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>wake up
>say goodbye to relative leaving country
>prepare breakfast and then lunch for sibling
>take sibling to school
>sit on computer
>today happened to be blizzcon so watch that
>make myself breakfast too
>eat and drink tea while watching streams
>do 20 push ups, 30 sit ups, 40 squats and hold bridge position for 2 minutes
>not even a workout but tired
>get hit by old familiar migraine
>go to sleep
>wake up
>pick up sibling
>let him play vidya while i shitpost
>eat dinner with him
>dad comes home
>eat the goodies he bought
>shitpost some more

Failed normie/ betaneet
>wake up
>reflect on life
>mum leaves
>do stuff around house
>nice long shower reflecting on life, really thinking to myself
>mum returns
>eat dinner
>reflect on life
>reflect on life
>browse internet
>write this
>gonna go stuff my face
>then comeback wondering what to do with myself

Kill me.
>wake up
>hungover as shit
>vomit from the balcony
>eat a candy bar
>shitpost on cuchkchan
... to be continued
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>Doing no fap Nov.
>Can't sleep, get into work 3 hours late, couple of co-workers wish me happy birthday
>Had almost forgotten tomorrow is my birthday
>Almost breakdown crying on my way home realizing that I'm now a 24 year old incel manlet
>Get home, leave everything turned off and just lay in my bed for 2 hours letting the depressing thoughts wash over me in waves
>Decide to start smoking again because why the fuck not, don't smoke in apartment so go out on walks and smoke
>Go out for a cig, hear something clicking its nails on the ground behind me, half expecting it to be some rabid dog or something
>It actually is a stray dog, walking straight toward me, not giving a single fuck
>Startled, half-sure this thing has rabies and 100% sure it has mange, tell it to fuck off before hurrying back to my apartment
>As I walk back up the stairs to my flat, notice it won't follow, just sort of looks at me before sniffing at other people's doors and walking around some more, thing is half bones
>Get back to apartment and smoke on porch, can't stop thinking of dog
>Someone must have abandoned it, its comfortable around people
>Thinking about how alone, hungry and scared it is, can't stop thinking about it
>Fucker was straight skelly, and clearly weary of me as it didn't ever get too close and knew to back off
>It clearly just wanted a meal
>Try to think about what I might be able to feed it, have rotten chicken in trash I could dig out but it would certainly choke on the bones
>Start going through fridge, cabinets, finally find some fresh soup cans
>Cautiously go down stairs to see dog still at it, it comes straight toward me, afraid of getting bit so I tell it to fuck off.
>Carefully set down the soup can before calling it back, comes straight toward me again before I go back upstairs, then towards soup can
>Takes one taste of it before staring straight at me, into my fucking soul, huge ayy lmao eyes freak me out, go back to apartment and lock door.
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thanks friendamundo
That sounds exactly like my day minus the human interaction.
>wake up
>lurk 4chan
>get coffee
>lurk 4chan

gotta love the weekend
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>woke up at 2pm
>took recycling to the recycling depot close by
>early christmas shopping
>cancelled doctor's appointment
>dota 2
>made spaghetty and lurked /co/
tomorrow I'm gonna see about going to a new lcs and getting the new issues of godzilla in hell
where are you located, where da blizzard is?

>get woken to my daughter babbling in her cute language
>get her out of the crib and give her a hug
>give her a bottle of kefir
>lay down and catnap for an hour while she brings toys into bed and plays next to me
>get up and make her breakfast, scrambled eggs
>mom drops off my niece at my house, babysitting
>get online and browse while the kiddos play
>put them to nap
>chill online
>make lunch as they're about to wake up, taters
>feed them
>mom comes and picks up niece
>play with my daughter
>browse internet
>feed her dinner
>play with daughter
>do some dishes and make daughter a bottle for bye bye time
>put daughter to bed
>clean up the house
>wife gets home from work
>eat a burger wit her
>get high, go for a long drive
>get back home, browsing chins now
That sounds pretty fucking awesome man. Why are you on this board lol
You're a good person
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>Wake up to alarm
>Dismiss, sleep another hour
>Get up, have a long bath
>Don't bother shaving
>Get out, have a cigarette on the way to the liquor store
>Come home, only to leave again for Tim's
>Watch the sunset as I walk home
>Annoyed by wind
>Get home, lay in the backyard grass watching the clouds as it finally becomes dark
>Music, video games, etc
>Drink a lot
>Watch anime, get depressed
>Bury myself alive
>Try to suck my own penis
>Reach it
>feels good man
>sucking away
>bend a little further
>back snaps into place
>can't move
>too embarrassing to call for help
>don't want roll outside
>figure I can live off sucking my penis and the nutrients that my seamen provides
>Do this for four years
>Can suck my own dick whenever I want. Feelsgoodman
sounds fun tbhfam
how could you ty pe if u sugcking you off!
>wake up at 4pm
>usually have a song stuck in my head from whatever i'm dreaming, immediately listen to it
>take a piss
>lay back down in bed and get on laptop
>check skype
>open foobar and start getting some albums lined up for the day
>check /mu/
>check /r9k/
>check /tv/
>check music forum i go to
>heat up some frozen pizza
>check youtube sub box
>submit the scrobbles from yesterday to last.fm (too lazy to fix my scrobbling issue)
>take a piss, it's now night time
>turn on my keyboard and play some undertale tunes I've been learning
>take care of/pet cat(s)
>download some albums
>download some shows
>download some movies
>check 4chan
>finish my 2nd or 3rd album by now
>start improvising some shit on the guitar
>heat up some frozen pizza and pour a glass of water
>pop on a movie
>take a piss
>refill water
>throw on another album and check all sites i go to
>play some minecraft
>take a shit
>pet cat(s)
>heat up some frozen pizza
>check 4chan
>get through my 6th album
>refill water
>stare at the ceiling
>8th album or so
>check 4chan

