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I have a girl on tinder. I don't want...
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I have a girl on tinder. I don't want to continue the shitty conversation. I just don't know how, I haven't learned how to interact with people yet. So I want to send a message like pic related. Dubs chooses or I'll just go with best advice. I do want to fuck, should be easier than small talking.
girls don't like casual sex unless you are chad. your options are to

send direct request for sex, which wont work.

continue conversations and pretend you are interested or actually be interested and try and make her your gf/fwb

don't make conversations and masturbate/hire a prostitute

go gay, there are gay guys that will pay to suck your dick
literally dont do that. just ask her to meet up somtime, hold it together for one date and then let her know what you're looking for if there's any sort of chemistry
I don't know how to be funny or talk. I could have a boring conversation with her. But even if we met I'd still be retarded.
Perhaps I could say that I feel like I know her really well (joke), and whether she would like to fuck.

Well fuck I should just do something and get rejected as I don't feel there are any other options

I have no idea how to talk to people I couldn't do a date. .

Think of it this way.

"A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have"

It will be uncomfortable, and there will probably be rejection, but eventually you will get there. Just gotta try and talk to her.

Tinder is actually good practice
What should I say to get her to talk about herself that isn't fucking boring like "what's your interests?"
I know nothing about this girl or you

What's your backgroud like? Age, Family Life, Job/School etc

What are your main problems in life?
22 years old
I spent all of my teen years in my bedroom. Last 18 months were lost due to illness. Neet living with mum but going to study next year.

My problems are that I'm ugly and can't talk to people. . I can talk as in exchanging information but not friendly small talk or flirting etc. Also im awkward with new peoplepeople. I don't even have friends. Inb4 you tell me I have to fix everything before getting sex.
You're missing a very big part of the picture, here... if you don't on having a relationship with this girl, then you don't have to be honest with her. Lie. About everything. Make yourself out to be the Prince of some obscure country with an eighteen inch dick. There is literally no reason to fear any consequences in this situation. That said, wear a condom.
You can get sex whenever you want, but you probably gotta pay for it, or you could probably have sex with someone overweight if you went on craigslist

I know at 22 not having sex is like not being able to breath, we just need it, it's how we're wired

The best way to get sex is to sort yourself out best you can. Not saying you have to fix everything. Going back to school there will be plenty of opportunities

your goals for next week should be
-talk to as many girls (and people in general) as possible. (again back to the uncomfortable conversation quote). talk to every tinder match, just say whatever you want, but don't ask for sex. Talking to people is a skill and can get rusty, but is easy to get better at
- exercise. Pop on some good tunes and ride your bike around if you still have one, or go for a run. I like to listen to podcasts, joe rogan experience and carolla podcast are good ones, find whatever you like. 30 min everyday.
-look for a part time job. this will force you into conversations and uncomfortable situations. some good options could be - pizza delivery if you have a car. dishwasher.

you do those things next week, you will be in a good position to get laid.
Ok i'l definitely think about that.. I need more courage. But I guess I will do it. I will think about a job where I have to interact with people. But it's the hardest thing in the world since I never learned, and am possibly somehow retarded. I could never do this shit.
You're not retarded bro, I was in a similar situation. I got sick and got depressed after that. I just played video games for like a year, and barely worked. Don't beat yourself up, I would get anxiety cause of how I was a fuckup and would tell myself I was a lazy and a piece of shit. But eventually you chill out and realize being a fuckup or awkward isn't that big of a deal, and frankly is pretty common. I've met some women that were awkward as fuck
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