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Any robots meditate? I started doing it this week and I kinda like it.

I've seen it being peddled as a good way to deal with depression and anxiety. Not sure if I'm just feeling a placebo but after a week of doing it for about 20 mins a day I'm feeling a lot more focused and happier.

Is meditation the cure to the feels that trouble us?
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What kind of meditation, like how are you doing it
Download from app store adult coloring books with water and nature sound effects. Better than mediating and extremely relaxing. Love, Grandma
OP here again.

If anyone is interested and wants to get into it.

I literally just watched the first two videos on youtube about meditation to get started.


First video is a long introduction outlining how to do it and the benefits. Second is a condensed version of how to get into the meditative state.
I need to start doing it again. I find that when I stop I become more of an asshole.

Also, you should try sensory deprivation, OP. You know that feeling of clarity you get after a really good meditation? It's like that x10.

Think I'll go meditate now. Not like I'm doing anything else tonight.
>sensory deprivation

Don't you need a big Joe Rogan water tank for that?

Pretty simple. Just sit somewhere comfortable, back straight, with your eyes closed.

Sit there and focus on your breath. When you catch yourself thinking a random thought go back to focusing on your breath.

The goal is really to not think for a while.

You'll notice how fucking noisy and distracting our thoughts really are. The key is to become aware of your thoughts and live in the present.
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About 2 weeks ago I began starting the day off with meditation. Gotta say too that it has been making a big improvement to my life. I realize all the stuff I want to do when I'm meditating, and I don't feel so depressed anymore.

Nofap has helped too. Nofap + meditation seems to be a powerful combo tBh
Weird question. Do you ever feel a pressure on your forehead when you meditate. It usually stays around for a while after you're done too.

I've noticed I get that feeling when I get deep into it. It doesn't hurt or anything, just wondering if I'm not alone.

It makes a big difference but it's by no means a cure all. Doing it regularly is key.

That said, I need to get back into it again.
Haven't felt any pressure on my forehead. But my legs sometimes fall asleep and one of my shoulders spasms.
Why mediante when you can just think.
Focusing on rational thinking in order to improve your mind is a much better method to remove the negativeness imo.
Over thinking is the cause of a lot of our problems anon.

We think too much about the past and the future and it kind of bogs us down a lot of the time with regret and worry. From what I gather as a beginner meditation seems to be about living in the present
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>ages 16-19 meditated every day
>super fucking focused, clear headed and ambitious
>become alcoholic
>become really bad alcoholic
>replace any productive activity with getting shitfaced

>cutting down on my intake, trying to motivate myself again
>try to meditate
>realize how fucking dissociated my mind is from reality
>cant even count 3 breaths without going into a daydream
>start crying mid meditation
>never do it again
Yeah, if you wanna do it right. But you don't have to uy one, they have then at spas sometimes.
Fuck anon that's rough.

I can't really relate but I'd say you gotta face the pain head on. Let the tears flow.
>Is meditation the cure to the feels that trouble us?

The fact that you can even focus enough to meditate is great. Lot of anons are too plagued by negative feelings to do that.
Lots of anons could really do with a combination of fixes, but it really depends upon that persons history, what they've tried, whats worked for them, etc.
Theres no quick easy cure but if you're not set to kill yourself mode then you have plenty of time to figure something out to make your life be not shit.
However, the truly unfortunate among us want their lives to stay shitty and don't even realize that they base their entire personalities around it. Its why kids usually go crazy in college, they felt suppressed at home so they openly seek that feeling of suppression to feel 'comfortable' again.
Comfort really isn't all its cracked up to be. Its a dangerous luxury that I think its a common affliction of the /r9k/ person. There aren't too many people here who's lives are actually shit, they just believe they a shit and aren't working toward anything.
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