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drunk so i'm posting here
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i'm probably going to sleep soon but hi anyone who's awake. post memes that are nice nobody ever posts anymore, i guess. or just chat w/ me about whatever if ur bores too.
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I miss the feel lezard. I don't feel like he got his shot.
hi lolo, how are you doing tonight
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anyone remember torke? i don't think this gets posted.
someone combined this with that straining head kid and it was really really funny but i don't think i saved that one.

pepe b4 he was "pepe".

i am kill ;_;
I think torke was the most important of the birds.

Also dubs nice.
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nice dubs to be tbh
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hahaha found it on the archive.

i like kiwi!

yeh crembl :3 is one of my favorites too

awe thanks for helping my nice thread everyone ilu
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and this amusing variant is probably why i remembered that in the first place.
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dunno lol.jpg
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froge > memes
lolo i love u
me too, lolo... you're great
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is this an old meme here? i don't remember it?

beary pink is regularly posted but pretty good

anyone else wish scrubmaster still posted?

these le posted gril memes were pretty good. all the good ones were from the original thread too i'm pretty sure.

ppl should do more paint memes, and i know we have that still like "draw a face on this anime" but we need more creative ones with exploitable images like this

really sorry i'm just bored rn. thx tho
y really sorry
why are you sorry
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nobody posts the God Emperor Leto mug guy anymore...

also even though I was never a huge fan of anime I liked the memes and I wish they reminded us more often :^^^^(
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i set this on the background on my phone once. it's weird how doge moved away from the "so wow very" meme thing to just pictures of the shibe doge.

cuz i'm just reposting shit and basically making a thread asking u to feel bad with me? idk. seems pretty low quality.
i like your thread lolo it's nice
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it's always nice to have an excuse to post old cool stuff on here
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cuz wasn't that just one guy posting it?
i saved the thumbnail off the archive just now. i know there were a ton of variants of this...

nice dubs and
holy fuck.

did u make this image? bcuz the anon who said "everyone's a critic" when ppl complained about the colors not matching on the first version of that was actually me (i think i wasn't using a name then lol), and then someone did that one trying to show us retards how to make quality contributions....

i don't remember this tbh. obviously modeled after the blimpe promo stuff (rip ;__;)
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nope just saved it, I didn't even remember that until you just mentioned it. time sure flies.
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ekidnuh was nice!

seriously tho, i don't seem to have saved any of that but the thread had one that was just doge on the clifford book and someone recolored it. and the person who posted that was was replying to me, i remember. i'm amazed anyone else remembers that because i don't think this got reposted much at all, if ever.
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Does anyone here remember this delightful little meme, he doesn't seem to get as much face-time as he used to, but I truly feel he's due for a profound resurgence
even things like ses today are basically variants but sure that particular image isn't reposted too often.

i meant more things ppl used to post on this board that don't get posted much anymore. like how our meme economy has changed over just a couple years.

actually i started this thread cuz i'm wasted drunk and was just wanting to talk to someone (about anything, friends i'd want to bother aren't available rn) but i realize going all emo here would just make me a stupid attention wh*re so i changed the subject to memes partway through making the op post.
thanks for entertaining my BS peeps O_O;
we are you're friends lolo! what's on your mind cutie pie
Don't drink too much and remember to stay hydrated
nobody posts donut man anymore tfw feelio when
i meant ppl i'd feel comfortable bothering past midnight. i need to go to bed .

thx for advice

or dashing black man holding dangerously large dorito chip either!

nice dubs
what are you doing down there donut? You do not belong underwater. You are a donut.
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bob ross is meme
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