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Washington or Pennsylvania For University...
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Let me explain,

I grew up and live in Pennsylvania. I was very recently accepted to Penn State, the main campus, for this spring with ZERO financial aid from the uni.

Before I found this out, I was planning on going to a community college in Washington state this spring and then transferring into University of Washington if I can get in, otherwise probably go to WSU or something.

PSU would cost 30K a year

The community college in Washington would cost 20K a year (it's like a STEM community college with dorms that is "highly ranked" and international kids come there to transfer into a top US university, so it's supposed to be exceptional for what it is)

I will be given a whopping 5K per year for financial aid wherever I go.

Should I go to Washington or should I stay in Pennsylvania and go to PSU? My mom would be taking out loans in my name and paying for the interest so I would only be paying the principle.

I plan on majoring in engineering and my backup would be CS and my backup to that backup would be some very specific business degree. I'm good looking and know how to talk to people when I need to. I would post a picture to prove this, but I am very recognizable on 4chan and you've more than likely seen my face reposted.

>inb4 college muh debt, not worth it, blah blah
>inb4 just get a mcjob and save ur money, not worth it, ur dumb
I've already heard it a million times, save your post.

I'm just sick of thinking about this shit, guys. I've been a NEET for two fucking years. I'm sure there are robots that don't consider that to be anything, but I never thought I would be a NEET for two years and I'm sick of it. I want to get the fuck out already.
You sound like a faggot with a huge absence of actual issues. Why don't you ask one of the hundreds of girls you fuck, Chad Thundercock? Oh wait, you're probably just another sad, lowlife basement dweller posting shit.

>20k a year
Suck a dick Amerifag with your ridiculous uni costs. Fucking 12k for my entire degree.
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You seem upset.
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I'm at UW right now, don't know how engineering program is but CS and business are both good. Out of state tuition is fucking expensive though.

If you think UWs engineering/CS/business programs are better than Penn States and warrant the increase in tuition and fees, go there. Otherwise I would stay in state to save money
I just feel like Washington would be better.
PA is shit imo (also pennsylvanian) can't speak about washington

I'd say WSU. You listed a bunch of reasons why it'd be good to go to Washington (clear path, less money, promises of networking and credentials) and apparently the only thing that's good about PSU is that it's near where you currently live, even though the entire point of getting into college is to get away from the life you're currently leading.
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From what I read online, 9/10 say Washington is much better than Pennsylvania. Is UW better than PSU? It seems to rank higher on various world-wide ranking websites. I'd say it is, but if you're not already in, it's a crapshoot to whether or not you'd actually be accepted, not like you couldn't just apply somewhere else like WSU or any other university to transfer to, though.

If there is no financial aid from PSU, I wouldn't bother, personally. I'd go to Washington, attend the nice community college for two years, and then transfer to WHEREVER gave me the most financial aid as long as it wasn't a shit-hole. WA is a nicer place than PA. Money would be saved. There is the whole experience of leaving your home state and moving thousands of miles away, which is always cool. Plus, UW is in Seattle. PSU is in the middle of a town that really only exists because of PSU.

Lets level up here for a second.

>go to washington CC for two years
you'll pay like $40,000 with no financial aid

>go to PSU for two years
you'll pay $60,000 with no financial aid.

Now, the real question is: what would it cost for those second two years if you went to WA? Who knows. You could earn a scholarship as a transfer and pay nothing, or you could get into WSU and they happen to give you a sweet FA package and you only end up paying like 10K per year.

If you go to PSU, you're basically going to pay $120,000 with no financial aid, and that's the fact so far.

I'd truly say that Washington is the smarter idea, but if you fuck up and don't get any financial aid when you transfer, it COULD end up costing the same as if you stayed in PA and went to PSU.
15K to go to community college in GOAT-tier washington vs. 25k to go 2 hours away in shit ass pennsylvania to normie ass PSU

is this really a debate? washington plan is way better, you actually have options, save $10,000 a year, and you get to travel around. university of washington, if you got in after community college, is way better than fucking penn state.


overall world rank
>PSU = 101

>UW = 65

WSU has a terrible rank at 361, though.

I don't know. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush, but who knows, the bird you have might be a piece of shit that fucks your life up and you'll wish you went to washington.
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> My mom would be taking out loans in my name and paying for the interest

You're gonna get fucked by this. Pay attention to your assets, too often I hear of mothers saying fuck it and screwing over their children.
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