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How is your Friday night going?
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All of my friends went to an outdoor forest rave, I planned on going but o got extremely sick. Si while my friends are getting drunk and parting there life out, I'm stuck home watching rick and morty.
> I hate the flew session.exe
No plan have to work tomorrow
contemplating at which time I want to take my last klonopin
my life sucks everyday of the week
>be me
>start talking to friend of a friend, foreign latina who's 8/10
>ex really fucked up my mindset, now valuing things like kissing and cuddling over things like fucking her senseless
>we make a lot of sexual jokes towards each other, occasionally send sexy photos
>find out shes depressed and sad
>reminds me of me
>start falling for her, want nothing but keep her happy
>sshe lives in a different country, buts currently is around 6-7ish hour drive away, as she's visiting family in the states
>decided I was going to visit and then ask her out
>find out she really wants to scissor other friend, she's not gay or bisexual just has a crush on friend, friend doesn't like her like that I think
>decide to cancel plans to visit
>buy cookie dough
>eat cookie dough
> playing vidya while also fighting a cold

My Fridays going pretty normal for me
What episode are you on, anon? Any of them your favorite so far?
Starting antibiotics to get rid of my Backne so I'm off drink for the next three months. My fridays will be very quiet til the New Year.

Also I'm eliminating uppers from my diet due to six months of taking either MDMA or Speed with ony a week off inbetween. I've been hella depressed and pissed off lately, so we'll nip that in the bud and get back on the happy train, hopefully.
I'm going to sit in my room and watch Dexter and hopefully be asleep by midnight.

my college is in the middle of nowhere. if you aren't into drinking/smoking weed then the nightlife has little to offer. I never bothered making a lot of friends either, so I don't even have that going for me. I can't wait to transfer out of here.
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>Last month sometime
>Brother calls me
>We haven't seen each other in 2 years, and were even raised seperately
>He was raised by my upper-middle class grandparents
>I was raised by our drug addict parents until 7, then a family friend until now (i'm 20, he's 23)
>We talk for like 15 minutes, I have very little to say since i've been a shut-in NEET for over a year
>I'm living in the middle of nowhere in a huge state, no car, can't even walk anywhere, 40GB monthly bandwidth cap
>He tells me about how he's working as an electrician with solar panels and shit in Denver-ish Colorado, living with his gf, 2-3 roommates and his new puppy
>He gets busy with something, tells me to call him in a few days
>Makes a big deal about it because I never call any of the rest of our family
>3 days later, call him back
>We talk a bit more
>Tells me he'll call me the next day
>It's been a week
I just wish he'd invite me to live with him.
I would work as hard as I could. He's really the only family I actually still like. I used to worship him as a teen, i'd visit him and my grandparents a week or two every year and end up picking something up from him. We're not even close. I suspect the only reason he called me is because our dad got out of jail and wanted my number, and he got my brother to ask for it. Or maybe he's testing to see if i'll call him. I want to cry.

In other news, I finally got an invite into TW:Arena, but I can't bring myself to play a match because solo-queue anxiety. I really want to, since my internet and phone might get cut off this month because poor.
Im sorry Anon. Losing out to a girl is one of my fears.
Horrible. I lost my appetite a week ago. I haven't eaten anything at all in two days. I'm not hungry and anything I try to put in my mouth tastes like shit. I've already lost 5 pounds. I feel like I'm dying.
Probably get drunk by myself, and hate everything while I try to come up with a decent song for a concept album me and another beta from work are working on.
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Woke up. Cried a lot. Got a hamburger to make myself feel better. Still don't feel better. That's my Friday so far
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Fallout crippled.jpg
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I took Antibiotics two years ago and it fucked up my gut health immensely. The one I took was called Cephalexin I think, but heres the thing, Antibiotics kill bad bacteria like they're supposed to do, but they can't tell the difference between the good bacteria. So they end up nuking all of the healthy gut bacteria and make an ideal condition for all sorts of bad bacteria to flourish and thrive in your gut after you took your round of antibiotics. Just a fair warning, because if I knew I'd be feeling how I am today, I would have never taken those pills. I'm still trying to recover from it.

I finished the first season, I think my favorite episode so far is either the pilot or episode 8( the one with the fake improvised comoricals)
I feel a deep sense of dread in my gut, though I'm not sure why.
I'm getting a new battery put into my car tonight, then I'm probably gonna drink and shitpost. Maybe play some video games if I can find the motivation.
You should probably get your self checked out by a doctor.
It's okay anon. I'm sure I'll be fine. Worry about yourself

I'm used to having a girl I like want someone else
could be worse, you could have stuck though with the plans and ended up getting dumped within a week in favor of a mutual friend.
been playing war thunder
I almost would have been okay with that as long as I got some sort of human contact

decided against it since it would be worse for her. She'd have to put up with my robot ass
Who smoking weed here
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