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>tfw just awoke from a dream where I was...
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>tfw just awoke from a dream where I was cucking my granddad by having sex with my grandmother

I feel sick tbh

What weird dreams have you had?
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You're going to fucking love this one. I get vivid dreams lately, not sure why but probably because demons. This is from last night.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I found myself in an air duct with the fucking Alien from Alien coming after me. I end up escaping the duct and coming face-to-face with it, to which I responded by yelling "ANNIHILATION" at it and watching it disintegrate.

After that I was in the second floor of my house. I went down the steps and was confronted by a traditional gray alien (not even kidding) in what appeared to be a motorized scooter. I slapped it once and screamed "AYYYY LMAO" but my power was apparently too weak. It wasn't even fazed and it bit my hand. I turn around and fucking Stephen Hawking rolls in from the kitchen in his own little scooter, saying something that I don't remember. Apparently it made me level up because I turned around and re-slapped the ayylmao and it vanished.

Then I woke up and laughed my ass off.
I dreamt that i fucked my mom like 3-4 times troughout my lifetime. I wouldnt e able to look at her for like 2 weeks after that would happen.
I also dreamt that i was fucking my sister 2 times. Its so disgusting when you realise what you dreamt of.
The other day I dreamed I lived with a shapeshifting dragon and we were in love.
>you will never have a shapeshifting dragon waifu
This hurts really bad precisely because I can see it being a movie, anime, etc. which makes it easier to visualize.

Latest dream where that happened I remember getting bed with her while someone was looking for us, and then my dick ended up in vagina for some reason and we just rolled with it

I have no idea why I have these dreams
No, it was a male dragon.

It was a good dream. There were lots of cuddles. I dream similar things a lot.
My uncle died last year, we were pretty close in the sense that he bummed off the people I stayed with til he died. We had some times where we'd talk and be friendly but he was generally an asshole, I had a dream where he didn't die and it was a mishap and I was really angry at that. Like I don't want that, but I still feel that way
Then you're either a filthy degenerate or a female. Either way, you suck. Kill yourself. Ree.
okay il post the two wierdest dreams ive ever had.

dream 1
>imagine a square white tiled room. no doors or windows
>still perfectly lit
>in the middle of the room is a withered tree
>i am the tree
>around me is a stampeding herd of mongoos
>they kick up so much dust i want to cough but i cant

Dream 2
>i am a ducks conciousness
>trapped in the body of a dog
>i want to nest and eat breadcrumbs but this is socially unacceptable
>i ponder existance but ultimately come to terms with it and settle down as the pooch of an old man on a porch
there were eight beings which had ineffable powers, ruling over this terrifying prison-lab where i was held captive and tortured for decades. lots of it i couldn't process because it was moving too fast, and i was disorientated. i tried to escape but i dont know if i did. woke up sick, freezing and terrified.
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The torture was a rite of passage. They were grooming you to join them to form The Great Nine.

You will sing the song that ends the earth.
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> I was renting a spot in a river bank to chill out with my gf in
I'm a kv irl
> the spot next to us was being rented by a father with his son, but it was known that exactly one year before, this guy had been camping in the same spot when one of his kids fell into the river and drowned
> for some reason the dad was back in the same spot with another kid. I didn't give it much thought in my dream state of mind
> I decide that me and my gf should go to other side of the river and stay there. I don't remember my reasoning for that decision
> the dream goes on, changing scenery and characters as the time passes. The river bank part appears to be over
> a long time afterwards, after I had some other miscellaneous unrelated dreams, I'm back in the river bank with my gf
> the kid had just drowned, and I learn that because I decided to change spots to the other side of the river I didn't hear him drowning and couldn't save him, making his death my fault
> right as this realisation hits me, I wake up
> it wasn't a second kid that died, it was the one that had apparently already drowned, but for some reason the same event happened again

I don't even know how to swim irl

I think it's so fascinating that I knew that I was about to wake up and my brain decided to end my dreams with that shit. I had never had a dream cut in half in order to be completed later on in the same dream cluster.

I wonder what it means.
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>I don't even know how to swim irl
That's pretty pathetic to be honest. Kids younger than age four know how to swim properly where I'm from.
the second dream means you want to embrace your true Inner Faggot, but your subconscious knows it isn't socially acceptable to be a shit packer
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