here I am

listening to burzum - filosofem and getting ready for some vidya

i hate myself :^)
>get up at 6.40
>make coffee and breakfast while watching the news
>Shave, wash hair since I'm too lazy to take a shower
>pack stuff and leave for uni
>only got one exercise class, so sit through it
>head home, get car keys and some shopping bags
>drive to edge of town to talk the the lady of the building administration
>on the way to the grocery store drive through eco zone with my dirty diesel, feeling like a gangster
>Friday afternoon at a grocery store *sigh*
>drive home, see package notice in mailbox and go get my packages from some friendly shutin guy on the third floor
>after storing the groceries, open packages and start putting the lamp together, which was in one of the packages
>notice I forgot to buy fucking light bulbs
>get dressed again, walk downtown to some mall and buy those bulbs
>people everywhere, goddamn I hate crowds
>after two hours or so I'm back home, set up the lamp and take out all the packaging trash
>around 6 pm start cooking dinner, nothing fancy this time
>call parents while cooking
>eat dinner, watch news on TV and playing some vidya later
>go to bed around midnight
It's hard, but there's a technique. I can't see the screen as I type though, lot of guess work

Help me
I'm calling the cops
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>up at about 1:30 pm
>sick, cough my lungs out, grab a bite
>go to work, feel depersonalized on the drive there
>long shitty shift around people I hate, going on a year and a half
>eat 'lunch', dirty rice leftovers and cough medicine
>finish shift,
>play videogames for 30 mins before getting bored
>mom calls to say hello
>browse 4chan, listening to HANL - Deathconsciousness
>Probably Merzbow next

Just noticed it's been almost a week since I've talked to someone and this is pretty much the first time I left the apartment in 3 days.

Feeling pretty meh.
>listening to merzbow
>listening to fucking merzbow
>wake up
>drink all day
>friend finished his last exam today and will have a degree so time to celebrate
>will probably fuck some slut at a bar and feel hollow in the morning
>could be worse though

>Not zoning out while the noise envelops you
sounds comfy af, kinda jelly anon
I don't get it man, if I want background noise I'l just listen to white noise, it's literaly the same thing
File: 1433732891233.jpg (177 KB, 450x676) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wake up 6:30 PM
>feel like trash
>shower and cry
>1:40AM now
>feel better but still trash

Kill me
Thank you, Anon.

Some of the best times I've ever had were with my daughter. My heart melts when she laughs at something I'm doing to make her laugh. But I'd be lying if I said it's nothing but fairy tale. Just thinking about how she'll have to grow up and leave that innocent and wonderful childhood bubble makes my heart bleed. Thinking about how she'll have to experience heartbreak and disappointment and there's not much I can do but guide her. Thinking about her growing up and living in this world, which is a very cold place.

There are also times when she gets on my nerves bad and I want to hand a spanky.

It's the cutest thing that will make your heart melt when your little human stretches his/her hands up to you to pick them because he/she has an owie or wants to randomly give you a kiss.
Sounds like a full day. Once and a while I just wash my hair instead of showering too lol.
>wake up at 10 am
>take a quick breakfast before going to sleep again
>12 pm
>browse 4chan and watch animu until 2:30 pm
>tidy the house a little and take a shower
>go to my grandma's house, she makes lunch for me and my brothers
>3:35 pm
>she complains I'm late
>eat slowly, I'm not hungry
>watch some episodes of over the garden wall with my sister
>sleep until 7 pm
>wake up, it's dinner time
>feel sick
>eat slowly again
>my mother is back from work, she says I'm wasting my life and that I should get a work
>don't reply
>she gets a little angry at me, but mostly disappointed
>feel like a jerk
>finally at home
>play 2hu
>watch animu
>read some books
>4 am

What the hell am I doing with my life?
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Thread images: 8
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