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If you are feeling bad because you are a...
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If you are feeling bad because you are a virgin remember that Chris Chan got laid

the person I'm seriously willing to call "the worst man on the earth with absolutely no redeeming qualities" has had sex, not with a prostitute but with willing women that weren't even ugly (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but by no means they can be compared to the sin that is Chris)

There is never a truly useless man, in the worst case it serves as a bad example and this guy, Christian Weston Chandler, IS the living proof of that. I'm willing to bet that absolutely everything about him can teach valuable lesson and that the reverse is true, that there isn't a valuable lesson in which it wouldn't be fitting to use Chris Chan as an example.

And even then he got laid

And don't matter how much you twist it, you can't be worse than Chris Chan, it's impossible

So cheer up, there is no such thing as dying a virgin and live all your life with "tfw no gf"
Yeah, this is one of the things that makes wizardhood so unpleasant.

By definition, Chris Chan is more sexually attractive than I am.

That is a very, very hard gospel.
Wasn't it a hooker though?
>the person I'm seriously willing to call "the worst man on the earth with absolutely no redeeming qualities" has had sex, not with a prostitute

Source please? I've heard hes had sex with a prostitute but nothing other than that.
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no, your conclusion is the total opposite of what I'm trying to tell you here

You are better than chris chan in every aspect, you mustn't loose hope and know that you won't die a virgin, it's only matter of time
believe in yourself
She used him to get some dame, theres nothing other thing that makes any sense, you got to have the talent of be a complete oblivious retard and get known by that, he is not fucking becouse he is cute
you must be fucking stupid if there is anything worth praising about this guy

or more sadder
You are thinking too low of yourself to remodtely consider that Chris Chan has any quality or is better at anything than you. He is famous and the ultimate lolcow, but for because how much of a shit he is.

Face reality, you are much better in absolutely everything
No, you probably just have higher standards, aren't a kek and aren't an internet attentionwhore. In that case, wizardhood is impressive.
>not with a prostitute but with willing women
You shoulda chosen someone who doesn't have an encyclopedia with all the facts about him online, senpai.
having higher standards for a gf, unless they are unrealistic to a worrying point, isn't a bad thing because otherwise you would have to spend your life with someone you are not completely happy with and it would screech too quickly into the relationship

For casual sex not so much
Yes. It was a prostitute from Charlottesville's back page that went by the alias of Mia Hamm. Chris had intercourse with her in two occasions -- both paid with money provided by the government through a disability financial aid.
as much as I look like a retard now for having misread the article on CWCwiki, it still taught me a valuable lesson

Still, I couldn't find it, but weren't there recent rumors of him getting it thanks to the transsexual stunt?
Im not saying Im worst, Im saying that if he some got laid its becouse he got something to give like been known as. "that girl" i want to see her any pic?
>You are better than chris chan in every aspect

Well, not in the aspect of you know, having sex.

Well, maybe. I don't know what Chris' standards are. But it's not like I'm refusing women. They simply don't want me in the first place.

>wizardhood is impressive

Sometimes. When a man with some religious vocation has resisted sexual temptation by virtue of ideals, that's quite impressive. When a man has devoted himself mind, body and soul to some great pursuit, and has forgone sex as a result, that's impressive.

However, wizardhood that is the result of being incredibly unattractive is hardly impressive. I guess it is impressive to be less attractive than the vast majority of men...but not impressive in a positive sense. It's impressive in the way that monsters are impressive.
All he got was taking his pic taken with a bunch of burlesque dancers that felt pity on him.

Right now he's back to his usual pathetic lovequest, trying to see if someone who doesn't charge $150/hour will ever fuck him.
and what do you have to give?
there surely must be something

You are more than likely to be. Having sex in itself is nothing worth praising if you think about it because every human being will eventually do it (only ones I know who don't is their own decision, nuns and clerics)
What is worth praising is having good sex, and trust me that 1- the first time is never good, NEVER and 2-when the time comes, you'll be better than a fat piece of shit like chris (look at the video in which he fucks a plastic doll and you'll see the big of a failure he is)
Chris-chan has good genetics, he's just autistic.
my mistake then. However does Megan count as a gf?
anon, that's the total opposite of having good genetics
>Having sex in itself is nothing worth praising if you think about it because every human being will eventually do it (only ones I know who don't is their own decision, nuns and clerics)

Well, I mean, that's my point. I am a 35 year old man. I have never had sex. There are people who never have sex. Some of those people are virgins not of their own volition.

Now, I suppose, technically, it is my "choice" because I don't go and get a prostitute. But really, that's not what people desire when they desire sex. They want sexual affection. Not some grand, sweeping romance. That's stupid. They simply want to share an intimate experience with someone that actually wants them.

