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what do you do in your average day /r9k/?
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what do you do in your average day /r9k/?
I wake up, fap and cry, go to school, come back, play videogames, watch a couple episodes of a random show, contemplate suicide, try to study but fail due to unmotivation, fap and cry, sleep
>0600 wakeup, poop, exercise
>0700 breakfast, shower, get dressed
>0730 walk to work, coffee
>0800 work
>1145 lunch
>1215 work
>1600 walk home, shops
>1630 shower, tidy apartment
>1700 cook dinner, eat
>1730 vidya
>2130 read
>2200 sleep

6 out of 7 days are spent this way
wake up
cup of water
cup of water

I pee throughout the day
>wake up
>shitpost on the internet
>go to bed

This is an amazing lifestyle actually
>wake up
>hshsgjs a little makeup
>jsgsghans the shake up
>why did you leave the keys up on the table
>here you go create another fable
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Fuck my guini pig in its qt little vag. And if I'm feeling naughty I'll stick it in her little guini pig pooper
shit, shower
work 10 hours
drink until numb

6 days a week. on my day off just remove the 'work' part
>see my gf
>read the news
>Gym with the bros
>cook lunch and dinner
>alternate between guitar and reading books each day
>has a gf
>has friends
>has hobbies
>goes to gym

Sir you're so alpha
wake up
ah god fuck
despair life for a little bit
realize i've slept until 4pm again
trudge to the kitchen, find food
wash grease off in shower
play vidya with friends until they sleep
shitpost on /r9k/ at 4:30am
>wake up alone
>eat alone
>talk to no one
>don't even feel like talking to anyone
>get mad and hate myself for being ok with not having any problem with absolutely no human interaction for prolonged periods of time.
>do math and physics homework for 6 hours because it makes me feel like I'm good at something and I have something to live for.
>smoke excessive amounts of cigarettes.
thanks anon, on the night before the day off i try and socialise a bit, and on the day off i have to run errands, do shopping, prep my lunches for the week and try and do some more socialising.
Wake up
Roll over go back to sleep
Wake up
Roll or muffin
Read paper. Do puzzle
Play with tablet apps
Talk gf
Make phone calls or do an errand
Maybe go for short walk
Buy coffee
Play game app
Watch tv
More tv or tablet
Late night snack
Browse 4chan or youtube
Bed, browse more, sleep
wake up at 11
go to work
get home from work
play video games til 1am
fap to interracial porn from 1 to 2am
enter deep self hatred for enjoying this shit fetish
take part in the self-pity party that is /r9k/
sleep at 6am
>wake up
>wake and bake, cig, 4chan
>shit, shower, shave
>oatmeal, fruit, muffin, potatoes, cereal with soy milk, coffee
>classes, cigs, lunch, weed, books, 4chan
>hang out, smoke, wait for dinner, dinner
>4chan, homework, smoke, bed
What human filth you are.
Still poor
Married a shitty mii version of my waifu in tomodachi life and had a baby

I've only had this game for 3 days

no bully plz
Yeah? What's wrong with my day? The fact that I'm a stoner, that I smoke cigs, or that I spend time on this shitty website?
You smoke weed constantly. Why?
I like it. I like stepping out into the snow, wake-and-baking before a shower, grabbing coffee, and beginning my day. That's the perfect storm of a solid morning.

I like getting baked in the afternoons because fuck it, the cafeteria food is shitty and I exercise and work my ass off. It's how I'm able to eat. It's the difference between one plate of shitty food and five. Plus it's just nice to read baked in the afternoons and just listen to albums.

Dinner's easier baked. And it's obviously great to go to bed stoned.

I dunno. On the one hand, crutches aren't really good. On the other hand, I'm functional as all hell and legitimately enjoy myself better this way, so fuck it. It's not like I don't have legitimate issues helped by it (I have a BMI of 16.2 and I can fucking eat this way, I have some funky neurological shit going on that this sorta helps with making easier to deal with daily, etc.), so hell, if I'm self-medicating, who cares? It's really not like I'm under any obligation to experience any given day pf my own life un-stoned, and once tolerance kicks in, I just take a few weeks off and go at it again.

And it's not like it's my only crutch, either. Sweet, sweet coffee is the only thing keeping my poor heart beating most days, and has been since I was like 14.
I used to do the same thing until I realized that I stopped growing emotionally when I started. All your problems are solved with a bandaid rather than getting to the root of the problem at hand. It puts blinders on and teaches you to be complacent to stuff that's fucked up in your life.
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>average day
fuck all
how old are you, brobot?
>gif isn't animated
>11:30 am wake up and shower for a half an hour
>play games or browse internet until 2:30
>travel to work
>work from 4pm to 9:30
>get home and browse 4chan or play games til 2, usually stoned
Legal in America
>alarm wakes me up
>set it to snooze 6 times, an hour passes
>get out of bed, shower, brush teeth, shave
>drive to office
>clock in, go out to breakfast with colleagues
>get back to office, update daily planner, browse 4chan
>manager comes in, checks up on the daily log, planner, updates me if anything new needs doing
>go to lunch with colleagues
>come back, work for an hour on whatever project I'm assigned to that month
>browse 4chan
>assist colleagues in tasks due to being liaison between teams
>go to gym with colleagues
>go back to office, clock out
>go home, have dinner
>fap, play dota 2 until I lose 2 matches, fap
>fall asleep watching something

>wake up at 4 pm Saturday
>stay in bed for a couple of hours doing whatever on the net
>call up friends from uni to hang out/have dinner/watch a movie
>end up staying over at a friend's place playing /tg/ or having a LAN party
>spend sunday afternoon networking with friends I made purely to further my own career
>sunday evening, visit parents and/or brother
wake up
sort myself
go to work
shitpost, work, wonder about danish single mom
go home
eat, masturbate, play, read

repeat for 5days
Thread replies: 32
Thread images: 3
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