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Good Feels Thread
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>went to pick up my new glasses at glasses store
>cute girl smiled at me while I was waiting
>also I actually like my new glasses
Any other robots have a good day today?
my day was pretty average, but congrats anon!
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>only have one class at 9 am on fridays
>skip it to get extra sleep, feeling rebellious
>text friend in same class and he tells us we didn't do anything that required me to be there

>torrented new Joanna Newsom album and it holds up
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ty brother
very nice, I also skipped a class this week. was definitely worth it
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>tfw the iced coffee you ordered is extra strong and has the perfect fluid:ice ratio
I became a dragoon in ff14. the subway near my house finally learned how to make steak and cheese sandwitches. perty good day.
I'm happy for you anon. Glasses can make or break someone's look, and it sounds like you found a pair that looks really good on you.

On the thread topic, I had a really good day.
>make out with qt friend with huge boobs at my new year's party 3 years ago
>been crushing on her ever since
>too beta to do anything about it
>finally call her and ask her on an actual date
>she says yes
>asks why I never said anything earlier
I think I'm gonna make it guys
Post glasses, man.
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>order Chai Tea and they don't over-sugar it
> Was going to order XL pizza
> downsize to large
> call for pickup
> walked a mile for pickup
> burned tons of calories just getting there and back
> basically evened out

I think I might lose weight from all this walking.
fuck yes my fren

where are you going to take her?
I think you'd need a 4 hour walk to even out a slice of pizza. Fatass.
>contemplated suicide all day
>no hope in sight

Sadly, no.

get out of here and never look back

live the normie life and escape this eternal torment
>busted ass at my job all day lifting heavy shit
>didn't eat anything until.I got off
>taco bell
>still at a caloric deficit
I love shitty food
This is a true win. Comparable to ordering an iced tea at a restaurant and getting a drink with a perfect mix of sweetness and tea bitterness.

While this is better than ordering an XL and driving, you didn't come close to evening out. Walking a mile burns maybe 100 calories max. Large pizza has 250-300cals per slice. Sorry m8

Thanks senpai. Taking her to a local art show in the city near my apt. I'm looking for something to hang on my wall and she's into that sort of thing. We'll probably get lunch or dinner too.

I've been here too long. I can never leave
>Work with a grill
>She's actually really dorky/awkward but is easy to talk to.
>Find out we live on the same street
>Walk home together after work because done at the same time
>Didn't drop any spaghetti, acted like a normal human bean

It's the little victories.

You've made it brah
you are so in i am excited and I dont even know you

I have been here for 5 years on and off, it is certainly possible to leave, just be aware that if you ever get sad again for the love of god turn to drinking or something not your robotic acquaintances.

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ok homey
Finally got the courage to talk to the cute Batista. I made her laugh. But I'm sure she did it not to be rude
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>tfw i am to much of a pussy to skip class
was it like a chuckle, or did she actually lift her cheeks?

did she make eye contact with you before you made the joke or after?

did she laugh with her body or with her face only?

I worked in customer service for a few years, i know my fake laughs anon lemme help you out.
She lifted her cheeks, we already had eye contact before and she laughed with her face
right after she laughed did she look back at whatever she was doing or did she look at you?
She kept on talking to me for a while
File: 1442686850114.png (9 KB, 401x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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she probably genuinely laughed anon

make sure you stop into that shop once or twice a week, but no more than that. make small talk and smile a lot and she will at least come to like you as a regular :)
I just came on /r9k/ to wallow in others defeated misery for a bit. Haven't been on here in years.

>tfw becoming soulmates with a kawaii 18 y/o who is as alien to relationshit as you
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>go to pharmacy to ask for a natural antidepressant
>wait in line for about 5 minutes, Holiday America Radio is playing in the background
>my turn comes
>"how can I help you? :)"
>"I, erm...do you have any hyperic extract?"
>"sure, tablets or liquid? liquid acts much faster if you put a few drops under your tongue :)"
>"liquid will be fine then, any suggestion on when to take it?"
>"Normally I'd ask if the person is taking any meds, but this is clearly not the case :) 3 drops in the morning, 3 before bed :)"
>"wh-...ok thanks"
>older female pharmacist says something to her
>"this is not flirting time, Jessica, keep it professional"
>she blushes
>"sorry for that...:)"
>"no problem"
>pay and leave
I wanted to tell her I was already in love with her and that hyperic would do so little compared to the purest love she could give me.
>5 steps from the exit radio plays a song
>"some say love, it is a river, that drowns, the tender reed..."
>proceed to listen to the song for the rest of the day
Never went to that pharmacy again.
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>buying groceries
>walking out of isle and lock eyes with cutie
>both just stop and look at each other for a few seconds then she smiles and blushes
>get giddy
>dont do anything about it though cuz im a pussy
>still feelsgoodman.jpg
>not buying your weekly food on amazon and let your mom or dad pick it up for you when the delivery guy comes
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>back hurts from laying on bed on laptop all day
>take vicodin to ease pain
>drink a couple beers
>see qt posted
>jerk off to her
>i cant feel my hands so it's like im getting a ghost handie
>feels good friends
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I got drunk and went to the Chick-fil-A on my college campus. The experience was excellent and the complete opposite of learning process I still desperately cling to. The honey mustard sauce was great and the Cherry Coke I got complimented the spiced rum I was covertly sipping like a madly drunken alcoholic in the depths of his latest bender. After I finished eating, I staggered around chain-smoking American Spirits like a social failure bent on destroying the mores and policies of a university I had no reason to be attending. I remember little of my campus-wide trek of lung cancer and liver failure, however I eventually appeared back at my dorm, where I proceeded to watch "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" while finishing off the fifth of rum I'd purchased before eating my dinner. All in all, I had a good night. A typical night, but a good night.
>last week I've been hooking up with my co-worker
>waking up cuddling with a girl for the first time feels

D-did I make it?
>tfw have epiphany about life after reading dozens of books
>tfw have difficulty talking about it all online because everybody thinks discussing philosophy is an intelligence competition

Anyways that was still a good day, I feel so different about the world now, ultimately in a neutral way though.
the best philosophy you can hold is not needing to share it with people
expand it friend

also you should try out meditation
>bored on a friday night
>decide to try tinder
>mfw I have only shitty photos on facebook
>do it anyway
>10 minutes in, matched up with this qt only 10 miles away
>talk for about half an hour before I man up and asked her out on a date
>tfw she said yes
Yay! Congrats anon, I just became a paladin a couple days ago.
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>have access to a shared restroom
>every time I go in the stall I rub the toilet paper and then roll it back carefully
>get home and fap to the thought of women putting my finger essence into their vagina
It's not a complex feel, but it's a good one. I always walk out of that bathroom with an elevated mood.
go back dumbass cunt piece of nigger shit
>>24072136 stop ruining the mood anon
Congratz to you too, I miss average days.
given free weed even though i almost never smoke. Feel relaxed and comfy dude weed lmao
For the better I accidentally skipped a final once. It's a nasty habit by senior year.
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>wake up
>butt feels moist
>think I shit myself
>touch it and smell fingers
>just sweat
>was sick yesterday
>go to sleep late, after watching the final episode on bob ross's twitch channel
>wake up today
>feel a lot better
>will be able to attend university lectures on monday
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Thread images: 17
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