other students noticed, it wasn't like a well hidden secret. I think things were just more lax back in 2008 and honestly, I'm not exactly Chad so they probably figured I couldn't scored with this pretty woman. They weren't completely wrong but she liked me at least.

When I graduated, she actually gave me a kiss on the lips. A very quick kiss but a kiss nonetheless. Still to this day the only kiss I've ever gotten.
Yes, I did.

I lost my virginity to a different teacher that I also liked 3 years after graduating. She was my English teacher. Taught me everything I know about sex.

>tfw UTI from anal
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I have a teacher oneitis.
She was my English teacher as a junior. I gradually became obsessed with her. I used to cuddle with my pillow and take benadryl, drifting off into the abyss thinking about her.

I cut myself when I was a senior because I never told her in person.

A lot of the same feels as 5cm/s for me.

I actually asked her out to coffee recently, and when I'm back for Thanksgiving I'm gonna get coffee with her (she said yes).
That's weird as fuck but also a sweet story
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>People had crushes on their teachers

I thought that was just some normie meme.
Sort of on my bio teacher. I think she knew though, and we ended up banging before I graduated.
You must have had ugly teachers
>fantasy: the postening
Back in middle school, my history teacher was a petite brunette, the class went like this
>you talk
>she fucks you up
and l loved that dominant side she had, l found it cute. Same goes for my senior year french teacher, she was a milf with cute tits and a nice ass. Same personality as the other one, but she really liked me, l should've done something about it :(
Not exactly my teacher, but close

>be me 15 year old girl
>no friends because antisocial and unlikeable
>attending fancy private school
>after school poetry club taught by really hot guy
>maybe 40 years old but I had a thing for older men
>wasn't even a real teacher, we just had a strong emphasis on arts and wanted "experts" to teach after school clubs
>start talking to him after the club was over, asking him about Kafka and Nabokov and other books he was a fan of that I had read
>he takes a special interest in me
>he gets fired for being high on cocaine while in the school
>he was a published author so it was easy to find his email
>lose my virginity to him

I don't regret it
I have a huge teacher fetish but all my teachers were nasty old grannies
I kind of liked my History teacher, and also liked an Economics teacher because he was tall and awkward.
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I'm not sure if she thinks our coffee date is platonic or if she knows I like her.

Some reasons she might know I like her:
-General behavior around her (staring, lots of questions/time after school, staring, etc).
-Attended club in her room that I obviously had no real interest in.
-Always worked incredibly hard on assignments for her.
-Blushed when speaking to her this year at club.
-Joined fb group she's a part of.

Do you guys think she knows I like her? She's pretty smart, I would hope she's perceptive enough to know I do.

When asking her out, I used her first name and I asked her out for strictly coffee.

She is in her 40s and married with one child.

If she offers to have sex with me I might do it, but i'd feel bad for her husband and I couldn't live with myself if I destroyed her family and made her daughter grow up in a broken home.
there were a few qt teachers in my HS that were pretty cool with me
>used to have random conversations with my qt young blonde math teacher during afterschool tutoring, she got sick of my school and left, she gave me a 96 last quarter just because she liked me even though my tests were all fucking terrible and barely passing
>milf dean constantly called me out on not having my shirt tucked (private school), told me I looked so much better with tucked in, after I graduated told me to come back and visit which I never did
Not really crushes, but there were two i wanted to fuck.

A cute sociology teacher (she's married and has a kid tho)

And, last year of high school, we got a new chemistry teacher.
Fresh out of college.
We were told we're getting a new teacher, but we were expecting some old hag.
I've never seen a classroom settle down so quickly as then.
She was kinda awkward, asked why we were looking at her like that ("do i have something on me?"), and said the class was unnaturally quiet.

Holy shit i never knew girls that good looking major in chemistry.

Also, i'm pretty sure a history teacher wanted to fuck, but i didn't like her. She was also rumored to be a pedo. She always gave better grades to guys, blonde guys could get A's for free.
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My gym teacher. I lost interest after she got knocked up, but she was like 23, blonde and fine as fuck.

>tfw i come back after summer vacation and the baby is black
cutie asian

I was convinced I was going to fuck my Math's teacher.

She used to always compliment me and always pay more attention to me.

She always said I was so mature for my age, I remember one time I was in detention and she kept knocking her legs into mine, her face was so close to mine...I could feel her breath on my face....but nothing happened.
spanish III teach in hs sort of

somewhere early to mid 20's
lighter skin asian or 1/2 asian
gr8 smile
looked to have between b & c size tits

Real subtle
Yeah, my HS chemistry and physics teacher. I once dreamed that I was his TA and he gave me a kiss on the lips.
My teacher liked me but I was shy and intimidated. I was a really big teachers pet and he really admired me.
Had an english teacher with a thing for me even though he was married. I liked him too. Used to make sexual jokes with him all the time. He blushed so hard-- it was hilarious. He also used to touch me whenever possible (pat my knee, arm over shoulder, all that). Nothing ever came of it but I always thought he was nice and he gave me fantastic grades on papers that didn't deserve them at all.
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