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Post your work experience here.
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Post your work experience here.

>over 30
>only one "real job"
>it was over 12 years ago

I'm not going to make it am I? What is the point of getting a degree from uni when my work experience is this.
Have you studied on your own in the past 12 years? My situation is similar, except I've been studying like mad 7 days a week for the past few years.
>Worked at my current job for about 2 years
>Currently in uni
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>dad upset with me all through high school that Ive never had a real job.
>senior year get a tip from my cousin about an opening at her work.
>job at diner washing dishes.
>get it!
>everyone is super nice and the work is really simple.
>free turkey burgers n stuff.

Why don't robots just wash dishes? Its simple work and not too much social interaction.
nobody will be believe you though
Yes, I switched to a different subject and started uni all over again. Now I'm probably failing that too.
because I get rejected from even those type of jobs
It's language related. The proverbial pudding will be served and eaten when the time comes.
>Volunteer tutor at my local library 16-17
>Editor in chief of school newspaper 15-17
>First job paperboy 17
>Second job CostCo front end summer's and winters college
>unpaid internship working for a lawyer
>sperm donor
>office administrator
>plasma donor
>street team for peer to peer website
>another internship with lawyer
>job selling tickets for college sports program
>brief stint working for a ferris wheel
>job selling tickets for local musical theater
>brief stint working for a shoe/toy store
>graduated college at 21- got a job selling insurance that I'm about to leave the house for now

There's a lot of overlap between those and I spent much of that time working 2-3 jobs.

>inb4 highschool crap doesn't count

fuk u

Wew lad
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>unpaid internship

This little wagekek was actually doing it for free like the janitards.
>the unemployed loser is judging an employed money maker because he did some work for academic credit rather than money

Wew lad
>helped out my high school counselor for like 80 hours as part of some lame mandatory community service program I had in HS
>graduated picking one useless degree over another because I didn't want to fucking teach
And now the only paid work that I'm remotely qualified for is teaching which I have to pay to get licensed for a job with shit pay. Fuck, I'm an idiot
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>junior in state university
>internship at fortune 500 company
>20 ameribucks an hour
>getting hired next fall, ~80,000 starting salary
>waste 2 years getting aa in history because local department requires at least an aa.
>after piss easy degree get hired, finally feel alive risking my life at work every day
>6 months working in phone shops
>left for DIY shop
>18 months in DIY shop
>left for bank
>18 months working in bank
>left to become NEET

Got loads of money saved up and still live at home so all good. Working is overrated not looking forward to going back into wage slavery when my money runs out. The job at the bank was the best and easiest job with the most money but was 6 days a week full time which I cba with. When I go back into wageslaving I'm going to try to just stay part time.
>Started working as janitor at 18 to pay for College
>Got an Informatic Engineering degree
>Started working on a Microsoft Partner at 22 as a consultant
>3.5 years and counting *knocks on wood*

Not the best someone can achieve, but still..
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2015-11-06 11.03.31.jpg
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>Worked in restaurants through highschool
>Went to college for a few years
>Delivered pizzas then
>Dropped out
>Work for the railroad and make six figures
I'd love a job with the railroad but around here they are full up, you basically have to marry into it to get in. Not as much of an exaggeration as you'd think.
31. Had a few short-lived minimum wage jobs, but been a NEET for the past couple of years. My degree ended up being useless to me. I tried to get normal jobs, blue collar, white collar, whatever, but I was only ever accepted by low wage positions. Turns out you really can't make a living doing that, so I ragequit and got stuck with nothing.
Here's my life
> 0-6 Neet, living the good life until reality hits in
> 6-15 Elementary, just getting through, no one told me what to expect next..
> 16 Neet again until high school
> 17-20 High school (equivelant of my country), taking classes preparing for university
> 20-21 Taking up classes since I'm a failiure, don't know what to do with life..
> 21-24 Been working as a taxidrver

3 years as a taxidriver now, live in a small town so it's not easy to get another job either, and I hate people.. working mostly weekends so I have to drive around on drunk people. I'm not sure what's worst, boring old ladies complaining about their illness or drunk people who think they're funny. Sometimes I just wanna crash into a wall to get off this ride..
5 factories
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