Yes, most people experience that. Maybe not often. But it does happen. So I understand why you're making your claim.

But for some people, a very, very rare number of people, it does not happen.

And that is the wizard way. And it is not a nice path to tread.
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So Quasimodo has had sex but I should be happy being a virgin?

Hell no, I'll get her even if I have to burn all Paris.
anon, "just autistic" doesn't even come fucking close to the monstrosity that chris chan is

I'm my job I've met a lot of autistic people, ranging from mild asperger syndrome to those that have very low functionality as a human being and everything in between and I can assure you that being autistic is not a free ticket that determines that you are a piece of shit

In other words, there are autistic people that are not thrash, it isn't excuse for chris
If he wasn't autistic, he would be married already.

Isn't he like 6 foot? And he has the statue of a farmer. His face looks ok.
I grant you that. He grabbed her tits and ass much more times than the average robot ever has.
OP still has a point. CWC is 10^100 times worst than the worst autistic robot -- and still managed to get laid and made the government pay for it.

Bottomline: if you lower your standards low enough, you can achieve all your goals.
oh I never meant a prostitute, but may I ask you what have you done recently to seek for a partner to have this sexual affection?

Maybe you just don't want sex enough to bother putting much effort for a gf/bf (whatever you want) because you don't really feel like it's a necesity in your current life, and that's fine

I know this guy who is a friend of my parents who could be described as a total looser (in a sad way, not insulting) because he had been unlucky with relationships and never looked for a love partner, but this year he finally got married at the age of 58
File: you are joking.gif (579 KB, 500x369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you are joking.gif
579 KB, 500x369

please, look at the picture







>praising chris chan


I SWEAR TO GOD, if you are not jesting I've seen everything
What? When? Chris-chan is a virgin isn't he?
He did it with a prostitute, it was my mistake, but at least he got a gf in the form of Megan schroeder so my point kinda remains
not a good idea for this >>24065141

Oh, I don't approach women. Now, I know the inevitable rejoinder. "How can you succeed if you don't try?" People leveled this against Elliot when he claimed he was rejected when he never placed himself in a position where he could be rejected in the first place.

But what people often forget is that there is a very good reason men like me don't approach women. Much of communication is nonverbal. When a woman looks at you and shows signs of disgust, well, a sane person knows better than to approach that woman. Now if EVERY woman looked at you with disgust, no sane person who received such a reaction would respond to ANY woman.

Why make a woman uncomfortable with advances I can tell before hand she doesn't want? What's the point? I'd be hurt and she'd be put in an awkward position.

You have to see the slightest hint of interest before you approach. And if you see disgust, you know better to stay away.
>If he wasn't autistic, he would be married already.
or not, what do you know?

Do you know men who are ugly as a sin and still got married? we all do

More simple, do you know people under 6 foot and not with the statue of a farmer that are married with someone who lvoes them? we all do

Do you know tall guys with a handsome face that are not married and without a sweetheart at Chris's age? Or heck, even virgin? we all know

You are too fixed on your shortcomings to see the reality
Megan was never his fucking girlfriend you autist, he was her orbiter. And he fucked that up by drawing shitty porn pictures of her and uploading it to the internet, which he blamed the trolls for "ruining his relationship".
He also went out a couple of times with Heather Dalley -- and invited her to his home for something he creepily calls "sharing DNA."

Plus there are half-a-dozen female trolls like Kacey, who chatted with him every night for months. Yes, it was trolling -- but it was pretty similar to a bona-fide relationship.
>to see the reality
Of what?
that's not true anon, not every person you approach is disgusted with you. Even if it's a male friend or members of your family you are not unlikeable, such a thing doesn't exist, to follow OP: "there isn't a valuable lesson in which it wouldn't be fitting to use Chris Chan as an example" he is the most disgusting person on Earth, zero non verbal communication and even then he has people who care for him.

It sounds like you have been hurt, you are not incorrect in having insecurities. However haven't you already answered yourself with "how can you suceed..."? Your vision is too narrow, you need to start reconsidering that your verbal communication isn't the problem because I assure you that not every girl on the planet will show signs of digust (although if it worries you, you can learn some tecniques from a better professional than me). Your real problem is your insecurity, but you need to stop getting fixed in what you think you know and the clues that support your view instead of the ones that falsify it, which are more abundant
that everyone is likable, including you
File: 1378919568547.jpg (106 KB, 600x778) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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he was never "one of us",
or at least, I would never identify with this piece of wotthless shit. remenber that!
>not every person you approach is disgusted with you. Even if it's a male friend or members of your family you are not unlikeable, such a thing doesn't exist

That is correct. However, we are discussing sex, not friendship or kinship. I do not want to have sex with my male friends (well, friend, I only have one left, and he lives 12 hours away).
I do not want to have sex with my family (well, some of my cousins aren't too bad...).

