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Who /bully/ and /bullied/ here?
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Who /bully/ and /bullied/ here?
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you be /underage/ so get >>>>>/out/
>19 y o
2bh mayn

>implying adults cannot bully one another
you are still a child, even if your body has made eighteen trips around our sun
Was a bully in the early years of my life then somewhat bullied but for the most part ignored then got to where i'm at now, should have stayed a bully desu
a hotdog is just a vertical sandwich
Bullied Freshman and Sophomore year. After that I got skinny and became failed norme tier. I remember seeing people younger than me get bullied and wanting to throw my hand out at them, but I was too socially retarded at that point.

I did try to help this one girl out, but she ended up gaining a huge crush and becoming infatuated with me after I smiled and talk to her a few times.
but a sandiwch is vertical?
It's not tho. Nice try you fucking dumbass.
its horizontal you dimwit
A hotdog can also be horizontal. I'm not understanding how you're getting this.
>hold sandwich vertical
>all the contents of the sandwich fall out
I was a bully in elementary school.
>be me
>be in 4th grade and total poon master
>two little faggots in my class, butt-buddies
>everyday at lunch they bring beef jerky
>start asking these guys about their beef jerky but refer to is as BJ's
>ask them where they get their BJ's
>"the old lady from the stor"
>shit is fucking hilarious at the time
>do you like your BJ's juicy, long, dry?
>"I normally like them juicy"
>shit like this goes on for a few days
>me and my squad still find it hilarious
>apparently they tell their parents? they had no idea what was going on
>principle calls me and friends in
>"why is beef jerky so entertaining to talk about anon?"
>"idk it's just that tasty ms.principal" as im laughing
>get off scott free
Uh...no they don't, not unless you're retarded and can't properly grip a sandwich. You can also say the same for a hotdog.
I'd like a cute girl to bully me.
dont worry hes just american, his sandwiches are always 2+ pounds and their greasy whoppers fly right out.
I got bullied slightly, some kid slapped me really lightly in the back of the head, he kinda did it to everyone as a joke. I thought he was bullying me so I got super angry and pushed him down a flight of stairs. still feel bad about it
is it worse to be bullied or be completely non-existent to anyone?
>>Parents work real jobs, left at latchkey program/ymca from 6 or 7am until 6pm at night.
>>Older kid named Jeffrey always bullies other kids, uses whatever means necessary to get his way
>>Friend and I grow up getting hit with whatever was handy
>>Jeffrey eventually grows too old for the program, never see him again.
>>Me and friend are the only ones scrappy enough to fill in the power vacuum.
>>Start stealing money, beating kids up for the best toys
>>No one opposes us, girls want to hang out with us
>>Kid bothering me something fierce one day, grab a rock and hit him in the face/no trouble
>>Throw baseball at different kid, different day/broken nose/no trouble
>>Friend grows out of program
>>Realize I've been a complete cunt to people, use power to help counselors and resolve fights
>>Apologize to people years later
>>Fuck two of the girls I bullied after apologizing/chatting
>>MFW I never get in trouble and reap the benefits of good/bad karma playthrough
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>>Fat younger kid makes snide comment about my mother
>>My Mom is the only person to ever have my back unconditionally
>>Grab his fat doughy skull
>>Squeeze hard
>>hands scrabble against mine, but are too weak to pull them apart
>>his head turns beet red, vein pops, eyes start watering

pic related

>>counselors come running, actually got time out for that one
>>playing on the outdoor tennis courts
>>rainbow parachute fuckyeah.jpg
>>turn parachute into dope ass arab tent in corner of courts for shade
>>stockpile a few choice weapons just in case
>>Fat doughy kid's older brother grabs the corner of the chute making the thing a tent and runs away
>>tent gets ripped from the fence, torn to shit
>>grab baseball, chuck it at Gomer pyle
>>bulls eye, broke his nose in one lucky shot
>>happened so fast counselors believe me when I say it was an accident
>>Actually felt bad about that one, didn't mean to hurt him that bad, just wanted to scare him off
>>Had to go inside afterwards anyways

I did both. I got bullied mercilessly by older kids. Then I bullied this kid because he'd talk shit to me in such a weird way. He even threatened to shoot me. This was before columbine so it was no big deal. I matured and stopped picking on him. We cool now so its all G
>>As usual, have the gymnastic mats hoarded for free time after school
>>Build walled fort because why the fuck not? Also, have private place to play pokemon/yugioh for money
>>One girl with an eye patch takes a liking to me one day
>>Comes into the fort with me and my friends
>>girl sits on my lap and watches me play pokemans
>>cue kiddy boner grinding
>>Counselors come tear down fort because they can't see us
>>Girl runs away and never talks to me again
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>>Friend finally grew out of the program, felt like I had been acting like a dick for no reason
>>summer program goes to local water park with regularity
>>One day at the water park it's time to leave, we're missing a kid. Calling his name over loudspeakers and everything
>>I go looking for the kid near where we had lunch
>>Find kid laying behind a shed in pile of rocks sleeping
>>Gently wake sleepy up and held him to his feet, return to counselors
>>"This isn't like you anon thanks, you're getting a free drink on the house"
>>mfw this white knight horse shit pays off
>>Decide to keep at this good karma thing
>>two previously unmentioned fat kids and friends of mine get into fight while sitting on either side of me
>>fat, meaty fists flying in front of and behind my head
>>Fighting over ice cream cup, typical hamlord shit
>>throw two elbows at their throats and pull them both onto the ground with me, get them to stop fighting
>>"fat 1, you can have my ice cream cup but you've got to stop hitting fat 2"
>>counselors see fight, resolved before they need to intervene
>>novice bitch counselor hits me
>>tell head counselor about incident, other counselors confirm
>>novice bitch is not a counselor anymore
>>more free drinks
>>Got offered a "job" next summer helping manage the other kids
>>paid in free drinks
I used ro noogie my crush all the time at school since we were sort of best friends for two years. Pinch her cheeks too.
Still noogie shorter friends, which doesn't happen as much because I'm 5'2''

been bullied a lot in my life tho
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I remember being bullied once in grade school. I had to wear a dress shirt to school one day and some kids were calling me a faggot. I flicked a pencil into one of the kids eyes and was on cruise control leave me alone mode until high school graduation.
>getting bullied
you must be an american
>reacting to bullying by becoming a bully
definitely an american
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>idk it's just that tasty ms.principal
Not sure if real or not, but given the amount of effort you put into typing this, it deserves at least one reply. Sounds like a typical camp experience to me. I wish I had shit like this happen to me in summer camp, I was too large to be bullied, so they just ostracized me instead.
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>children aren't cruel in our sweet and wonderful socialist utopia!
Fuck outta here.
fuckin' hell anon
>he thinks adults don't bully each other

Silly robot. Take a good look at people once in a while.
faka pepe
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