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i wanna be pretty so the boys want to fuck me
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but sometimes i hate myself for this. i'm not even gay just a little curious but i want to be cute girl for all the sexy men?
i'm straight but i would fuck a trap like this one because girls don't let me fuck them

got sauce btw?
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Lovely thread, it would be a shame if anyone posted anything gross in it.
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idk where i got these but i seem to have a lot of them. maybe i'll post more later idk

>tfw you will never shove your dick in the moist, moldy hole of some AIDS-ridden transgender whore
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also do you guys think i should start hormones? seriously considering
Go for it, whatever makes you happy. Traps are cute as fuck. It's a LOT of work though, gotta tone that bum, it'll be getting a lot of use. ;)
might as well

if you ever end up looking like a girl id be down to have sex with you
File: femboy.jpg (137 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 1000x750
yeah it will :)

anal sex is so weird. really don't know why i like it so much. sometimes they're not gentle at ALL and i literally have to bite a pillow. but i always want more...


okay i just got paid. think i might order some hormones now...
Oooh not a virgin?

Make sure to diet carefully, it makes a big difference, you should post here every once in a while too!

Nothing lewd, don't even need progress pics, but you caught my interest, I want to hear how your transition goes.

How's your butt now? ;)
File: femboy10.jpg (44 KB, 487x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 487x476
it's probably pretty small with me being white and all lol. feels squishy but don't they all?

'mones ordered, thank you inhouse. hope the fax trick works lol. i can't believe i'm gonna be a pretty girl now. i'm gonna suck so much dick you guys don't even know
Proud of you!

Small isn't bad, shapely is best, and the paler you are the better ! Atleast in my opinion.

I'd be interested in you myself but I'm the relationship type, instead I want to hear all about your misadventures sucking dick~

Even just the way you type is too cute! Your gonna make a pretty little cocksleeve by the sounds of it.
File: femboy7.jpg (23 KB, 375x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 375x500
yay i made a boy happy :)

already im living the dream lol. i promise not to let you down. gonna be the best whore i can be!
wtf happened here..
How old are you by the way? Just wanted to get an idea of how the hormones are going to go.

Practice your deepthroat for me too! Good little sluts know how to properly milk a boy with their throat.

Get some girl clothes too! What do you usually prefer?
i'm 18 finishing high school. how do i practice deepthroat? when they go that far in i gag usually so i need to improve yes.

only ever dressed up with friends. girls liked to put makeup on me and have me wear their clothes. dunno what i like. what do you like? it's more about what guys want i think...
That's the perfect age!

Best to practice on a guy, otherwise make sure it's not on something lose, you don't want to come deepthroating a cucumber or something silly.

Just ask a guy to help you learn, spend a whole day practicing. Suck him off while he games or something.

As for clothes, stockings, or other leggings are a must, start wearing female underwear at all times. You're a girl now. Act like it.

Start out with dresses, other stuff is harder to pull off, and get some practice with wigs and makeup.

Just thinking about this is arousing. I'm happy for you!
Loose and choke* stupid phone.
Ingrown hairs from shaving. It's why I use an electric. It leaves the hairs frayed instead of pointy and slightly longer so they can't poke back in the wrong way. I can have all the stubble I want because my bf is legitimately bi and not prison gay.
ohh that's a good idea. best practice on real thing. thats one of first things i need to do i guess. find a big guy willing to let me practice. panties, stockings, dresses to start...
Yeah, just remember to think like the slutty little minx you're going to be!

If a boy likes something do it! Be careful for STDs but other than that practice on a wide demographic, very few guys will say no if you ask to spend a day practicing by giving head. The less self regard you have the better, throw away dignity and ask how you can service them. Beg them to use you. Master the art of sex and boys will line up.

Remember your appeal is a bit different than a natural girls, you need to do a lot of work to make your butt irresistable. And keep your skin soft. Girls are soft, so show off your soft parts, wear clothing that accentuates any curvature you have and be careful what you eat. If you're pale black clothes are a good start, the contrast is sexy.

The way you move is almost certainly wrong too, watch girls move be more lavish, and learn to cross your legs, then adjust them slowly showing just a bit of skin. Everything you do needs to scream sexy, but you need to make it so natural that it feels like you aren't trying.

I want to go into more detail, especially in skin care but it's really late, leave a throwaway or something if you want to talk more.

If not it up look itup!p You want to be soft and smooth with an emphasis on your bum tummy and legs.

Good luck, take good care of that cute butt, my lovely little slut. ;)
If that's you I'd fuck you like a savage beast. Idc if its labelled bisexual or not.
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