The topic of the discussion is sexual affection, however. No, my male friend does not look at me disgust when I see him once a year. Nor do my family. However, women that are not related to me do.

These are the cold hard facts of the case. There actually do exist men that women find repulsive. It does happen. It's actually pretty rare, and so I get where you're coming from. It's strange, bizarre, and utterly alien to imagine men who are completely and utterly unwanted by women.

But a very, very tiny number of such men exist. I just happen to rank among them. It's not great, but such is life. No one gets to experience everything, I suppose. There is always someone who's left behind.
exactly, you are all better than him
Getting laid is not hard
>It's getting laid with a woman who can keep you erect that's difficult.

the difference is Chris is autistic to the point that he feels no shame in approaching women and acting like an overall creep.

most robots have enough self awareness to know we are repulsive.
>That is correct. However, we are discussing sex, not friendship or kinship
that's how a sexual relationship starts
>cousins aren't too bad
my nigga

Well, what things in you do you think cause this disgust in women?
File: homo.jpg (23 KB, 231x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 231x227

why do you say that you are repulsive?
I forgot to quote you and quoted OP instead...

Unless you are disfigured to the point of barely passing for a human being, you CAN get laid.
You don't strike me as completely stuck up either, can't be that bad.

The main problem with most dudes is that they want to stay EXACTLY how they grew up and still get laid. For some extremely good looking ones or the lucky few raised by clever parents, it works, for most it doesn't. It's what most chicks do too, albeit with more success.

If the market doesn't demand what you supply, change your supply.

>crooked teeth
>very shy and introverted
>Unless you are disfigured to the point of barely passing for a human being, you CAN get laid.
false, I've seen disfigured veteran soldiers getting laid

On another note, I would correct you and say that it isn't matter of growing up or changing your supply, but accepting who you are. You cannot change yourself so heavily, you'll only end up frustrated, you can fix some problems (like, being overweight, having insecurities, etc.) but what you should ask of him is to play who he is and his best characteristics instead of getting fixated on the bad ones

so you consider yourself ugly, what else?
m8, you can get your crooked teeth fixed, I hope you know that.

It may not be possible to fix all your insecurities, but hitting even a few of the major ones can make a huge difference to your confidence.
>that's how a sexual relationship starts
Well, not really. A sexual relationship requires sexual attraction as a prerequisite. Of course, a lasting relationship also requires elements of friendship. However, without the attraction, said friendship will never be anything other than that...friendship.

>Well, what things in you do you think cause this disgust in women?

Well, my physical appearance. Now, I'm not talking about simple stuff like hygiene. I'm quite meticulous about all of that. It's simply I don't possess attractive features. Now, you get advice such as "change your wardrobe" or "work out" or whatever. However, lipstick on a pig is just that. You can try to make garbage less offensive. But at the end of the day, it is still garbage. It is what no one wants. It is avoided, dismissed, addressed with disgust and contempt.

Trust me, I don't blame women for not wanting me. I wouldn't want me either. Which is my when I, or one of my fellow wizards, gets called a rape apologist for lamenting our virginity, or get accused of feeling "entitled", it makes me quite angry. I am not "entitled" to a sexual relationship. Otherwise I would have had one.

That doesn't make it hurt any less.
>disfigured veteran soldiers
>barely passing for a human being

You should really learn to read before giving that dude advice : He'll think he's being helped by the retard army and it won't help credibility.
chris has a decent jaw (under lots of fat), his eye area is OK, he's tall, his ribcage looks wide. he's got blue eyes too. if he lost the weight he could be decent looking, maybe even good looking. some of us are completely fucked. my face looks like my mother was exposed to radiation. so yeah chris is better looking than me and sadly attraction is 100% looks.
>It may not be possible to fix all your insecurities
I may have to disagree with you, insecurities come from bad experiences and not looking at the whole picture of reality (which is always one step bigger every time we look at it), so they can be coped with

Other thing is if it is even necessary, some insecurities are relatively tame in how they affect people, like a man I know who doesn't want to have anything to do with fish pets and he lives fine with it)
Before we argue any further, i require timestamped pic. Hide your eyes, open your mouth, i don't care what you need to do to keep your anonymity, but i want to see what trainwreck we are dealing with.
>ffs, some women get laid with 70yo men, how much more unattractive can you get.
As for sexual attraction, you can cultivate it, by other mean than working out and wardrobe.
Being charming is mostly an attitude.
>inb4 pick up artist mumbo jumbo
>I refer you to david Deangelo cocky and funny comedy

please if you're the same person that posted
Stop posting.

you are addicted to being "technically correct" while still managing to stay irrelevant.
>Yes in a pure theoretical setting you cna cure EVERY insecurities
>No, noone will have the time, specialist access, or will to do it.
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Is the girl that Chris-chan is becoming the kind of girl that would date Chris-chan?
stop fucking posting, you are giving fucking awful advice, telling him what to do (which he doesn't have to) and being a prick as fuck not considering that the problem is how he feels, not how he looks

fuck you, I'll do what I want
>change your wardrobe-work out
I agree with you, that's stupid. From what you tell me you are quite a fine man, since you said you have good hygiene you might be surprised to hear that you are above a vast amount of men and still you don't need to look dazzling to fine a fine woman who will stay with you
Of course you deserve to find love anon, nobody ever does anything bad enough not to
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top helm.jpg
29 KB, 388x532
heh, that's a good one
> "even the failure that is Chris-chan got laid! the fuck is wrong with you? you're worse than chris-chan"
> "there's literal fucking gorillas out there with gfs, anon, why don't you have one?"

these threads just make me more upset
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I'll post a picture. Not time stamped. But this is me. I have no problem posting my picture in virgin threads. I do it on occasion. I'm on that virgin wall of shame and everything. Although I'm not ashamed of being a virgin. I just lament it.

>Being charming is mostly an attitude.

Well, sure. An man who is even remotely attractive can make himself more attractive by being charming, and all the rest of it. I would not disagree with that. That's not PUA snake oil; that's simply common sense.

But an ugly man who tries to be be charming is just "creepy" as the ladies these days are putting it.

Be an ugly man who is assertive and you are creepy. Be an ugly man who is passive and you are, paradoxically enough, also creepy.

That's the way it is. A cold, hard gospel. But still truth. Some are actually left behind.
The closest to pussy you'll ever get is yourself.
He's a dude, you dumb cunt.
He doesn't need your doctor phil advice on how to feel good. he needs success.
Stay irrelevant
>chicks giving advice...

Hum... I'm not bothered by your face. I really expected worse...
I know what you mean about the creepy thing. If you feel this way you can cultivate a silent personae (silent, not mute).
Do you belong to any gathering of any sort ? (sport club, boy scout, chess, library, i dont care really, any place that meets regularly with people)
>>24067146 2nd part

that hurts a little but yeah you're right
File: yJYfRkg.jpg (371 KB, 838x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 838x591
I was expecting much worst
everything that guy said is wrong. You don't need to change yourself. Since you...

see, fuck you, I was managing to get on the best side of him and you had to go all full "dudeyou just need to do this and that and change everything" and now he has plunged himself deeper into insecurity because changing oneself is impossible and he will only get frustrated. You don't give a single fuck about what he feels or his insecurities and only say things like "yeah, you are sad, change your clothes and your mentality will improve" and it doesn't work like that, fuck you, really, you are the worst kind of people in the world, pretending to give a shit only to then inflate your ego thinking that you have helped someone by telling them "you are not good, stop being you"

No, I got it.

>Do you belong to any gathering of any sort ? (sport club, boy scout,

Any man my age who has any dealings with the Boy Scouts may be interested in sex, but it sure as hell isn't with women...or adults in general.

I used to have friends. Back in school. Good times. People to talk with, people to share pleasant experiences with. But that's the past. You grow up. You work a dead-end, high stress job you hate. You grow older and lonelier while those friends you left you behind get married, have children, establish real lives for themselves. And you know that if you weren't ugly, you weren't unwanted, that could have been your life as well. So you wake up every day to a panic attack, you endure your miserable job, and you come home and drink yourself to sleep. The wizard life may be magic, but it's black magic, trust me.

>I know what you mean about the creepy thing. If you feel this way you can cultivate a silent personae

I'm unobtrusive. I'm not loud or obnoxious or anything. Which means I'm a silent man who is also unattractive. Which means my silent presence makes women uneasy. As would my presence if I were loud. Or anything else.

Sad but true.
>tfw listening to videos of trolls abusing cwc
this is fucked son.
File: 1446240907510.png (336 KB, 725x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336 KB, 725x592
>TFW you will never play yu gi oh cards with megun.

Why live?
Chris is pretty based to be honest.
File: fired.png (214 KB, 320x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 320x256

Duh, he's famous.

Some women will fuck an old man because he's famous, this is the same shit.
Famous with the sad fags who lurk here

Hell, if you go ask the retarded 12 year olds on /b/ if they know who Chris Chan is now they'll just shrug and go back to shitposting.

Hot girls I know know Chris Chan, I met a dude who cosplays as Chris Chan at a NORMIE party.

Dude is famous, there's not doubt about that. He's not A list, but who really cares about a listers
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